Lizel Strömberg

Asians UNITE!
These last couple of days has Jenevia stayed here at my house and it has been so much fun! 
It was the first time we met and it was so nice to finally meet her! 
We have been doing lots of fun stuff like photo/video shoots and just hang out talking and watching fun videos! 
I leaved her at the train station this morning, sad but she will be back in two weeks so it's okey! 
Then when she comes back we will go on a little adventure in city! ^_^
Andreas Moe on iTunes!
I bought my first songs from iTunes and I was so proud of it that I decided to take photos of the process, HAHA!
Really good EP's in my opinion and if you want here is the links so you can listen to them yourself! 
In another hand, I prefer to buy the CD instead of buying it online.
New week, new possibilities!
New week, new possibilities!
This is kinda how this upcoming week will look like for me! 
* 21th January: Presentation - Sales

* 22th January: Sport class - Fitnesstraining 

* 23th January: Photostudio: 5pm - 9pm

* 24th January: Jenevia arrives: 8.50am

* 25th January: Photostudio: 12pm - 1.30pm

* Driver lesson - 4.05 - 5pm
(and of course I have school too!)