The Swedish Press at Melodifestivalen

Numerous people have asked and are still asking questions about my experiences from doing press during Melodifestivalen. I don't always know what to share, there a lot of things happening during the six weeks of Melfest despite that I'm not on set every week. It's also hard to explain to someone who isn't in the enviroment themselves to make them fully understand what's it's really like. Allthough, I have thoughts and stories to share, some of them have been told here on my previous posts related to Melfest.
For those who wants to know more and hear some tea; Jenevia and I recently made a video where we go through our experiences by doing press during Melodifestivalen 2016 and 2017. We shared stories about issues we came across, how the swedish media at Melfest were like and how the overall experience to do press. It's quite a long video but I think it covers a lot of ground of how things were like. The video contains footage from our interviews which are related to what we are talking about which can help you give a picture to the topic.
Before recording the video, I was very nervous and anxious. I didn't want to come across rude or something like that since when I'm too stressed out or nervous I tend to be short and direct while talking. I was even more anxious since it would be in English. On top of that, I'm not used to be infront of the camera. I guess that makes the video even more exclusive in a way. Another struggle I had was to remember the events and occasions we were going to talk about. I'm a very observent person and some times all the impressions I recieve gets overwhelming which makes me some times forget about events that I don't necessarily need to have in my mind. I think the video turned out okay in the end and I'm glad to hear the postive response we have recieved from our video so far. 
The video is a different format of content than I usually post or share but I hope you enjoy it. If you have any thoughts or questions to me, you are more than welcome to comment here on my blog. You can also find me at twitter @LIZELSTROMBERG. If you want to reach out to Jenevia you can do that through the comment section on her YouTube channel or Twitter at LadyJenevia. 
Until next time, ingat!

TB | Final rehearsals of Melfest 2017

The schedule for the final week is a bit different from the semifinals and as press we only get one day were we get to get our footage of the rehearsals. The day didn't started as early as it used to, which was a relief since we had stayed up late the night before. The press got let in the arena and we hurry inside to get a good seat for me to photograph from. Since I don't have the largest or the best zoom lens, I had to make sure I sat close enough to the stage. 
First act to perform after the press conference that they held right before the rehearsals starts, was Ace Wilder. I basically already knew the performance in and out from semifinal 1, so I knew what to expect and know when to be ready to capture the moments. "Wild Child" was one of my favorite songs and performance in this year's contest and I was happy to be able to see and photograph the perfomance live once again. 
I loved that you could see how much Ace was enjoying evey minute she was on stage. She had said in our interview that she had felt pressure last year when entereing the contest and was putting the most into her performance. This year, she didn't felt the same pressure and she had said that she could enjoy it a lot more than before which I think really showed in her performance. 
Next up was Boris René. I think all of the people that have been following me here and on my social medias know how much I like Boris. He's such a good performer with a charisma that is hard to find in Sweden. If any one of the performance that I've watched the most, is definitley Boris's, which I guess is mostly because we saw him in semifinal 1 and Andra Chansen. 
The amount of pictures I have of Boris from Melfest is ridicioulus many, haha. Despite the fact that I had seen him only the week before, I was happy to see him do his thing on stage once again. This time around, he had another jacket to see if he wanted to change the style a bit. I liked the jacket in Mint but the red one suited him much better. 
Lisa Ajax was next up. I still have a bit hard time to decide what to think about her song and performance of "I Don't Give A". Photographing Lisa performance was not much, I only took a couple of pictures since I knew there was not a lot of variation to it.
I was super excited to see Robin Bengtsson's performance of "I Can't Go On". I love everything about it! I loved watching the peformance and it was nice seeing him doing something different than I've seen him do before. When I first started follow Robin's music career, he was the guy with a guitar in his hand singing acoustic songs (which is a version of him I love as well) but now he looks more comfortable and are actually moving on stage. It's nice seeing him stepping up his game. :)
Joik isn't something Swedes usually listen to, but it seems like a lot of people have a soft spot for Jon Henrik Fjällgren and do actually pay attention to his songs. Jon Henrik was a prefavorite for sure this year, and a lot of people were excited to see him in the contest again. 
It was the first time for the audience to see him perform with someone featuring on his track. I wasn't sure what to expect of "En Värld Av Strider" since there would be someone joining him, I really like the song, even if you don't understand most of what they are singing, you can still feel the emotions they are putting into their performance. It was nice having them in the contest to show something different from what everyone else was doing. 
I liked Jon Henrik and Aninia's chemestry. Despite the fact that it was Aninia's first time entering Melfest, she did a good job. As many people know, Jon Henrik wasn't feeling alright and was going through a tough time as he lost a very close friend not long ago. It was nice to see that Aninia did her best in supporting Jon Henrik and be there for him during the circus of Melfest. 
I loved hearing the song live and made an even bigger impact when you heard it in the arena. 
Another person that returned to the contest was Mariette. She has been a person I've come acrossed now and then, but isn't an artist that I put on play. First time I heard "A Million Years", I was pleasent suprised over how good it was. In my opinion, "A Million Years" is a much better song than her last entry "Don't Stop Believing". 
The bungjy ropes that Mariette had in her performance of "A million Years" was definitley something that stood out. I think it was cool and I'm impressed of the dancers doing the choregraphy. It takes a lot of balance, focus and strenght to jump around and doing their thing. 
Next up, was Fo&O. I still have a soft spot for them and I respect them for having a lot hands on everything they do in their work. The lyrics of "Gotta Thing About You" is still stuck in my head and I can't help it to sing along to it whenever I hear someone play it. 
The lighting in FO&O's performance is one of the best ones in this year's Melfest, at least when it comes to me photographing it. It's very easy photographing the boys and it's fun seeing them do what they do. 
The blackhorse of this year's competition was definitely Nano. I don't think anyone expected someone as new as him to become the big favorite of everyone, specially when there were a lot of returning acts. Personally, I do like "Hold On" to be able to listen to it, but it's not a song that I would put on my playlist. 
It's not that a lot of things happening in Nano's performance, it's mostly the lighting that changes. I tried to capture something else than I did the first semifinal. I managed to capture the change in the lighting. And one of the best things in the performance is the choir that Nano has, I really like hearing them live, it had such impact to it. 
Another big favorite this year was Wiktoria. She debuted last year in Melfest and gained a big following. She was a prefavorite this year and I think she felt the pressure to come back right away with such a success. I was happy to see that she had something else to her performance this year and that she actually moved around on stage and did a little choregraphy of some kind. 
"As I Lay Me Down" is a very catchy tune and it's easy to follow along. I would lie if I didn't told you that I know most of the lyrics. I kind of like it, but at the same time I don't. I'm sorry to say, but it's something about Wiktoria's voice that makes me not wanting to pay that much attention to it. I guess it's just that you can have your own liking when it comes to vocals. 
Benjamin Ingrosso was one of the debuting artist this year. I have to admit, I wasn't sure what to think about him before he did his performance in his semifinal. I had heard his previous singles but it wasn't something for me. 
Once it was time for him to do his performance back in his semifinal, I was pleasant surprised over how good it was. "Good Loving" is such a great tune and you get that feel good vibe from listening to it. I think Benjamin did a great job doing his performance and he showed a lot of charisma on stage. 
I was looking forward to see Benjamin's performance live and feel the vibe in the arena. 
Last but not least, Owe ended the rehearsals with his performance of "Boogieman Blues". People's opinions of Owe is very split. I think it's one of those things were you either like it or hate it. I think it was great to see Owe and the love he got. It was fun to see that he got to do his thing and to actually qualify to the finals. To prove that Melfest is not only for the younger people. 
Owe's performance had it's own charm. It was fun to watch and Owe really put in everything in his performance. A funny thing that happened during the rehearsals was that the press had been told that Owe was going to take it easy, and not do his performance full out because he was tired and it was very late at night. I think it was about 9-10pm when he did his rehearsals.
Anyway, we were told he would hold back but once they said that and he started to do his last round, he did the opposite. He put everything to it in his performance and more, it was so fun! I think he said after the round through that he wanted to do his best since the press was there and nothing would hold him back to do what he came to do. Haha. Kudos to him!
After Owe's round through, that was it for the rehearsals of Melfest 2017. It had been a very long day of me photographing all of the rehearsals while editing photos in between. I think we left the arena around 10pm. It was fun being in the arena to take photos of the performances though. During the rehearsals is when I get to do what I do best and I love it.
Jenevia had been sitting by my side during the whole time editing the interviews we had got the previous day.  I have to say, getting back to the hotel that day was lovely. We continue to edit our footage a bit when we got back to the hotel, but I called it a night and got some well needed sleep. I doubt that people understand how much Jenevia and I work during Melfest, we basically barely get some sleep at all. 
Anyway, that was it for this post, hope you enjoyed seeing my photos and reading some Melfest stories even if it wasn't that much to say. 
Until next time, ingat!

