Back at work, but the updates are on their way!

Melodifestivalen 2017 is over. Jenevia and I have been working very hard to create as good content as possible, that we also can be proud over. It has been so much fun to do press coverage this year! We upgraded our work on every level and made more quality content than last year. We made impact on the people we met, bonded with new people and created many great memories. I've learned a lot through our experiences at Melfest this year and the fact that our work makes a different feels good. We put so much of our energy and time into doing our content that it's nice to hear that someone appreciate the work we do. 
I'm going to keep this post short, since this is mostly an update for you to know what the plan is for my updates here. First of all, I'm back at my daily job which mean that I can't priorities my photography and be editing as much as I want. Because I still have loads of unseen photographs from Melfest and stories to share. I know there are people out there curious to see what I captured, but also maybe to read my view on being press during Melfest. Blog posts are being worked on as you read this, I've planned out the content so it's on their way!
Photo by Lina | Edit: Me
For those who don't only want to see pictures from Melfest, of artists and events, I will be posting other kinds of content as well. I have many unseen photos in my archive and will be trying to take some new photographs to post between all of the Melfest content. Hopefully there will be content that will suit for everyone. 
If you want to make sure to keep up with my updates on social medias and know when the next blog post will be published, follow me on Instagram & Twitter. Just to point it out, some photos that won't be published here will be posted on my Instagram. I've also started to post quick updates on my InstaStory since it's easier and I don't need to stress as much about what I post there. 
Thank You for being patient and for keep watching my work, I really appreciate it!
More work to do, plans to get done and updates to come. 
Until next time, ingat!


You might wonder: "Where is Lizel? Why hasn't she been updating her blog?" - There is no simply answer to those questions because the reasons are many. What I can say is, I am a perfectionist. 
Being a perfectionist affects me as a person and how I work. I never do anything halfway. If I'm going to work, study or work on my photography I put all my energy and focus to do it properly. It can be a postitive thing since it lets me do my work thorough and I can be productive. One of the negative things about it is that I find it difficult to finish a task such as create a blog post because in the back of my mind I know there's always something that I can improve. Which leads me to keep finding things I want to remake or rewrite that later on gets the content delayed or never gets published. I try to get better at it and not overthink everything all the time. Babysteps. 
So if you were wondering that's one of the reason why the update is so bad here.
One thing that I have to tell you is that even if I might haven't been posting here at all lately, I have been working on my photography. For example, I have been doing investments in equipment, planning content and learning more tricks at photographing and editing. 
This summer I got employed at my new work. One of the areas that my colleague and I are in charge of is the photography in the company's marketing. The work that we do gives me the opportunity to improve my product and portrait photography. We are in charge of different areas in our department and it has taught me plenty of new things that I never thought I would learn. 
Since I have got a bit sidetracked and been trying to learn new things at my job, I haven't been able to put more of my energy into my content on my blog and social medias. 
- Things change and you have to work the best you can with the situation you are in.
Before 2017, I have content that I'm planning to create and project to take part in which I really hope will happen. If things turns out the way I want there will even be more press work involved. My main goal with my photography next year is to not be as stressed out over my work and just create content that makes me happy. 
I appreciate that some of you keep checking my blog out and my social medias despite that I'm so bad at updating them. I can't promise anything regarding of how often I will be publishing new photos but I hope you will stick around to follow my journey and to watch my content.
Please leave a comment to let me know what kind of blog post you want to see more of and give the post a like to let me know you are still around. 
More blog posts will be published this upcoming weeks so make sure to keep an eye out
Until next time, take care! 


Hello Everyone!
As some of you have noticed the update here has been very bad for a long time now. The amount of excuses I can come up with, can get many but the biggest issue has been my equipment for blogging. My computer which I bought to get loose from school has been too slow for me to be able to work on my photography properly. 
Finally for the first time, I have been able to buy my very first new computer by myself. My new Macbook is faster than I imagined! It's so fast that I can barely keep up with it. xD
Photographed & Edited by Carol Blomarv
So, since I have a new computer that actually allows me to being able to work on my photography and blog, I will try my best to make time to update here more regulary than ever before. Getting footage to post is no problem since my archive is full of unseen pictures. 
Thank You for all your patience, means a lot that some of you keep checking out the blog despite the bad update. I can't promise anything since I'm verry busy with school and work, but I will try my very best to publish at least 1 new blog post each every week starting from next week. I hope you will stick around to follow my journey to becoming a successful photographer. 
Stay Tuned for more updates.
Until next time, take care!


