On our schedule for the first day of "Göteborgs Kulturkalas", we had planned to see Confusion Cosplay which held a cosplay competition at "Götaplatsen", Norlie & KKV and "Nästa Nivå" (which will be in it's own blog post". 
First off was the cosplay competition. The participants were people from Sweden but also Denmark. The participations was going to do a performance from the serie their character are from. The judges were going to decided the winner based on the participants performance but also how well they had made their cosplay such as crafts, clothing and makeup. 
I didn't managed to get any photographs from the actual performances that I was satisfied with because of the harsh light and because the participants stood way too far from the edge off the stage so there were not visible enough for me to shoot. 
The photographs I'm happy about were the ones I took of the people around the crowd. There were not only the participants that had come in cosplay but also some of the people in the crowd. Like the girls below!
The participants of the competition came out to get their photos taken and to meet the people who had came to support them. Carol and I took the opportunity to say hi and take some quick portraits of them in their cosplay.  
Later that evening we went to see Norlie & KKV. I can't say I'm a very big fan of them to know every single song, but I enjoy listen to their music. Norlie & KVV is a Swedish "hiphop" duo consisting by Sonny Fahlberg (Norlie) and Kim Vadenhag (KKV). They are most known for their songs: "Tröjan du hatar" and  "Där jag hämger min hatt" but their latest singles such as "Din Idiot" and "Ingen annan rör mig som du" are very popular as well.
I'm not entirely sure about how many times I have seen Norlie & KKV over the years but since I started photographing more serious, I have only seen them one time before. Last year and this time, both of the shows had an horrible lightning. That horrible that I even had to edit them in black and white. I NEVER edit my photographs in black&white only in worst case. I got very annoyed because I know could have got decent pictures only if they had a little more light in front and not too much of the colour in magenta. 
It was truly a challenge to photograph them but also to edit the pictures afterwards. I can't say this is my best shots and edits. At least I got one experience richer and learn something in the process. 
Other than the horrible lightning, the show of Norlie & KKV was pretty good. I liked their energy and their music. I knew a lot more songs than I thought I would. 
That's the end of the first post from "Göteborgs Kulturkalas 2016". Despite facing problems through out the day with our photographs, we had fun together. Always such fun with Carol! 
I'm so sorry for the delay with all my photos, I really want to post more often for you but also because I want to share what I've been working on. I'm super busy these day with two different work and school while I'm doing my photography.
Need to do some investments soon so I can start working faster because my equipment is not keeping up with me. But I'm currently working as fast as I can and I will be posting new pictures soon!
- Stay tuned and take care until next time!

Kulturkalaset 2016: What to come!

"Göteborgs Kulturkalas" is one of Scandinavians biggest culturefestival. It's held for six days during the summer in August. The streets and squares turns into event places filled with culture. At the festival you can experience different things such as art, street performances, theatre, film, literature and music by both national and international artists. You can also attened workshops and learn how to do crafts. There are also things for kids to do like playing, make toys, paint and see kids shows. 
Personally, this event is one of my highlights every year to attened because of the various events and to experience new things with friends and family. 
This year was different from previous years. I attended the festival together with Carol to capture the festivity. We were there during all six days it took place and had planned out different things to see. We wanted as much out of the event and make sure we got to see everything we wanted. 
I have loads of pictures and stories to tell about everything we got to experience during our time at the festival. Because of the great number of pictures, I will split everything up in different blog posts. I wanted to do a summary of everything that happened and make sure to tell the people that are waiting on specific photographs that I've not forgotten them! So, if you are one of those people that talked to me during the festival and are waiting on pictures of you or the company you worked for, please bare with me! You are free to follow me on Instagram if you want to make sure to get notified when the photos are publsihed:
One of the first things we photographed was the cosplay competition that Confusion held at "Götaplatsen". I have to admit, I think that show was probably one of the shows I disliked the most to photograph because of the harsh light from the sun. The performances was not my cup of tea but I did managed to get some decent pictures of the contestans off stage that I'm happy with!
Carol and I did not only photographed what happened on stage but also the people around it. In the crowd, we spotted this cute couple and their adorable dog. We asked them politely if it was fine with them if we took some photos. They told us that the dog's name was Gandalf which I thought was cute!
As I wrote before, there were events and a section for kids to play. We wanted to walk passed it and capture the playfullness. Personally, I'm more of a concert and event photographer but I'm starting to really like to do street photography and just capture simple things in life.
The most popular thing about "Götebors Kulturkalas" is all the free various concerts that takes place during daytime but also nightime. There are music for all tastes such as pop, rock, hiphop, opera and "dansband".
As no surprise, we had to of course attened some of the concerts. We had to prioritize and think about the ones we would appreciate the most but also how things would be concering our photography. Through out the week we saw various artists and a lot of new ones that we haven't seen before, such as Elliphant, Silvana Imam and Linda Pira. Besides them we saw some more familiar faces like Kristin Amparo, Frans and Sabina Ddumba
Another popular highlight during the festival is the "International Street Market" were you can experience and taste all different kinds of food from countries around the world. I love seeing the culture difference and meeting new people. This time, we made more efforts into our photography and really took our time to make sure we got the shots we wanted. 
The people working there were very friendly and happy to pose for a photo. Some of them were curious to see the pictures and even asked me to write down my blog adress to see my coverage which was a fun surprise. 
- More pictures from the international street market will be published soon!
Last day of "Göteborgs Kulturkalas" there is this big carneval parade "Hammarkullenkarneval" of Latino dancers showing part of their culture through dance and traditional costumes. I love seeing how the people are still connected with their roots and wants to show others a part of their culture.
"Göteborgs Kulturkalas" always ends with "RIXFM Festival" which is a big free music festival that takes place during the summer in different cities in Sweden. It's very popular and contains artists from Sweden but also international artists gets invited to perform, for example, Margaret from Poland was there to perform her hit "Cool Me Down". 
I had so much fun attending the festival this year, I got so many more experiences and an increase in my self esteem. For me, photographing is some kind of therapy and I'm thankful for everything I get to experience thanks to my photography.
Lately, Carol has come along with me to various events which is so much fun! We get along very well and have the same work ethic, so even if we are there to photograph together we can go different ways to get our own angles. It's fun having someone with you while photographing but even better when the person understand it's more than just to click on a button to get the pictures you want and give you the time that you need to capture the moments. 
I will be starting to publish blog posts from the festival within a week and I hope you will stick around to see our work we did. There will be pictures from the events mentioned above and so much more!
Stay tuned for more updates, until next time: Take care! 

