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Sorry Not Sorry, Goodbye
Today's Filipino Friday post will be a bit different from previous ones. This time, I won't be sharing any photographs from my time in The Philippines, instead I will be telling you about Filipino music. As someone who loves music, I'm always on the look for new songs to listen to. 
The past couple of years, I've been slowly starting to practice my Tagalog more by watching Filipino movies, following vloggers and listening to Filipino pop music. It's a bit of a struggle when you don't have anyone to translate things for you, but Carol try to help me out when she can. 
The two major type of music that I come across when looking for Filipino music are ballads and lots of covers. Finding uptempo songs within the music industry in The Philippines is a very tricky thing but when I do, I get very excited! 
I recently found "Sorry Not Sorry, Goodbye" by Issey. The title caught my attention, I thought it sounded so sassy and I had to listen to it since I was 100% sure this would be an uptempo song. When the intro started, I immediately knew this was a song in my taste! I love the beat in the song, how sassy it is and the mix between Tagalog in the verses and English in the chorus. The music video gives us dance routines at different locations, outfit changes and attitude. I absolutely love this release, the song and video are both great and match well together. 
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5.
Issey is still very young, she seem to be very new to the music industry and the YouTube community but has started to grow a following on her social medias quite fast. If her next release will be something similar to "Sorry Not Sorry, Goodbye" I will looking forward to hearing it and keep an eye out to see what else she has in store! 
Did you gave the song a listen? In that case, what do you think of "Sorry Not Sorry, Goodbye"? 
Until next time, ingat! 
Pussy Riot | My first Russian concert
These past couple of years, I've started to explore new kinds of musc such as Ukrainian, Filipino, Latin and Russian pop. With a more mature look on music with lyrics I can't understand, I found this new way to explore new music and cultures a lot of fun and learning. 
In this post I will share my thoughts and photographs from my first experience to see a Russian concert! I was very surprised to see Pussy Riot being in the lineup to be one of the acts to perform at Liseberg. To be honest, the name Pussy Riot didn't click for me at first and I had to do a bit of a research to know more about who they are and understand what kind of message their music has. Pussy Riot's music is very provocative with strong messages about current events happening in the world.
Pussy Riot is a punk rock activist group that have done a lot statements and protest through their music one particular that got a lot of attention in the media was their protest against Putin. Several members of the band got arrested and spent time in jail because of their protest. The story about this event is far more detailed than I can explain but if you are interested in knowing more just google "Pussy Riot" and there's tons of videos and articles about them as a group and the arrest. If you want to get a bit of a view of what I mean with Pussy Riot's music being provocative, you should watch their music video to "Make America Great Again":
The set started of in an interesting way, their intro was a long list of 25 facts about some important things in the world that Pussy Riot want to highlight. If you want to know what I mean with the intro you can watch the video I found on Youtube of it, watch it HERE. The way they had made the intro was to have a prerecorded voice reading these text while showing it on the big screens in the center of the stage. I don't think I have ever seen that kind of intro on a concert before. It was surely different and a bit interesting to hear. But I think many of the people who were there to see the concert got a bit impatient for the concert to start since this intro might have been for about 10 minutes. 
One of the distinct thing in the show is that all of the performing artists on stage are wearing balaclavas. I'm not entirely sure the whole reason behind it but it's a way to stay anonymous and free people. That whoever that want to, are able be a part of Pussy Riot.
What I really liked and appreciated about Pussy Riot's set was the fact that they used the screen behind them to show visuals. They had lyrics to their songs and also translated to the non-russian speaking audience for us to get the chance to understand what their messages in their songs was about. It's a very smart move to have translated lyrics for everyone to feel participated and have a chance to understand the music they were hearing. 
Seeing Pussy Riot perform was very interesting and I really enjoy seeing something different than I'm used to. Before the concert, I had listened through several of their songs and I was pleasant surprised over how many songs that I actually recognized from my research and that I already knew some of the lyrics to.  
Pussy Riot's music might not be for everyone but I would at least recommend you to watch a video or two, to just see and hear what they are about. Their work is important and I want to give them all credits for staying brave and keep doing what they do. 
That was it for me. I hope you enjoyed this post and found something interesting or fun to read about. I really enjoyed seeing a full concert by a russian group for the first time. I hope to see and explore more music from that region and other places in the world. Let me know what you think about what you saw in this post and don't forget to stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time, ingat!

Introducing: Stina Velocette
Hello! For this post, I will be doing something different and introduce you to a new artist: Stina Velocette! 
I had never heard about Stina before being listed to perform at Liseberg. But after have seen her being listed at Liseberg's website to do a concert and after I did some research, I decided that I wanted to check out her music more. 
Stina Velocette is an artist, producer and a songwriter from Göteborg. She has been writing music together with artists such as Kapten Röd, Syster Sol and Roffe Ruff. Velocette has previous been in a duos as "Äkta Kärlek" and "Serengeti". Even if Serengeti isn't active artists anymore, I would recommend you check their music out. Serengeti's music is reggae and very catchy. 
Stina Velocette changed her name, language and music style to RnB and in 2016 she released her first solomaterial songs as "Hålla Det Öppet" and "Rutorna nere". The urban and RnB music scene in Sweden isn't something I'm very familiar with as I've been mostly focusing on the pop scene these past few years. But the small amount I've seen so far, have been promising. For example, there's actually content out there! Such as music videos which the Swedish pop scene lack and promotions for their upcoming shows and music. The visual parts of music is important to grow an audience, connect and show the music in a new way. 
I missed the first 20 minutes of Velocette's set due to family errands. I was looking forward to seeing a new artist and hear new music. I didn't knew what to expect of the show but I was happily surprised over how much I enjoy seeing it!
Shish Bizz, the dancer of the set!

 Guest appearce by Nayomi during the performance of "Visa från Barrikaderna". (Press the songtitle to listen to the song)  
One of the songs I remember from my research was "Stanna Tiden".
I really liked all of the performances stage presence, they had good chemestry which comes from being friends and it was nice seeing how much fun they were having. 
Sophia Tako was singing backing vocals. She's her own soloartist and have released numerous singles and a following EP. If you want to check her music out as well you can do it on her YouTube channel: Sophia Tako.
Dj Miss Jen, when I try to look up her content I can only find this song that she's featuring on: "Dancehall Cypher". 
I absolutely love the fact that everyone on set were women, it's rarely that you see that today. It was so much girlpower on stage and it was nice to see that they all come from different backgrounds. One of the songs that I would highlight more is "Ska det va såhär". This song was written right after the #MeToo movement started and she wants it to be a fight song for all the women to give them strenght but also give the men an eye-opener and make them start to reflect. 
If you want to try to catch Stina and her crew, here's some of the gigs they will be doing this summer!  
This was it for this post. I tried my best at organizing it with texts, photos and videos for you to see. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and hopefully you found a new artists or music to like. Leave a comment, like this post or reach out to me on my social medias to let me know what you think about this.
Until next time, ingat!