Lizel Strömberg

"My Hero" by Marcus Sjöstrand
Marcus Sjöstrand is a Swedish singer, known for being one of the former bandmembers in Youngblood which competed in Melodifestivalen 2012. Late this summer, he released a new song called "My Hero" which is written for the organisation "Superhjältar mot Cancer" - (Superheroes against cancer). It's about how to lose someone in cancer. 
In the begining of the summer, Marcus asked me if I could help him making the single cover which I gladly said yes to. Since I'm not very good at graphic design, I asked Carol to help me out.
To make our material, we did a photo shoot together with a model and Marcus. 
To do a single cover without hearing the song first, was very difficult for me and Carol since we didn't know what kind of song Marcus has done, and what feeling and message Marcus wanted his cover to show. 
Marcus, Carol and I had different kind of ideas and visions of how we wanted the cover to be. Despite our differences, I think we ended up with a cool cover. At least Marcus was happy about it, and that is what counts! - I'm honoured that Marcus asked me for help, it was truly a fun experience to get!
You can listen to Marcus's song here on Spotify: 
You can also buy his song on iTunes where 80% of the income goes to the organisation "Superhjältar mot cancer"!
JTR's first popup gig in GBG!
Earlier this year, JTR had their first popup gig here in Gothenburg. I was on my way home, but decided to make a quick stop to say hi. 
I was very suprised over how calm and respectful their fans were during the gig since there was no security and no manager or something like that, to keep everything settled. 
It was funny how John wasn't really sure what people would think about this type of gig. I enjoyed the simple acoustic gig. This way, their fans could get a bit closer to the guys and actually have the chance to talk to them. As far from what I saw, people were really appreciating that they took their time to do this popup gig. 
They also did a Q&A where the fans could ask whatever they wanted.
Since I didn't really saw anyone documenting this gig except for all the cellphones everyone had, I thought I could offer my help and take a group photo of all the fans with the guys, which seemed really appreciated. 
Other than that, it was just nice seeing the guys again. :)
Don't forget to be proud over what you accomplish!
Let me tell you this, since 7th grade I've been using contact lenses basically everyday for the past 6 years. I refused to wear my glasses outside the house cause I wasn't happy about how my apperance and also cause I thought my glasses were so annyoing to wear. 
Since I've started with my medicine for my acne, my eyes have been unusual tired and I haven't been able to use any make-up, so to give my eyes some more rest I thought I should get myself new glasses. A couple of weeks ago, I got a pair of new glasses and ever since I picked them up, I've been wearing them everyday!
You can't really understand how proud I am over myself for actually wearing my glasses, since I've been so stubborn to not show myself in glasses for anyone except my family. It have made me more confident in myself than before!
On top of that, I've started working as a waitress, and that has been such a challenge for me both physically and mentally. I never thought, I would have the courage to work with something in the resturant bussiness since I've been so incredible shy over the years. I'm proud over myself for keep challenging myself in a way to put me in uncomfortable situations, where I have to step up my game and prove to myself that I can do it!
With this blog post, I want to remind people that you should be more proud over yourself and the challenges you accomplish, no matter how small or big it can be. We have to put ourselves in situations we are not used to if we ever want to get somewhere we never have been before. Don't be afraid to ask for help, advice or support if needed. In the end, at least you tried!