Lizel Strömberg

All My Life I've Wanted Purple Darpes!
Getting ready for Melodifestivalen!

Okay just some few minutes left to Melodifestivalen! 
I'm so excited for Danny's performance! I have heard it will be AMAZING! 
Eurosong - What do you think??
Okay I wrote yesterday I was going to watch Eurosong.
And yeah that is like the Irish "Melodifestivalen"... but it was like a huge different.
It was only 5 songs, a jury had 50 % of the votes and the people had 50% and it was
like in a talk show and like much smaller than "Melodifestvalen".
But it was quite nice!

I was of course watching cause Jedward was in it but yeah in my opinion was the second song
"Mercy" by Donna Mccall was very good song also that could have nearly won everything
but yeah Jedward won and they are worth it! 
So much energy, happiness and a very good song so yeah I think they
will do good in Eurovision! ^^

But NOW...What do you think? Which song do you like the most and which would
have won in YOUR opinion?
Listen to them and COMMENT! ;)