Lizel Strömberg

Robin Stjernberg, second day in a row!
 A while ago I went to Allum with Frida to see Robin Stjernberg. It was actually my second time seeing him that weekend.
It was his last gig for the year and there was fans of him from all over Sweden.
When you think about it, it's cool how fans get to know each other because they support the same artist.
Anyway, Frida and I had a lot of fun by ourselves. We haven't met each other in ages so it was fun catching up with each other. 
Robin came and did his thing despite some troubles with the sound.
I felt so sorry for the guy that took care of the sound. He was so embarressed and really tried to fix the sound as fast he could. 
We heard some acapella from Robin and everything went well in the end.
The signing was the most calmest I ever been at! 
Everyone got their time with Robin. You even had time to get a picture with him. 
(Bless Robin for feeling sorry when he spelled my name wrong.)
Back in school and 'm busy like always.
I've been back in school for a few weeks now and I'm busy like always. 
I got some new pictures in store that I can't wait to show you! I just need to finish editing some of them.
Until then, I hope everything is fine with you!

2013 - A year to remember!
2013 has been something that I couldn't even imagine it to be. 
This year was a very eventful year for sure.
Both bad and good things have happened, but I couldn't be more grateful for what I got experience.
I'm going to take my time to do this summary to show you what I've been up to and just have it as a reminder for myself. So here it goes:
This year I have been more sick than previous years. I ended up at the emergancy, and also got to know that I'm lactose intolerant. 
My eczema is back and I need to be more careful with my skin than before.
As many of you know, I'm playing the flute and this year we played at A LOT of concerts.
We played on both small concerts, but also at big ones. 
It feels like Linnea and I have got so much better at playing and we are even more confident than ever!
It's my senior year and school has been literally caught up my entire life these days and I have so much to do. 
I can't even remember when I didn't had something to do for school.
It's fun to learn new stuff but I wish I had more time for myself and to work on the things that I want to do.
Besides school, I got my first jobs, it's nothing that big but at least it's a start. During the summer, I had this summer job at the local dentist clinique and it was really a good experience to see how it could be working in real life.
I enjoyed being at work even if it was a bit hard sometimes to wake up in the mornings.
I learned a lot and it made me even more sure what I want to do with my life after school.
Despite all of my work in school, practising the recorder and my jobs, I've been with my friends quite a lot.
 I have both met new and old friends over the year. Some are still here and others have chosen a different path.
People change and so do I. 
I'm more confident now and I don't always need to relay on my friends. I know where I have them and I'm grateful for everyone that is there to catch me if I fall. 
Jenvevia - such an amazing person that really had a huge impact on me this year.
I couldn't be more grateful for having such an amazing friend as her.
It's crazy how I just met her first this year, but it feels like I've known her forever.
This year, a lot of things have happened and nothing really went like planned.
Concerts for example, you know how Felicia, Frida and I used to go to those all the time?
Well this year, it was a bit different. We didn't went to as many shows because things came between.
For example our jobs. 
We manage to go to some of the concerts and it's always so much fun going together.
I actually went to some concerts by myself. It was cool experience that for the first time. 
Even if I went to some of the concerts alone, I always manage to meet some of my friends anyway.
I also met some of the artists that I saw performing and got a little picture with them.
Eddie Razaz - he was super cute and really took his time to take a picture with me even if he was in hurry.  
Thinking about that still makes my day.
After been supporting Erik Segersted for around 4 years, I finally got my first picture with him!
My picture with Loreen must be one of my favorite pictures with an artist in all time. 
She's such an inspiration and I was so lucky to be able to meet her.
I absolutely love this picture of us three, you could see the happiness that we felt that day.
It's always a pleasure to meet Linnea and I'm grateful for everything she does for us. 
Yepp, we met Andreas once again. It's always so much fun to meet him and it seems like he will finally release his music. We've been waiting for over 2 years to hear it so it's about time! I'm really looking forward to hear it!
This year I have been traveling a lot with both friends and family. 
My family and I went to Gotland to camp for our first time. It was a different experience even if I didn't were happy about it at the time, I had fun. 
I visited Stockholm for the first time without parents in May with Frida, where we went to see One Direction.
It was a cool experience to get on the train to Stockholm for the first time and go around exploring the city.
That was not the only trip to Stockholm for me, I also did a spontanous trip to meet Jenevia the last time before she went back to the States. 
The third time I went to Stockholm during the year, I went together with Felicia and some relatives to see Bruno Mars.
It was so much fun going there and to really explore the city by ourselves. Getting away from school and everything for a while was really needed.
Seeing Bruno Mars was absolutely amazing, I'm still amazed over how talented he is and how good the conert was.
The highlight of this year must have been the trip to Holland with Carol. 
We had done so much planning to go there and we experienced so many new things during our visit. 
The reason why we went was because of school and our project that we are working on. 
It was our first trip abroad with a friend without parents.
We went to our first release party, got to work with The United and even experience how it could be like working as a photographer. 
Carol and I got so much closer to each other through this journey, and we are even greater friends now than ever.
I'm really glad that we went and it was just fun being there. It was really nice to meet the guys again, I wish them all the luck for the future. 
It was cool meeting their management and some fans as well.
I think we both learned a lot by this journey and we couldn't be more grateful for what we did. 
 I'm grateful for having Carol by my side, she's a wonderful friend and even if we have our downs.
We always bring each other up again. 
This was just a tiny bit of my 2013. 
It was a lot of things this year that was rough as well, and I have been doubting on myself and people around me. 
Looking back on those things just makes me stronger as a person and I wouldn't change anything because without them, I wouldn't be the same person as I am today.
Thank you to my parents and siblings that are still here for me even if I can be a bit too much sometimes. 
I'm grateful for everything you do for me even if I'm not always showing it.
Thank you everyone that is here for me and supporting me in what I'm doing. 
I'm grateful for all of my friends and family that's always here for me. 
I know there's some people out there reading my blog from Twitter and I really appreciate it and all the nice things you say to me about it.
Thank you!
Let 2014 begin and let's see what life has to bring!