Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, but specially to my own mum!
I think we all need to show our appreciation towards our mothers more than we actually do! We all have our differences; we just need to remember to accept and respect one another. 
Despite our differences, I love my mum! She's tough, loving, patient and don't forget very funny! I'm thankful for everything she does for my siblings and I. We may not say it too often enough but, thank you mum for everything you do for us to make sure we get the best life we possible can get. 
- Mahal Kita! <3 


I have a confession to make. I've always had a soft spot for the australian artist Cody Simpson, so when I heard he was coming to Gothenburg for his European tour; I had to go!
The tour was a promotion for his upcoming album "FREE", which is his first independet album. "FREE" has a more acoustic sound to it than his previous songs he has released. I'm very excited to hear the full studio versions once they get released!
At almost every concerts, there's supporting acts. For Cody's show there was two supporting acts; Jackson Harris and
Ryan Beatty. I really enjoyed their set, specially Jackson's because of his feel good energy he had!
Once Cody came out on stage, everyone was just buzzing!
I don't get to see an acoustic set that often, so I really enjoyed it! It has such a different vibe than a fullband show, with dancers and everything. The smaller set is more tense, and upclose that you kinda get closer to the artist in a way. 
I loved hearing "New problems", "Flower" and "Home to Mama" which is some of his latest songs. Just too bad he didn't sang "Surfboard" since almost everyone was waiting to hear it. 
After the show I got to meet Jackson Harris, for just a bref minute or two. Since I still was very jetlagged from my trip to the Philippines, I wasn't able to stay longer to wait for Cody. Such a shame!

Ullevi: Superheroes Against Cancer

"Superheroes Against Cancer" is an organazation that works against cancer, to help collect money to "Barncancerfonden" and to spread a moment of joy for the kids that are struggeling with cancer in different ways. 
The other week, I went to Ullevi to see my two friends who are working with the organization as "Merida" and "Superman". I've never seen them working in their characters before, but I must say it was very fun to see the joy of the children's faces when they got to meet their hereos. A smile, a hug or even a simply hello really make a difference. I'm looking forward to see more of their work in the future!
You can go to Facebook and like their page here at: https://www.facebook.com/superhjaltarmotcancer to show your support and make sure to keep up with their work. 

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

It's Eurovision week this week! This year, there's a lot of ballads in the competition. In fact, way too many to be able to keep track of them all because they really need to have something extra to stand out from the crowd. I've been watching the semi-finals during the week, and semi-final 2 was for sure the strongest one! 
To begin with, I love Måns's performance. The message of the song, Måns vocals and visual affects gets together in a perfect way. Everything is on point and truly takes the performance to another level!
I liked Macedonia's entry, the rythm. Hungary for its cosy campfire feeling. Belarus for the pop and the classical influences. Ireland for it's simplyness. Portugal for it's contrast in the verse's with a more darker sound and then more positve in the chorus. Azerbaijan for Elnur's vocals that really makes the song build up from the beginning to the end. Italy for their popopera, and strong voices!
But there's 5 songs, that stands out more and have really made an impact on me! 
My favorite of all the songs in the compition this year, is Belgium. I absolutely LOVE the rythm in this song! The live perfomance was very different from the others, but I like it! It made an impact as its own. Also Loïc's voice is incredible! -
I just can't stop listening to it! 
Israel this year, is what I've seen one of the favorites this year. "Golden Boy" is very uptempo, party song that really is needed in the Eurovision this year consider all the ballads. Nadav is doing a great job on stage and delivers dance and energy! -
Top 10 for sure!
I think no one have missed that Australia is in for the competition this year. Their representant is the one and only Guy Sebastian! If I'm not mistaken, Guy only had about 72 hours to compose the song, record it, mix it and produce it, yet do a music video. - As you can hear in the clip below, the song turned out great! A feelgood song that really makes a good first impression of the music Australia can deliever! 
Georgia has one of the strongest number of them all, at least in my opinion. The staging, Nina's vocals and everything else was on point! Nina Sublatti delivered a strong number, with a lot of attitude and power which I really liked! More entrys like this in the future! 
Mélanie René from Switzerland is another strong women in the competition this year. Unfortunately she had to perform right after Sweden in her semi-final which I think sadly gave her less opportunity to get through. "Time to Shine" is a power ballad which I think Mélane made a great work to deliver on stage with her strong voice, attitude and stage presence! 
So that was my favorites in the Eurovision this year. You have probably different opinions about the songs in Eurovision than I have, so don't be a stranger, leave a comment and tell me what you think about your favorites! ^_^

Pink Blossom

When I was walking around Gamleby, I found this little park with beautiful pink blossom!

Roadtrip to Gamleby

Last week, I went on adventures to a city called "Gamleby". Despite the long trip I really enjoyed going by train, since it's very relaxing and interesting to see the Swedish landscape flying past the window. 
The reason why I went to Gamleby was because I had an interview there, which was not what I expected but I think it went alright. After my interview I had a lot of spare time that I took the opportunity to explore the village and just take some photos. It was nice to have another sourrounding than I usually have in Gothenburg. :)

20 Years Old

It was my birthday yesterday. I had an unsually calm day, which was nice for a change. I got a visit from my uncle and his wife, which I really appreciated since they drove for about an hour to get here. Other than that, I had a very lovely dinner with my family and relatives at the asian resturant "Göteborgs Wok" which is always appreciated!
I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes, and the love you have sent me the past day. I'm so thankful! Also a thank you to my family and relatives for celebrating me today. You're the best!

New category: "The Philippines"

For about three weeks ago, I came back to Sweden after a month back home in the Philippines. I had such a great time over there, that I didn't want to leave at all.  
Of course as the photographer I am, I took a lot of pictures during the trip. I've got plenty of footage to share, that I will take the opportunity to make a new category on my blog called: "The Philippines". Under that category I will not only post pictures from my trip but also other things related to the Philippines and their culture. It will be a way for me to keep being in contact with my Filipino side of the family but also for you to see something different. 
Once I've started to edit more of my pictures, there will be new blog posts about the Philippines once in a while.
I hope you will enjoy them! - Until next time, take care!