7 out of 12 acts for one-on-one interviews!

The good thing about our interviews from Melfest is that you can watch them afterwards and still get something out of them that isn't related to the contest itself. The way we did our interview was to get more deep to talk more about them as artists, their back catalogue, the future and to just cover a lot of ground. Simply just have a nice chat with everyone 
During the finale week of Melodifestivalen 2017, we managed to get 7 of the 12 acts for one-on-one interviews. All of those interviews took place Wednesday, which was the first day of our week in Stockholm. I arrived in Stockholm the same morning as the interviews and we were on a go as soon as I arrived!
First off, we have Ace Wilder! It's always interesting to hear what Ace has to say and to get her input on the artistry. It's fun that Jenevia always seems to have something more instore for them to talk about even if we have multiply interviews with Ace for just the past year. Make sure to watch the interview above to hear Ace talk about her EP "The Wild Card", culture and react to Ukrainan music videos.
Second interview is with the one and only Boris René. I've said it before, but I will say it again, I love his energy! It's always fun around him, he has such a positive vibe that is hard to miss. I'm happy that we got to do our interviews with Boris through out the contest to show people more of who Boris is. To get to know him more since there's not many interviews where the journalists gets more deep into who he is as an artists, what he has to say about music and even the most basic stuff about how he started in music.
Make sure to check out the interview above to hear Boris talk about the Swedish industry, what's next for him after Melfest and more! 
My mum has been nagging me during the whole Melfest season for not having photos with almost any of the artists and since we had a couple minutes to spare, I decied to get my photo with Boris. 
So, mum if you reading this, look here I am with Boris René! xD
I wasn't in the semifinal where Mariette competed in, so it was nice meeting her and get to hear her talk about her creativity, how she begin in music, that she had her own record label, the swedish industry and lots of more!
We reunited with Nano for another interview. When we first met him, we didn't know what to expect of him as a person and as an artist. This time we were more familiar who Nano is and he kinda knew what to expect from our interview. The first time we had an interview with Nano, he was new to many people and not used to the whole media circus. This time around, it felt like Nano were more relaxed and used to the media, which was nice to see. 
Watch our interview to hear Nano talk about his song "Hold On", what he has been doing during his time off before the finals and what's next. 
For those that has been following my content know that I've been following Robin Bengtsson for a while. I was happy to hear that Robin came back to this year's season of Melfest with a great song and performance that made him qualify. I was not doing press at the semifinal Robin was in this year, so I was happy to meet him again. 
Not many people know but Robin is quite a sassy person. It's fun to see that Jenevia brings that out of him and that he gets to show more of his personality than maybe he would do in other interviews. 
- Make sure to hear Robin talk updates about his upcoming EP, being himself and more! 
One of the returning acts from last year was Wiktoria which quickly became the big favorite this year. We met her last year but this time she felt more relaxed in a way.
Hear Wiktoria compare how the experience of Melfest felt like last year compared to this year, her various songs, her experience with Spanish fans and more in our interview above!
We couldn't get an interview booked with Benjamin Ingrosso but we could get a hold on him during the welcome party in Stockholm, he was happy to talk with us. I hadn't met Benjamin before but I had heard a lot about him from Jenevia when she met him during the second semi-final. After what I've seen and heard about him, he seemed like a very fun and nice person. Once we met him and did our interview, I got confirmed that. 
Hear Benjamin talk about his love for Italian food, his music video for "Good Lovin", songwriting and more!
The video also includes funny moments of Benjamin talking in Italian, making jokes and Robin Bengtsson interupting our interview. 

One of the new comers that quickly became a favorite for many is Benjamin Ingrosso!

Ett inlägg delat av Lizel Strömberg (@lizelstromberg) Mar 9, 2017 kl. 5:59 PST

It was funny, right before Robin interupted our interview I saw him walking towards us, he gave me this look and I knew something was coming and just nodded at him and gave him a smile. xD
- I didn't had a lot of photos from these interviews because of limted time but I hope you enjoyed the photos I included and reading the stories behind the interviews. 
Until next time, ingat! 

The artists in the final of Melfest 2017!

The amount of footage I have from Melfest is A LOT and it's ridiculous how much that I haven't posted yet. 
Hopefully you are not tired to see my photographs from the contest and to read my stories from it. As from this post, I will be starting to post the very last photos from this year's coverage since I've reached to the coverage of the final in Stockholm. 
As the previous shows, the week basically starts off with an artists press conference. Here are the acts that made it to the final of Melfest 2017:
Ace Wilder - "Wild Child"
Boris René - "Her Kiss"
Lisa Ajax - "Don't Give A"
Robin Bengtsson - "I Can't Go On"
Jon Henrik Fjällgren ft Aninia - "En Värld Full Av Strider (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh)"
Anton Hagman - "Kiss You Goodbye"
Mariette - "A Million Years"
FO&O - "Gotta Thing About You"
Nano - "Hold On"
Wiktoria - "As I Lay Me Down"
Benjamin Ingrosso - "Good Lovin"
Owe Thörnqvist - "Boogieman Blues"
For those who have been following my social medias have probably seen these photos from before, but I wanted to share this post with some stories, few new photos and the interviews we got during the press conference. 

At this press conference in Stockholm it was a lot more international outlets there to do coverage of the contest, which I think it's very fun. It's nice to see that there's an interest of the contest outside of Sweden and the fact that international outlets actually go to Sweden so there's more interviews for the non-Swedish speaking fans.
Overall doing press coverage during the final week of Melfest is much more hectic than the semifinals since there's a lot more media covering the final. Due to the fact that there's 12 acts in the final there's also a lot of more people to interview. This year, we were a lot more prepared and knew how to work during the limited of time we had and how people think when they are planning to get their coverage. 
- The act we prioritized to get during the final was Jon Henrik Fjällgren and Aninia because we hadn't talked with them before and due to the fact that Jon Henrik wasn't feeling alright and needed to rest, we couldn't get an one-on-one with him. 
Make sure to watch our interviews in the clip above!
There wasn't enough time for me to walk around to get some photos during this press conference so that's why there's not a lot of them in this post. But I did manage to grab some quick photos of Ace and Boris. It's always nice to see them!
Who of these acts were your favorites? Please let me know, I'm curious to know what you think. 
Until next time, ingat!

The vibe inside the arena in Linköping!

It's always so much fun going to the rehearsals of Melodifestivalen and to feel the vibe inside the arena when the audience get to see the performances live. It's always a special feeling to see a performance live, you get to experience it in another way together with other people fan of the music.
Heading into the arena, I got surprised over how small the arena actually was. For my sake, that was a good thing because that meant it would be easier for me to take pictures of the dress rehearsal. During the dress rehearsals are actually the only opportunites we get to photograph the hosts. 
I have to admit, those faces that De Vet Du is making in the car in their performance are creeping me out a bit. x')
I didn't take a lot of photos during the rehearsals since I knew I already had a lot of footage from the rehearsals the day before. I focused more to tweet during the rehearsals and just take some photos of the hosts and the interval acts. 

