Can you guess who we are looking on right now? x)

Randomness is the shit

Haha look who I and Daniela randomly met the other day on our way to school! xp

....Haha I look so small....


Looking like a totally nerd today,
but that doesn't matter cause
the sun is shining, last day in school this week and I have an awesome weekend a head of me!

So hope everyone is feeling great and enjoy the wonderful weather!
Cause that am I going to do! ^^


Here some quick edited photos I took for a week ago or something like that! :)
Hope you like it and please leave a comment of what you think! ^^

I Never Told You

Movie Time With The Family! ^^


...John and Edward was going to LA to go to the premier of American Pie and ended up
running a marathon???
HAHA...Seriously?? 3-4 hours sleep, jetlagged, no training at all and they
are RUNNING a MARATHON that is 26 MILES!
And they have just arrived in LA in just few hours ago....What happend!? HAHA.

~~ Timbuktu ~~

Awesome thursday with my friends!

Okay had an awesome time with my lovely friends this thursday!

I didn't had any ordinary lessons that day so me, Daniela and Madde
went to bowling saloon to bowl a hour and we had so much fun there! ^^
...Then later that day I met Felicia and had a great time at her school! ^^
We met several friends there and hang out with them. Then we saw an AWESOME musical
that the 3th graders on that school had made!
....And seriously I haven't laught that much in a long-time!

So yeah thanks to everyone that made my day so great that It was!
I really needed THANKS! <3

I'm awake!

Today is it one of those days
when you just don't feel like to do anything at all.

So today I'm just going to take it easy!
Write some texts, edit some photos and just chill!

So be prepared to get lots of new stuff here on the blog!

So stay tuned! ;)

Bad Mood.

Okay sorry for the bad updates but I have been in such a bad mood
this past week cause of different things so it's the reason why I haven't been updating at all...

....BUT now I'm back again with a much better mood and have lots of
things planned these next couple of weeks ahead.
So be prepared for lots of more updates! ^^
...And hope everything is okay with you! ^^

Good Start!

I got a good start on the day with some pancakes for breakfast! ^^

Now time for some more study and then tonight a birthday dinner for my aunt!

So yeah...Hope ya all will have a nice day, today! ^^


Having fun with photo booth at 2am! - Like a boss!

Study time!

Have my energy drink and some candy so now time for some serious study!


Melodifestivalen - Who did you wanted to win?

Yepp now is the winner of "Melodifestivalen" annoced and it turn out to be Loreen!
My personal opinion is that I wanted that Danny should win! 
He truly deservs it and have fought for this so much!
And his song and performance are just AMAZING!
But yeah Loreen was just as good as he so well she deservs it too!

But who do you think would be the one that won it?
Danny? Loreen? Ulrik? Dead By April or someone else? 

Comment YOUR opinion!


Had work work!

This is how my next following hour going to look like before "Melodifestivalen"! :)

I wish I could meet them next week.

Calippo Shots is back!

Woop wop!

I know!

Okay I know the updates here is so bad right now but yeah I don't really have time for the blog at all right now... So much study and all that.

But I promise to update here now in this weekend a little so for now good night and hope you all are okay! ^^



Happy Girl! :D

Look what I bought before! ^^

Photo shoot - Lina's Drocell cosplay!

In some weeks ago I had a photo/video shoot with Lina when she cosplayed Drocell
from Kuroshitsuji and here is some of the pictures from then! ^^
So hear ya go! ^^