Lizel Strömberg

Mimers hus - Invigning: Andreas Wijk!
Frida and I went to Kungälv the other day to see Andreas perform.
- He was as happy as always!
It's always a pleasure to meet Andreas cause he always manage to put a smile on my face!
New in!
I got super happy when I found these albums on sale for a really good price the other day!
Nickelodeon day, part 7: Signing!
 After the show, there was a signing like always.
Where people could take pictures and get autopgrahps from the artists who performed at the show.
I decided not to go, cause I don't really need an autograph. I have plenty of those at home already, but I sticked around to take some pictures though.
I must say, that signing was the most calm and chill signing that I've EVER seen.
I could even interact with the artists while the signing took place.
I took some pictures and it was so much fun to see fans getting so happy about meeting their idols.
 I also manage to get pictures with both Alexander and Eddie! 
They were so cute! 
Eddie even crawled under the table to get to me so we could take a picture together! :')