I really liked the interval act in Andra Chansen with Dani M and Linda Pira. It's nice that Melfest open doors to other kinds of music than are usually shown in the show. It lets more people being able to get the exposure and show there's much more music out there. 
Another person that was one of the interval acts was Daniel Norberg together with his brother Emil Norberg. Daniel competed in Swedish Idol back in 2010 but these days he's most known from YouTube for his parodies of various subjects. Daniel and Emil has done parodies of Melodifestivalen's songs since 2013 and the interest for these videos have grown ever since! 
I've actually followed Daniel's journey since he was in Idol and seen him perform numerous times and watched him grow as an artist and change direction. I really like Daniel's and his brother Emil's work and once I got to know that they were going to be the interval act, I got so excited! It was interesting to see how they would do the performance since a lot of their work includes visuals and art that gets done in the editing but this time it was going to be shown on stage. I really like what they came up with this year and I'm so happy for them that they get to do it on the actual Melfest stage this year! 
Watch Daniel's performance in the clip above! 
When you are at it, you should watch the parodies they made of the contestans in Andra Chansen on their YouTube channel which you can watch in the clip below. My favorite of all the acts must be the on of Axel's songs which in their video is called: "Det Slinker Ner" by Axel Kylskåp. :P
After the dress rehearsal it was time for a press conference with the artists. At that time we had already got interview most of the artists so we were not in a hurry in any way. We decided that we wanted to make sure to get another chat with Loreen since we knew there were a lot of fans wanting to hear from her. But also De Vet Du since it's always such fun talking with them. 
Once we were finished with the two interviews we decided we didn't need more since we still had the one-on-one interviews to post, so I took the opportunity to walk around record some footage and take some headshots of the artists. It's fun that people recognize me and are happy to pose for me to take pictures. 
It's interesting to see how a lot of the people treat me differently when I'm approaching them than some of the other media, in positive way. Some people seems to be surprised over how polite and genuine I am which is interesting since that in my mind is something you always should be. 
This is the last blog post about Andra Chansen due to the fact that I applied for press to Andra Chansen later on, I didn't had a press pass for Saturday, the day for the broadcast. I'm glad that I decided to go to Linköping since I bonded with people, created contacts and got a lot of good content made which I never would have if I didn't make the decision to go. Some times you just have to take the opportunity when it's there and do most out of it. 

Until next time, ingat! 

From a funny performance by De Vet Du to getting goosebumps over Loreen's Statements!

One of the things I really looked forward to in Andra Chansen was the rehearsals since there were a lot of performances that I loved watching from home, so I was very excited to see them live and getting to photograph them. In majority of the performances during Andra Chansen were uptempo/midtempo and had a lot going on in the choregraphy.
I don't know what the other photographers do to prepare themselves before taking pictures of a show, but I like to do some research and study how the artists are like on stage. Since the performances in Melfest are most of the time the same if they get to do it the second time, I could watch the performances and get to know when I need to be ready to get my shot
I will take the performances in order of how the line up for Andra Chansen was. First out in Andra Chansen was De Vet Du with their funny performance of "Road Trip". It's a very technical performance where the camera angles have an important call in how the performance will get out to the tv viewers. 
From watching the rehearsals in Gothenburg, I already knew how the performance are like and what to think about when photographing it. I got quite many good photos of the performance in the semifinal but the only thing that bummed me out was the fact that I couldn't get any good photos of Tor since he's always in the back. My plan and priority for photographing the performance in Linköping was to get photos of Tor. Unfortunately, we had to run off during their rehearsals since we had an interview setup but I manage to get some pictures from the first round through. 
As I've said many times before, I have a soft spot for boybands and FO&O is not an exception. The thing is though, when things come around I'm very picky in what there's to like. The bands have to give something extra and show that they have work ethic which FO&O has constantly done throughout the years they have been artists. 
"Gotta Thing About You" might not be their best song but I enjoy listening to it. The lyric is stuck in my head whether I want it or not. I was a bit sad that they had removed the platfrom from the performance since it was something extra and memorable. Also, I had already planned out how to take photos of it once I saw the performance back in their semifinal. FO&O was probably the act that was the easiest to photograph for many reasons. They are very photogenic, there's movement but not too hard to capture in photos and I know by know how they move consider I've seen a lot from them throughout the years. On top of that, the lighting was very decent and made things easier for me.
Axel Schylström was one of the acts that really surprised me with his song and the whole performance. The only songs I've heard him sing before Melfest was covers, so I didn't really know what I could expect from him. Once I heard the song and saw his performance, I really loved it. It's very catchy and I like his stage presence. You could tell that he was loving every second he got to be on that stage!
I have split opinions about Lisa Ajax and her Melfest entry. I'm not really a fan of it as much as her last one but at the same time, I like it. It wasn't much for me to photograph during her performance since it was not a lot of contrast in her performance that made my pictures a lot different from each other. 
The charming Boris René was as always loads of fun to see perform and I really enjoy photographing him. Since I already knew his performance almost in and out from being at semifinal 1, I didn't needed to rewatch it a lot beforehand. The most challenging part of photographing Boris's performance is the fact that there's a lot of movement and there's many of them so they get out of frame when I want to get all the dancers and Boris in the shot. 
Dismissed was one of the debuting acts. Their music and style isn't something that the Melfest audience are used to seeing in the contest but personally I really liked "Hearts Align" and it was a nice contrast to what else that were in the show. It's nice that the Melfest stage has changed and lets different kinds of music get the exposure as well. 
It was very difficult to photograph the Dissmissed's performance because of the lighting which had it's own effect to it. I'm not sure how to explain it but in simple terms, there were not enough proper light on the bandmembers except for the singer, which was a bit of shame. 
Anton Hagman became one of the new favorites this year quite fast. I really like his song "Kiss You Goodbye". It's VERY catchy, radiofriendly and it's easy to follow along to the lyrics. I just wished there was something more to the performance. It could have been as simple as moving to another part of the stage or leave the guitar and walk out more to the audience in the last part of the song. Just something
The performance that had everyone talking was of course Loreen! I was super excited to see the performance and hear her sing live. She's a great artist and really thinks about the whole package and puts a lot of effort in the visuals. Her entry was of course one of my favorite this year and I'm so happy she decided to enter Melfest with her statements. 
I adore Loreen and she's way too good for Sweden and Melfest. I really hope she keeps working and getting her music out there. She has everything going on for her and she's a Queen. With the right work ethic and the right people around her, I hope she has her breakthrough soon so she can show the world what she got to offer and make more statements through her art
Photographing Loreen's performance was the most hardest one because of the lack of light. It annoyed me so much specially since I had in mind beforehand that I would finally be able to photograph her with a better lighting than the shows I've been at before with her. I tried to do my best and I got some decent photos to share. But in the end of the day, I was just happy to be able to see it live. 
That was about it for this time, I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Until next time, ingat!

Meeting Loreen, photographing Axel Schylström, Boris René and more!

