A 20 minutes event!

The school where my sister goes to had an event a while ago which I decided to check out. Last year, I took some of my best shots during this event but this year I didn't took a lot of pictures. That day, I was working over and had forgot about the event first. My mum reminded me about it, and decided to stop by even if it was only about 20 minutes left of it. Thought it would be fun to see what was going on and see if I would meet someone I know. 
I don't have much to say about the event or my pictures this time, so I will let them talk for themselves. 
It was nice seeing all the happy faces of the kids when they got to see the animals that was there. But I wasn't all happy about the part of the event where the kids could pet pigs and sheeps. Because it was too crazy and there wasn't any proper order for it. The animals got too stressed out. 
That was about it for this time. Hope you are alright and having a great week. 
Until next time, ingat!

Hanami @ Botaniska Trädgården

Hanami is a ancient tradidion that still lives on today. It might not have the same meaning in the modern settings, but it still excist and gets celebrated. I don't know a lot about the tradition or the Japanesee culture to understand what it is really about. If I've understood what I've got told is that the orgins of Hanami have to do with making offerings to ensure a good haverst. It also has a lot of poetry about the flowers because of how they're symbolic of life.  
Earlier this year, my friend Lina and attended the Hanami celebrations in Gothenburg at "Botaniska Trädgårn". We had never been at this event before but we were looking forward to attend it and photograph the beautiful flowers around the garden. 
First thing that took place that day was the releasing of the koi fishes in the garden's pond. It was a lot more people there to see the release than I expected. It was fun seeing the curiosity in the kids faces. 
We briefly met Carol that day as well, which was very nice. I hadn't met her in a while so it was nice seeing her agian. 
I spotted this older couple while photographing and they were so cute. The older man seemed excited to be there and kept photographing the things he saw around him. 
Unfortunately I wasn't that good at capturing the cherry blossom at all, most my photos turned out very shaky and the focus wasn't where it should have been. Photographing flowers and other herbs is not something I do on a daily basis and something I need to learn to get better at. 
It was nice seeing Lina photographing and doing her thing. I can tell how much more confident she has become in her photography and I'm so proud over her!
If you want to see Lina's photos from the day you can find them on her blog: http://nouw.com/linam/hanami-goteborg-304-30022166
After seeing how pretty the background turned out in my photo of Lina, I decided I wanted a photo of myself as well. It's not often that I'm in the photos myself, but I'm trying to become more confident infront of the camera. 
Lina and I decided to check out the greenhouse in Botaniska. As it was a very windy and chilly day, it was very nice going in to the warmth. 
In one part of the garden, you were able to try Japanese tea. I drink a lot of tea, but I had never tasted Japanese tea before. It was very interesting to see the woman making and preparing the tea. It had very interesting flavor and it was much stronger than I thought. It was nice getting to taste it, but it wasn't something for me. 
We ended our day with a Fika. I had a very nice day together with Lina! It was nice hanging out with Lina outside from our work to just photograph, chill and just have a nice day. Lina, if you are reading this: Thank you for being a great friend and for your company!
This was it for this time and I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Until next time, ingat!

Celebrating my 22th birthday!

First of all, thank you for all the birthday wishes and the love I've recieved the past two days!
I really appreciate it! 
I don't have a lot to tell about my birthday. I didn't wanted a big celebration of some kind or to go out partying. I simply just wanted to get together and hang out with some friends. I celebrated my birthday at home with a calm dinner with some of my closest friends, which was very lovely. I treasure those moments when you get to hang out with friends without feeling stressed out or having the need to think about what to do the next day. 
Guess what, my mum surprised me with this cake of a pair of boobs. xD
To be honest, I knew something was up. She accidentally told me that she was going to get a cake and had this sneaky sound to her voice when she tried to play it off. Haha. 
Either way, it was funny! I finally got myself a pair of boobs. haha
Here's some of my closest friends that I've known since junior high or high school. A lot of people lose their friends from their time in school or at least don't have the close connection that they had back then. But I'm lucky to still have more than a handful of friends from school that I still have a very close bond to. I'm so happy that we still keep in touch despite that we are busy with doing our own thing in life. 
Thank you to my friends that came and celebrated my birthday and a big thank you to my family for preparing my birthday dinner! 

