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The piano ABBA made "Dancing Queen" on!
Melodifestivalen 2017 is closing in very fast now!
I still have footage from last year that I want to share so I will just keep them coming!
During the finale of Melfest 2016 Jenevia and I got invited to "The Family's" studio. We did another one-on-one interview with the talented composing team. They talked about how it's to be working in Melodifestivalen, what they do during the rehearsals, about the swedish pop industry and so much more! 
They had their own studio dog which was so cute! She kept looking towards me during the whole interview and I couldn't keep myself from taking photos of her!
After the interview we got the opportunity to look around the studio to see some of the equipment and instrument they use to produce songs. I must say, their studio was very cozy and I would have loved to being able to work in an environment like their's. 
When we went our tour in their studio we walked passed this beautiful piano which they told us was one of the pianos ABBA made their song "Dancing Queen"! How cool isn't that???
Later on that day we had an one-on-one interview with the amazing writer/director for Melfest 2016. Hear him talk about working with Melodifestivalen, Eurovision but also working with Alcazar and their show "Disco defenders" and so much more in the video below!
Unfortunately, Edward af Sillén is not working with Melfest 2017 which many of the fans of Melodifestivalen is very sad about. So we keep our fingers crossed that the show still will be good despite Edward's abscence!
I'm super happy with my new purchase!
For as long as I remember I've always thought that some of the first photographs ever taken have been interesting to look at and fun to have. It's somehow inspiring to see how they were working to get that one photograph to count.
Polaroid cameras has always been something that I've wanted. It's something about capture a photo and get it as a physical copy. When there was a discount on Fujifilm's Instax Mini 8, I couldn't keep myself from buying one! 
Choosing which colour I wanted was much harder than it should have been. Haha. But in the end I decided to get a white one because it was a simply colour that I wouldn't bug me later on but also because it's the easiest colour to get good pictures of. xP
The film for the camera is very expensive, so I will only use it on special occasions
While I was looking at the camera in the store, I spotted this cute bag to carry around it. Since it was not that expensive and the fact that I would probably need something to store it, I bought one as well.
I was super excited with my new camera and I knew I wanted to share it here on my blog. So I decided to pay a visit to Carol to borrow her beautiful desk to take photographs of my camera. Also I wanted to share my first experience with my polaroid camera with Carol so we took our first picture with it! 
Whenever Carol and I take pictures together, we have to take several ones because we always have trouble getting us in frame and capture a photo when both of us are ready. Because of that, we were a bit worried that we would have to use more papers than we should. But believe it or not, we actually got it on the first try! xD
I'm very happy about my new camera. Looking forward to use it more and see what kind of photos I can get.
Do you have a Polaroid camera? In that case which colour did you pick? - Or if you don't have one, what do you think about them? :) 
TB - Looking back on the rehearsals during Melfest 2016
Almost a year has past since the final of Melodifestivalen 2016. 
Looking back on the experiences I got through doing press coverage of the competition made me realize how much I've grown as a person thanks to it. I've become more confident in my work but also as a person. I've made new friends, creating conctacts and becoming better at creating content. 
Melodifestivalen 2017 is just around the corner and I would like to share some of my last unseen photographs from last year's show. The pictures will be published in various blog posts the next upcoming week. With this post I'm starting off with photographs from the rehearsals at the final of Melfest 2016. 
The opportunity to get photographs from all of the performances were very small since there was only one day that the arena was open for the press during the rehearsals. Because of that and the fact that Jenevia and I were having one-on-one interviews at the same time, I could only get about a hand-full of artist's performances captured. 
One of the songs and performances I loved the most during Melfest 2016 was Panetoz's. They delivier a solid performance and song with loads of positive energy!
I've always enjoyed David Lindgren's music and performances in Melfest, last year was no exception! One of the many great things about David Lindgren is that he always put on a show worth watching. 
During Melfest 2017, David Lindgren is one of the hosts of the show and I'm really looking forward to see his hosting skills. 
From semi-final 1 to the finale of Melfest, Ace Wilder made her great performance once again and I was happy to see it live again and capture it. 
Capturing decent photographs of Molly Sandén's performance was very difficult because of the lightning since it was a lot of flashing lights so you had to be on que to get the light. Also, we were busy doing interviews so I didn't had the time to sit through Molly's peformance as much as I needed. I did manage to capture the picture above which I wanted to share.
Frans, the winner of Melfest 2016! 
Boris René was one of the debuting artists in the show with his song "Put Your Love On Me". Personally, I love the song and the performance was charming in a way. I highly recommend his following single "Mon Amour" as well.
The last people out to rehearse their performance was Samir & Viktor. Those goofballs saw us watching the rehearsals and was making faces to us. During the rehearsal they also revealed a change in their choregraphy which surprised most of the press who where there to document the rehearsals. 
I really enjoyed watching everyone's performances. I felt thankful and happy to get the opportunity to be doing press coverage and be infront of a stage like this one to capture the show that was getting shown through the tv. With no experience with doing this kind of photography and with the limited equipment I had, I think I actually did a very good job for being my first press experience. Looking forward to do more of this stuff soon!
As I wrote earlier, more pictures are coming soon so make sure to stay tuned on my social medias for updates!
Until next time, take care!