21 Jump Street!

Yesterday I was in the cinema with
Linnéa and we watched "21 Jump Street".

It was not what we expected, more extreme but hey it was good anyway! ^^


Thanks to Danny!

Bad mood + too much to do = Bad updates!

But NOW I'm back for real!

Saw Danny yesterday and seeing him on stage again just remind me
why I'm still here fighting for what I want.

So I'm back with lots of updates! Both pictures and some videos!
So just stay tuned! ^^

I'm so grateful that I have this wonderful person in my life! <3

Rabih Jaber - Dedicates his new song to one of his fans!

Rabih Jaber have now release a new song that is called "Leave the world Behind".
And the song and video is dedicated to Karen Gabreb that was a fan of Rabih
but who was unfortunately brutally murdered while she was serving as a prision officier last year.

So here is the musicvideo and hope everyone just gives it a chance and listen to it!
It's worth it!

Btw...if you want to read a interview of Rabih himself talking about the video and why he did
this, then click on this link to read it!

Justin Bieber VS Youngblood

Who do you think do the best version of "Boyfriend"???
Justin Bieber or Youngblood?
In my opinion....I don't know who, cause I can't choose one.
Like I'm not THAT big fan of none of them but
yeah Youngblood does actually a good work to do their
own version of it. Better than expected, cause it's really hard to do
a cover of a Justin Bieber song :)

But yeah who do you think?

2 years ago...

Last sunday me, Felicia and Frida went to Norstan to see H.E.A.T. perform.
And WOW it was so much better what I expect!
Even tho we were only there for Erik Grönwall...haha.

But yeah it was like 2 years ago we saw him the last time and
I had actually forgot how amazing he really is!
And yeah...I had actually missed him a bit. See him perform,
to meet him and all that.

And even tho I didnt were so happy that he joined H.E.A.T. before
I have now change my mind.
Like yeah the other guys in the band are quite good at what they
do and they are really nice after all so yeah maybe I will see them perform another time? x)

Anyway here is some of the pictures from last sunday so enjoy! ^^
We were very lucky that day, that we even met them a little bit before everything started :)
We also met our nice friends Felicia and Erica there! ^^

Happy Easter Everyone!

This is my outfit today and yeah Happy Easter to everyone out there!
Hope you Will have great day! ^^

~~ Love Language ~~

A actually really cute and beautiful video! ^^

A day in "Frölunda torg" with Ulrik Munther! ;o

Can you guess what kind of pictures that I will upload next? ;)

~~ Youngblood, Youngblood ~~

Okay I KNOW I have been so bad to update here...
...but I really didn't have time for it.
I had so much to do in school, my photoshop didn't want to work properly and
I was just so tired of everything.
But yeah now I'm back again and I will show you what I have been up to last week so
here we go!
First part of my busy weekend last week!


In Friday last week I saw Youngblood perform a bit. 
I even met them a little bit between the performance and I also met
some severals friends there! 
Was really nice actually! ^^

And I must say Youngblood is getting better and better more that I hear them! ^^