Lizel Strömberg

My New Year's Resolutions for 2018!
Happy New Year eveyone! Hope you had a great new year's eve!
People have different opinions about New Year's resolutions. Some people think resolutions are dumb and no point in having and others thinks it's a great way to make a change in their life. For me, writing down new year's resolutions is a fun thing to do since I can look back at my notes to see if I managed to fulfill what I wanted. It's also a great kind of content to make to get traffic because people are so curious of others. haha
One unwritten rule I have when writing my resolutions is to not make them too specific. Only because things can change over time and ideas can evolve in something different. I like to keep things open but still have a goal to work towards. That way, it reduces my stress over not having to done exactly what I wanted in the beginning. 
My goals/resolutions for 2018:
  • Start my business
  • Become more structure
  • Post content in a more timely manner
  • Take better care of my health
  • Stop working way too without any proper rest
That's some of my goals for 2018. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, becoming a better version of yourself and to experience something new, are things you always should aim for. Without any passion and a will to evolve as a person, life wouldn't be as fun. Have that mind.
Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2018? Or maybe have any ideas you want to work further to? Don't hesitate to leave a comment and tell me, I'm curious to know! 

2017 - A Year to Remember
2017, is truly a year to remember! I've experiened a lot of different things this past year both negative and positive things. It's been a year where I have really been able to work and grow as a person. I have learned more about being an adult and what kind of person I want to become. This past year, I have gained a level of confident which I never thought I would have, if you would ask me for two or three years ago. 
I've been working tremendous a lot this past year, with my photography and my ordinary job. Working hard is something I've always done and some times I forget that my body and mind needs to rest. Not taking the time to rest isn't good and this year I've experienced the consequenses from it. 
Last year, I wrote down my new year's resolutions in hope for some change: "2017'S NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS!". When I look back on what wrote, I've realized that I managed to fulfill my goals in a broad sense. I mean, if you go back to read the list I have proof that I've started to create videos as I recently posted my first video on my YouTube channel. I've also learned a lot of more Tagalog as I've started to listen to music with Tagalog lyrics, watched a lot of Filipino YouTube channels and other kinds of content to practice my ear for the language. 
My fourth point was to get stronger, which I have, at least becoming a stronger person. My mental health has been going up and down this past year but I've never been as confident that I am today. With all of what I've experienced throughout the year through my jobs, the feelings I've felt and the people I've met, I have realized how unique I am. I have many flaws, but I'm starting to realize my worth and the voice I have. 
Thanks to my passion for photography I've experience things that I never thought I would, at least not this soon. I've met some wonderful people and gained memories for life. Throughout the year, I've been able to create content that makes me happy and been able to take it to the next level. 
I'm very grateful for everything that I've experienced 2017. It truly has been an interesting year with a lot of up and downs but many laughters as well. The pictures in this post represent some of the moments or people that made my year a little more eventful and left a special impact for me to remember. 
Until next time, ingat!
Welcome to my new YouTube channel!
I have an announcement to make!
For a while now, I’ve been thinking about how I want to evolve my creative work. I've realized that my photography doesn't always tell the stories I want to tell, the experiences I get and the people I meet. The past two years, I’ve started to watch more content on YouTube which have made me explored new kinds of creative work. I've come to realize that videography can be a tool for me to express myself in a new way. Cinematography is something that I've always been interested in and admire. Storytelling is close to heart and is something that I want to do more in the future.
With this new channel, I want to reach out to a new audience, learn something new and push myself into new challenges. Bear with me and please be nice! It's my very first video and I've been very nervous about creating videos and to show another side of me. I haven't done a lot videos before and it's completely new to me. I'm excited and nervous for this new kind of content that I will be making but I'm looking forward to see how it will evolve and where it will take me. 
You can find my introduction to my YouTube channel in the video down below. 👇🏽
Hope you will enjoy my new type of content and stick around to follow my journey. 
Until next time, ingat!