Back in school.

For a little more than a week, I have been back in school. 
It has been both nice and a bit sad to be back but I guess it's mostly nice cause then I have somthing to do during the day.
I know I've still a lot of pictures to show you and I'm on that!
I have just been a bit busy getting used to new classes and new people in school. 
- Pictures will come soon though, just stay tuned!

"Kulturkalaset 2013: Darin!"

During the festival I went to see Darin for the second time this summer and he was as amazing as always!
It was such a shame though that the lightning was REALLY bad on stage but I managed to capture some good pictures after all. 

The last shows!

 During this weekend, I did the last shows of NääsKrönikan this year!
Don't take me wrong, it has been so much fun doing these shows, but it's nice to finally get every show done. :)
Now it's time to get back to our flute lessons and to see what more concerts that we will be playing at this semester. 
Maybe this time we will play more modern music? I hope so at least. :P 

"Kulturkalaset: Maia Hirasawa!"

I didn't just tried food at the culture festival. I also went to some different concerts and one of those was with Maia Hirasawa!
I haven't listen to her music so much, but I was in town when she played in Gothenburg, so I went to see her concert cause I had the oppurtunity. And also I went cause I wanted to take som photos. 
Maia was actually quite good and she had a good stage precense. 
- Some of her songs that I heard was really good and I think I will check out her music more from now on. :)

International Street Market!

Last week, it was the big culture festival in Gothenburg that's held every year!
Every year, there is this market filled with food and other things from all around the world.
This year, my friends and I decided to try different kinds of food.
We tried:
* Stroopwaffles
* Different flavors of Fudge
* Crepes
* Churros
* Thai - Chicken with Green and Red curry
- and even crocodile burger!
We were a bit nervous about eating the crocodile burger but it was quite tasty!
- It tasted like chicken and fish, haha!
If you get the opportunity to try it out, you should definitely do it!

Last week of vacation was AMAZING.

I know that I wrote that I were going to update you about what I was up to last week, but I haven't really had the time for it.
I was busy this week with attending at a lot of concerts, meeting up with my friends and just enjoyed my last week of summer vacation! 
I had a blast and I have so many pictures to show you, and I think you will like it.

Flashback: Darin - Liseberg 25/6- 2013!

Today I'm going to see Darin live in Gothenburg.
I'm really excited and it's going to be so much fun to see him again!
He must be one of the most incredible artists that I've ever seen live and it's so much fun shooting him cause he has this amazing stage presence. 
Here is some unshowed pictures from the last time I saw him!
- Enjoy!

Monster University!

The other day, I went to the movies with Linnéa to see "Monster's University" in 3D.
It was actually really good. Much better than I expected.
The message of the movie, I think was: "Don't stop believing in yourself".
- If you like Pixar's movies, you should definitely go and see it!
You won't be disappointed!

Last week: Lotta på Liseberg - The live show!

Here's the pictures from last week's "Lotta på Liseberg".
- As I've said before, I had a wonderful time and it was so much fun meeting everyone!
Sidenote: This week, I'm going to be very busy with being at concerts and hanging out with my friends, but I will try to keep you updated as much as I can!
Stay tuned!

Last week of vacation.

My last week of vacation is slowly closing in.
- I have to admit, this summer has been nothing that I've expected.
It has been all about to figuring out what I want to do with my life and to find myself as a person.
People have changed along the road and it's such a shame that things isn't the way it used to be.
I don't feel like ready for school just yet. Another month of vacation would be nice. 
- I will at least try to enjoy the last of my vacation with doing what I love:
* Photographing 
* Going to concerts
* Being with friends 
- And even eat more good food, like pancakes? x)

Lotta på Liseberg 5/8 - Dress rehearsal!

This week, I went to the last show of "Lotta på Liseberg" for this summer with Felicia and Frida.
The artists this week were Magnus Uggla, Mary N'Diaye, Margaret Berger and Danny Saucedo. 
It was so much fun and I also got to meet so many of my friends on set! Like Annelie, Felicia, Erica and I even got to meet Lina,
that I haven't met since last year!
I also had the luck to meet Danny before the dress rehearsal.
My shyness took unfortunately over so I didn't say that much to him, but he was nice as always and took his time to take pictures with us! :)
 More pictures are coming SOON.

Studying during the summer vacation?


One week ago: 'Lotta på Liseberg - Björn Skifs and more!

A week ago I was at Lotta på Liseberg with Linnea!
Over the years I have been talking about my experiences there at Liseberg and how fun it actually is to be there live on set.
She has been wanting to go for so long and last week it was finally her first time there!
It was a lot fun and she had a good time there, she said!
I'm happy that she went with me and got to experience it herself at last! ^_^
Sidenote: I was at the last show of the year of Lotta på Liseberg yesterday so pictures from that will come, SOON.

Gotland part 5 - Sunny day!

The weather in Gotland was realy good!
- Blue skies, really sunny and quite hot but not too hot cause it was windy enough to cool you down!

Gotland part 4 - Camping!

I don't really have much to say about the camping but it was quite cozy! :)

Gotland part 3 - Cave!

At Gotland, we were also in a cave called 'Lummelundgrottan'.
 I don't have so much to say about it but it was kinda cool to go around there and to see how it looked inside.