"Ärlige Mister Ernst" - Book the tickets now!

"Ärlige Mister Ernst" or "The Importance of being Earnest" is a comedy play that is about shallowness, the fear to not fit in, and not be accepted for who you are. 
I got asked by Felicia (which is one of the actresses in the play), to photograph pictures for some of their marketing. I really appreciate that she asked me for help, it made me very happy to know that she thought I would the one for the job. I gladly accepted the offer and was happy to be able to help them! Despite that I was working and focused to be prepared to get my shots, I really enjoyed watching the play. All the actresses and actors were very professional and talented. The play was very funny, and kind of mind twisting towards the end.
I highly recommend everyone to see one of the last shows which takes place this weekend at "Amandas Teater" in Gothenburg:
  • Friday 25th of September at 7pm
  • Saturday 26th of September at 3pm
It costs 150kr but it's definitley worth to spend! I will link their website and facebook event if you want to read more! 
You can book the tickets here: http://www.fkt.se/biljettbokning-2070564
When it comes to the photos, I was very nervous to photograph in this small area with limited light. The theater inviroment isn't really what I'm used to take photos in. The fact that I had no idea what to expect from the play, and what they were going to do, made everything a lot more difficult than it already was. But I like challenges, and to learn more from them, so this was very interesting to see how I would manage to get the pictures as good as I wanted it to be. Despite some issues with the lighting and the flash I borrowed, personally I'm proud over the result I got.
What do you think about the pictures?
Some feedback or tips I should think about until next time I shoot this kind of photos? :)

House of Parliment & Big Ben

One of the first things we did during our trip was to see Big Ben and the House of Parliment. There was so many tourists in the city that day, which made it much harder to walk around and take pictures. Since we didn't want to risk getting my camera robbed, taking a picture of both Linnéa and I with the building in the background was the most difficult thing ever! 
Haha I guess this will have to do. Hopefully we will get back to London and take a better picture. ^_^ 

Landvetter -> London!

After 2 years of working ans saving up money with Linnéa we finally got to go to our dream city, London! All my life I've wanted to visit the UK and London, so I was super excited to finally be able to! 
It was actually Linnéa's first time going by plane, so she was even more excited to go! It was so funny to see her excitment. She had been quite nervous about the flight and basically gave me all the responsibility with checking-in our luggage and boarding the flight. 
As soon as we got in the air everything was all fine. Linnéa got more relax and was even smiling and giggling during the take off. xD
We landed in Gatwick and just from being at the airport, it was such a change from how people in Sweden are like. Everyone were much more polite than what I'm used to experience in Sweden. It was very nice for a change! 

Lotta på Liseberg | Andreas Moe, Mariette and more!

"Lotta på Liseberg” has been and still is a tradition for my friends and I to attend during every summer. For those who don’t know, it’s a sing-along program, which is shown on television with different kind of artists as guests. 

The first program for this year started already in late June. The artists for the show were Mariette, Jon-Henrik Fjällgren, Brolle & Nanne Grönvall, Mia Skäringer and Andreas Moe. 

I attended the show with my friend Felicia that was mostly there for Mariette, while I was there to support Andreas Moe.

It was nice being back on set and be in the well-known atmosphere of Liseberg.
It’s so much fun to see how Andreas is growing as an artist in Sweden and finally getting to show his talent for the Swedish audience.
The show was cosy despite all the rain that day. We got to meet Mariette briefly together with our friends Felicia & Erica. They also took the opportunity to take a photo with Jon-Henrik when he came over, which was the most hilarious thing ever. Haha
We also got to meet Andreas for a chat. It was nice seeing him again. Felicia hadn’t met him before, so she thought it was fun meeting him as well. He told that he might get back to do another show this fall, which I hope I can attend!

JTR | Norlie & KKV | BLACK & WHITE

During the second day of the "Potatisfestivalen, Carol decided to come with me to see the guys in JTR. It was Carol's first time to take the train, and be in Alingsås that day, so she was quite excited to be there! 
For this blog post, my pictures are in black & white because I didn't really liked the colour of the stage lighting that day. Also because I wanted to try out something different.
This time the show with John, Tom and Robin was a full-set show during their summer tour, so it was a lot more than just the 3 songs they usually perform. Their set list contained basically all their songs from their album "Touchdown" following with their latest single "Center of Everywhere". I would lie, if I didn't told you that I basically knew all the lyrics to most of their songs. But what can I say? I like their kind of music!
I had a hard time capturing the guys on stage since it was raining a lot that day, but I think I managed to take some decent pictures after all. The black & white affect really made a huge different and made the pictures more eye catching, which I'm proud over to have learned during the process of the editing. 
During this concert, I tried to put down the camera more to enjoy the show fully since it's not often Swedish artists do these full-set shows. 
After the show, they held the regular signing which we of course attended to say hi to the guys. 
I must say, this picture of us four is the best one we have together! Thank you Carol for capturing it!
~ Behold! A picture of Carol! I absolutely love this photo, and the fact that she looks so happy in it!
When the signing was over, John, Tom & Robin was doing this slowmotion hug with Angelique which was very funny. Robin really went all in for it. Haha
Carol & I decided to stick around to see Norlie & KKV since we already were in Alingsås. But the rain was absolutely pouring down, and none of us had an umbrella or a cover for our cameras so there was almost no point at all to stay and try to take pictures. I did capture these two photos before we left, and you can literally see the rain drops in the second photo.