The first day in Linköping was very eventful and we had several interviews scheduled during the day. Jenevia arrived earlier that day but since I had work before I could head to Linköping, I missed out on some of the interviews. 
Before I arrived, Jenevia interviewed Boris René and Axel Schylström. 
In Jenevia's previous interview with Axel, he was very surprised over the how much she knew about him because of the research I had done. In the interview he even said she should say hi to me, which was so random but fun! The funny thing, I didn't felt that I found that much about Axel so it was really nice to know that the research I made was appreciated. 
Axel is such a nice and funny guy, it's a shame that the more energetic and funny side of him doesn't really get to be shown as much as it should. Make sure to check out our interview with him in the clip down below to get a more clear view on his personality and hear him talk about Melodifestivalen, international fans and more fun things! - Love that he tells Jenevia that he's still amazed over how much we knew about him and that he got surprised over the new trivia I had found for this interview. 
Unfortunately, I missed out on the interivew itself but Jenevia had told Axel and his publicist that I was coming later that day and would love to get photos of Axel. They were totally fine with giving me time to get my photos later that evening. It was very nice to finally meet Axel in person, to introduce myself and give him a face to the person doing the research that he was so amazed over. 
Another artist Jenevia interviewed during that day was Boris René. We met Boris back in semifinal 1 and we were very happy to see him back and that he qualified. Doing research for the interview with Boris was very hard as they talk about in the beginning of the video. We still have to keep in mind that Boris is a newer artist. But I had gone through lots of interviews and articles but they were saying mostly the same thing. Which I think is a shame since Boris is such a good artist that has a lot of things going on for him plus he has a great personality and lots of charisma. 
If you want to get to know Boris René, you should watch our interview. We get to hear Boris talk about being in the Motown show with Afro-Dite, personal interest, music and more!
When I arrived to Linköping, I got to the opportunity to photograph Boris as well. He's so much fun and was being a bit silly when I photographed him but I loved it! This first photo is for sure one of my favorite photo that I've taken! I love when people do something extra for me to photograph which will make my photo stand out and not look like just another photo. 
One of the acts that I was most excited to see back in the contest was Loreen. Getting an interview with Loreen is hard and not everyone get the opportunity to do so. When we got the confirmation for our interview we still were a bit unsure because, things can always change in the last minute and we have experience that several times by now (with other people). The interviewed got pushed back but when we finally had Loreen before us, we were so happy to be getting the interview set up. We knew there are loads of international fans out there that wanting to hear more from Loreen and we wanted to interview her to post something for the non-Swedish speaking fans. 
Our interview with Loreen must be one of my favorites from this year. 
I've been following her since she competed back in 2011. I really admire her as an artist and all the humanitarian work she does. Loreen is a strong woman that works hard, she's a great vocalist, performer and puts out great music. I adore her!
When we are working, I'm always busy taking photos but this time I had to make sure I try to get a photo with Loreen. I was a mess that day from working at my daily job, running around and traveling but I still wanted to share the photo here since I got it. 
We thanked Loreen and soon after that we were reunited with De Vet Du!
If you thought our first interview with them were long, this second was is even longer. xD
You can tell that it had been a very long day, we were tired and things were just messy but despite that it's a very fun chat about various topics. We talked with them about their previous songs, projects, them explaining the "dad jokes" they make, the song they wrote to Penny Schulman and more!
In our interview due to the conversation the guys gave me compliments for some of my photos which I was happy to hear. Another thing that happens in the interview is that Jenevia pulled up a photo of Tor and Dj Hunk that I took for them to see and their reaction was very funny. The guys made her watch one of their videos called "Fartglasses" where we ended up talking about "Frasse King" which they were surprised over that we didn't liked. x)
The video might be long but there are many funny moments in it to see which I recommend you to see. If you decided to watch it, make sure to pay attention to each member because they keep doing funny faces/sounds. Also, if you really pays attention you can see DJ Hunk smiling. ;)
My last photo with De Vet Du was messy, we all know that so I wanted a photo with us when we look much more decent and them not looking drunk. Guess what, it turned out pretty well. I have to admit, I was worried about how it would turn out since I was having a bad headache and was super tired but I'm so happy the photo turned out as well as it was!
Through out the week we did two more one-on-one interviews, one with the FO&O and one with Anton Hagman. 
The rehearsals of the day we were going to interview FO&O were late and we didn't knew how things would worked out since FO&O were rehearsing right before the time we had set. But things worked out and we got our interview with the boys. 
I've been a fan of Swedish music and been around for a while so I've seen how many of the artists have grown from when they were just starting off. The same goes off for FO&O, I even met Omar briefly before the whole thing started off with the Fooo. Many people thinks that the guys in The Fooo/FO&O are just another boyband that just have been giving everything and that they don't really work as hard because they have the looks and their fangirls. From the start I've seen that there's a lot more behind what people see of FO&O. They do their own choregraphy, they have been putting out consisting music and been good at promoting themselves. Other than that, they work to contain their contact with their fans and been treating them with merch, livestreams, videos and competitions. Their fans are their everything and they have shown that repeatly and always make sure to show their appreciation for everything the fans do for them. 
I enjoyed hearing them getting to speak more in dept of their work and them as artists. I think it's not often they get to speak about the work behind the performances and everything that people only get to see on tv or hear on the radio. 
Anton Hagman was one of the debuting artists in Melfest. It seems like Anton was a bit popular since before from YouTube but I had actually didn't heard about him they announce the artist for Melfest. His songs "Kiss You Goodbye" is very catchy and is actually one of my favorites from this year. 
He's a very new artist and hasn't been around for that long but he has done a couple things musically before this. Anton was in a due called "JA" and have been on promotours in Singapore. In our interview you can hear him talk about "JA", music, how he felt about competing against Loreen and much more! 
It felt awesome that we could get 6 out of 8 acts for one-on-one interviews, it was also a relief since then we didn't had to stress about getting numerous interviews at the press conferences. At this time, we knew how to organize our work and how to prioritize what we should do so things felt more easier and natural than before. 
I hope you haven't got tired of my Melfest blog posts since there are more coming. Despite that you are not a fan of these artists or this kind of music, I hope you can enjoy seeing the photos and hearing the stories anyway. 
Until next time, ingat! 

Melfest: Andra Chansen - Artist & Host Press conference!

First when we applied for press to Melodifestivalen, the plan for me was only to do semifinal 1 since it was in my hometown and then the final in Stockholm. The reason for that was because I couldn't take too many days off from my daily job. 
Things changed and since things went so well in Gothenburg I decided that I would do the most of the opportunity and go to Linköping for Andra Chansen. I'm so thankful that I was able to go to Linköping to work at Melfest. Some people might think it was unnecessary to go and that I've should have prioritize my job where I actually get paid at. All I have to say about that is, I think I made a good decision and worked things out so it wouldn't affect anyone than myself. In the end, things worked out fine and I got to show even more people what I'm capable at and created new bonds. 
In Andra Chansen things are different from the semifinals. There are 4 duels which two acts compete against each other. The voting only takes place during the each duel which is about 8 minutes for people to vote. In the end of the night, there will be 4 acts that qualifies to the final in Stockholm. 
In the first duel of the night was: De Vet Du with their song "Road Trip" which was competing against FO&O with their song "Gotta Thing About You".
In the second duel: Axel Schylström with his song "När Ingen Ser" competing against Lisa Ajax with "I don't Give A".
Boris René with his song "Her Kiss" was competing against Dismissed and their song "Hearts Align" in the third duel of that night. 
The last duel that had everyone talking was between Loreen's "Statements" and Anton Hagman's "Kiss You Goodbye". 
The hosts David Lindgren, Clara Henry and Hasse Andersson were there as well. SVT had made one press conference for all the acts and the hosts this time, which I think was because to give the acts more time to rehearse.
Things were very hectic that day and we wanted to make sure we talked to Loreen since we knew there were a lot of fans wanting to hear more from her. We stood in line to talk to her but she had to run off to prepare for her rehearsal since it was starting right after the press conference. Because of that we didn't really had time to talk to a lot of the acts but we did manage to get a bit of time to talk with De Vet Du. Which you can watch down below.  
Since we weren't in a hurry to get interviews, I was able to get some photos of the acts. At one point I went to FO&O to take some photos of them, and what do I see in the background? DJ Hunk lurking! He was definitely doing it on purpose! People think he's just there to be eyecandy but he's doing some pretty funny things if you just pay attention. xP
The pictures of FO&O in action didn't turned out that well but I did got a photo of them posing. 
Since I was close to De Vet Du and saw an opening I went over to photograph them as well. I appreciate that they always make sure to give me the time to photograph them. 
And of course I had to go over to say hi to Boris and take some photos of him as well. Such a friendly and genuine guy!
Might be a bit late to ask but, which ones of the acts did you wanted to win their duel? Let me know in the comments below, I'm curious to know! :) 

TB - Afterparty with the artists in Semifinal 1

It seems like this blog post didn't got published when it was suppose to, but since I still want to share these photos, I will make a throwback to the post-press conference and afterparty of semifinal 1. 
Some of these photos can be from the different press conferences during that week, if you were wondering why some of the people are wearing different clothes in the photo compared to the interviews down below. For example this photo of Jenevia interviewing Adrijana. Majo was recording the interview so I could walk around to get some photos of the acts during the press conference. It was very fun and helpful having Majo on set doing press with us during some of the days.
Here Boris René was happy for qualifying to Andra Chansen! Always such fun meeting him even if it's for a short moment.
"Winning photo" of Nano and Ace Wilder which was the ones qualifying direct to the final from semifinal 1!
Make sure to check out the interviews we got during the press conference with De Vet Du, Dinah Nah, Boris and Adrjana in the clip down below. It's short clips of each acts, but it's worth watching. Specially for those who might not have the time or want to sit through the longer one-on-one interviews. 
After the show it was time for the afterparty! Many of the media are still working during the afterparty to get some footage, but Jenevia and I don't really feel like doing that. When we are at the afterparty we are off the clock and we don't want to cross the line. I did get some photos, when I felt it was okay and when I wasn't intruding people.
This photo with De Vet Du will always be funny. xD
I must say, I'm not a party girl at all. It's not an enviroment that I feel comfortable in, specially when it involves a lot of alcohol. Despite being a bit uncomfortable, it was fun at the party and getting to talk with some people there. After a long night and a week full of work, it was nice getting some sleep that morning. 

Back at work, but the updates are on their way!

