While you are waiting on the pictures....

....you can look at this video that I record with Lina yesterday! 
Hope you enjoy it! ^^

Stay tuned!

Okay I have like a LOT of matrial for the blog but I don't know where to start.

I have anyway started to edit some of pictures so yeah they will probbably come soon!

So stay tuned!


Still alive?
The blog haven't been updating so much this week but yeah
I have been really busy the whole week and still are!
But yeah I'm going to try to update and tell you what have happend
these couple of days!
All I can say now is that I had an AWESOME time with Daniela and also with Frida!
So...Can you guess what I have been up to? ^^



Good Morning!

Good morning! New week and lots of crazy stuff is happening under the week!
...So let's do this!!
....So to all of you out there...Have a nice week!



Just finished doing some math and now time for some english! ^^

Beautiful weather!

Time to go outside and take some pictures in the beautiful weather! ^^

Less than 3 days left!

Daniela's and Lizel's VICTORY RUN!


The first gig for this year! ^^

Okay for like 2 weeks ago now I was on a little gig in Frölunda Torg with Daniela!
And yeah it was really fun and I even met some other fun people there! ^^

And those who was there and preforme was André, Moa, Robin and Amanda F.
They were really good and yeah here is some of the pictures that I took then! ^^


Okey thought that nattstad was little boring and weird...
...so I'm back and going to update here just like before or maybe more!

So stay tuned! Cause a lot of crazy and fun stuff is coming! ;D

(btw...I'm still updating on nattstad for a while...cause yeah sometimes is it nice to write in swedish also)

First gig of this year...!

Okey last saturday I was on a small gig in Frölunda Torg with Daniela...
...and yeah that was really nice! :D
Tried my new lens so yeah that was fun! ^^

More pictures will come soon so stay tuned! ^^

New blog!

Sorry guys! Haven't update here for a while but yeah i have started a new blog
on nattstad and it's on Swedish.
But for you guys that don't understand swedish you
can always look here instead cause I will still write here also like usual! ;)
But for those who want to check out the other blog just klick here on the link! ;)

And more updating will come! so stay tuned! ;)

Hahaha...nawww....he's so cuuute!

Happy birthday to youuuuuu! ~~

Today is it not an ordinary day cause it's my WONDERFUL friend Daniela's birthday today!
It's cool cause I have only known her for like little more than 4 months(!!)
And it's amazing how good contact we have to each other!
And even tho I haven't known her for so long, have we so many wonderful memories and we have
laugh and smiled so much these couple of months!
And yeah we have like the most craziest and funniest humor of them all!
HAHA! #JustSaying! ;))

But yeah... Daniela I know you reading this so...
...Thanks for being there and you are a wonderful friend and
it have been so amazing to get to know you and....

And I will seing you soon! ;))


Even tho the year have been both at the TOP and DOWN to the bottom...
....2011 have been seriously the best year so far!
I have never been so HAPPY or smile and laugh so much
in my entire life!
I have done so much this year and been kind of everywhere!
This is my summery of my 2011! ^^

This year I have been hang out with my friends a lot...
...once in a while I went to some small gigs here and there...
....went to school and have a lot studies....
...even flied to the other side of the planet to Philippines....

...and Hong Kong just to meet my relatives...
...while there I celebrate my Sweet Sixteen....
....Back home I went to Prom and graduate from High School....

...Said bye for the last time to my old classmates and got some SUMMER VACATION...
...first thing I did was to go on a Camping with some friends....
..... And when Summer REALLY began was it CONCERTS TIME was on diffirent concerts all from a small gig in Lerums to a big concer/Opening Cermony in Ullevi! ...

...even was in a concert myself ;)  ...

....Went also on a road trip with the family from
Gothenburg --> Stockholm --> Norrköping --> and back home! ...

.... Had some random photo shoot with Lina and her friends little everywhere...

....I also celebrate some birthdays ....
....went to "Skara Sommarland" ....
....Saw friends performe on stage....
....started in Collage and got some new awesome classmates and friends! ....
....and took a lot of photos....

...and just lived my life!

Thank you EVERYONE that have made my year so AMAZING that it was! 
This was truly the best year SO FAR! 
So many smiles, laughs, tears and rememberable moments that I'm going
to remeber for so long!

And I have made serveral new friends that I really am Thankful for I got today! 
So thank you EVERYONE, 2011 was REALLY the BEST YEAR so FAR!
And special THANKS to Felicia that have been with me THE WHOLE year both in
bad and good times!
And now I will make 2012 MY year to do my very best to fullfill my DREAMS!

The summery of my 2011 is coming!

My summery of 2011 is coming tomorrow !
So just stay tuned if you want to see it! ;))

Happy New Year Everyone!