I'm super happy with my new purchase!
For as long as I remember I've always thought that some of the first photographs ever taken have been interesting to look at and fun to have. It's somehow inspiring to see how they were working to get that one photograph to count.
Polaroid cameras has always been something that I've wanted. It's something about capture a photo and get it as a physical copy. When there was a discount on Fujifilm's Instax Mini 8, I couldn't keep myself from buying one! 
Choosing which colour I wanted was much harder than it should have been. Haha. But in the end I decided to get a white one because it was a simply colour that I wouldn't bug me later on but also because it's the easiest colour to get good pictures of. xP
The film for the camera is very expensive, so I will only use it on special occasions
While I was looking at the camera in the store, I spotted this cute bag to carry around it. Since it was not that expensive and the fact that I would probably need something to store it, I bought one as well.
I was super excited with my new camera and I knew I wanted to share it here on my blog. So I decided to pay a visit to Carol to borrow her beautiful desk to take photographs of my camera. Also I wanted to share my first experience with my polaroid camera with Carol so we took our first picture with it! 
Whenever Carol and I take pictures together, we have to take several ones because we always have trouble getting us in frame and capture a photo when both of us are ready. Because of that, we were a bit worried that we would have to use more papers than we should. But believe it or not, we actually got it on the first try! xD
I'm very happy about my new camera. Looking forward to use it more and see what kind of photos I can get.
Do you have a Polaroid camera? In that case which colour did you pick? - Or if you don't have one, what do you think about them? :) 

Rest in Peace, Lolo <3

Saying good bye to someone you love is always hard.
I want to dedicate this blog post to my Lolo. Loosing my grandpa hasn't been easy. Even if it's tough now, it's important to remember the good memories and that he will always be here somehow as long as we keep thinking about him now and then. Despite language barrier, limited amount of times that we have met and thousands of miles apart, I wouldn't change it for a thing. I have great and fun memories with my Lolo. 
To my Lolo, I want to say thank you for everything you have done and for all the laughters and memories we shared. I love you and I will miss you. Rest in Peace, Lolo. You will always be remembered. <3

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, but specially to my own mum!
I think we all need to show our appreciation towards our mothers more than we actually do! We all have our differences; we just need to remember to accept and respect one another. 
Despite our differences, I love my mum! She's tough, loving, patient and don't forget very funny! I'm thankful for everything she does for my siblings and I. We may not say it too often enough but, thank you mum for everything you do for us to make sure we get the best life we possible can get. 
- Mahal Kita! <3 

Ullevi: Superheroes Against Cancer

"Superheroes Against Cancer" is an organazation that works against cancer, to help collect money to "Barncancerfonden" and to spread a moment of joy for the kids that are struggeling with cancer in different ways. 
The other week, I went to Ullevi to see my two friends who are working with the organization as "Merida" and "Superman". I've never seen them working in their characters before, but I must say it was very fun to see the joy of the children's faces when they got to meet their hereos. A smile, a hug or even a simply hello really make a difference. I'm looking forward to see more of their work in the future!
You can go to Facebook and like their page here at: to show your support and make sure to keep up with their work. 

