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What I'm aiming for in 2019
I hope you had a great new year's eve. I spent my evening at home with my relatives, eating plenty of food and having a nice time watching a movie. How did you spent your new year's eve? 
My opinions about having new year's resolutions have always been a bit split, but nowadays I see it as having a milestone to make it easier for yourself to see how far you have come within a year of working at becoming a better version of yourself. I think it's interesting to see how your mindset and priorities can change over the years and what effort you do to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
For 2019, I'm not having as many resolutions as previous years because I feel the ones I will set need to have my fully focus for me to get further in life.
My new year's resolutions for 2019 are:
♡ Be one step closer to get my driver license
♡ Stop being stressed out all the time
♡ Become more efficient in my work
Except for these 3 goals I have for 2019, I always aim to experience something new and to work on becoming more confident. After suffering with stress basically through all of 2018, my main focus will be to take care of my health and find ways to be better at handling unexpected events and my anxiety. Of course there's a lot more things that I want to achieve but those things I want to keep for myself since not everyone needs to know everything. 
What's your new year's resolutions/goals or changes you want to do in 2019? Let me know in the comment section! 
To end this post I want to say thank you for all the support during 2018, for taking your time to follow me as a content creator. I wish you all the best for 2019 and I hope your upmcoming year will be filled with lots of love, laughters and worthwhile lesson. ❤️
/Until next time, ingat! 
Bryan's Graduation Day!
The end of May and the beginning of June it’s graduation times in Sweden! Graduating from high school includes prom, graduation parties and doing the last efforts before heading into world of being a grown up. This year was not an ordinary year, it was my brother’s time to graduate from high school! My brother Bryan has been working very hard in school, making sure to do the best of what he can do and has been longing to the day he finish high school to get to another chapter in life to start with something new. I want to dedicate this post to my brother and share some photographs from his graduation day. 
The day started with doing some preparations for the evening's party and the "Utspring" which is when the students run out from the school building onto a stage to show their happiness over the fact that high school is over and to meet their loved ones as a symbol for being free and done with it.
After meeting Bryan, taking photos and congratulating him for graduating, he went on the truck which was taking his and six other classes around the city to celebrate their graduation. It's hard to explain but it's a tradition here in Sweden and in simple terms is kind of a party bus. 
I didn’t took that many photos of the day since I was helping my mum out, playing games with the kids and talking with the guests who came to the graduation party later that evening. I simply didn't felt like photographing that day since I did not want it to take my focus on enjoying the day. 
I want to end this short post with saying a huge congratulations to Bryan for graduating! Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself. You are doing great and you have a lot of potential! I'm very proud over you and I'm looking forward to seeing where the future holds for you! 
This was it for this time, until next time ingat!
Belated Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope all of you had a lovely christmas regardless if you spent it alone, at work or with your loved ones! 
We have this tradition in our family during Christmas Eves which starts in the morning with opening one gift each. During the morning we get together to eat breakfast. My mum tend to also insist to take family portraits in front of the christmas tree.  
My family and I spent our christmas at home with some relatives. Nothing big, just a small gathering which I personally prefer than a huge party. 
One of the best things about Christmas is to get together with people you cherish, eat good food and have some laughters. 
Since my siblings and I are old enough to not believe in Santa anymore, we didn't got a visit from him. 
I didn't took that many photos during the evening because I felt that I just wanted to enjoy the moment and not think too much about getting photos. It's funny though now when I look back on my photos from last year, I can tell a huge different from my photos this year. Despite the fact that many of my objects in this year's photos are similar to last year's, there's many technical stuff that I've learned that makes the photos better. 
If you are curious to see the differences I'm talking about you can compare the photos in this blog post with the ones HERE.
I hope you are well and that you are having a great holiday! If I won't publish anything before New Year's Eve, I will wish you a Happy New Year and that you will have a great year ahead of you! 
P.S. Stay tuned this weekend for more updates. 
Until next time, take care!