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Hello everyone!
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Sabina Ddumba | Liseberg 17/6
The concert summer in Sweden has already begun. The season usually starts in May and ends around late August or the beginning of September. This summer, the swedish popsoul artist Sabin Ddumba is on tour together with her live band around Sweden. Sabina is most known for her singles "Effortless" and "Not Too Young". 2015 she won a "Grammis" in the category "New coming artist of the Year". 
A couple weeks ago, Carol and I attended Sabin Ddumba's concert at Liseberg. It was our first concert for this summer and we were very excited to see the show and to photograph it. We came to the stage around one hour before it begun since I was working during the day. Despite being there much later than I'm used to, we ended up front row. 
The show started but three songs in, we were not happy about our spots because we felt were too close to the stage to be able to capture the photographs we wanted. So, we ended up leaving our spots to walk around the first part of the audience since there were space for us to move around to get different angles. 
Sabina Ddumba haven't yet released an album, only a few singles. I feel that doing a tour with only two songs that people know about can be a bit risky. In this case, it worked out well. Sabina played some of her new songs and despite that the audience hadn't heard them before they took it in and could feel the vibe. 
In the set list, Sabina had a medley which included a N'Sync's song and another one I can't remember the name of but it was really good! 
One of the things I liked about how the show was organized was the fact that the live band got their minute of shine where they got to show what they got. For example, the drummer did a drum-solo, the one playing the guitarr did a solo riff and each one of the background singers got to sing solo. 
After the show, I waited around to say hi to Sabina and tell her how much I liked the show, her story of her protective brother and that I'm looking forward to hear more of her songs. It was fun to see how she was joking around with the fans and made funny faces in her photos with fans.
Have you heard about Sabina Ddumba before? If so, what do you think of her songs? But if not, make sure to check out the music video I included on the top of this post! 
The reason behind my absence!
Hello everyone!
First of all, I apologies for my absence the past month. I have been wanting to update here with new pictures and stories for a while but I haven't been able to go online because we have no internet at home at the moment. Not having internet access really limits the way I wanted to work with my photography this summer. It's super annoying, and I miss out on a lot of things concerning events to photograph but also it makes it harder for me to work. Also I feel bad for not being able to update here because I'm aware that some people are waiting for new blog post. 
I have pictures ready to share, the only thing I need to do before publish them is to submit blog posts. I will try to visit my aunt or my friend to borrow their internet to schedule new updates to publish soon!
Next blog post will hopefully be published within a week. Until next time, I hope everyone is having a great summer!