All My Life I've Wanted Purple Darpes!

Getting ready for Melodifestivalen!

Okay just some few minutes left to Melodifestivalen! 
I'm so excited for Danny's performance! I have heard it will be AMAZING! 

Eurosong - What do you think??

Okay I wrote yesterday I was going to watch Eurosong.
And yeah that is like the Irish "Melodifestivalen"... but it was like a huge different.
It was only 5 songs, a jury had 50 % of the votes and the people had 50% and it was
like in a talk show and like much smaller than "Melodifestvalen".
But it was quite nice!

I was of course watching cause Jedward was in it but yeah in my opinion was the second song
"Mercy" by Donna Mccall was very good song also that could have nearly won everything
but yeah Jedward won and they are worth it! 
So much energy, happiness and a very good song so yeah I think they
will do good in Eurovision! ^^

But NOW...What do you think? Which song do you like the most and which would
have won in YOUR opinion?
Listen to them and COMMENT! ;)


WOHOOOO! Watching Eurosong right now with Daniela and Frida...or yeah kind of! :P

...The reason why we are watching is cause
John and Edward are going to compete this year again about to get the honor to be the ones that will
be the representatives for Ireland in Eurovision!
Here is the link if anyone else want to see it! ^^

Clarion Hotel Post Opening Ceremony in Gothenburg! ^^

Okay in like a month ago me and Frida was on Clarion Hotel's opening ceremony in Gothenburg...
...Even tho it was so COLD and I wasn't that excited at all under the day
it turn out to be just so awesome!

So here is just some belated pictures....Enjoy! ^^

Yesterday it was "Fettisdagen!"

Fettisdagen --> Semla --> YUMMY!

Two of the most beautiful boys in the entire world!

Last part of Sweden Tour.

Okey this is the last part of Sweden tour.
I didn't record so many videos myself so I just link some of
them I found on youtube.
So yeah enjoy! and haha can you spot me and Daniela in some of the videos? x)

Jedward Sweden Tour part 2!

Okay like you know... I haven't been available to update here so often these
last couple of weeks so now I'm trying to catch up with everything... here we go! I start with the Sweden Tour!

Yeah like you know I met the most amazing twins in all time in Gothenburg about 3 weeks ago!
John and Edward! They was here to do their tour and that was just awesome!
I met them, talk to them, hug them and even get some photos with them!
Can't be any happier! Like that was WAY OVER my expectation!
haha and I even embarrassed myself in front of them but hey Daniela got a good laugh!

Haha and I that thought I was only about to see them live and
nothing more but hey! We even went shopping with them x')

- Crazy girl.

Happy Valentines Day!

Little late but yeah...

...Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Hope you had awesome day with you loved ones! ^^
Myself... I was just at home and hang out with the family a bit! Quite nice actually! ^^

Bowling time!

Yesterday I was with Linnéa and her friends in Gothenburg! 
And we was bowling for a hour and it was actually quite nice! ^^

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The explaining of yesterdays photo;

...Yepp Yepp...Yesterday after school me and Felicia went to nordstan to
meet Mr.Munther!

Haha that was actually really nice! Really cute and nice boy that Ulrik :P

But yeah anyway we just said hello and wish him good luck for the "Melodifestivalen".
And yeah haha here is some photos I took then ;P
image description

Right now!

Better update soon!

Okay these couple of weeks my updates have been REALLY bad...
...just cause of a LOT studies, no time and some personally things..

But today I get vacation for a week so be prepared to get a LOT of updates! ^^

But first school...


Pictures is coming soon!

Sorry for the bad updates here, but have a LOT going on now so yeah that's why... (a)

But yeah I will try to upload some photos today so stay tuned!
Until then here is a little sneak peek from a video/photo shoot I had this sunday ;)

On the set!

On my way!

Okay right now I'm on my way to my first "photojob"!

It's a charity event that I will photograph on so it's nice and it will be fun! ^^

Btw I will blog little while I'm there so stay tuned for more updates! ;)

While you are waiting for the second part....

Haha okey don't have any videos of my own from last week so here is one I found on youtube! ^^

John and Edward! - 23/1-2012

More is to come! ^^

Daniela, Frida and me decide to go to the airport to meet up with John and Edward (JEDWARD) and
haha we just decide that in 10 minutes or something and then we was on our way :P

We had some fun before they came to the airport and yeah haha we was like the outsiders
that was on a beanch laughing a bit away from the others but yeah what ever! :P
Then finally when they came it was crazy! Haha everyone was like..."omg there they are!"

And it was like so hard to get their attencion just cause many fans just stod by their side even tho
they have already taken a photo and talk with them and the fans even called the twins
the same time when it was an other fan that was talking to them or taking a photo with them...

But what ever we get the chance to take a photo each one of us and we was like so
HAPPY that we was like jumping on pink and small fluffy clouds! ^^

The pictures are coming today!

Okay the pictures from last week is going to come later today!
At least some of them.. ^^

Until then you can guess what I did yesterday! ;)