Melodifestivalen 2017 is over. Jenevia and I have been working very hard to create as good content as possible, that we also can be proud over. It has been so much fun to do press coverage this year! We upgraded our work on every level and made more quality content than last year. We made impact on the people we met, bonded with new people and created many great memories. I've learned a lot through our experiences at Melfest this year and the fact that our work makes a different feels good. We put so much of our energy and time into doing our content that it's nice to hear that someone appreciate the work we do. 
I'm going to keep this post short, since this is mostly an update for you to know what the plan is for my updates here. First of all, I'm back at my daily job which mean that I can't priorities my photography and be editing as much as I want. Because I still have loads of unseen photographs from Melfest and stories to share. I know there are people out there curious to see what I captured, but also maybe to read my view on being press during Melfest. Blog posts are being worked on as you read this, I've planned out the content so it's on their way!
Photo by Lina | Edit: Me
For those who don't only want to see pictures from Melfest, of artists and events, I will be posting other kinds of content as well. I have many unseen photos in my archive and will be trying to take some new photographs to post between all of the Melfest content. Hopefully there will be content that will suit for everyone. 
If you want to make sure to keep up with my updates on social medias and know when the next blog post will be published, follow me on Instagram & Twitter. Just to point it out, some photos that won't be published here will be posted on my Instagram. I've also started to post quick updates on my InstaStory since it's easier and I don't need to stress as much about what I post there. 
Thank You for being patient and for keep watching my work, I really appreciate it!
More work to do, plans to get done and updates to come. 
Until next time, ingat!

Semifinal 1: First dress rehearsal for an audience!

Editing photos is an easy thing, but coming up what to write in a blog posts about the pictures is a much harder thing to do. I have loads of footage from Semifinal 1 and I'm very proud over the content I manage to get. 
Here's some mixed photographs from the rehearsals during Friday and the first dress rehearsals for an audience during the same day. Seeing the show in the arena is very cool and you get to see the show in a different way than you are used to. You get another view of the show and it's feels nice to share an experience with the rest of the audience. 
In my opinion, the hosts Hasse, Clara and David are doing a great job! Hasse's accent is one of the best things ever. And I really like the writing of the scripts that welcome in the three different demographics Hasse, Clara and David target with making jokes about the different generations.
Boris René was first out with his song "Her Kiss". I still love his energy and his stage presence. You can tell that he loves to be on stage to put on a show!
Adrijana performed her song "Amare", which I love! For a new coming artist in the contest the staging was great and the colour scheme looked fantastic!
Legendary Charlotte Perreli was back in the contest with a Swedish song named "Mitt liv". It was nice seeing her back but I think many people were a bit disappointed of her song choice since I think that wasn't that kind of song they wanted her to compete with. 
We took a "Road trip" with De Vet Du. Such funny guys and I really like their charisma. As I said before, I liked the intro they are having in the performance which gives the audience a bit of introduction to the members of the group. 
It was funny to see some of the kids in the audience doing the head-movement in the second chorus since it was their first time hearing the song. Seemed like they really like it and thought it was catchy.
Fanfavorite Ace Wilder is back and this time with her song "Wild Child". No disappointments here, she is delivering a bop and a great performance with choregraphy. It felt like Ace was much more relaxed than before which made her able to enjoy the performance more, which I was very happy to see. 
Nano, the black horse of this semifinal. I didn't knew what I was going to expect from him but I got very surprised over his song "Hold On". The song really stood out from everyone else's songs and gave a big impact. Personally I think the song is fine, but the percussion in the song makes me stressed out so it's not a song I would suddenly play. One thing I love about it is the choir!
As a big fan of music, I absolutely love seeing a liveshow and feeling the excitment in the air. See all the happy faces in the crowd and people experience the music. 
I have one last blog post from semifinal 1 of Melfest that I will try to publish during the day or tomorrow. I will be heading to Linköping today for Andra Chansen and do press work with Jenevia once again. 
If you want to get the latest updates from me during the week of Andra Chansen, make sure to follow me on Instagram: 
OR/AND Twitter:
Until next time, ingat!

Semifinal 1: Rehearsals with Boris René, Adrijana, Dinah Nah & De Vet Du.

One of the most fun things to photograph during the week of Melodifestivalen is the rehearsals. I love to photograph loads of different kinds of photos but I'm firstly a concert photographer when things come around and that's what I'm best at taking photos of. 
The press are allowed to enter the arena during the rehearsals to get their footage in still photo for their work. It's always tricky knowing which seats you want and what kind of angle you want to have in your photos. I always try to do what other people doesn't. For example, I don't want to sit or stand exactly the same spot as everyone else and try to make sure I get my own version of what is happening. It doesn't matter if it's on stage or another event that is happening. 
Boris René was the act who open up the contest with his performance of "Her Kiss" which also was the first one to rehearse. - First round of the performance was a mess! The lighting was not doing what it should be, Boris didn't had any light on him when he was on specific spots on stage. The colours were everywhere and it didn't match as it was suppose to be and it was too much of them. 
Luckily they fixed some of the issues for the seecond and third round. It was my first time hearing the songs during these rehearsals since I had to miss the listening session the day before when I was making sure we had a good locations for our interviews. 
When I first heard Boris's song and saw his performance, I couldn't stop smiling. I really enjoyed the song and the vibe to it. Boris is very charming and his energy really comes through in his performance. I think the performance last year was better but I think I like the song "Her Kiss" better than "Put your love on me". 
In the picture below, the studioman and stylist are showing the outfits Boris and his dancers are wearing during the performance. I like having these kind of shots as well because it gives another feeling to the post and you get to see more than just the performance. 
One of the debuting artists was Adrijana who was the second one in the running order. I didn't knew what to expect from her since I barely knew anything about her music or what kind of style she was going for. But I must say I was positive surprised over how well she did with everything since she hasn't really been in the business for that long. 
I love Adrijana's song "Amare" and I like the mix of rap and singing but also the edge in it. It's probably one of my most played songs from Melfest this year. I'm impressed over her performance and what she showed the Swedish people. I was also impressed over how good Adrijana and her team worked during Melfest. She had a great staging and came with something different. If she had been in a different semifinal, she might have qualified. I will definitely keep an eye out for upcoming music from her in the future. 
Dinah Nah returned with another banger of her named "One More Night". I knew we would get a spectacular number from her and a song to dance to. I was happy to see her back and knew it would be a performance with a lot of girlpower. 
She has a strong voice and I love the rap-breakdown she has in the song! I think many people were surprised to hear it but it was something that made an even more impact to the song. 
In a photographer's view on photographing some of the performances, it was very difficult some times. Because of the fact that they used a lot of the colour magenta in the lighting which is probably the worst colour ever, in my opinion. It makes the editing harder since the colour often gets very bright and too much of it. So when you are trying to make less of it, it's tricky since it also affects the skin colour with in the red colour scheme. Some photos didn't turned out well at all, but I made it worked and I got some pretty decent photos in the end. 
The last rehearsal of that day for us was De Vet Du because we had to leave for our interview with Ace Wilder. I must admit, De Vet Du's performance was probably the one I was looking foward the most to see. We all knew their performance would be something we haven't seen in Melodifestivalen before. 
Jenevia and Majo as I've said before, had heard the song the previous day. Jenevia had said they would probably show up with a prop car and can you guess, she was totally right! I was sitting on the other side of the stage from where Jenevia and Majo sat, and when it was time for De Vet Du rehearsals and a car came up on stage, I heard Jenevia out of nowhere whisper-yelling: "LIZEL, WHAT DID I SAY? I SAID THERE WAS GOING TO BE A PROP CAR!". It was so funny! 
I was giggling before they started performing because I knew this would be such fun performance to see. 
If you have seen the performance, you know that there's a lot of things going on in it. It's a very tecnical number and each different camera shots are very important in the performance and they have to get it correct to make it more clear of what they want to show.
In the beginning of the performance you get to see a bit of introduction of each member of De Vet Du, which I think is a very good idea, just to introduce the members for the people that isn't familiar to their previous content. I like how you can kinda tell the different personalities Chris, Johan, DJ Hunk and Tor have from what they show in the performance.
One thing that I thought was a bit of shame was the fact that they didn't show Tor when he was doing his flying-arms-thing (?) in the beginning of the chorus. I thought it was a funny part and it showed very well how Tor is. :P
I really enjoyed their song and performance. De Vet Du delivered a funny number and a very catchy song. Also as soon as I saw that head-movement they are doing in the chorus, I knew that would be the next thing in Sweden. 
There was so many things happening in the performance but it was so much fun photographing everything that was going on in it!
- Actually, let me tell you one thing. I heard from several photographers that was sitting nearby, that they didn't like De Vet Du, and photographing them was very hard because they couldn't get any good photos. It was a bit funny and interesting to hear that, I mean I got perfectly fine photos of De Vet Du despite having so much smaller, lower and less fancier equipment than most of the photographers have. 
This might not be the very best photos I've taken but it was fun being back photographing in this kind of enviroment. I'm glad I get the opportunity to do this kind of work because I learn a lot from it, not only as a photographer but also as person. 
We couldn't see more of the rehearsals that day so that's why I don't have any photos of Charlotte Perrelli, Ace Wilder and Nano in this blog post. Do not worry though because have photos of them as well from the Friday's rehearsals. ;)
There are a lot of you lurking around on my content, I know and I really appreciate that but please don't forget to give my blog posts/or pictures on Instagram a like or leave a comment as well. I'm really curious of what you think about our work OR/AND what you think about this year's acts in Melodifestivalen. 
This was it for this time, more pictures and stories to come soon!
Until next time, ingat! 