Happy Easter | 2017

Happy Easter Everyone!
Hope you had a great holiday and that you could enjoy your time off. Easter was very calm for us and we invited my uncle, his wife and my aunt for dinner at our place. I've been sick the past week so I was glad that we didn't had a bigger celebration than that. 
One of the best things about celebrations are probably the food! Pancit which is a dish of noodles, that I love and is kind of something you gotta have on every kind of celebration according to the filipino culture. 
The amount of dessert was so many! First off we had Fruitsalad.
We had cake, casava cake and buns as well for dessert. The food was so good and everyone was so full at the end of the dinner.
It's fun to have some quality time with my family and relatives to just catch up and have some laughters. I appreciate it and I think it's important to have those moments where you just spend some time with your closed ones. 
I hope you had a very pleasant easter and that you got to treat yourself with food, had some quality time with family/friends or just have a moment of free time to do nothing. 
Until next time, ingat!

Baking day at Linnéa's place!

My friend Linnea and I, have been helping out with baking cookies for some of the culture events in the commune. Linnea and I are very busy people, she's studying at the university while I'm working and always away doing something. The baking days we have is basically the only times we meet each other these days, which is fun that we get to do. 
If I'm going to admit, these pictures are actually from last year. As some of you have noticed, I've been very bad at publishing the content I make in a timely manner. Things were messy last year, I wasn't confident enough of my work and my computer didn't wanted to let me work with my photography at all. With a new computer, things will hopefully change this year!
Even if these pictures are a bit old, I think they are still relevant since we are still baking cookies together. 
I don't remember what exactly these cookies are called but at least they tasted very good. xP
Despite being lactose intolerant, chocolate is one of my favorite things so I really enjoyed these cookies once I got to try it out. 

Break from work

Taking a break from work and eat lunch with one of your closest friends is something I don't do often enough. It's always nice to sit down and discuss or tell one another your thoughts and experiences to process it in another way. I'm glad and grateful that I have Lina at work which I can have a good talk with, make jokes and just have some fun with. We bond very well and I'm happy I get to work with someone that is as hard working as myself.

Reunited with Carol & Madde!

About a month ago, I reunited with Carol and Madde! It had been almost a year since the three of us met. The main reason we met was to celebrate both Carol's and Madde's birthday. 
It's alwasy very hard to get together all three of us because we are always busy with school, work or other things in life. So being able to meet just for a couple hours is almost an impossible task but once we meet it's like we never have been apart. 
We had a great time to catch up and just give each other a recap of the past year. I was very happy to hear about Madde's first trip to Chile where her dad is from. It was interesting and exciting to hear what she got to experience and see some of her pictures from the trip. Madde is such a fun person and I love her sense of humour!
Since we were celebrating their birthdays a cake was a must! 
I didn't take a lot of photos from our time at Carol's place because we had too much fun talking with each other. But once we took out the cake, Carol and I couldn't keep ourself from taking photos of it. xD
To end this post, I want to say once again Happy Birthday Carol and Madde! I'm wishing you all the best in life and I'm so happy that I've got two fantastic friends like you! We need to hang out more often, it's all fun when we meet. x
To all the others reading this post, I hope you enjoyed the post even if was more personal and not many photos to see. More updates are coming with other topics so keep an eye out for them.
Until next time, ingat!

2017's New Year's Resolutions!

It's funny how many of us make New Year's Resolutions every year as a start of the new year. 
In one way, it can be a negative thing since it can make people wait to do the changes they need to do before the year ends or things they can start with earlier. Positive side to have new year's resolutations is that they can make you more driven to make changes in your life.
When I was younger I didn't had any resolutions and only in recent years I've made ones during the last week of the year. I think making new year's resolutions makes it's easier for some people to look back on and to see what they have accomplished during the year.
My new year's resolutions usually aren't something very specific since it can create unnecessary stress if I don't manage to fullfil them exactly the way I imagine in the beginning of the year. Consider that idéas, projects, goals or anything can change into something else or better throughout time. Either way, I thought I would do a small list for my resolutions in 2017. 
My goals/resolutions for 2017:
» Create content that makes me happy
» Try to stress less 
» Start making videos
» Get stronger 
» Learn more Tagalog
Another thing that I don't need to write in my list anymore which I always strive for anyway is to experience something new. What about you? Do you have any new year's resolution or goals you want to reach in 2017? 
Please let me know, I'm curious to know! ^_^

2016 ➟ 2017: Happy New Year!

