Hanami @ Botaniska Trädgården

Hanami is a ancient tradidion that still lives on today. It might not have the same meaning in the modern settings, but it still excist and gets celebrated. I don't know a lot about the tradition or the Japanesee culture to understand what it is really about. If I've understood what I've got told is that the orgins of Hanami have to do with making offerings to ensure a good haverst. It also has a lot of poetry about the flowers because of how they're symbolic of life.  
Earlier this year, my friend Lina and attended the Hanami celebrations in Gothenburg at "Botaniska Trädgårn". We had never been at this event before but we were looking forward to attend it and photograph the beautiful flowers around the garden. 
First thing that took place that day was the releasing of the koi fishes in the garden's pond. It was a lot more people there to see the release than I expected. It was fun seeing the curiosity in the kids faces. 
We briefly met Carol that day as well, which was very nice. I hadn't met her in a while so it was nice seeing her agian. 
I spotted this older couple while photographing and they were so cute. The older man seemed excited to be there and kept photographing the things he saw around him. 
Unfortunately I wasn't that good at capturing the cherry blossom at all, most my photos turned out very shaky and the focus wasn't where it should have been. Photographing flowers and other herbs is not something I do on a daily basis and something I need to learn to get better at. 
It was nice seeing Lina photographing and doing her thing. I can tell how much more confident she has become in her photography and I'm so proud over her!
If you want to see Lina's photos from the day you can find them on her blog: http://nouw.com/linam/hanami-goteborg-304-30022166
After seeing how pretty the background turned out in my photo of Lina, I decided I wanted a photo of myself as well. It's not often that I'm in the photos myself, but I'm trying to become more confident infront of the camera. 
Lina and I decided to check out the greenhouse in Botaniska. As it was a very windy and chilly day, it was very nice going in to the warmth. 
In one part of the garden, you were able to try Japanese tea. I drink a lot of tea, but I had never tasted Japanese tea before. It was very interesting to see the woman making and preparing the tea. It had very interesting flavor and it was much stronger than I thought. It was nice getting to taste it, but it wasn't something for me. 
We ended our day with a Fika. I had a very nice day together with Lina! It was nice hanging out with Lina outside from our work to just photograph, chill and just have a nice day. Lina, if you are reading this: Thank you for being a great friend and for your company!
This was it for this time and I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Until next time, ingat!

~ Colours in the fall ~

Go out to take a stroll is something I don't do often enough. It's nice to being able to go out for a walk for a while to get away from everything and to just reflect about things that happens in life. 
When I do find the time to take a walk I often take my camera with me. Photographing the nature and things around it, isn't something I do on a regulary basis. Since the concert and event season is over for this year, I have been trying to capture more photographs of nature. 
Capture the beautiful things that exist in the nature can some times be a challenge since you have to keep an eye out and have an open mind to see what there is to capture. My strenght in photography has always been capturing people, but now I want to try to something else.
I had visited my friend a while back and knew they got visits by different kinds of birds in their garden since there is food for them to have. I decided to challenge myself to photograph the small creatures. I'm not sure for how long I was sitting still to not make a sound that would get them frightened. Consider it was one of the first times I photographed birds like this, I'm quite satisfied with my pictures.
Despite a lot of waiting for the right moment and struggiling to sit still, I had a lot of fun photographing the birds! It was just funny how people that walked passed me gave this confused look when they saw me squatting in the garden with a camera in my hand. xD
The are not a lot of fun objects to shoot in the area since there are a lot of constructure work a bit everywhere. To work passed it, I tried to just look for pretty colours and play around with the light. 
I will definitley try to go out more often in the future even if it's just for a little while. I think it's good for us to be out in the nature to see what's actually out there, both physically and mentally. It's just sad to see how much we are destroying the earth. Enviromental change is happening right now and if we are not careful, things are going to get real bad. We should start to appreciate it more and to take care of it better!

Jul På Liseberg | 2015

In the end of 2015, we went to Liseberg for our annual visit to see the "Christmas market". 
There's everything from different kinds of food/sweets to the Middle Ages market with things such as bows, knifes and clothings. You never know what you can find that you fancy. 
Despite the cold, it's actually quite cosy to go around the amusment park and see all the beautiful lights. I was a bit lazy to take pictures that day since I was super cold even if I had taken some extra layers of clothing. The cold and I don't really go that well together. 
I absolutely LOVE fudge! Too bad they didn't had any lactose free options that I could buy. 
One of the last things we did at Liseberg, was to see last year's ice skating show. The theme was "Hansel & Gretel". I was very impressed how the production team had really thought about the lightning and the music to make the show give a bigger impact. From what I can remember from previous years, it felt like they had stepped up their game. 


I'm very sorry for my absence these past few weeks. Time has just been flying past so fast. You might not have seen what I've been up to, but I can assure you: I have a lot of new pictures to share and stories to tell!
I'm aware of some people waiting patiently for new updates, and I'm sorry for keeping you waiting. Thank you for being so patient. Please bare with me, new blog posts are on it's way!

Pink Blossom

When I was walking around Gamleby, I found this little park with beautiful pink blossom!


The cloudy, cold and rainy/snowy days we have been having now, makes you really appreciate the sun whenever it comes for a visit. 

Pixels in the beautiful sunset

A while ago, I was walking home from Linnea's house and saw this beautiful sunset. Capturing it was a bit harder than I thought, since my camera equipment may not be the best and you can see the pixels in them. I tried my best and I think I did pretty well capturing the sunset in the end, or what do you think? :)

New settings!

The other day when I met Carol, she taught me a couple of new things about my camera. She also made some different settings on it to help me get better colours on my pictures. Here's some quick pictures I took with the new settings, what do you think? :)

I do not look forward to the cold winter.

The sun and the warmth are already gone for this year.
I do not look forward to the cold winter. 

New editing tools!

Had a hard time finding things to shoot when I was outside the other day but I guess it turned out quite well anyway.
And I have learn me some new editing tools in photoshop so tell me what you think! ^_^

|| ~~ Waterline ~~  ||

Pictures from sometime in April! ^_^


Here some quick edited photos I took for a week ago or something like that! :)
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Mjaaaooou! I'm a cat!

Hehe tried my new lens a little! ^.^

My first photoshop edited picture!

I'm not on mood to blog so much about anything right now...
but here is my first edited photo that I made in photoshop so...
.... what do you think?? ^^

Nordens Ark ! ~~

Here is some of the pictures I took in Nordens Ark in wednesday! ^^

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Marshmallows! ~~

Some random pictures from yesterday ^^