Lizel Strömberg

Kevin Walker, the winner of Swedish Idol 2013.
Valentine's Gift: "Du Söker Bråk, Jag Kräver Dans."
I bought myself a gift for Valentine's day:
 Linnea Henriksson's new album, entitled "Du söker bråk, jag kräver dans".
The songs are a bit different from those on her last album but it's still very pop-based. 
1. Min Stad
2. Du Söker Bråk, Jag Kräver Dans
3. Cecilia
4. Ensamheten
5. Mina Händer (Featuring Kaah)
6. Jag Ger Dig Allt Jag Har
7. Halmstad
8. Du Vet Allt
9. Timme Är Slagen
10. Håll Så Käft Og Kyss Mig
11. Klassfotot (Featuring Lilla Namo)
12. Jag Är Inte Kär
(My favorite tracks are: "Mina Händer", "Håll Så Käft Og Kyss Mig" & "Klassfotot")
I've really been looking forward to hearing Linnea´s new music, so it's nice to finally be able to listen to it!
 I highly recommend this new album!
If you have listen to it, which song(s) are your favorite?
Last gig in 2013.
The last gig of 2013 for me, was the day before Christmas in Nordstan.
Frida and I went there to see Anton Ewald. 
The gig was the fastest gig I ever have been at.
Anton only performed one song, his new single "Close Up".  He did a quick signing for everyone that bought merchandise.
Nothing really happen, and it was unusually calm day.