Lizel Strömberg

|| Erik Hassle - Liseberg 26/6-2012! ||
 This tuesday I was in Liseberg for the second time in a row and this time I
were there with Sarah and Cecilia! 
And we was there to see the one and only Erik Hassle! 
He is one of my biggest inspiration and I just love his music! 
So the concert was great! Really unique and different kind of.
And I must say Erik is one of the most greatest live artists I have seen live! 
And I have seen like Beyonce, Green Day and Westlife before so yeah if you got the chance
to see Erik Hassle take it! You wont regret it! ^^
|| "Lotta på Liseberg" - For the first time this year! ^^ ||
Since three years back it have been almost a tradition for me, Felicia and Frida to
go to "Lotta på Liseberg" in the summer at least ONE time.
So this monday it was time for it again! 
This time it was only me and Felicia that went.
The rain POURED down and it was so cold but after have been discussing a while if we were going to
stay or not....but consider that we had been waiting a few hours we decide to stay!
But yeah...haha everything turn out quite good anyway! 
The show was great, the company was funny and some people there was just so nice to us! 
And yeah we got some really good laughs also, haha
Well yeah anyway here is some pictures I manage to take between the rain. x))
( HAHA, I know I look awful...but what the heck a picture with Rasmus Sebaach is worth to show anyway!)
Babysitters + Linnea Henriksson + MTV World Stage = CRAZY day!
Thursday last week was I don't know, chocking but yet so wonderful! 
It started horrible with that me and Felicia went to the stage that MTV world stage 
was going to be held WAY too early.
So we ended up at Centralstation while there we out of nowhere becocme two babysitters
for a 4 year old that didn't stop screaming cause her mum just left her there with all their luggage???
It was CRAZY, I have never been that upset in my whole life!
But lucky as we were that day everything just went a lot better after that! 
Some adults helped us and the little girl got to her mum....we met Linnea Henriksson at the trainstation
and in Liseberg for listening to her soundcheck! (that didn't went like plan)
And after that we went to the stage for the MTV world stage and we met several of our friends there! 
And the concert was great! a bit slow but just great! 
Like COME ON! I have seen Nelly Furtado LIVE!  
How cool isn't that! One of the artists that have been with me in my entire childhood! 
It's so cool! 
And that B.O.B, Tove and Loreen was there too it made everything better! 
So yeah I had a great day with Felicia even if it didn't start so well.
But yeah thanks Felicia for everything last week! It wouldn't happen without you so THANKS! <3
 (blured pictures? yepp I know.....)