Chit chatting with artists such as Dinah Nah, De Vet Du and Ace Wilder in Semi-final 1 of Melfest.

The ones that have been following my content or Jenevia's knows that last year when we were doing press coverage of Melodifestivalen, we had a hard time to get one-on-one interviews with the acts in the contest. We did semi-final 1 and the finals last year and all together we only got 6 interviews book beforehand. The other one-on-one interviews we had, got setup on set during the week that show was happening. 
This year, we had more experiences and knowledge about how people work in the industry so we knew that we had to really work to get the interviews we wanted. For semi-final 1 we were very lucky since we already knew a lot of the artists from before so it was much easier to setup an one-on-one interview with them. We actually got 6 out of 7 of the artists for one-on-one interviews, the only one we didn't get was Charlotte Perrelli. 
Our first interview for that week was with Dinah Nah who came back to the contest with her song "One more night". It was great to meet her again and to see her back in the contest. 
We talked with her about how she came up with her artist name, the narrative of her song and the girlpower in her performance. We also got to see her tattoos and hear her talk about them. Make sure to watch to the end to see her message to the international fans. 
Boris René is another returning artist in Melfest 2017, he competed with his new song "Her Kiss" which is made by the same songwriters as last year.
We went back in time to know more about his background in music and his fotball career. Hear Boris talk about his music influencer, what his biggest take away from participating in Melodifestivalen 2016 was and much more in our interview down below. 
To end our interview we did a game with Boris. Since Majo know Spanish and there's a lot of Latin fans of Melfest tuning in to see the contest we decided to do a Spanish word game. 
The game was that Boris got a couple words in Spanish that was related to Melodifestivalen somehow and he was going to read the word and then guess what they meant. The game turned out to fit Boris very well, a lot because of his energy! 
It was very fun to meet him properly this time because last year we only met him briefly at the press conferences and at the afterparty. He's such a funny guy that speads a lot of positivity and energy to everyone he meets. 
The dark horse of semi-final 1 became to be Nano which is a new artists for most of the audience. 
We talked about his background in music, the narrative of his song "Hold On" and more! 
He was very lowkey compared to the others and he has this mysterious vibe but he has more dept into his song and wants to put out his message for us to hear. Watch the interview in the clip below to get to know more about him. 
One of the debuting artists in this year's contest is Adrijana.
She was competiting with her song "Amare" which she also co-wrote.  
Adrijana is a new artist which released her first single only last year. In our interview you get introduce to Adrijana as a person and what kind of artist she wants to be. She's also talking about her song "Amare" and her insprations in music, style and for her performance. Hear all of that and more in the interview below!
I think all of us three got surprised over how confident and energetic Adrijana was. She had a very clear sight on her music and work. I think there's a lot of potential for Adrijana to become a bigger artists in Sweden, and who knows maybe an international artist as well?
The fan favorite Ace Wilder has returned!
She's back with her song "Wild Child" which is co-written by Peter Boström and Thomas G:son. We talked with her about her quick return to Melfest, her song getting released in Korea, fashion, what she thinks about doing collebration with Dinah Nah and the pressure she felt about competing last year. 
It's her third time in the contest and she saying she's much more relaxed this time and that she can enjoy it even more because of it.  
It's always a pleasure meeting Ace and she has this cool energy and she's such a professional. She has a lot of things going for her and I'm looking forward to see what else she has in store for us. 
Our last one-on-one interview was with the humor-group De Vet Du. 
This one was probably the interview we were looking forward the most. We've been liking their content for a while and as soon as we got to know they were going to compete in Melfest, we got very excited! Most of their stuff and interviews are in Swedish and since I'm the only one in our team that knows Swedish, I did a lot of research before the interviews. While doing research I noticed that many of the reporters don't really get their concept, they always get questions about why Dj Hunk never talks or wear shirts and basically not getting to talk about their work properly. 
There were a lot of ground work we had to do and go through a lot of things from the beginning to make sure we made a proper introduction of De Vet Du for people to see and to understand their work better. 
We talked with them about their concept fusion of comedy and club-pop, how they started of with music, their creative process of song-making and why they decided to enter Melfest despite not needing the exposure. We also got to hear more story behind their songs "Dansa som Kungen", "Klä av dig naken", "Panta mera" and "Shades inomhus".
I've said it before on my social medias, but I will say it again: The intro of this interview when Tor is waving into the camera is probably one of the funniest thing that happened that week. xD
The interview with the guys was probably the funniest one we made during that week. Loads of jokes together with questions to make a more clear picture of who they are as artists. We bonded very well with them and I think that shows in the video and our work.
To end our interview with De Vet Du, we decided to played the Spanish word game with them as well which you can see in our interview in the clip above. The video might be long but we are proud over our work and I think it's a funny and an easy-going interview worth watching. We even captured Dj Hunk smiling. ;)
I'm very happy we got all of these one-on-one interviews during the first two days because it made things easier, and we didn't had to stress about getting all of our footage at the press conferences which often are very hectic. It just made things much more easier and we could focus on other things. For example, I was able to get more photos and was able to get some video footage than compared to last year. 
I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the backstories for them. For those who have watched one, two or more interviews I hope you liked them and that you got a clear or a better view of the artists. 
More stories and photos will be published very soon. I'm working as fast as I can to sumbit blog posts for those who are waiting. Please give this post a like or leave a comment of what you think about the artists in this year's Melfest. 
Until next time, ingat!

Semifinal 1: The Artist & Host press conference!

The artist's and the host's press conferences are two individual events which are some of the first things that happens during the week of the show. It's an opportunity for the press to photograph the artists and the hosts but also to get a quick interview with them. For me it's my opportunity to get my footage, which can be a bit tricky since the space is limited and you have to be fast at getting your spot and taking the photos. 
My height has it's misadvantage when it comes to photographing on stage in a pool with loads of tall Swedes but it has an advantage as well because I can sneak in between people without them really noticing. ;)
The hosts of Melodifestivalen 2017, from the left: David Lindgren, Clara Henry and Hasse Andersson.
So far, I think they are doing a great work all three of them. Hasse is being this adorable grandpa with his funny accent, Clara is being a funny and strong women and David is serving a lot of charisma and shownumbers!
I like the writing of the show that they play on the fact that the three hosts have three different demographics and invites them to the show in their way. 
Boris René is one of the returning acts and we saw him in Melfest 2016 but now he's back with his song "Her Kiss" which is written by Tim Larsson and Tobias Lundgren.
Melfest debuting artist Adrijana was here to introduce herself to the Swedish audience and her artistry. She was competing with her song "Amare" which she co-wrote together with Martin Tjärnberg. 
Dinah Nah is another artist returning to the contest, last time we saw her she was competing in Melfest with her song "Make Me (La La La)" back in 2015. This year she was back with her song "One More Night". Text and music by Thomas G:son, Jimmy Janson, Dr Alban and Dinah Nah herself. 
(From the left: DJ Hunk, Johan Gunterberg, Christopher/Chris Martland and Tor Wallin)
De Vet Du is well-known for their club-pop music with a fusion of comedy and their music videos on YouTube. This year they are debuting in Melfest with their own song "Road Trip" which is written by the members Christopher Martland & Johan Gunterberg. 
Legendary Charlotte Perrelli was back in the contest with a ballad which many people were very surprised over. She was competing with her song "Mitt Liv" which she co-wrote with Lars Hägglund. 
Fanfavorite Ace Wilder is back in the contest, third time's a charm? 
She's competing with her song "Wild Child" which she co-wrote together with Thomas G:son and Peter Boström.
Nano became the dark horse of the semifinal! There were a lot of mystic around him and he surprised a lot of people with his performance. He's competing with his song "Hold On" which he co-wrote together with Gino Yonan, Ayak, Carl Rydén, Christoffer Belaieff, Rikard de Bruin and David Francis Jackson. 
I loved standing there with all the press and doing what I love!
I'm very happy and proud over my photographs from the press conference! My new camera and the bouncer for my flash really made a difference. I also realized that my skills at photographing, using the flash and editing have improved A LOT the past year. I think you can see the difference if you compare the pictures in this blog post from last year: 
As I said in the beginning of the post, during the press conference we had the opportunity to interview the acts as well. Our priority was to get an interview with Charlotte beceause of the fact we couldn't get an one-on-one interview with her. Things were very hectic and the line for Charlotte was long but we manage to get to talk to her but also have a chat with De Vet Du.
Make sure to watch the interview down below and all of our other interviews we have posted. Your clicks makes a difference and the more views we get, the easier it will be to get interviews in the long run. 
That was it for this time! I still have loads of footage to show and stories to share. Pictures are getting edited and I'm preparing blog posts as fast as I can. I'm working part-time at my actual work so that's why things are getting pushed back. 
New posts will be published during the week, I promise! Since Andra Chansen are getting closer and I will get even more footge then, I will try to make sure most of the footage from Semi-final 1 will be published before then. Stay tuned on my social medias to know when new updates are published.
Until next time, ingat! 


