Tomorrow, time for a photo shoot! ^^

Okey my blog is just so boring right now...
...Have nothing fun to write about and have kind of lot of
home works..
But yeah tomorrow I will have a photo shoot with Lina
so tomorrow you will get new and fresh photos!
So stay tuned! ;)


So nice with semester break right now!! :D
Looking at One piece episodes, chat with some friends
and edit some pictures...have been my day today ^^
Just chill..and was just what I needed! ^^

And now I'm looking at this movie! ^^
Will update more tomorrow so...Good night everyone! ^^

Marching For Life - video!

Here are two videos from the concert in wednesday that I found
on youtube! ^^

Marching For Life!

Before the concert Frida and I got the chance to meet Måns Zelmerlöw and
Andreas just quick.. and that was really nice! ^^

btw...haha it was never in my mind that I was going to take a photo with him at all, only Frida would
but yeah he asked me if I wanted I was just like "uuhmmm...Sure!" x')

And the concert...seriously...that was just so AMAZING and so cool, that I don't even know what to say! 
I will look for some videos on youtube that I will link here tomorrow so stay tuned if you want to see them! ;D

Medium Crash! is some of the pictures I took in saturday on "Teen Dream" ^^
So for you that have waited....enjoy! ^^
Btw....Please comment what you think about the pictures! ^^
I will be happy for every comment you will send! 
So go for it! ;D

Awesome time

Okey yesterday didn't went quite that way Felicia and me thought
it would but hey we had still an awesome time there! ;D
More pictures is coming! This was just a sneek peak! ;)


Okey I've just ate lunch and I'm about to get ready for a gig tonight ^^
Going with Felicia to see her classmates play on Teen dream! 
Think it would be nice ^^

And I think I'm going to upload some pictures from the evening later or tomorrow ...
So stay tuned! ^^



My new haircut! ^^

Cut my hair before at the hair dresser in gothenburg
and I'm very happy with the result! ^^


Was before on the "Öppet hus" with some of my classmates ^^
And it was lots of fun! ^^

And we even get some cool t-shirt to wear and keep! 
Just check it out! ;D
~~ Respect!

( hope it was okeey that I borrow and uploaded the picture...)


Just a little update:

Have been sick these two couple of days but now I'm feeling a little better :)
So tomorrow I'm going to school and also going to be
a guide for my school at the "öppet hus" later at the evening with Daniela ^^
Think it will be fun ^^

But now time to get some sleep so goodnight everyone! ^^
Sleep tight ^^


All for love ~~

It have been a while since a listen to these guys...
...But yeah I will never stop like them cause they are always
going to have a special place in my heart.
Because of them I have got friends for a lifetime and
a lots of amazing memories <3


Today it's these amazing twins birthday! :D
And all I want to say is...

I still forget sometimes how amazing he is

I'm so happy that I've already have got the chance to meet him several times <3

When I saw this before and I was like... OMG! XO

HAHAHA! Those guys know how to entertain
and make their fans go crazy! x'D
And HAHA! You should see what some of the fans is writing
on twitter about the video! xP
.....CRAZY is all they are! but yeah it's what I like about them! XP

Couldn't choose... x))

Hahaha couldn't choose to watch "Världens Barn" or "Idol" so
I'm watching both :P


First my mobile...
And now my ipod...
And what next??
.....Things are not going so well for me right now -.-
almost everything is going wrong....

What makes you beautiful

Photo shoot - Lina as Kaito! ^^

Okey yesterday I had a photo shoot with Lina and Anna at Lina's house ^^
And now it's time to show you some of the photos I took ^^
So here they are! ;D

Enjoy! ^^

Photo Shoot! ^^

Wiiee! I had a photo shoot today with Lina and Anna! ^^
It was lots of fun ^^

We took lots of photos and we also record some videos ^^
So I will upload the video that Lina is making as soon she is finish with that! ^^
And just so you know I will also upload some of the pictures on my own here ^^
But they will come tomorrow, i think ^^

So until then, you will get these photos from yesterday! ^^
Goodnight! ^^

Check out my t-shirt!

Sitting in my room now in my pyjamas and I'm about to start study a little bit...
Then later I will change my clothes and then I'm ready
for the birthday party that we are going to have for my brother! ^^

So be prepared to get some pictures later today or tomorrow! 

Until that... Check out my cool t-shirt! :P

Btw...i know the text is backward but yeah ...can't help it :P
and just so you know... I'm not that BIG fan of them anymore...
But they always going to have a special place in my heart :)

Goodnight! :)

With this video I say Goodnight! ^^
And btw... You really must listen to this video!! They two are amazing!
And the kid, Thomas he is ONLY 12 years old! How far can't he go if he has a
voice like that now?? :O

I know!

I know my blog is a little bit bored right now it's like that right now
cause I have just a lot to think about and I have a little to much in school....
But I will be better at blogging soon! So stay tuned! ^^


Wohoo! I finally get my sushi that I have been talking about in a week now! XP

Guys with guitars <3

Eating brunch! ^^