Lizel Strömberg

Pixels in the beautiful sunset
A while ago, I was walking home from Linnea's house and saw this beautiful sunset. Capturing it was a bit harder than I thought, since my camera equipment may not be the best and you can see the pixels in them. I tried my best and I think I did pretty well capturing the sunset in the end, or what do you think? :)
The chaos over JTR and The Fooo!
The Fooo, one of the most popular "boybands" in Sweden right now. The chaos around them is almost everyone aware of. This summer, they were performing at Liseberg and since JTR was their opening act, Frida and I decided to go and see the chaotic mess. 
People had been camping outside Liseberg for a day or two, so it was impossible to get a good spot at front of the stage since we didn't want to start queing early. 
I think, Frida and I were two of the oldest people in the crowd except for the parents which was there with their children. The fans were waiting patiently, singing songs and just seemed to make new friends before the show begun. 
Around 6pm, it was time for JTR to enter the stage. Despite the fans wasn't there for JTR, they were showing their excitment to see them as well. The guys did well, and it was so much fun to see they keep gaining fans each time they perform here!
I tried to take pictures despite how far away we were from the stage. I was so surprised over how tall the 13-14 years old girls were! Many of them were a head taller than me, or even more!
After JTR, it was time for The Fooo. You could feel the excitment in the air! People were shouting, singing and overexcited for what was coming! 
I don't think I ever have seen so many phones/cameras in the air at the same time, it was unreal! As soon as Felix, Oscar, Omar and Oscar entered the stage, the chaos just went loose! 
You may think the fans were just screaming their lungs out, but no they didn't. They were singing along to every song and dancing the choregraphy which was special for some of the songs. Sure, they were screaming the band members name, but I don't think I ever had that experience or the same "team-spirit" on a concert before. 
I must say, if I were about 5-6 years younger, I would probably be crazy over The Fooo. After this concert, I understand the hysteria over them more. On stage, they are very professional and know how to interact with the crowd in a good way. They may not have the best vocals, but their songs are so catchy and they know how to dance + their bond to their fans makes them get away with the okey vocals. 
The only bad things I have to say about the concert is, people were a bit disrespectful, even parents and that their version of "Såklart" by Petter was terrible. Rap isn't their thing, so making a cover of a classic song like "Såklart" may not be the best thing they've done.
Other than that, It was a fun day experiencing something different. :)
MixMegapol Summer Party!
(Yes, I'm still posting pictures from this summer here. It's almost like the summer never ends on my blog, haha.)
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By the end of the summer, we went to see MixMegapol Summer party which had a very good line-up with great artists such as Timbaktu, Kim Cesarion, Zara Larsson and more. 
I spent the day with Annelie, Felicia and Frida! I think it was the first concert we spent together all four of us, which was really fun! 
I don't know why, but it was almost no people there. Like the picture below, it was taken just before the show started. It was so awkward and in the beginning we were kind of the only people singing along. x)
The show started, and things went well in the beginning. It was just that there were bunch of photographers in the photo pit which was in our way during THE WHOLE CONCERT. Apparently they were allowed to be in the photo pit for as long as they wanted, and of course everyone of them stayed there the whole time.
I'm very surprised that I managed to take decent pictures at all, since I barely saw any of the artists. I don't think I ever have been so upset during a concert before, since we had waited and saving for spots front row for hours, and we couldn't see anything. 
And for some weird reason, Kim was only allowed to perform two songs while everyone else sang 4-5 songs. 
Other than that, the show was great despite we didn't really saw it. They played all their wellknown songs which we just sang along to every one of them.
Afterwards we met some of the artists.
I've been a fan of Andreas Moe's music for several years now, and been writing to him a couple of times on the internet. When I heard he was coming to the show, I was super excited to see him perform for the first time despite that he only was going to sing with John De Sohn. (Usually he sings acoustic songs)
I met him for a chat and he seemed glad that I came to say hi. He said that he hope he can come back to Gothenburg soon to do a gig of his own, which I would be happy to attend if the opportunity comes!