I've officially been back at Melodifestivalen as press! 
Semifinal 1 took place last week in Gothenburg and with this post I will update you about what's going on with our work and making sure you know how to stay updated!  
First of all to make things clear, I won't be able to go to every semifinal due to school and my actual work. I wish I was able to follow the tour to every city to work with Jenevia but I simply can't. Jenevia in another hand will be doing press coverage of almost every city in the tour except for semifinal 4. She will be doing the work by herself but I will still help out with some of the editing of her photos. 

BUT, I will be back on set doing press coverage for Andra Chansen in Linköping and the finale in Stockholm!

To start off the blog post, I will let you know that this will be a quick summary of everything that was going on during semi-final 1 of Melodifestivalen. The photos are a sneak peek of what I will be posting in the upcoming weeks. 
This semi-final Jenevia and I was working together with our friend Majo from Mexico. We have been talking a lot online and we became friends through our interests in music. It was so much fun to meet her for the first time!
We are from a smaller outlet and we are just three people working on our coverage of Melfest but yet we manage to get almost everyone for one-on-one interviews. The interviews took place the first two days of the circus and because we had our one-on-one interviews we didn't had to stress as much as last year to try to get interviews during the press conferences. It was great to be able to have a proper chat with people and conduct an interview without any stress or people that will disturb us while working. 
The week of the semifinals usually starts already on Wednesday the same week. Loads of press activites goes on for all the accredicated press such as press conferences with the artists and the hosts, welcome party, rehearsals and much more!
Jenevia and I decided to attend the welcome party and it was a nice get together for all the people working with Melfest. They had the well-known seafood buffé and we mingle around. Many of the reporters that were there conducted interviews and taking photographs of the artists and the hosts. Jenevia and I didn't felt like it was the right time to be getting footage because we didn't want to be all in everyone's business. We stood by and enjoyed the party.
During Thursday and Friday we spent most of our time in the arena watching the rehearsals. The rehearsals is my opportunity to get my footage and the photographs of everyone's performances. I really enjoy being in the arena to watch the performances, see the work people put into to get everything right and be able to capture what's going on, on the stage
Last year, I had troubles getting the footage that I wanted since I wasn't familiar of that kind of enviroment. Also my equipment was not working as well with me as I wanted. This time around, I've upgraded some of my camera equipment and I'm so happy that I've been able to. I still get judging looks from other photographer because of my equipment though. The camera equipment that I have might not be the fanciest and most expensive but the equipment is surely better than the ones I had last year. 
This year, I have more photographs that are quality and my editing skills have improved A LOT since last year. I'm very happy that several of the artists and people around have been showing their appreciation of my photos. 
Those who have been following my content the last year or Jenevia's coverage, you might be familiar of the unprofessionalism we have been facing during our work at Melfest. To name some, walking in our shot, people being rude towards us, the acts we are interviweing and each other.
Last year, Samir & Viktor recieved a lot of hate/bullying from the press and the public. Same thing is happening with De Vet Du this year. De Vet Du is a humor-group that I think a lot people misunderstand. They are here to show what they got and make people laugh. Their performance is very ambitious and such fun! De Vet Du are such hard working guys that puts a lot of quality music and they deserve a lot more respect and credit than they recieve. We bonded very well with them and I'm so happy we got to have our one-on-one interview with them and seeing them qualify to Andra Chansen!
To sum things up, I'm very happy that I'm able to do this work with Jenevia and Majo. We bond very well and it's our opportunity to show everyone what we are capable of. I think the professional way we do our work, our genuine and polite behaviour towards the people we meet makes a difference. I'm glad that we are on the same level and know the hard work that comes into putting good content out. 
So to everyone who wants to keep being updated of everythings that is going on with our content and experiences while working as press at Melodifestivalen, make sure to follow Jenevia and I on our social medias
Instagram/Twitter: @LizelStromberg
Jenevia's Instagram/Twitter: @LadyJenevia
More unseen photographs and stories will be published here within the next upcoming weeks before "Andra Chansen"! Make sure to stay tuned to know when they will get published.
Until next time, take care! 

People were judging me because of my equipment

Doing press coverage together with Jenevia last year at Melodifestivalen 2016 was a very learning experience. It was my first time doing press work and I didn't knew what to expect from it. 
We went in with not a lot of knowledge of how things were organized and how the people (mostly the press) in the business would be like. Since I was younger I've always been a fan of Melfest and been watching it every year with my family. To be working at the contest creating coverage was a dream come true. I felt so grateful for being able to take one step closer to do what I love. 
As you have seen in the previous blog post, our press work included interviews with some of the acts, press conferences, parties and photographing the performances in the arena. 
Before 2016, I had never been at a live show of Melfest. I loved feeling everyone's excitment in the arena and see all of the happy faces in the crowd. 
It was very hard to capture any good pictures during the dress rehearsals because we got seats far from the stage and since I didn't had the most fanciest equipment there was almost no chance for me to being able to get any decent photos from stage. 
I loved doing press coverage and being able to meet people. We created contacts, got to show people what we can and met new people. The only thing I was very surprised over was the fact how unprofessional a lot of the media acted. During the press conferences several people walked in our shots during an interview, they were pushing me when I was filming and some even interupted one of our interviews. Ugh.
(The people in the photos has nothing with the text to do.) 
Some journalists would talk shit about each other and the acts in the contest. Even some of the photographers were judging me because of my equipment. I mean, sure I don't have the fanciest and the most expensive camera equipment but look at my work, I know how to create good content. 
I'm not always good at publishing my work in a timely manner but I do create content that makes me happy and they are good enough despite what equipment I have and the amount of following I have. It's just a lot of work, effort and passion in it. Whenever I'm photographing, I'm always pushing myself out of the comfort zone and to become better. Some things makes me terrified but I need to face it and get stronger. 
So, for this year's Melodifestivalen I will try to stress less and seize the moment. Create content that makes me happy and be better at publishing in time. 
I have one last blog post from Melfest 2016 that I will try to get uploaded during the day. Jenevia, Majo and I will be doing press coverage of Melfest 2017! First semi-final is on Saturday but our press work starts already today. Make sure to follow me on Instagram at U+21E2.gif @LizelStromberg U+21E0.gif to get the latest updates of our work!

The piano ABBA made "Dancing Queen" on!

Melodifestivalen 2017 is closing in very fast now!
I still have footage from last year that I want to share so I will just keep them coming!
During the finale of Melfest 2016 Jenevia and I got invited to "The Family's" studio. We did another one-on-one interview with the talented composing team. They talked about how it's to be working in Melodifestivalen, what they do during the rehearsals, about the swedish pop industry and so much more! 
They had their own studio dog which was so cute! She kept looking towards me during the whole interview and I couldn't keep myself from taking photos of her!
After the interview we got the opportunity to look around the studio to see some of the equipment and instrument they use to produce songs. I must say, their studio was very cozy and I would have loved to being able to work in an environment like their's. 
When we went our tour in their studio we walked passed this beautiful piano which they told us was one of the pianos ABBA made their song "Dancing Queen"! How cool isn't that???
Later on that day we had an one-on-one interview with the amazing writer/director for Melfest 2016. Hear him talk about working with Melodifestivalen, Eurovision but also working with Alcazar and their show "Disco defenders" and so much more in the video below!
Unfortunately, Edward af Sillén is not working with Melfest 2017 which many of the fans of Melodifestivalen is very sad about. So we keep our fingers crossed that the show still will be good despite Edward's abscence!

