~ Happy Easter ~

Happy belated Easter!
During the weekend of Easter, my family and I visited some of my relatives for easter celebrations. I only took pictures during the dinner at my uncle's house since it was much calmer and not too many people that were eager to grab food once it was served. The traditional easter food is eggs, potatoes, herring, meatballs, ham and much more! But, at my uncle's place we didn't got served any easter food at all which I was actually happy about. 
Since I'm lactose intolerant, my unlce's wife had made all the food that we were eating lactose free. I really appreciate that they made the effort to make food that I'm able to eat, consider that not many people thinks about others allergies. 
Another typical thing for Swedes related to easter is alcohol. For your notice, this is not my glass, I don't drink.
I've always loved my uncle's wife's cooking and the dinner we got served was very tasty! 
Even if I wanted to eat more, I couldn't since I knew there was dessert coming as well!
Some people think the fancier food, the more tasty it is. But, as simple as a fruit salad can some times be the best dessert of them all. One thing that my siblings and I were excited about were the cookies we knew, we would get. We love the cookies that my uncle's wife makes, specially the ones in the red papper. Those are our favorites!
I want to thank my uncle and his wife for a pleasant dinner and our easter gifts, also a thank you to my mum for the easter egg that I got! ~ To all my readers, I hope all of you had a great holiday as well with friends and family!
P.S. I'm aware that some fans of Samir Badran from the event at Missäy are lurking here for the pictures I took. As I've promised, I will publish them here. Just stay tuned and keep an eye out during the week, because they are coming!

~ Melfest: Interviews with Robin Bengtsson, Lisa Ajax and Panetoz ~

As press, our work for the finale week of Melodifestivalen 2016 had already started on Wednesday. The publicists listen for booking interviews with artists during Melfest were not really doing their job properly, consider we only got reoplies from two of them. But, we managed to get three interviews booked beforehand. Our first interviews of the week were scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at the artist hotel. Jenevia and I arrived in Stockholm around lunch time, after we which we topped up our SL card  so we could get to the hotel by the "tunnelbana". 
Once we arrived at the hotel, we tried to scope out a location where we could conduct our interviews. All of the hotel's conferences rooms were fully booked, so we ended up doing them in the lobby. I was a bit worried that it would be too much noise since a lot of people were arriving to check in, and the lightning kept changing in a strange way. But everything turned out fine in the end.
The first interview of the day was with Robin Bengtsson. Since he competed in semi-final 1, the support for him and his music has increased a lot so it was nice to hear what he had to say about the response he has recieved for his performance in Melfest and get a greater insight of his work.
I'm so glad for Robin's sake of all his sucess and the new support he has gained through Melodifestivalen this year. I'm really happy that I got to see his journey in the competition more closely than I would if I hadn't been able to do press.
It felt like Robin was more comfortable during the interivew this time since he got a bit sassy, and we also got some 'exclusive' information about various things which you can see in the clip below. 
We waited around at the hotel until our second interview since we didn't want to lose our spot and also because we had all of our luggage with us. We also didn't feel like going anywhere else.
The second one-on-one interview we had booked was with Lisa Ajax, which was booked through the same publicists as Robin.
Despite already being familiar with Lisa from her participation in Idol 2014, I didn't knew a lot about her as an artist or her music, so it was nice listening to her answers to the questions Jenevia had for her. She's such a sweet girl and she's very professional for her age. I think she has a lot of potential to become more internationally successful when she gets a bit older.
In our interivew, hear Lisa talk about her song "My Heart Wants Me Dead", her thoughts about her staging, and whether she any interest in acting. Also be sure to check out her tips for taking a good selfie in the clip below.
While we were waiting around in the lobby, Panetoz arrived to check in before they would go on to their rehearsals. They spotted Jenevia and recognized her from her video reviews on her YouTube channel. Panetoz came over to say they were fans of her videos and asked when they would get to come on her YouTube channel. She told them she had tried to book an interivew with them but hadn't received any response from their people. They got very upset since clearly someone wasn't doing their job properly.
Panetoz really wanted to set up an interview with us for when they'd return from their rehearsals. Since more people had sat down in the lobby and some reporters had taken over the sofa we had used for the two interviews before, we had to change spots. Since the hotel didn't have a room to spare, we ended up in one of the members of Panetoz's hotel rooms. The lighting was super bad in the room, but we made it work as well we could. 
I've always loved Panetoz, their music, and their incredible positive energy. I really enjoyed their song "Efter Solsken", which they competed with in Melodifestivalen back in 2014. To be honest, despite loving their music as much as I do, I didn't know a lot about them. I think it might be because I rarely watch interviews in Swedish anymore. 
In this interview, I got to hear what they had to say about various things such as their background, the hard work they put into their music before the big record labels started contacting them, and also how it is to work as a group with ethnic diversity in the Swedish music industry. 
The interview might be a bit long, but I can assure you that it's worth watching because they have really good things to say and you get to know who they are as artists on a deeper level.
This is probably my favorite interview of all of the ones we did during our work as press through the whole competition. I stood there listening to everything they said, and nodded throughout the whole interview because I agreed with the things they said, and because I thought it was very interesting to hear their point of view of how things are working with a record label, how it is for them to work as a group and just hear deeper thoughts about everything.
Panetoz had a lot of important topics to talk through and it was inspiring to hear them get into the deeper message of their work and music, which isn't something you get to hear much from other artists in the Swedpop industry. 
Now, after the interview, I like Panetoz even more than before! I look forward to keep following their journey as artists, and seeing how far they will go!