Eurovision Song Contest 2015

It's Eurovision week this week! This year, there's a lot of ballads in the competition. In fact, way too many to be able to keep track of them all because they really need to have something extra to stand out from the crowd. I've been watching the semi-finals during the week, and semi-final 2 was for sure the strongest one! 
To begin with, I love Måns's performance. The message of the song, Måns vocals and visual affects gets together in a perfect way. Everything is on point and truly takes the performance to another level!
I liked Macedonia's entry, the rythm. Hungary for its cosy campfire feeling. Belarus for the pop and the classical influences. Ireland for it's simplyness. Portugal for it's contrast in the verse's with a more darker sound and then more positve in the chorus. Azerbaijan for Elnur's vocals that really makes the song build up from the beginning to the end. Italy for their popopera, and strong voices!
But there's 5 songs, that stands out more and have really made an impact on me! 
My favorite of all the songs in the compition this year, is Belgium. I absolutely LOVE the rythm in this song! The live perfomance was very different from the others, but I like it! It made an impact as its own. Also Loïc's voice is incredible! -
I just can't stop listening to it! 
Israel this year, is what I've seen one of the favorites this year. "Golden Boy" is very uptempo, party song that really is needed in the Eurovision this year consider all the ballads. Nadav is doing a great job on stage and delivers dance and energy! -
Top 10 for sure!
I think no one have missed that Australia is in for the competition this year. Their representant is the one and only Guy Sebastian! If I'm not mistaken, Guy only had about 72 hours to compose the song, record it, mix it and produce it, yet do a music video. - As you can hear in the clip below, the song turned out great! A feelgood song that really makes a good first impression of the music Australia can deliever! 
Georgia has one of the strongest number of them all, at least in my opinion. The staging, Nina's vocals and everything else was on point! Nina Sublatti delivered a strong number, with a lot of attitude and power which I really liked! More entrys like this in the future! 
Mélanie René from Switzerland is another strong women in the competition this year. Unfortunately she had to perform right after Sweden in her semi-final which I think sadly gave her less opportunity to get through. "Time to Shine" is a power ballad which I think Mélane made a great work to deliver on stage with her strong voice, attitude and stage presence! 
So that was my favorites in the Eurovision this year. You have probably different opinions about the songs in Eurovision than I have, so don't be a stranger, leave a comment and tell me what you think about your favorites! ^_^

20 Years Old

It was my birthday yesterday. I had an unsually calm day, which was nice for a change. I got a visit from my uncle and his wife, which I really appreciated since they drove for about an hour to get here. Other than that, I had a very lovely dinner with my family and relatives at the asian resturant "Göteborgs Wok" which is always appreciated!
I want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes, and the love you have sent me the past day. I'm so thankful! Also a thank you to my family and relatives for celebrating me today. You're the best!

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!
Hope you had a lovely day with your loved ones! When I say loved ones, I don't only mean boyfriends/girlfriends but also your friends and family. Just don't forget to show how much you appreciate each other the other days of the year as well! 

Don't forget to be proud over what you accomplish!

Let me tell you this, since 7th grade I've been using contact lenses basically everyday for the past 6 years. I refused to wear my glasses outside the house cause I wasn't happy about how my apperance and also cause I thought my glasses were so annyoing to wear. 
Since I've started with my medicine for my acne, my eyes have been unusual tired and I haven't been able to use any make-up, so to give my eyes some more rest I thought I should get myself new glasses. A couple of weeks ago, I got a pair of new glasses and ever since I picked them up, I've been wearing them everyday!
You can't really understand how proud I am over myself for actually wearing my glasses, since I've been so stubborn to not show myself in glasses for anyone except my family. It have made me more confident in myself than before!
On top of that, I've started working as a waitress, and that has been such a challenge for me both physically and mentally. I never thought, I would have the courage to work with something in the resturant bussiness since I've been so incredible shy over the years. I'm proud over myself for keep challenging myself in a way to put me in uncomfortable situations, where I have to step up my game and prove to myself that I can do it!
With this blog post, I want to remind people that you should be more proud over yourself and the challenges you accomplish, no matter how small or big it can be. We have to put ourselves in situations we are not used to if we ever want to get somewhere we never have been before. Don't be afraid to ask for help, advice or support if needed. In the end, at least you tried!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Hope everyone had a great Christmas with lots of love together with your loved ones! If you didn't get what you wished for, don't forget Christmas is all about so much more than just the presents. Look around and see what you already have around you, cause we often forget to appreciate the things we already have. 
Other than that, I hope everyone are feeling well!

Here's a sneak peek of our adventure in Stockholm!

I think most of you are aware about my trip to Stockholm through my other social medias and are a bit curious about it since you apparently have been going into my blog as well. 
You know probably I'm a bit slow on my updates here, and wants to edit my pictures before I post a blog post. But since I have a lot of pictures to show before those from Stockholm, I will post a sneak peek of one the things we did there:

Photographing at Way Out West!

