Mimers hus - Invigning: Andreas Wijk!

Frida and I went to Kungälv the other day to see Andreas perform.
- He was as happy as always!
It's always a pleasure to meet Andreas cause he always manage to put a smile on my face!

New in!

I got super happy when I found these albums on sale for a really good price the other day!

Nickelodeon day, part 7: Signing!

 After the show, there was a signing like always.
Where people could take pictures and get autopgrahps from the artists who performed at the show.
I decided not to go, cause I don't really need an autograph. I have plenty of those at home already, but I sticked around to take some pictures though.
I must say, that signing was the most calm and chill signing that I've EVER seen.
I could even interact with the artists while the signing took place.
I took some pictures and it was so much fun to see fans getting so happy about meeting their idols.
 I also manage to get pictures with both Alexander and Eddie! 
They were so cute! 
Eddie even crawled under the table to get to me so we could take a picture together! :')

Nickelodeon day part 6: State Of Drama!

During the nickelodeon day, it was the second time I saw State of Drama this summer.
- I absolutely LOVE photographing at their concerts!
Their stage presence is CRAZY.
They were all over the stage, dancing and singing. Connecting with their audience REALLY good.
Even if it's a bit difficult, State of Drama must be one of the most funniest people to  ever! 
You REALLY need to pay attention all the time of what they do on stage.
You NEVER know what they might do during their performance. If you are not paying attention, you will miss
those special moments where you get the most amazing pictures of all time. 

Nickelodeon day part 5: Oscar Zia!

I was a bit skeptical about seeing Oscar Zia during the nickelodeon day.
I don't know why, but nothing about him made me excited.
I have to admit, Oscar was actually very good on stage. He was a better singer than I thought he would be.
I also liked the good connection he had with his fans, even if they were a bit crazy. 
I still can't believe that he's younger than me, so crazy! 

Nickelodeon day part 4: Janet Leon!

The one I was least excited about during the Nickelodeon day was Janet Leon.
I don't know why, but I guess the reason was that I haven't really listen to her and her music before.
Anyway, she was really good on stage and she connected with her audience in a good way.
It was a bit difficult to shoot good pictures of her, because she had that thing when she look up to the sky while singing.
(Just like in the last photo.)
That made it hard to get good pictures where she didn't had a double chin.
 I think I managed to do a quite good job anyway, so hope you will like the pictures! 

Nickelodeon day part 3: Eddie Razaz!

The person I was most excited to see on Nickelodeon day was Eddie Razaz!
I saw him the first time in Idol 2009 and have been supporting him since.
I had not seen him since 2010 when Rebound still existed, so I was super excited to finally see him again!

Nickelodeon day part 2: Mary N'Diaye!

Mary N'diaye was one of 6 acts during the Nickelodeon day.
I don't really like her song 'Gosa' that much but I really like her other song 'För att du kan'!
It's a really catchy song and once you hear it, you know the lyrics. 
I had seen her the week before Nickelodeon day so I still remember her songs and how she's moving on stage.
 Knowing the artists's stage presences is a benefit for you, if you are going to photograph them while their performing. :)

Nickelodeon day part 1: Alexander Vasiliou!

 One of the last things I did before the summer ended, was to go and see the Nickelodeon day.
A concert held by Nickelodeon. Things didn't really went as planned, but everything went just fine it the end!
I had lots of fun and met severals of my friends on set. 
It rained so much during the show, but I was prepared with a plastic bag so I managed to capture some really good pictures after all.
Here is the first part from the nickelodeon day.
First out: Alexander Vasiliou!
He's a dancer/singer/Ilusionist from Sweden! 
I've seen him before at a talentshow that was airing on TV few years ago so I was quite excited to see him live for the first time!
He was really good at what he do and he was such a cutie as well!