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Throwback - Melfest 2017 | The Afterparty
As Melodifestivalen 2018 is closing in, I thought about sharing some of my last pictures from Melfest 2017. It's crazy how much footage and memories you get only during a couple of weeks. The funny thing is, I only went to three out of six stops and yet there's so much footage. Anyway, let's get this post started!
Jenevia and I were in Stockholm for the finale of Melodifestivalen 2017 as press. During the finale we were in the press room together with all of the other press watching the show on the screening there. It was very intense watching the show and getting to know the result of the voting. I'm still very happy that Robin Bengtsson won, it was very well deserved! - Heading to the post-press conference we were unsure about which ones of the acts that we would be able to talk to because of the amount of press that were there. Our priority was to get to talk with Robin and congratulate him for his win. But guess what, despite the whole commotion during the press conference and the fact that we were only two people in our team, we managed to interview 8 out of 12 acts! How awesome aren't we! 
After the press conference we collected our things and got ready to go to the afterparty! I'm not a person that likes to party but I decided to follow along and mingle anyway. As the tradition follows, all the finalist of the year gets to perform their song at the afterparty one last time in this context. It was nice getting to see all the performances again and feel the excitment from everyone else in the audience.
At these parties, you never really know who you will bump into. There's always a lot of people from the Swedish entertainment industry attending these parties. Throughout the night we met several of the acts from different semifinals for example De Vet Du, Axel, Alice and Dinah Nah. It was very nice meeting them again! Despite not being a person that likes to attend these kind of parties and not a fan of dancing, I had fun. 
This photo of Majo and Jasmine is the cutest ever! I'm so happy that I managed to capture this photo, everytime I see the photo it makes me smile! 
I really should get better at posting blog posts more up to date since it's a bit hard to think back to remember what happened for me to come up with things to write. This turned out to be a short and brief post but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.
For the Melfest fans following my content, I will be heading to Stockholm for SVT's press conferens on the 28th of November, where they will be announcing the acts that will be participating in Melodifestivalen 2018! If you want to follow me during the press conference, make sure to follow me on my Instagram: @LizelStromberg and on my Twitter page with the same name: @LizelStromberg. 
Until next time, ingat!
Care for style X Aldrigensam | Charlie Eriksson & Viktor Frisk
Aldrigensam is an organisation that shed light to the taboo topic mental illness amongs young adults. The project started by Charlie Eriksson to contribute to a more open discussion about mental illness. Everyone gets effected by it, but not everyone are confident enough to talk about it. Through the campaing Care for style X Aldrigensam, G-Star offered styling tips from fashion people during a day in the store. 10% of the profit that day goes beneficial to the organisation "Aldrigensam". Viktor Frisk is an ambassador for "Aldrigensam" and was there to support Charlie and give people fashion tips. 
I liked the vibe in the G-Star store, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. When Viktor saw me, he came over and greeted me with a hug. I don't know why, but one funny thing that happened was that he introduce me to one of his fans who was there to meet him. Such a random thing. Haha. Later on he introduced me to Charlie, he explained that it was Charlie's event and what they were doing there.
The story behind the photo above is actually funny. Charlie and the other guy had put an outfit together and were to dress the mannequin in it. They dressed the mannequin but when they were done they couldn't get it back on the stand. Bless them for trying so hard to make it work, they were really struggling but they had to ask for help from the staff in the store. First there was one lady helping them but she couldn't make it stand either and suddenly they were four people trying to make it work. It was funny to see and that they were having so much fun working together.
I mostly see Viktor when it's about music, but it's nice getting to see him work with his other passions and to see that he makes most of what he can with the platform he has. People make assumtion about Viktor and Samir, that they are messy and doesn't put that much work into things, which is completely not true. Samir & Viktor are putting a lot more work into what they do compared to many people. They do a lot of different things in their careers but people mostly pay attention to them only when it comes to music.
It's always a lot fun meeting Viktor, he's very kind and always making sure everyone is having a great time. Most of the previous times I've met Viktor have been very hectic and it can be hard getting the time to talk properly. But this time it was much more calmer and it was nice to get to know that he remembers me with a good impression. 
The event was open until 6pm but I only stayed for about an hour since I had to get back home. I had a fun time meeting everyone and it was nice seeing that they did it for a good cause. Thanks to everyone in charge, Charlie and Viktor for a nice event and for treating us well.
Until next time, ingat!
Music Monday | Auður - I'd Love
I was suppose to publish another blog post before this, but I had to take a minor break from my social medias and my blog to sort out things in my life. Hopefully you don't mind having two Music Monday's posted right after each other. 
About once a week, I go over the "new release" tag/category on Spotify to see what's new. I pick songs to listen to by the artists that I like, names I'm familiar to and single covers or titles that catch my interest. The song that I will share today, I happen to find by accident. I recently found out about Auður, he's an artist from Iceland. He release electronic music that has some R&B influences. Auður released his debut album earlier this year named 'Alone' which contains nine songs. 
(Picture reposted from Auður's Facebook page)
I saw the single cover of a song called "I'd Love" on Spotify and I'm not sure why I decided to listen to it but I'm glad I did! I really enjoy Auður's song "I'd Love". The beat in the song was the sound that caught my attention. I like the vibe in production and I really like the solo part of a guitar in the bridge. The music video of 'I'd Love' is a bit dramatic and he's basically walking upside down on the roof. 
When I try to do research about Auður, it's hard to find information. If you want to take a more look in to him and get a better view on who he is as an artist here's some links to his social medias:
Believe it or not, Auður has posted a visual album of 'Alone' on his YouTube channel for everyone to listen to and it contains all of his nine songs of the album. I haven't had the time to listen through it yet, but I will try to do that later on. If there's anyone interested in listening to it, I will insert the video down below. 
That was about it for this time. More of my regular updates from events will be coming later this week. Stay tuned if you want to find out more. Until next time, ingat!