Lizel Strömberg

Christmas Eve 2015
Belated Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with a lot of luaghters with your loved ones!
This Christmas I celebrated it with my family. We were just at home ate food, opened presents and played some card games. It was nice and calm, nothing much. Some times simple is enough. I'm thankful for everything I got!
I hope you are well, and I wish you all a great holiday!
Saigon Food | Nordstan
Saigon Food in Nordstan, is a very nice store that has a large selection of food from various countries in Asia. Getting Asian food in Sweden can be hard, so you really need know where to look. Saigon also has a restuarant where they cook different kinds of asian food for you to eat at place.
I went to Saigon Food with my aunt to keep her company while she was eating lunch. I bought myself Bubble tea with boba while waiting for her. If you don't know, Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese-tea based drink. You can choose between black/green/milk tea flavored with fruit, and top of that a topping such as boba or aloe vera. It's a very popular drink within the asian community. 
~ Jenevia introduced me to the drink earlier this year, and it has now become one of my favorite drinks. 
My aunt ordered some soup which I got to taste as well. I don't remember what the soup was called, but it was very good! It containted some noodles, meat and vegetables. 
Årets Göteborgare | Nordstan
Two weeks ago, "The Gothenburger of the year" got crowned.
It's a hounourble title you can get if you have done something special and praiseworth during the year that many have enjoyed and can feel proudness over. 
This year's, "The Gothenburger of The Year" is Miriam Bryant for her impact as a person and her music. I've been listening to her a bit on and off since her third single "Push Play" that got released in 2013, so it's cool to see that she's finally starting to get more credit for the artist she is!