Lizel Strömberg

Back in school.
For a little more than a week, I have been back in school. 
It has been both nice and a bit sad to be back but I guess it's mostly nice cause then I have somthing to do during the day.
I know I've still a lot of pictures to show you and I'm on that!
I have just been a bit busy getting used to new classes and new people in school. 
- Pictures will come soon though, just stay tuned!
"Kulturkalaset 2013: Darin!"
During the festival I went to see Darin for the second time this summer and he was as amazing as always!
It was such a shame though that the lightning was REALLY bad on stage but I managed to capture some good pictures after all. 
The last shows!
 During this weekend, I did the last shows of NääsKrönikan this year!
Don't take me wrong, it has been so much fun doing these shows, but it's nice to finally get every show done. :)
Now it's time to get back to our flute lessons and to see what more concerts that we will be playing at this semester. 
Maybe this time we will play more modern music? I hope so at least. :P