Hello everyone!
As some of you might have noticed, I have a new feature on my blog. In the end of every blog post there's a "Like-button". If you like what you see here, you are more than welcome to click "LIKE" to tell me what kind of posts you like to read. This way, I get a better insight of what kind of posts and topics that are more appreciated than others. Also in this way, it can help me with my planning of my content. If it matters, the like is anonymous so you don't have to write any contact info and it's not linked to any of your social medias. So it's just to start clicking that "Like-Button! ;)


If you have been following my blog for a while, you could tell that writing about what I'm doing in my everyday life is not a thing I usually do. Since I'm so bad at updating here on a regular basis with blog post in time, I thought that I would just give you an update on what's going on with my life and my blog at the moment.
  • For couple of months now, I've been back in school studying some courses like Spanish, Business Economy and Psychology.
  • I'm working at two different jobs, one as a teacher and one as a waitress. (I know, very surprisingly if you only know me as an extremly shy person.) 
  • Even if people can't see it, I'm working daily with my selfesteem and to become much better at talking.
Since I'm always busy with either work or school, I don't really have the time to work on my photography as much as I want. Because of that, all my blog posts gets delayed and gets published here way much later than the photos actually got taken. Mind that, even if I'm not posting anything it doesn't mean I'm not working with my photography at all. I do things that people don't get to see until it's time. 
I hope I can get better at updating here soon though, and hopefully you want to stick around to see more of my photography. 
I'm such a perfectionist that it takes a while for me to submit a blog post that I'm satisfied with, but I hope to start publish updates once or twice every week by start this December. I will keep posting pictures from my archive from these past couple of months & I hope that's okay with you!
I guess I will see you around, and hope everything is good with all of you! 
Until next time, take care! 

New header & design = Fresh start!

As you can see, I've got a new header and design on my blog!
My lovely friend Carol helped me change it and I'm really happy about the result! 
The reason why I wanted a new design was because I needed a fresh start and since I'm graduating soon, I felt like it was time to make a change.
Since I know thers's some people from other countries reading my blog, we've changed everything into English. In that way, it's so much easier for everyone to navigate through the blog within the blog posts and the different categories. Since everything is in English, maybe more people will understand how to send a comment if they would like to. 
Hope you like the new design as much as I do!
P.S. Thank You so much Carol for helping me out with my blog, I really appreciate it! 

How to comment on my blog!

Some of my friends and family have asked me how you can comment on my blog so I made this picture in Photoshop to tell you how! 
I hope the picture helped you and that you maybe will comment here more? Cause I love receiving feedback! ^_^

The reason why I have a blog!

The thing about me and having this blog is to show people what I can do and show them who I am as a person.
Show people that I'm so much more than just the girl sitting back in the classroom and doesn't say more than I need to. 
I can't promise you to have the most interesting blog with wonderful pictures and the most inspiring texts.
I can't do that.
Because I still have A LOT to learn.
About myself, the world, photography and what I want to stand for.
But one thing I can promise you is that my blog will still be my own and be different from everyone else 
Because that's who I am. I'm different.
I'm doing my own thing and doesn't fall for the pressure to fit in and be someone that I don't want to be.
Here on my blog it's okey to be different I won't judge you if you have another enthic background than me, sexual orientation, being female or male, how old you are or what religion you believe in and ect. 

As long as you are a decent person that doesn't hurt people by your actions.
I hope by being myself and do things my own way can make you do the same. 
To do your own thing and willing to work for the things you want to do. 
Because who else are going to archive what you want?

New design + New updates = Fresh new start!

HEY EVERYONE, I'M BACK! Have you missed me?
I guess you have noticed that I haven't been updating here for a while. It have just been 
so much lately with the last week of the summer vacation, the school start and just everything in my life has been a roller coaster lately so I haven't felt like updating at all. 
BUT now I'm back again and have LOTS of new pictures to show, more fun adventures to go on and just 
live my life they way I want and try to make my dreams come true! 
So are you with me?! :D
Photographer; Carol Gabriel