Last week, Way Out West was held in Gothenburg. For those who doesn't know what it is, it's one of Sweden's biggest music festivals. In many years, I've been curious how it is at a festival and this year I got the opportunity to photograph during one. 
As a photographer for Popmani, I got to be one of the photographers to report from Way Out West. It was my first time attending a music festival and also having a photo pass. It was a strange feeling to be in the photo pit instead of the audience. I had so much space to move around and I had to think about where I should stand to get my pictures as good as possible. 
It was interesting to see how the press and people within the media and music industry are working behind the scenes. If you only knew how much more work there is behind the concerts, articles and the videos people are making. 
Despite the lack of sleep, and insecurity I felt since my camera equipment was nowhere as good as the others,  I had so much fun photographing during the festival. OutKast, Veronica Maggio and Mapei were few of those artists that I photographed. I also shot some streetstyle with Ellen from the fashion editorial staff for our website.
You can go to to see the pictures I took, but also read the articles the editorializer wrote about the concerts. Plus there's more pictures from the other photographer which was there to shoot as well. 
This was a really good experience to get and I learned a lot from it. I'm grateful for getting the opportunity to do this! 

Graduation celebration with my friends!

Since a lot of my friends graduated this year at the same time as each other, we couldn't attend the other's graduation party. We decided to get together and have our own party to celebrate each other.
The other week, we went to Lina to have this party and it was really nice seeing the girls again! Just a bit sad that Louise couldn't come. Otherwise, we had a lot of fun during the night! We played some different kind of games and also updated each other about what have happened lately since we rarely meet up like this.
I'm really grateful for still having them as my friends, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world!

Congratulations to Conchita Wurst!

Huge congratulations to Conchita Wurst for winning Eurovision Song Contest! 
She's such an amazing artist and icon. Her victory was well deserved! 
(Picture from:
"This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom." 

Backstreet Boys - In A World Like This: Tour 2014

As many of my friends know, I'm a huge fan of boybands. Backstreet Boys has been my idols since as long as I can remember.
About a month ago, a dream of mine came true: I went and saw Backstreet Boys live for the first time!
The day didn't started that well, I came late for school and I was so stressed out, cause I didn't wanted to be at the arena too late.
First I was suppose to have a seating ticket, but I got my aunt's standing ticket instead.
I'm so grateful that she offered to trade the tickets so I could go with Annelie!
So, THANK YOU SO MUCH HILDA for doing that for me! 
I met up with Annelie at the arena.
Believe it or not, we actually met Howie and Nick from the Backstreet Boys! (!!!)
We said hi to them, but unfortunatly they didn't had enough time to take pictures with us. 
Before entering the arena, it was chaos because the queue-system that the fans had set, didn't work out because of some disrespectful people. 
 Luckily for me and Annelie, we ended up first in line, in one of the queues.
I had never been so stressed out and nervous about getting good spots for a concert before. Haha, poor Annelie had to try to calm me down.
 They opened the doors and we ran to the stage and we ended up front row!
It was such a relief that we finally got the spots we wanted.
We were SUPER excited for the show and we literally just couldn't wait for it to start!
First thing that happened was that Brian entered the stage to present his son Braylee that was going to perform for us.
Braylee was the cutest boy ever and he surely had his dad's music talent in his blood. 
 Earlier that day, Annelie had spoken about the supporting act 'The Exchange' and she was absolutely sure that it was a girl band. When they hit the stage, we got the biggest surprise ever, cause they surely wasn't girls. Haha
'The Exchange' was actually really good, and we were both amazed how good their voices were and how much energy they had on stage!
After the supporting act, it was finally time to see Backstreet Boys!
You could feel the excitement in the room and people were just screaming when they entered the stage!
The show was absolutely fantastic! They sang both old songs from back in the days and new ones from the latest album.
It was incredible to hear the songs that I've been listening for so long!
I also loved how much Backstreet Boys were interacting with the audience in different ways. They were singing to their fans, taking picture with them, took several cameras/phones to record themselves singing.
And they were shaking hands with people, looking in their eyes while singing and holding the fans hands. 
I got attention from everyone of the band, and it was just a great feeling to finally be able to see my idols live like that. 
 I have seen so many different bands live before, but no one has been as amazing as Backstreet Boys!
I LOVED the show, and I couldn't ask for more! 
After the show Annelie and I met the guys in The Exchange, and it was so nice to meet them!
Lovely guys who really showed their appreciation for the support they got. 
 Just look how happy we all looked in this picture! ^_^
And thank you Annelie for everything that day, it was so much fun hanging out with you! x

2013 - A year to remember!

