Lizel Strömberg

Flashback: State Of Drama - Liseberg 10/5-2013
 For a little more than a month ago I went to the first outside concert for this season and it was absolutely great to be back! 
It didn't went as planned but it turned out just fine! 
I had missed being in Liseberg and seeing concerts. It had been a while and it was fun to finally be back!
To be in the atmosphere of excitment, be in the front of the stage with the camera in my hands and just enjoy the moment of music! 
 The band State of Drama that I saw was actually really good, much better than I thought they would be. 
And it was so weird how the singer in the band reminded me a little bit of Erik Grönwall at least on his stage present. (and that's a GOOD thing cause Erik Grönwall's stage present is absoutly CRAZY.)
Anyway here is some pictures that I took and if you want to see more of the pictures go on 
my Facebook page for my photography and please like it:
Yesterday it was Midsummer here in Sweden and I celebrated it with the family and some different relatives! 
It was quite fun I guess, I wasn't doing anything special just hang out for while.
And no I didn't go out with friends to party or drink cause that's not me. 
Anyway I hope all of you had a great midsummer and isn't too hangover today! ;) 
Summer 2013 - My last summer vacation before graduation!
My summer has just begun and it will be my last summer vacation before I graduate next year!
It feels so weird to know that I will graduate within a year. 
Just couple of years ago I thought that those who were graduating were so old, and now I'm about graduating myself. SO WEIRD.
Anyway this summer I will do my very best to make it the best summer ever!
I have even set goals that I want to fullfil.
This is the goals that I have set:
I will also document everything I do this summer with both pictures and videos so that is something you
could look forward to in the end of the summer. ;)