Pride Festival: Parade | London

During our visit in London, we got the opportunity to see the festivity during the Pride Festival. 
I haven't attended the Pride Festival before, cause I tend to be busy whenever the Festival are hold in Gothenburg. So I was very excited to see the parade for the first time! I loved seeing a big part of the town was taking part of the Pride Festival. It was also nice seeing that many people there supporting the LGBT community. Personally, I'm supporting equal rights regardless where you come from, your ethnicity, colour of your skin, gender and sexual orientation you have. Everyone should have the same human rights!
The Parade which was walking all over town, was so big! I've never seen such a long parade! I loved all the colours, happiness and proudness I saw around the Parade. It was so much fun seeing all the different people who took part in the parade.
Even police officers and firefighters took part in the parade to show their support. 
The different organisations which took part of the parade had these stickers to give out to people to promote their organisation. I don't even know how many stickers I ended up having in the end of the day. :P
Next year I hope to be able to attend the Pride Festival in Sweden. It might not be as big as the one in London, but it could be fun to see the difference from the one in London and the one in Sweden. :)

On the top of London Eye!

When we were planning our trip to London, we wanted to make sure to see everything we wanted properly. For example, we decided not only see London Eye but also buy tickets to actually ride it. 
It was a bit hectic around London Eye, a lot of tourists but waiting in line for tickets didn't take as long as we thought it would. We were very lucky with the weather and it was a very nice day with the sun shining!
It was very cool watching the city from the top of London Eye. Seeinng the city from up there, made it even more clear that London is a much bigger city than you realize. 


The different amount of alternatives of food places in London is much bigger than in Sweden. If we had more time and more money I think we would try out even more of the different food in London. 
Linnéa had heard of Nando's right before we flew over to the UK, so we had the restuarant in mind when we were walking around the city. One of the days in London, we had a bit hard time to decide what to eat. But once we walked passed Nando´s, we just had to try it out! 

Madame Tussauds | London

As many know, Madame Tussauds in London is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Of course when we were in London, we had to go and see it. 
Before we visited Madame Tussauds, I was a bit concern about taking pictures there since I knew it would be a lot of people and be a bit dark inside. I had to use the flash but I think it went fine. I thought it would be a lot more awkward to take pictures with the wax figures, but since other people were more into it and did all these kiss on the cheek pictures, and be all fangirling, I was just fine taking my photos once I got there. 
There was this wax figure of this photographer who was faced to a wax figure of Patrick Stewart. It was super funny how people (including me) first thought the photographer was real, so when they were about to cross the way they got all concern cause they had blocked the picture.
Or they were just standing there waiting for the wax figure of the photographer to take her photo so they could get their photo of Patrick. It was so funny cause they were wating for minutes and they didn't understood it was just a wax figure. xD
Other than that, it was all nice. I thought it was cool how some of the wax figures really looked a like to the person they were of. I also enjoyed the 4D (?) movie we got to see of "heroes" from Marvel. 
If you are visiting Madame Tussauds make sure to be there early and make time to go around since it takes a while to go around and see everything in the building. 

Ed's Diner |

After a long day, we decided to grab something to eat and we found this cool food place in the station close to our hotel. We didn't wanted to eat too much, so we decided for pancakes which was very good!
I really liked the restaurant and their style of it. It was surely something different from what we usually get to see in Sweden. 

House of Parliment & Big Ben

One of the first things we did during our trip was to see Big Ben and the House of Parliment. There was so many tourists in the city that day, which made it much harder to walk around and take pictures. Since we didn't want to risk getting my camera robbed, taking a picture of both Linnéa and I with the building in the background was the most difficult thing ever! 
Haha I guess this will have to do. Hopefully we will get back to London and take a better picture. ^_^ 

Landvetter -> London!

After 2 years of working ans saving up money with Linnéa we finally got to go to our dream city, London! All my life I've wanted to visit the UK and London, so I was super excited to finally be able to! 
It was actually Linnéa's first time going by plane, so she was even more excited to go! It was so funny to see her excitment. She had been quite nervous about the flight and basically gave me all the responsibility with checking-in our luggage and boarding the flight. 
As soon as we got in the air everything was all fine. Linnéa got more relax and was even smiling and giggling during the take off. xD
We landed in Gatwick and just from being at the airport, it was such a change from how people in Sweden are like. Everyone were much more polite than what I'm used to experience in Sweden. It was very nice for a change!