2013 has been something that I couldn't even imagine it to be. 
This year was a very eventful year for sure.
Both bad and good things have happened, but I couldn't be more grateful for what I got experience.
I'm going to take my time to do this summary to show you what I've been up to and just have it as a reminder for myself. So here it goes:
This year I have been more sick than previous years. I ended up at the emergancy, and also got to know that I'm lactose intolerant. 
My eczema is back and I need to be more careful with my skin than before.
As many of you know, I'm playing the flute and this year we played at A LOT of concerts.
We played on both small concerts, but also at big ones. 
It feels like Linnea and I have got so much better at playing and we are even more confident than ever!
It's my senior year and school has been literally caught up my entire life these days and I have so much to do. 
I can't even remember when I didn't had something to do for school.
It's fun to learn new stuff but I wish I had more time for myself and to work on the things that I want to do.
Besides school, I got my first jobs, it's nothing that big but at least it's a start. During the summer, I had this summer job at the local dentist clinique and it was really a good experience to see how it could be working in real life.
I enjoyed being at work even if it was a bit hard sometimes to wake up in the mornings.
I learned a lot and it made me even more sure what I want to do with my life after school.
Despite all of my work in school, practising the recorder and my jobs, I've been with my friends quite a lot.
 I have both met new and old friends over the year. Some are still here and others have chosen a different path.
People change and so do I. 
I'm more confident now and I don't always need to relay on my friends. I know where I have them and I'm grateful for everyone that is there to catch me if I fall. 
Jenvevia - such an amazing person that really had a huge impact on me this year.
I couldn't be more grateful for having such an amazing friend as her.
It's crazy how I just met her first this year, but it feels like I've known her forever.
This year, a lot of things have happened and nothing really went like planned.
Concerts for example, you know how Felicia, Frida and I used to go to those all the time?
Well this year, it was a bit different. We didn't went to as many shows because things came between.
For example our jobs. 
We manage to go to some of the concerts and it's always so much fun going together.
I actually went to some concerts by myself. It was cool experience that for the first time. 
Even if I went to some of the concerts alone, I always manage to meet some of my friends anyway.
I also met some of the artists that I saw performing and got a little picture with them.
Eddie Razaz - he was super cute and really took his time to take a picture with me even if he was in hurry.  
Thinking about that still makes my day.
After been supporting Erik Segersted for around 4 years, I finally got my first picture with him!
My picture with Loreen must be one of my favorite pictures with an artist in all time. 
She's such an inspiration and I was so lucky to be able to meet her.
I absolutely love this picture of us three, you could see the happiness that we felt that day.
It's always a pleasure to meet Linnea and I'm grateful for everything she does for us. 
Yepp, we met Andreas once again. It's always so much fun to meet him and it seems like he will finally release his music. We've been waiting for over 2 years to hear it so it's about time! I'm really looking forward to hear it!
This year I have been traveling a lot with both friends and family. 
My family and I went to Gotland to camp for our first time. It was a different experience even if I didn't were happy about it at the time, I had fun. 
I visited Stockholm for the first time without parents in May with Frida, where we went to see One Direction.
It was a cool experience to get on the train to Stockholm for the first time and go around exploring the city.
That was not the only trip to Stockholm for me, I also did a spontanous trip to meet Jenevia the last time before she went back to the States. 
The third time I went to Stockholm during the year, I went together with Felicia and some relatives to see Bruno Mars.
It was so much fun going there and to really explore the city by ourselves. Getting away from school and everything for a while was really needed.
Seeing Bruno Mars was absolutely amazing, I'm still amazed over how talented he is and how good the conert was.
The highlight of this year must have been the trip to Holland with Carol. 
We had done so much planning to go there and we experienced so many new things during our visit. 
The reason why we went was because of school and our project that we are working on. 
It was our first trip abroad with a friend without parents.
We went to our first release party, got to work with The United and even experience how it could be like working as a photographer. 
Carol and I got so much closer to each other through this journey, and we are even greater friends now than ever.
I'm really glad that we went and it was just fun being there. It was really nice to meet the guys again, I wish them all the luck for the future. 
It was cool meeting their management and some fans as well.
I think we both learned a lot by this journey and we couldn't be more grateful for what we did. 
 I'm grateful for having Carol by my side, she's a wonderful friend and even if we have our downs.
We always bring each other up again. 
This was just a tiny bit of my 2013. 
It was a lot of things this year that was rough as well, and I have been doubting on myself and people around me. 
Looking back on those things just makes me stronger as a person and I wouldn't change anything because without them, I wouldn't be the same person as I am today.
Thank you to my parents and siblings that are still here for me even if I can be a bit too much sometimes. 
I'm grateful for everything you do for me even if I'm not always showing it.
Thank you everyone that is here for me and supporting me in what I'm doing. 
I'm grateful for all of my friends and family that's always here for me. 
I know there's some people out there reading my blog from Twitter and I really appreciate it and all the nice things you say to me about it.
Thank you!
Let 2014 begin and let's see what life has to bring!