Late Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope you had a pleasant 2016 and that you will get an even better 2017. 
2016, has been one of the most challenging year so far on a personal level, both physical and mentally. In the beginning of the year, I started my new treatment for my acne which affected me in different ways. My body got extremly tired and I got bad mood swings. Now, when I have ended the treatment I feel better and that it was actually worth it. My skin feels better and I get less scars than before. 
Some of my goals I had for 2016 were to become more confident, do something new and to improve my photography. In one way or another I have been able to reach those goals. 
This past year, I've stepped out of my comfort zone a lot more than before which has been tough. For example, I have taken my photography to the next level and done some press work. Doing press coverage with Jenevia this year has been a very learning experience and I got to realize that the work I do, is good enough. Other than that I have a new job where I get to learn and practice on my studio/product photography. At work I also get to learn and exeperience how different things in several departments works.
My year has been up and down a lot. Many things have changed the past year, some people isn't around anymore, situations have changed and I've got more responsibilities than before. 
You decide what you do with the changes in life. Some changes have made me fall but at the same time made me even stronger. I have realized my worth and even if I don't always know it, I can make a small change in other's life.
How has your 2016 been? Have you learned something you haven't thought you would? Have you experience anything new? Seen places you never seen before? Tell me in a sentence or two, how has your 2016 been! :)  

Beautiful Christmas lights at Liseberg!

As I'm having a long weekend with no studies and work, I'm taking the free time to be as productive as I can. My studies takes a lot of my time and energy which I wish I could use into my creative content. So, during the time off I have from the studies, I'm editing as many photos as I can, creating content and planing for next year's projects
In this blog post I will share my photographs from the annual visit to "Jul på Liseberg" (or in english: Christmas at Liseberg). This year I went to the christmas market with my friend Lina. She's also a photographer, so other than just hanging out we were also there to take photos. 
Last year, I was too cold and tired to be able to take my time to photograph the things I wanted. This time, I was determined to get as much footage as I wanted and didn't mind the cold at all. 
I absolutely love the beautiful lights that are there. I tried to capture the cosy feeling in Liseberg but it was too many people around that walked in frame and my wideangle lens didn't managed to made the picture as sharp as I wanted it to be. I think I need to buy me a better wideangle lens since the ones I have doesn't fulfil the purpose that it needs to. 
One of my favorite spots is the Medieval market. Love seeing the different handcrafts and clothng that the people are wearing. While looking back on my pictures from last year,  I realized that I had almost no people in my photos. Since I've become more confident and took the opportonity to ask if I was allowed to take pictures of them. They were more than happy to pose for me, and I'm happy how the picture turned out!
Love this guy's enthusiasm!
We walked passed this booth and I loved the lights in it so I had to take photo of it. ^_^
Bulb, is a function in my DSLR camera that makes the shutterspeed slow. I haven't used that function much before so I decided to try it out. When using Bulb you should use a tripod, since I don't have one I had to make sure to get the camera stablized. 
It's not the best photo but I think it turned out cool anyway! I will definitley try Bulb more in the future and maybe buy a tripod to make it easier for me to capture the pictures they way I want.
That was it for this time. Hope you are having a great holiday and that you will have a great start of this upcoming year! - Until next time, take care!


Belated Merry Christmas everyone!
Hope all of you had a lovely christmas regardless if you spent it alone, at work or with your loved ones! 
We have this tradition in our family during Christmas Eves which starts in the morning with opening one gift each. During the morning we get together to eat breakfast. My mum tend to also insist to take family portraits in front of the christmas tree.  
My family and I spent our christmas at home with some relatives. Nothing big, just a small gathering which I personally prefer than a huge party. 
One of the best things about Christmas is to get together with people you cherish, eat good food and have some laughters. 
Since my siblings and I are old enough to not believe in Santa anymore, we didn't got a visit from him. 
I didn't took that many photos during the evening because I felt that I just wanted to enjoy the moment and not think too much about getting photos. It's funny though now when I look back on my photos from last year, I can tell a huge different from my photos this year. Despite the fact that many of my objects in this year's photos are similar to last year's, there's many technical stuff that I've learned that makes the photos better. 
If you are curious to see the differences I'm talking about you can compare the photos in this blog post with the ones HERE.
I hope you are well and that you are having a great holiday! If I won't publish anything before New Year's Eve, I will wish you a Happy New Year and that you will have a great year ahead of you! 
P.S. Stay tuned this weekend for more updates. 
Until next time, take care!