Melodifestivalen update!

As some of you already know, Jenevia and I visited Stockholm last week to do coverage of the finale week of Melodifestivalen 2016. In the beginning of the week, we had nothing booked regarding interviews but we ended up doing a lot more work than the first semi final.
We have interviews with almost all of the contestants and also with composers such as Anderz Wrethov and a new interview with The Family. We also got the opportunity to get an interivew with Edward af Sillén, which is one of the people that have written the fantastic manusscript for all of the shows these past 6 weeks of Melfest. 
I have plenty of pictures from various events that took place during the week such as press conferences, rehearsals, interviews and even from the after party to share. I have to prioritize my schoolwork, but my first blog post about the finale week of Melodifestivalen will hopefully be posted some time during this week. 
If you can't wait until then, you can check out the interviews that we already have posted on MuseLed's YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZy5cD5rjyInyrHeg93GV4g/videos
Stay Tuned for more updates! 
P.S. Thank You Carol for this picture of me! 

Melodifestivalen Press: Afterparty

During the live show of semi-final 1 of Melodifestivalen, we sat in the pressroom together with all of the other press watching the show on screen. Jenevia and I were kind of the only ones that were reacting to what was going on at stage. All the other reporters were so into their work and writing live updates that they didn’t really seemed to be in the moment and watching the show.

After been interacting with all the acts throughout the weekend, we were even more tense over getting to know the result since we had seen all their hard work during the rehearsals and knew how much they wanted to show people what the have been working on and also how much they hoped people would like it.

One of the funniest things during the show was the dramatic reading of the song “Groupie”. The press that had seen it during the dress rehearsals, they knew what was coming but they were laughing as hard as the first time they saw it. But I can’t blame them, those dramatic readings are one of the funniest!

I was actually very happy about the result of the show, Robin and Ace went to the finals and then Samir & Viktor and Albin & Mattias got to Andra Chansen. (But in reality I wanted all four acts to go to the finals together with Mimi)
Minutes after the show it was time for press conference with all the acts. The organisation for it was terrible. I don’t want to get into it too much because it will just make me mad, but all I can say is: we didn’t get the footage we had planned to because people were rude, unprofessional and cut in line. Jenevia put the small amount of footage that we manage to get into one video, which you can see in the clip below.
Later on it was time for the afterparty. We got the opportunity to attend it through our press passes, so we decided it would be fun thing to go to. Even if I was allowed to take pictures during the party to get some footage for our outlet, it felt weird doing that. Seeing all the other photographers going up close to people faces with their cameras in some times, a very awkward and intruding way, I felt bad. Instead of doing what everyone else did, I kept a distance. I did take some photos when I felt it was fine and I was not intruding anyone.You might have seen it already, but during the after party they played Anna Book’s song and everyone wanted her to get on the dance floor and dance. It was so funny because Viktor got this idea to dance with her and he took it to another level! All I can say is, there were even shirtremoval in it. Everyone just loved it!

We met several acts and people throughout the night, and it was nice seeing them and the fact we had created a respectable bond to all of them was very nice. People were saying hi in the corridors and asked how things were. One thing that was so funny, was when Shayne (Jenevia’s friend in San Francisco) message her telling that there were rumours that Alcazar was at the party. She got all excited because she LOVES Alcazar, and two minutes after that message, she basically had a picture with them. Haha

I’m not even surprised with her managing to meet literally almost everyone in the Swedish pop industry anymore.

We were talking to Samir at one point, and during our conversation his friend Simon Kachoa came over to us. Those two together is the funniest thing ever. I saw them in the program “Spring!” and their personalities and humour is the best. 
If we get the opportunity to attend the after party in Stockholm as well, I will definitely take some more pictures now when I know how things will be, but I will still keep a respectful distances from people. Also, hopefully I know how to use my external flash better so I can get even better photos!
This was it for the first series of doing coverage of Melodifestivalen. We will be back for the finale to do press. It will be a hectic week, and there are probably more things to experience and to do during the finale. Keep an eye out for more updates, and make sure to follow us on our various social medias to get live updates during the week of the finals!