TB - Looking back on the rehearsals during Melfest 2016

Almost a year has past since the final of Melodifestivalen 2016. 
Looking back on the experiences I got through doing press coverage of the competition made me realize how much I've grown as a person thanks to it. I've become more confident in my work but also as a person. I've made new friends, creating conctacts and becoming better at creating content. 
Melodifestivalen 2017 is just around the corner and I would like to share some of my last unseen photographs from last year's show. The pictures will be published in various blog posts the next upcoming week. With this post I'm starting off with photographs from the rehearsals at the final of Melfest 2016. 
The opportunity to get photographs from all of the performances were very small since there was only one day that the arena was open for the press during the rehearsals. Because of that and the fact that Jenevia and I were having one-on-one interviews at the same time, I could only get about a hand-full of artist's performances captured. 
One of the songs and performances I loved the most during Melfest 2016 was Panetoz's. They delivier a solid performance and song with loads of positive energy!
I've always enjoyed David Lindgren's music and performances in Melfest, last year was no exception! One of the many great things about David Lindgren is that he always put on a show worth watching. 
During Melfest 2017, David Lindgren is one of the hosts of the show and I'm really looking forward to see his hosting skills. 
From semi-final 1 to the finale of Melfest, Ace Wilder made her great performance once again and I was happy to see it live again and capture it. 
Capturing decent photographs of Molly Sandén's performance was very difficult because of the lightning since it was a lot of flashing lights so you had to be on que to get the light. Also, we were busy doing interviews so I didn't had the time to sit through Molly's peformance as much as I needed. I did manage to capture the picture above which I wanted to share.
Frans, the winner of Melfest 2016! 
Boris René was one of the debuting artists in the show with his song "Put Your Love On Me". Personally, I love the song and the performance was charming in a way. I highly recommend his following single "Mon Amour" as well.
The last people out to rehearse their performance was Samir & Viktor. Those goofballs saw us watching the rehearsals and was making faces to us. During the rehearsal they also revealed a change in their choregraphy which surprised most of the press who where there to document the rehearsals. 
I really enjoyed watching everyone's performances. I felt thankful and happy to get the opportunity to be doing press coverage and be infront of a stage like this one to capture the show that was getting shown through the tv. With no experience with doing this kind of photography and with the limited equipment I had, I think I actually did a very good job for being my first press experience. Looking forward to do more of this stuff soon!
As I wrote earlier, more pictures are coming soon so make sure to stay tuned on my social medias for updates!
Until next time, take care!

TBT | Finale week of Melfest - Press conference!

Since it's Thursday today, I will do a Throwback Thursday. As some of you already know, earlier this year I was doing coverage of "Melodifestivalen" together with my friend Jenevia for the website Museled. I have already shared my pictures and some stories from the first semifinal in Gothenburg but have yet, loads of unseen footage to share from the finale week of Melodifestivalen
I know, it might be a bit late to post about the competition since it's over 6 months it took place but I feel like I want a closure on that chapter and share photographs, thoughts and stories with you. I'm not entirely sure if there's anyone still curious on what we got to experience during our week in Stockholm. Either way, I will do throwbacks once in a while to make up for the delay for those who have been wainting to read the posts.
So, here it goes! First blog post after a long delay with photographs from Melodifestivalen!
March, 2016. One of the first things of the press activities that took place during the finale week of Melfest was the big press conference which introduce the qualified contestants to the press and were we got the opportunity to do small interviews with the artists. 
Mr. Melodifestivalen himself, Christer Björkman was the host for the press conference to call up the contestants on stage. 
Panetoz - "Håll om mig hårt"
 Lisa Ajax - "My heart wants me dead"
 David Lindgren - "We are Your tomorrow"
 SaRaha - "Kizunguzungu"
Oscar Zia - "Human"
Ace Wilder - "Don't Worry"
 Robin Bengtsson - "Constellation Prize"
 Molly Sandén - "Youniverse"
Boris René - "Put your love on me"
Frans - "If I were sorry"
Wiktoria - "Save Me"
Samir & Viktor - "Bada Nakna"
This time we were more prepared on how things were set up and what to expect from the press conference. We knew that people would try to cut in line, do almost anything to get their footage and it would be even more chaotic since more press applies for the finale than the semifinals. Because of the time limit and the fact we were only two in our team, we had to priorities which one of the contestants we wanted to talk to and had an opportunity to get an interview with. 
One of the acts that were on the top of our list were of course Samir & Viktor, since we had bonded with them back in Gothenburg and knew we could get a fun interview with them.  
Boris René was one of the debut artists in this year competition that had qualified to the finale. His song "Put your love on me" a great uptempo song which has had quite a success over the year, which personally was one of my favorites in this year's competition. 
David Lindgren was back in the competition for the third time which many people were happy about! As Jenevia says in the video below, she had tried to email several publicist to get an one-on-one interivew with almost all the artists but got only two replies, David was one of those artists we had looked forward to talk to a little bit more than the others. Since we couldn't get an one-on-one interview with David, we took the chance to talk to him during the press conference.
The hour we had in hand flew by fast and we were only able to get three interviews of the 12 contestants that were there. No dissapointments there, since we knew there would be more opportunities to get to talk to the others during the week. 
As you might can figure out, I was behind the camera all time and I must say it was a bit difficult to hold the camera steady despite having a stabilizer since people were pushy, cut in line and walked in frame. Very unprofessional, wish it would be more organized, so it would be so much easier for everyone to get their job done.
Other than that, it was very nice seeing a lot of familiar faces and know that we had done a good impact for people to remember. Being friendly, polite and geniune last longer!
If you haven't already seen, more interviews are posted on MuseLed Blog's Youtube channel for you to see. More photograpghs and stories will be coming soon! 
Hope you like this post and you are more than happy to leave a comment or hit the like button down below to let me know what you think!
Until next time, take care!

TBT | Interviews with Ace Wilder, Anderz Wrethov and Wiktoria

Hey everyone!
I'm still busy with my final exams but I found this blog post in my saved drafts from the time Melodifestivalen just finished. Since I don't have any new recent pictures finished to publish I will do a throwback thursday.

A couple of months have passed since the finale week of Melodifestivalen. Hope you are not sick of seeing pictures from that time, because I still have loads of photos to share with you from that week. It might be late to publish them now, but I don't mind. Also I can assure you that most of them are a bit different from what the other press have posted anyway. 
If you have read my earlier blog post about the preparations for the finale week of Melodifestivalen, we had only three one-on-one interviews booked beforehand. One of the artists we already wanted to talk to back in semi final 1 was Ace Wilder. We didn't got any responses from her publicist back then or for the finale week, so we couldn't set some thing up. But as hard working and awesome as Jenevia is, she talked to Ace and her manager in Stockholm and we ended up having a great one-on-one interview with Ace Wilder backstage. 
In our interview you get to hear Ace talk about her background as a dancer, her visual artistry in her performances and music but also hear her talk about diversity and her new fashion blog. 
One of the three one-on-one interviews we had booked was with Wiktoria. Wiktoria is one of the newcomer in this year's competition. She was in a former duo with her friend Hanna which was called "Dash 4". Wiktoria has also been competing in "Lilla Melodifestivalen" back in 2011, and came 4th. 
Hear Wiktoria talk about her song "Save me", her staging, Anton Ewald's contribute in her performance and much more!
During the first day in Stockholm, we met Anderz Wrethov which is a composer and a songwriter. He has co-written three songs in this year's Melodifestivalen: Samir & Viktor's "Bada Nakna", David Lindgren's "We Are Your Tomorrow" and SaRaha's "Kizunguzungo". 
In our interview you can hear Anderz talk about his colabrations and the inspirations to writing the songs, but also how it was to work with Samir & Viktor. Jenevia also brought up another song "Cool Me Down" in the interview that he co-wrote for Margaret which she competed with in the national selection to represent Poland in Eurovision Song Contest 2016, but unfortunetly she didn't win. 
"Cool Me Down" is a song that I highly recommend you to listen to!
Thank You to all of those that keeps checking out my blog despite that my updates is not on a regular basis. I'm almost finished with school and I have a lot of new plans for the summer that includes this blog and I hope you will stick around to see it. Until next time, ingat!