You might wonder: "Where is Lizel? Why hasn't she been updating her blog?" - There is no simply answer to those questions because the reasons are many. What I can say is, I am a perfectionist. 
Being a perfectionist affects me as a person and how I work. I never do anything halfway. If I'm going to work, study or work on my photography I put all my energy and focus to do it properly. It can be a postitive thing since it lets me do my work thorough and I can be productive. One of the negative things about it is that I find it difficult to finish a task such as create a blog post because in the back of my mind I know there's always something that I can improve. Which leads me to keep finding things I want to remake or rewrite that later on gets the content delayed or never gets published. I try to get better at it and not overthink everything all the time. Babysteps. 
So if you were wondering that's one of the reason why the update is so bad here.
One thing that I have to tell you is that even if I might haven't been posting here at all lately, I have been working on my photography. For example, I have been doing investments in equipment, planning content and learning more tricks at photographing and editing. 
This summer I got employed at my new work. One of the areas that my colleague and I are in charge of is the photography in the company's marketing. The work that we do gives me the opportunity to improve my product and portrait photography. We are in charge of different areas in our department and it has taught me plenty of new things that I never thought I would learn. 
Since I have got a bit sidetracked and been trying to learn new things at my job, I haven't been able to put more of my energy into my content on my blog and social medias. 
- Things change and you have to work the best you can with the situation you are in.
Before 2017, I have content that I'm planning to create and project to take part in which I really hope will happen. If things turns out the way I want there will even be more press work involved. My main goal with my photography next year is to not be as stressed out over my work and just create content that makes me happy. 
I appreciate that some of you keep checking my blog out and my social medias despite that I'm so bad at updating them. I can't promise anything regarding of how often I will be publishing new photos but I hope you will stick around to follow my journey and to watch my content.
Please leave a comment to let me know what kind of blog post you want to see more of and give the post a like to let me know you are still around. 
More blog posts will be published this upcoming weeks so make sure to keep an eye out
Until next time, take care! 

The reason behind my absence!

Hello everyone!
First of all, I apologies for my absence the past month. I have been wanting to update here with new pictures and stories for a while but I haven't been able to go online because we have no internet at home at the moment. Not having internet access really limits the way I wanted to work with my photography this summer. It's super annoying, and I miss out on a lot of things concerning events to photograph but also it makes it harder for me to work. Also I feel bad for not being able to update here because I'm aware that some people are waiting for new blog post. 
I have pictures ready to share, the only thing I need to do before publish them is to submit blog posts. I will try to visit my aunt or my friend to borrow their internet to schedule new updates to publish soon!
Next blog post will hopefully be published within a week. Until next time, I hope everyone is having a great summer!

Valborg | Cortége 2016

The past weekend, the people in Sweden celebrated a feast that is called "Valborg" which takes place every last day in April. I guess a lot of people here doesn't really know why we celebrate, in short terms: these days it's to celebrate that the spring is here. The holiday is most known for it's bonfires that people light up around Sweden and some places shoots some fireworks. Also it's another holiday for Swedes to drink alcohol. 
Here in Gothenburg, the university "Chalmers" has this kind of "parade" on the streets of Gothenburg where the students build different scenes of cardboards and paper machié on top of trucks. The different scenes are of currents events and done with a bit humour in them. There's also some rebuilded vehicles such as toilets, cars and other home mad stuff. 
My family and I were a bit late to the caravan so didn't get good places to see everything. But my brother and I ended up front row in the end. If you are in town when the "parade" is happening, I would recommend you to see it. It might be a bit hard to get the jokes since you need to understand Swedish, but it could be a fun experience to get anyway. 
It was difficult to photograph the big trucks and get some decent pictures of them, but at least I managed to get pictures of the people walking on the streets.

Throwback Thursday: Birthday celebration!

Carol is going to laugh and say: "Told you so!", when she gets to see this blog post. The thing is, I told her I would post this around the time we met and photograph these pictures. She knows me way too well, so when I told her that, her response was simply:
- "No you won't, you will post it in a couple months".
I was going to prove her wrong, but I guess it became true after all. Even though it's kind of late to post these pictures, I wanted to share them here on my blog and with you anyway. 
These pictures are from her birthday back in January. Madde and I surprised her with dinner at the restuarant in Saigon. We hadn't met in a while, so it was nice to get back together to hang out and celebrate Carol's birthday. 
As always, Carol and I were taking photos and just had a fun time together with Madde. It was nice catching up and just hang out. 
We were suppose to buy some bubble tea as well, but unfortunetly there was no boba left so I was the only one buying it. I still wanted some kind of dessert and since it was Carol's birthday we decided to go to Expresso House to get "kladdkaka". "Kladdkaka" is one of the most popular cake here and it's very tasty. It's definitely one of my favorites!
Before we went separate ways, we took some pictures of the three of us. We had some problems getting all of us in frame and getting pictures were everyone was satisfied of how they looked. We even asked some one to take the picture for us, but it didn't went that well since the person was not used to using a DSLR camera. We ended up having lots of funny pictures and Carol couldn't decide one to upload so she solve the problem by working her magic and created a great college with the different pictures, which I absolutely love!
If you want to see more of Carol's pictures from that day you can check them out at her blog:
To end this blog post I will say: Very belated happy birthday Carol! Haha.

