New settings!

The other day when I met Carol, she taught me a couple of new things about my camera. She also made some different settings on it to help me get better colours on my pictures. Here's some quick pictures I took with the new settings, what do you think? :)

Ed Sheeran: "X (Deluxe)"

The last few weeks I've been listening to Ed Sheeran's album "X (Deluxe)" on Spotify. Since I'm old school and love CD's and don't have Spotify preminum, I decided to order the hard copy of the album. 
The album "X" contains 12 tracks, but in the deluxe version there's 4 more songs + one extra track which only appears when you buy the physical copy of the album.
1. One
2. I'm A Mess
3. Sing
4. Don't
5. Nina
6. Photograph
7. Bloodstream
8. Tenerife Sea
9. Runaway
10. The Man
11. Thinking Out Loud
12. Afire Love
13. Take It Back
14. Shirtsleeves
15. Even My Dad Does Sometimes
16. I See Fire
17. All Of The Stars
I haven't really been a fan of Ed before, but since he released "I See Fire". I've started to listen to his music a lot more now. I absolutely love "I See Fire" and it's one of my favorite songs at the moment. Other than that, I really like "Thinking Out Loud", "Photograph" and "Bloodstream" from this album.
I highly recommend this album for everyone to listen!

MX Rockbar: JTR, part 2!

Since I managed to take quite many good pictures of JTR the other week, I decided to make another blog post to show you more of those pictures! I think these pictures were the first ones that I've posted in black & white.
What do you think about them? Does it work to have it in a more black&white concept as well? 

MX Rockbar: JTR. Who are they?

The other week, I went to Alingsås to see JTR. You probably don't know who they are, so I will give you a quick review about who this new band is.
"JTR is a Swedish band containing three brothers John, Tom and Robin. They are mainly famous for their participation in the Australian X-Factor 2013 where they came top 7. JTR have been touring around Australia where they also have released their debutalbum "Touchdown". Now they are signed at Sony Music for the Nordic countries and are back in Sweden to promote their first single "Ride". The plan is to release their album in Sweden later this year. On 14th of July they are going to perform for the first time on Swedish television at "Lotta på Liseberg"."
As I wrote before, I went to Alingsås to see the guys perform for the first time.
JTR did a set of songs both from their own album, but also some covers as "Lego house" by Ed Sheeran. They were much better on stage than I thought they would be and interacted quite well with the audience. Such a shame that the stage was a bit small since it limited their movement. 
(Don't take/use my pictures without my permission.)
After the show, they had this signing where everyone could get a photo and autographs. Since Alingsås is their hometown, a lot of their friends and family came as well to say hi. They were very sweet and really took their time to talk to everyone. It was fun to see how many fans they had there, despite that they haven't really done anything in Sweden yet.
(There might be another blog post with more pictures from this night, stay tuned if you want to see more! ) 

Graduation celebration with my friends!

Since a lot of my friends graduated this year at the same time as each other, we couldn't attend the other's graduation party. We decided to get together and have our own party to celebrate each other.
The other week, we went to Lina to have this party and it was really nice seeing the girls again! Just a bit sad that Louise couldn't come. Otherwise, we had a lot of fun during the night! We played some different kind of games and also updated each other about what have happened lately since we rarely meet up like this.
I'm really grateful for still having them as my friends, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!

Jens Hult in Alingsås!

The second artist we saw in Alingsås was Jens Hult. For those who doesn't know who he is, he participated in Idol 2013 and became fourth. I hadn't listened to his songs before that day, but since we already were by the stage, we decieded to stick around and see him perform. 
Jens told everyone that he was a bit nervous, and you could totally notice that, but he did a great job playing it off, and sang all of his songs very well. His songs are only in Swedish. I barely listen to any songs in Swedish but I have to admit, some of his songs are very cozy to listen to.

Two new phone cases!

As I wrote before, I went to Alingsås to see some gigs but also to look at the market they arranged. While I was watching through all of the different market stalls, I came a cross these two cuties!