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Beach photos from Bicol
I’m not a person that likes to go to the beach, but since my cousins wanted to swim, I decided to go with them. To be honest, this was actually one of the only two times that I went to the beach during my whole vacation in the Philippines which was for a month. Haha.
I'm back with another Filipino Friday post and a throwback to my trip to the Philippines earlier this year as I have lots of unseen photos. I always struggle a bit with knowing what to write when it comes to my blog posts since I don't always know what I want to share. I don't want to only share photos since you can only tell a bit of the story with a photo and not more. Anyway, here's a throwback when I went to the beach in Bicol with my cousins!
While some of my cousins went swimming, I walked around a bit to take photos. It was very calm and not a lot of people on the beach. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of the beach, but it was nice getting to visit a new place. 
I cherish these moments very dear, having a good laugh and a talk it's more treasured than people realize. 
My cousins kids are some of the most adorable children I've ever met. They are full of life, cuteness and smiles! 
I saw a dog walking by and of course I had to photograph it! I’m actually really happy about how the photo turned out. I like how blurry the background is and that the background is different from what I have in my other photos of dogs. I like how the dog isn't out of context and you can imagine your own story to it. 
If you didn't know, Filipinos are all about getting photos. I doesn't matter what you are doing or where you are, they love posing for photos. When I was walking around at the beach I saw this couple having a proper photo shoot with a photographer. I had to stop and watch them work. It's always interesting to see another photographer work and maybe learn something new about photography just by watching them take photos. It was a bit cringe to watch the photo shoot because the couple would do the most cheesy poses, like making a heart with their arms, being all playful like hiding behind the trees and poses like that. It still was a lot of fun to see and I had to capture them in action. If I was a bit more confident and they were not too busy with taking photos, I might have walked up to the photographer to talk about photography. 
It was my first time seeing someone in Philippines to have some kind of photo shoot like that, which was very nice to see actually!
I don't have much else to say about my photographs or what else happened that day since there's not much more to say. It was a bit of a short post but at least I made it by posting a new Filipino Friday post in time. Haha, Hope you enjoyed the photos and getting to know a little bit more about my trip. 
That was it for this time, new posts are on it's way so stay tuned for more updates. 
Until next time, ingat!
6th of June ~ National Day
The national day here in Sweden is on the 6th of June. I went to the local square where I live to see the celebration of the day. It wasn't that much to it since we live in a very small community. Either way, I decided to bring my camera just in case if I saw something I wanted to capture. I know, I'm very late at posting these photos since it was a week ago I took them but I had to priority my other content before this. At least it didn't took me months to post like it used to do a year ago, so that's an upgrade. 😋
There was some face paiting for the kids.
The local scouts where there and gave people the opportunity to taste twist bread which is a very common thing to eat at scout camps. 
Iréne Johansson is a know person in the commune which works a lot with the music, art and theater. She used to work as a record teacher and was actually my teacher when I was still playing the recorder. I still have good contact with her and it's always nice meeting her. 
Swiss roll with colorued cream. 
Nathalie Isaksson, a local singer was one of the performing artists during the day. 
I absolutely love photographing dogs, if I wans't allergic to fur I would probably have my own dog at home if I could!
This was it for this time. Hope you will have a nice week!
Until next time, ingat!
Bryan's Graduation Day!
The end of May and the beginning of June it’s graduation times in Sweden! Graduating from high school includes prom, graduation parties and doing the last efforts before heading into world of being a grown up. This year was not an ordinary year, it was my brother’s time to graduate from high school! My brother Bryan has been working very hard in school, making sure to do the best of what he can do and has been longing to the day he finish high school to get to another chapter in life to start with something new. I want to dedicate this post to my brother and share some photographs from his graduation day. 
The day started with doing some preparations for the evening's party and the "Utspring" which is when the students run out from the school building onto a stage to show their happiness over the fact that high school is over and to meet their loved ones as a symbol for being free and done with it.
After meeting Bryan, taking photos and congratulating him for graduating, he went on the truck which was taking his and six other classes around the city to celebrate their graduation. It's hard to explain but it's a tradition here in Sweden and in simple terms is kind of a party bus. 
I didn’t took that many photos of the day since I was helping my mum out, playing games with the kids and talking with the guests who came to the graduation party later that evening. I simply didn't felt like photographing that day since I did not want it to take my focus on enjoying the day. 
I want to end this short post with saying a huge congratulations to Bryan for graduating! Keep up the good work and stay true to yourself. You are doing great and you have a lot of potential! I'm very proud over you and I'm looking forward to seeing where the future holds for you! 
This was it for this time, until next time ingat!