~ Happy Easter ~

Happy belated Easter!
During the weekend of Easter, my family and I visited some of my relatives for easter celebrations. I only took pictures during the dinner at my uncle's house since it was much calmer and not too many people that were eager to grab food once it was served. The traditional easter food is eggs, potatoes, herring, meatballs, ham and much more! But, at my uncle's place we didn't got served any easter food at all which I was actually happy about. 
Since I'm lactose intolerant, my unlce's wife had made all the food that we were eating lactose free. I really appreciate that they made the effort to make food that I'm able to eat, consider that not many people thinks about others allergies. 
Another typical thing for Swedes related to easter is alcohol. For your notice, this is not my glass, I don't drink.
I've always loved my uncle's wife's cooking and the dinner we got served was very tasty! 
Even if I wanted to eat more, I couldn't since I knew there was dessert coming as well!
Some people think the fancier food, the more tasty it is. But, as simple as a fruit salad can some times be the best dessert of them all. One thing that my siblings and I were excited about were the cookies we knew, we would get. We love the cookies that my uncle's wife makes, specially the ones in the red papper. Those are our favorites!
I want to thank my uncle and his wife for a pleasant dinner and our easter gifts, also a thank you to my mum for the easter egg that I got! ~ To all my readers, I hope all of you had a great holiday as well with friends and family!
P.S. I'm aware that some fans of Samir Badran from the event at Missäy are lurking here for the pictures I took. As I've promised, I will publish them here. Just stay tuned and keep an eye out during the week, because they are coming!

Jul På Liseberg | 2015

In the end of 2015, we went to Liseberg for our annual visit to see the "Christmas market". 
There's everything from different kinds of food/sweets to the Middle Ages market with things such as bows, knifes and clothings. You never know what you can find that you fancy. 
Despite the cold, it's actually quite cosy to go around the amusment park and see all the beautiful lights. I was a bit lazy to take pictures that day since I was super cold even if I had taken some extra layers of clothing. The cold and I don't really go that well together. 
I absolutely LOVE fudge! Too bad they didn't had any lactose free options that I could buy. 
One of the last things we did at Liseberg, was to see last year's ice skating show. The theme was "Hansel & Gretel". I was very impressed how the production team had really thought about the lightning and the music to make the show give a bigger impact. From what I can remember from previous years, it felt like they had stepped up their game. 

Ice Skating | Ruddalen

During the Christmas Holiday, we went Ice Skating. When I was younger and went to elementary, my school had one of those "sports days" every semester to go ice skating. I remember that I liked it despite how cold I got. I haven't been good at ice skating, and it had been a while since last time, so I was a bit nervous to be back on the ice. 
To my relief, I manage to go on the ice without falling on my butt. I've always been a bit jelous of those who could ice skate around the rink without any problems. But this time, I was just happy about being able to stand on my feet. :P

Happy New Year!

Late Happy New Year Everyone!
Hope you had a great 2015 and a nice ending to it. 
I'm stepping into the new year with more confident than I ever! The past year has been a very eventful year, including traveling to Philippines and London, meeting new people and working. I've also been back in school to study some classes, which has made me a stronger person. On top of that, I have been working on my photography as well and have learned a lot in the process. 
 My goals for 2016 are:
° Become more confident and get better at talking to people
° Keep working and improving my photography
° Try to live a healthier life style
° Seize the day
° Experience something new
What are yours new year's resulotions or goals for the new year? I'm curious to know, so don't be afraid to leave a comment and tell me! :)
2016, let's do this! 

Christmas Eve 2015

Belated Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with a lot of luaghters with your loved ones!
This Christmas I celebrated it with my family. We were just at home ate food, opened presents and played some card games. It was nice and calm, nothing much. Some times simple is enough. I'm thankful for everything I got!
I hope you are well, and I wish you all a great holiday!