Lizel Strömberg

Happy Easter Everyone!
Happy Easter Everyone! 
Hope you had a wonderful easter with your loved ones! ^_^
Don't forget to turn your clock forward one hour tonight! 
Spring Break!
Hey Everyone! 
I'm back and I have recovered! Feeling so much better than I did last week when I was sick.
This past week I have been so busy with school. We had a project there we collected money for Star For Life.
Star For Life is a charity organisation that works against HIV/AIDS in South Africa.
It was really inspirational to see what they do and what we could do to help them with our project.
My school collect about 20150kr on one day so I think we did a good job. ^_^
Now I have spring break for about a week so now I will finally have time to edit my pictures, videos and to update here. I will also rehearse for my upcoming concert that will happen in a few weeks that's is nice but getting a bit nervous now.
I'm also going to go on an adventure that I haven't done in a while so that is going to be super fun!
But more about everything will come soon so stay tuned! ^_^
These last three days I have been bedridden because of a really bad cold and a high fever.
I'm getting a bit better now tho and can actually walk around the house again. 
I will update here whenever I feel better and when I'm able to.
Until then I hope that you all are feeling well and that you will have a wonderful week! 
 Talk you later!