Loreen, such an amazing artist!

Friday afternoon, I went to 'Musikhjälpen' once again, but this time it was for the amazing Loreen.
I still can't get over what an amazing artist and person she is.
I love that she uses her fame to work with charity and for human rights. 
She's one of those few people that I really look up to.
I went to 'Musikhjälpen' with Carol and it was just nice being there seeing her perform.
I didn't got to meet her in person, but I had my moment with her. 
I didn't had any expectation for the day, so I was just happy to see her. 
I met one girl, Josefine , that apparently recognize me from Twitter. She has also been reading my blog. 
She was so nice and it was super cute of her to come up to me and say hi!
I really appreciate it, so thank you for doing that! 

"Pysseldag med Linnea Henriksson"

During Thursday, Felicia, Carol and I went to Nordstan to meet Linnea Henriksson. 
We made some birds to collect money to 'Musikhjälpen'.
After Felicia had left, Carol and I got to see Linnea perform a song with her friends.
It was lovely to meet Linnea again. She's such a nice and warm person, very down to earth. 
She surely cheered us up and it was exactly what I needed after these last couple of weeks. I'm so grateful for meeting her!

Westlife - The Farewell Tour

As some of you know, I'm a very big fan of Westlife and have been that since as long as I remember.
- I basically just saw their video of their very last concert that was hold in Dublin. Apparently it was on TV earlier tonight and I didn't knew that before 30 minutes of it have already been shown. 
Lucky me, SVT had uploaded the show on their website so I could see it from the beginning. 
It was my first time seeing it and it was absolutely AMAZING but it was too much tears for me to handle. - I literally couldn't stop crying.
I'm still sad that I didn't had the chance to see them last year and to experience a real Westlife concert my own. 
 But I should be happy about the fact that I do have seen them live once and even met them FACE TO FACE. THAT have to be one of the best days in my life, ever! :') <3
"Boybands today are nowhere near to be as great as Westlife ever was! "

My singing little bird!

Yesterday I went to see Felicia perform and she was as talented as always! ^_^

I have started to take guitar lessons! ^_^

5 chords in 2 weeks! 
Two weeks ago I had my first guitar lesson. I started a bit late for this term but it was because I got accepted for the class just a month ago. But in just two weeks I have learned 5 chords and I think it's going pretty well consider that I have only had 3 classes so far. 
I'm picking up quite quickly but I guess it's because I have played the recorder for a long time now. Anyway it's A LOT of fun to finally learn how to play the guitar, I have always wanted to be able to! 
So funny that "Wonderwall" is my first homework, it's a classic and I just love it!