Lizel Strömberg

Cherry Blossom | Hanami 2018
This blog post is a collaboration with my friend Carol. We have decided that we wanted to do more collaborations with each other and our content as both of us are photographer. We thought that it would be fun to see how our different styles in photography shows in our work. We will start simple with sharing photographs from an event we went to in the end of April. 
Every year, "Botaniska Trädgården in Göteborg helds an event to celebrate the Japanese tradition "Hanami". The weather has been cold and rainy for a while and I was a bit unsure if the cherry blossom had been able to blom at all before this event. 
Unfortunately, the trees hadn't blommed no where near as much as previous years. We decided to not let it stopped us to have a nice day anyway. 
It was nice to just walk around the park, not having to worry about needing to be somewhere else or stressing about making sure I get enough of photographs for content. This day was just about taking the time to hang out with Carol and practice to capture something else other than concerts photography. 
We found blossom for us to enjoy seeing and capturing in photographs. There was only small amount of flowers and one bigger tree that would make good to take photos of. Taking photos of flowers might not be what I'm used to photograph but I enjoyed the challenge and seeing all the people that also were there to appreciate the flowers. 
I really liked walking in the park and hearing all kinds of languages around me. It was all from Japanese, Arabic, German, Danish, Filipino, Swedish and English in different accents. It was very nice feeling the diversity. 
I can go out by myself to photograph and that's fine, but it's always way more fun to have Carol wtih me. She has such a good spirit and we have a lot of fun together. Whether it's to photograph or just hang out at home to catch up. After our stroll in the park we went out for a Fika since we hadn't been eating during the whole day because we were just busy with taking photographs and enjoy each other's company.
If you want to check out Carol's photographs from this event and to see how our different styles in photography shows in our work despite taking photos of the same thing looks like. By doing that you see more of the personal touch to our work. That angles, editing and approach are very different from one and other photographer that despite taking photos of the exact same event can look different in others eyes. 
It's not often I share photographs of Carol but when I'm allowed to, I'm happy to do so. If you want to check out Carol's photograhs from the "Hanami" event, here's a link to her blog post: 
Let us know what you think about this kind of collabaration in the comments section below, or give me feedback on my social medias as Instagram or Twitter. Is this a fun idea? Would like to see more of this? 
Until next time, ingat!
Colourful KC Land in Bicol
Here's a throwback to earlier this year!
During my trip to the Philippines I wanted to see as much as possible. When I first arrived in Bicol the weather was very rainy and dull but it didn’t stopped me to see around the province anyway. The first days of the trip we went to KC Land. It was my first time being there and it seemed like it was a very new park. I liked how colourful the surroundings were. 
I went there with my cousins Anton, Botchok, Ervin and Albert. I had never heard about KC Land before my cousins told me about it. The place wasn’t that big but I was happy to see something new.
For being a rainy day, there was surprisingly more people there than I expected. In Sweden, as soon as it starts to rain people doesn't go out. Specially not when it comes to sight seeing. 
It was just nice walking around taking photos and to hang out with my cousins.
A bit hard taking photos of everyone when you don't have a tripod with you, so we made the tallest one of us try to take a selfie of everyone. Haha.
Having my photo taken is very difficult because I get very anxious and shy about it. Also it's hard to explain to someone that isn't used to photographing how they are supposed to take the photo in the way I want, specially so the focus gets right. But my cousin Botchok actually did a pretty good job. 👌🏽
If you want to see more photos from my trip to The Philippines, don't worry. More are coming!
Until next time, ingat!