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Until next time, see you and take care!




Melodifestivalen Press: Rehearsals

As press, we got to see the contestants rehearse before the live show. Seeing the behind-the-scenes work was very interesting and informative. It was cool seeing how every single person had an important task to do, and made a difference on the show, from fixing the lights, removing the sawdust from the stage, getting water to the contestants and making sure people were on the right spots at the right time.   

Samir & Viktor are one of the acts that have a greater amount of support from before but they also receive a lot of hate. For those who don’t know who they are, Samir & Viktor are a duo that release fun, clubby music. They might not be musically trained, but their charisma and energy is a huge selling point, as it makes them very likeable. Also, they are known for their behaviour which is not very “Swedish”. Many people don’t take them seriously, and recently they have received a lot of hate after their participation in Melfest. But they've also had a lot of love from fans and new supporters

Some people don’t think they work hard and that they just happened to get famous. But I must tell you, I was very impressed with Samir & Viktor during their rehearsals. They were working very hard and made a lot of effort in getting the performance right. They were very sweet and giving tips to each other on what things they should think about during the performance such as, “Don’t forget to breathe”, “On this beat you should do that”, and also just giving some encouraging comments.
If you would have asked me three years ago what I thought about Samir & Viktor’s song, I probably would have said, “I don’t like it.” But as I’ve grown and become more open-minded, I actually really like “Bada Nakna”. The production of the song is current and very catchy. I'm not so sure about the lyrics but do I like the deeper message of them: togetherness. Also, Samir & Viktor deliver a very charming and energetic performance of the song. 
During the rehearsals Pernilla Andersson did her set, and I wasn’t paying as much attention because her music isn’t my cup of tea, if you know what I mean. I did like her staging with the lights and the cool portrait she had in the background. For her sake, it was not the best heat for her to compete in since her performance got lost and forgotten amongst all the up-tempo performances.
Mimi Werner was one of the surprising acts. I got to hear the studio versions of the songs before the actual live show, and was pleasantly surprised by her song, "Ain't No Good". I did not expect the song to be as good as it is. It’s a very up-tempo song with some attitude to it. During the earlier announcements of the contestants, people were saying it was a country song but it was more of a pop-song with country influences. I really liked it!
Her performance starts off a bit edgy and I loved her energy on stage! The song was catchy and her vocals were good! If she was in an another semi-final, she would have had a great chance to advance to the finals, but since she was a newcomer in a heat with a lot of acts that already had their name out there and had a big following behind them, the odds were not in her favour. But I’m so happy for her to have gotten 5th place in such a strong semi-final!
Albin & Mattias was an act I was excited to see from the beginning. When I first heard the song in the press room, I was a bit unsure about what to think. But after a while, it became one of my favourites! The fact that the two of them have made the song all by themselves is impressive since a lot of the acts get in the competition with songs that have been written for them by someone else. 
The performance is very energetic as well, and I absolutely love their chemistry with each other! It was cool seeing them work since we got to know a bit about their story from the interview we had.  
The fifth act in the line-up was supposed to be Anna Book, but since an English version of her song had previously competed in Moldova's 2014 national selection, her song got disqualified. It was sad to hear since she had worked a lot on her performance but I think because of it, everyone gave her so much more attention and love than if she had just been competing in the contest.
So during the rehearsals Robin Bengtsson did his rehearsal right after Albin & Mattias. I had only heard the studio version of the song, but once Robin came out on that platform and started to sing, I was amazed! There are not a lot of things going on during the performance, but as Robin said in our interview he wanted it to be simple and not have dancers because it wouldn’t suit the song. I understood what he meant when I was watching the performance the first time. 
The staging with the lights elevated the performance, and his vocals gave it greater impact that made the song even better! Also I love the harmonica in the melody! I think he has a great chance to place top 3 in the finals. 
Last out was Ace Wilder. To be honest, at first I didn’t like her song that much. I think it was a bit too much dance music for my taste but after hearing the song a couple of times and seeing the performance, I started to like it more! Ace is a brilliant artist, and she really thinks about the whole package, such as the song, staging, choreography and the outfit. I’m impressed by her work ethic and love that she takes it a step further. I think her song can be a bit too edgy, or I don’t know how to say it, but Swedes might have a hard time to take it in and like it? But I still think she has a really good chance of winning Melodifestivalen!
During Friday and Saturday, we got to see the dress rehearsals of the show, which was the first time members of the general public were able to see and hear the performances. Despite having been a fan of Melodifestivalen for as long as I can remember, I’d never seen a live show or dress rehearsal before. It was very cool doing so for the first time, and I love the energy, happiness, and excitement the audience filled the arena with!