RIXFM Festival Göteborg!

(Yes, I'm still posting pictures from this summer here, but that's because I'm so bad at updating. It's almost like the summer never ends on my blog, haha.) 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RixFm Festival this year, didn't really went like planned. It was only Frida and I who was there since Felicia couldn't come because of delayed trains. My brother and Annelie joined us later on though.
This year's line up wasn't as exciting to see as the previous years because almost all of the artists had just one or two hits you knew about.
Before the show, I took the opportunity to meet Helena Paparizou since I've been a fan of her since 2004 when she won Eurovision. She was very kind and thought it was cool that I've been a fan for so long! 
When Albin (which is known for his song "Din soldat") performed, Mattias Andreasson did a guest appearance and sang with him in two songs. It was such a surprise to see him again! As the former E.M.D. fan I am, I just couldn't be more happy to see him! It's too bad, that Mattias isn't doing any solo career at the moment. I would love to see more of his own stuff! 
Other than that, I don't think I have much more to tell about that day. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

"Kulturkalaset: Linnea kräver dans!"

I still have a lot of pictures from my summer to show, so I will just keep posting them in order.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
As many of you know, I'm a big fan of Linnea Henriksson's music and herself as a person. At her concert's, I usually have Felicia beside me singing along to every song, but this time it was different. She couldn't come. 
Luckily, I had Carol with me, so I didn't went all alone. It was the first time hearing all of Linnea's new songs from her latest album, and the whole show was just amazing. 
I loved the fact that she talked about female artists, and people who keep asking her why there's just a few female artists out performing. She answered by telling that there's not few female artists out there, it's all about who the organizer book. (....) That things might not be about the music anymore and just be all about gender. 
Afterwards, we went to her signing to meet her. I had bought something small for her as a thank you for this summer and for all the inspiration she keeps giving. I can't thank her enough for all she has done for me and Felicia over the years, and I'm just so grateful for having her as close as she is. 

"Kulturkalaset 2014: H.E.A.T."

The third concert for the week was H.E.A.T.
This time, it was my second time seeing H.E.A.T. perfom a full live show and they delivered a very good show just like the previous one. 
I had a hard time taking pictures since it was a bit late on the day, the sun had already set, and the lightning was no good. The lightning either changed too much within a small amount of time, or it was too bright and too close to them which made a weird colour on their faces. 
Anyway, here's some pictures I was able to save and edit to something usuable. 
(I didn't got any good pictures of Crash or Jona Tee since they were too far in the back, which didn't had much light.)

"Kulturkalaset": Smash Into Pieces!

While we were waiting for H.E.A.T. to perform, a band called "Smash Into Pieces" was performing. I took the opportunity to take some photos of them since the lightning was good and they might have been very good looking as well. (a)

"Kulturkalaset 2014-08-12: Sarah Dawn Finer!"

Every year, there's a culture festival in Gothenburg which is held for about a week. It has been a tradition for me and my friends to attend some of the concerts during it. 
This year, the first concert I went to see Sarah Dawn Finer. I've been wanting to see her ever since her paticipation in "Melodifestivalen" 2007 with her song "I Remember Love". It was an acoustic set and she really showed what an incredible artist she is. 
I really liked that she talked about the swedish election which is held this year, that she was really happy that she just got her citizenship and was able to vote for the first time. She talked about racism, anti-racism. and how she imagine how Sweden should be. It was very interesting and inspirational to listen to her. 
Other than that, I was just enjoying the music and her great energy on stage. :)

"Kulturkalaset 2013: Darin!"

During the festival I went to see Darin for the second time this summer and he was as amazing as always!
It was such a shame though that the lightning was REALLY bad on stage but I managed to capture some good pictures after all. 

"Kulturkalaset: Maia Hirasawa!"

I didn't just tried food at the culture festival. I also went to some different concerts and one of those was with Maia Hirasawa!
I haven't listen to her music so much, but I was in town when she played in Gothenburg, so I went to see her concert cause I had the oppurtunity. And also I went cause I wanted to take som photos. 
Maia was actually quite good and she had a good stage precense. 
- Some of her songs that I heard was really good and I think I will check out her music more from now on. :)

International Street Market!

Last week, it was the big culture festival in Gothenburg that's held every year!
Every year, there is this market filled with food and other things from all around the world.
This year, my friends and I decided to try different kinds of food.
We tried:
* Stroopwaffles
* Different flavors of Fudge
* Crepes
* Churros
* Thai - Chicken with Green and Red curry
- and even crocodile burger!
We were a bit nervous about eating the crocodile burger but it was quite tasty!
- It tasted like chicken and fish, haha!
If you get the opportunity to try it out, you should definitely do it!