Lizel Strömberg

Midsummer is one of the many traditions that we have here in Sweden. Now, after years of celebrating, it kinda feels like it's one of those traditions that is more like an excuse for Swedes to drink alcohol. Other than that, it's just nice to get together and meet the people you know again.
I celebrated Midsummer with my family, some relatives and some friends of the family. We went to this place nearby where people danced around the maypole. After that we went to my aunt's house to eat dinner. 
- If you celebrated Midsummer, what did you during the day? Please comment and let me know! :)
Philippines: 20 hours of traveling
Some of you know that I was in the Philippines in March/April. Going there takes a lof of time, and you are basically traveling a cross the world to get there. On our way to the Philippines we did two stops over, one in London, and then one in Hong Kong. It could be very tiring to have to travel for such a long time as 20 hours but in the end of the day, when you meet your relatives; it's all worth it! <3 
"Löparfestivalen" was an event in Gothenburg during the marathon that took place at the same time. Carol and I decided to go to the city to see everything that was going on, and to take some photos.
"Löparfestival" was this smaller show with seven acts performing and entertaining the people who were at the set supporting the runners. First up was "Smith and Thell", which is a popduo containing Marie Jane Smith and Victor Thell. 
Next up, was Charlie Marshall. 
Then it was time for my boys in JTR to perform, which I was very happy to see again since it has been a while since last time I met them. They were as happy as always, making jokes and just being the nice people they are. 
- Also, it was fun to hear their new single "Centre of Everywhere" live for the first time. :)
After meeting JTR, I stood by and waited for Carol to arrive since she got a bit late because of problems with the traffic. As soon as Carol came, we got to see Alexie Divello ft Daniela perform. I've no idea who they were, but it was nice to see them and to take a couple of pictures. 
The main reason why we stayed by the stage was because I wanted to see Dinah Nah. She competed in Melodifestivalen earlier this year, and her song "Make Me (La La La)" was one of the songs I liked more compared to the others. Dinah Nah was absolutely fabulous with her pink hair. The audience was a bit boring, but I loved that Dinah just kept going, trying to make people pumped up and just giving her best.
Some of you might remember Mange Makers from their big hit "Fest hos Mange", which got released in 2011. I have not heard much about them lately, but apparently they released a new single called "Mange kommer hem till dig" recently. Personally, I'm not a very big fan of them. Their kind of music is not my cup of tea. 
The performances just kept going and since we already were around taking pictures, we decided to stay to see the popduo "Vita Bandet". I have never heard about them before, but I really liked their performance. Music with Swedish lyrics is not really my thing, but some times if they have a good vibe to it with a catchy melody it can be good. 
The day just turned out great, and I had fun. I really enjoy having Carol with me at shows like this. It's nice to have someone else photographing with me, who I can talk to and just have fun with. Also it had been a while since I last had someone going to a show with me, so I really appreciate this day. 
- Thank you Carol for going with me! x
P.S. If you want to see Carol's pictures from the day, you can go to her blog at: