The reason behind my absence!

Hello everyone!
First of all, I apologies for my absence the past month. I have been wanting to update here with new pictures and stories for a while but I haven't been able to go online because we have no internet at home at the moment. Not having internet access really limits the way I wanted to work with my photography this summer. It's super annoying, and I miss out on a lot of things concerning events to photograph but also it makes it harder for me to work. Also I feel bad for not being able to update here because I'm aware that some people are waiting for new blog post. 
I have pictures ready to share, the only thing I need to do before publish them is to submit blog posts. I will try to visit my aunt or my friend to borrow their internet to schedule new updates to publish soon!
Next blog post will hopefully be published within a week. Until next time, I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Mango & Lychee

When I was younger, I never really liked drinking tea or coffe. But since I tasted green tea for two or three years ago, I've been drinking a coup every morning to breakfast. I'm very picky with my tea and most of the time I only drink green tea. 
The brand Twinings has a new flavor of tea and once I saw about it, I had to taste it! It has three of my favorite things: Green Tea, Mango and Lychee! I was super excited to try it out! The taste of the tea was very sweet and has kind of a fresh feeling to it. Personally, I'm a fan of the taste but I think it's a bit too sweet to suit to all kinds of foods.

~ Happy Easter ~

Happy belated Easter!
During the weekend of Easter, my family and I visited some of my relatives for easter celebrations. I only took pictures during the dinner at my uncle's house since it was much calmer and not too many people that were eager to grab food once it was served. The traditional easter food is eggs, potatoes, herring, meatballs, ham and much more! But, at my uncle's place we didn't got served any easter food at all which I was actually happy about. 
Since I'm lactose intolerant, my unlce's wife had made all the food that we were eating lactose free. I really appreciate that they made the effort to make food that I'm able to eat, consider that not many people thinks about others allergies. 
Another typical thing for Swedes related to easter is alcohol. For your notice, this is not my glass, I don't drink.
I've always loved my uncle's wife's cooking and the dinner we got served was very tasty! 
Even if I wanted to eat more, I couldn't since I knew there was dessert coming as well!
Some people think the fancier food, the more tasty it is. But, as simple as a fruit salad can some times be the best dessert of them all. One thing that my siblings and I were excited about were the cookies we knew, we would get. We love the cookies that my uncle's wife makes, specially the ones in the red papper. Those are our favorites!
I want to thank my uncle and his wife for a pleasant dinner and our easter gifts, also a thank you to my mum for the easter egg that I got! ~ To all my readers, I hope all of you had a great holiday as well with friends and family!
P.S. I'm aware that some fans of Samir Badran from the event at Missäy are lurking here for the pictures I took. As I've promised, I will publish them here. Just stay tuned and keep an eye out during the week, because they are coming!

Pancake Day/Fettisdagen

Two days ago, it was Pancake day, but not here in Sweden. Instead we had a day called "Fettisdagen" where we eat Semla instead of pancakes that everyone else in the world does. Semla is a pastry and it looks like this:
It's some kind of bread with almond icing in the middle together with whip cream. Most Swedes eat it as it is, but my family has always eaten it with warm milk. Whenever I tell people I eat Semla with warm milk in a bowl, they get so confused because often they have never heard someone eat a semla like that. 
I really like Semla and even if I'm lactose intolerant, I can't keep myself from eating it. Luckly there are medicine for me to take whenever I eat food with lactose in it, so my tummy can handle it. 
P.S. As some of you know, I've done press for Melodifestivalen in Gothenburg. Don't worry, I will publish blog posts with pictures and videos about my experiences from that within a week or two. I've already started to submit a post. Bare with me, it's coming! 
~ Stay Tuned!

Saigon Food | Nordstan

Saigon Food in Nordstan, is a very nice store that has a large selection of food from various countries in Asia. Getting Asian food in Sweden can be hard, so you really need know where to look. Saigon also has a restuarant where they cook different kinds of asian food for you to eat at place.
I went to Saigon Food with my aunt to keep her company while she was eating lunch. I bought myself Bubble tea with boba while waiting for her. If you don't know, Bubble Tea is a Taiwanese-tea based drink. You can choose between black/green/milk tea flavored with fruit, and top of that a topping such as boba or aloe vera. It's a very popular drink within the asian community. 
~ Jenevia introduced me to the drink earlier this year, and it has now become one of my favorite drinks. 
My aunt ordered some soup which I got to taste as well. I don't remember what the soup was called, but it was very good! It containted some noodles, meat and vegetables. 

Model contest, and Oscar Zia!

You may know my friend Felicia, and a couple of months ago, she was in a model contest in one of the shopping malls here in Gothenburg. She was super nervous about the contest since they were complications during the show, but hear this: SHE WON!
You should have seen her face, she could actually not believe it and it was so well deserved! Of course I was there to support her, and take some pictures so here it goes. 
Oscar Zia was also there to perform which was fun. For the first time, I had my baby sister with me to a show like this. It was very interesting and fun in a way to show her how it can be on a signing like that.

Back in school and 'm busy like always.

I've been back in school for a few weeks now and I'm busy like always. 
I got some new pictures in store that I can't wait to show you! I just need to finish editing some of them.
Until then, I hope everything is fine with you!


Saturday morning - Breakfast!


Yellow & Pink.

This is my new card holder!
I bought it a few weeks ago because my cases for my buscards was starting to fall apart, what do you think?
Isn't it cute? ^_^ 

Last week of vacation was AMAZING.

I know that I wrote that I were going to update you about what I was up to last week, but I haven't really had the time for it.
I was busy this week with attending at a lot of concerts, meeting up with my friends and just enjoyed my last week of summer vacation! 
I had a blast and I have so many pictures to show you, and I think you will like it.

Studying during the summer vacation?


Grown Ups 2!

On thursday I was at the cinema with my brother and two of my cousins.
We saw Grown Ups 2 and I have to admit I was a little bit skeptical about the movie.
The movie started and it was actually not that bad at all! - Really funny and it was many well-known people in the cast.
For example Taylor Lutner and Milo Ventimiglia, that I got really surprised to see!


The winner of my little shout out competition is:
...Maria Cabanas from Mexico!
CONGRATULATIONS! - Thank you for participating and for reading my blog, I really appericate it!
Follow this nice and pretty girl on her Instagram at: majocabanas 
- Do it NOW!


Didn't went as planned but I HAVE A WINNER!

So the competition didn't went as planned and not many participate but I have a winner! 
Here is what it was in the plastic bag! 
- Toothbrushes
- Toothpaste
- Lipbalm
- Water bottle
- Pens
- Dental Floss
-  Mouth wash 

Guess what it is in the bag!

During my last day at work I got this bag full of things from work as a thank you for my hard work.
- Can you guess what it is in the bag? ^_^
(The one who can get most correct answers of 7 different things will win a shout out for either your blog/instagram/twitter or youtube channel! - Make sure to compete! You have til tuesday to participate!)


For about a week ago I decided to get Vine so I downloaded it and now I have it! I will try to put some
random posts once in a while hopefully you will like them, haha!

RMK & Co!

Haha! Just found these guys again, do you remember them? ^_^

Kinder Surprise!



So I haven't been updating much this past week cause of all the studies I had BUT now I'm free! 
Or at least from school for a week!
Then I will have lots of more time to do my best to get this blog started again! 
Be prepared for LOTS of pictures these next following days from my last week of summer vacation that I haven't uploaded yet. 
Until then have nice day!

Roller coaster week & Danny!

This past week has really been a rollercoaster week for me!
Been so stressed out about all the school work I had and still has to next week.
I even got a break down in school cause of that but it's alright now! 
Between all the stress and all the studies I manage to meet Danny! 
Seriously it has to be one of the most random thing ever! Got so chocked that I couldn't even talk to him.
I just standed there smiling and laguhing but the sweetie he is, he came up to me and Madde and starting to talk with us, hugged us and just being a cutie! :') I'm so grateful that I got to meet him this week!
I even think I would never make through this week as well that I did if I didn't met him so I'm happy about how it turned out at last! ^_^