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"Nästa Nivå" is a project where people from the Swedish hiphop industry search for new talents, which they coach and help to get to the next level. Some of the artists that have got together to find and help new talents are, Adam Tensta, Timbuktu, Medina, Silvana Imam and Ison & Fille. 
The project had a big concert during the festivity at "Göteborgs kulturkalas" where the new talents got the opportunity to show the audience what they have been working on through out their time at "Nästa Nivå". 
The host of the show was the famous rapper Adam Tensta. I have to admit, I enjoy listen to hiphop once in a while but it's not really the kind of music I usually would go to see a live show of.
Patrik Jean
The main reason why we decided to stick around was because of the fact that Sabina Ddumba was one of the coaches and was there to perform some of her own songs. I love Sabina's voice and her songs so it's always a pleasure to see her perform. As I've probably have said before, I'm really looking forward to hear more of her music soon!
For a while now, I have heard the artist name "Elliphant" a lot but I've never looked it up to know who it is or what kind of music she does. At "Nästa Nivå" for the first time, I got to see who Elliphant is. Right before she hitted the stage, it was all quite and once she appeared, it was like an energy boost! 
Her stage presence was different from the others and it was such a fun time to photograph her on stage! The music Elliphant does might not be my cup of tea but I loved seeing her live. She was moving a lot side from side, making eye contact and just put her all into the performance which I loved! 
Linda Pira, one of the most famous rapper in Sweden at the moment where there to perform as well. The sun had started to set and it got a bit harder to shoot the pictures because of less light. 
The time flied passed fast and we actually forgot to go to one of the other events we had planned to go, but we actually didn't mind much. Hiphop music might not be the music I usually listen to but I enjoyed seeing the show and Carol and I had so much fun to photograph it!
Sommartorsdagarna | Albin & Mattias featuring Niello
Every year since 27 years back, Borås city has organized the event "Sommartorsdagarna" at the town's square which is held every summer during seven weeks every Thursday. It's an event that invites the citizens of Borås and visitors to one of Sweden's biggest free event. During the event there is different kinds of entertainment. They have set up three stages: one for kids, one for those who like "Dansband" and the main stage.
In simply words, the set up is that the event begins around 5pm. Kids can get face painting, play around and then the first performance starts at 7pm which is the opening act. Later on, the music competition "Svensktoppen nästa" is held where the finale takes place in Gothenburg in September. One of the awards in the finale is a spot in Melodifestivalen next year. The headline starts at 9pm and almost the whole city gets together to see the show. 
This time around, Carol and I went to Borås to see Albin & Mattias. I have seen the duo before when I did press for Melodifestivalen but also at RIXFM Festival where they only peformed three songs. So I was very excited to finally see Albin and Mattias do a full show with their own live band!
Since I was working during the day, we went to Borås later on in the evening. We arrived to the town's square around 6-7pm. We decided to walk around to photograph some of the things that were going on. 
We found this adorable dog that we just had to photograh!
We sure got some weird looks while photographing in different angles. But what to do? We had to get our shots. ;)
When it was about an hour left, we decided to take our spots infront of the stage. We saw some of the contestants of "Svensktoppen Nästa" perform. From what I saw, there was no act that got me interested to hear more of. 
At 9pm, it was time for Albin & Mattias to hit the stage!
- They started off with the song "En Sista Gång"! 
Their set list contained songs from Albin's album "Dyra Tårar" which Mattias has been working on as well but also from their latest EP "Insomnia" where Mattias has co-written and are featuring on. 
Between the uptempo songs, they slowed down the tempo and sang "Frank", which is one of my favorite song by them. 
Albin & Mattias had a guest performer named Niello. The three lads sang their song "Backa" and Albin & Mattias backed Niello up when he sang his song "Legenden".  
As the old E.M.D. fan I am, I love seeing how much Mattias has grown since the band decided to split up.
I love how much more confident Mattias looks in what he does now and he seems to have found his element in his music. Despite how much I loved E.M.D. back in the days, I enjoy seeing Mattias and the other guys going solo more since the music they do now, feels more true to who they are now. 
One of the best things with the show and Albin & Mattias as a duo is their chemistry! You can tell how much fun they are having and how good of friends they are by seeing them on stage! 
I loved the show and I knew a lot more songs than I thought I would, which was a pleasent suprise! Carol was amazed over Mattias's vocals and enjoyed the show a lot!
As a lot of the times, after the concert, Albin & Mattias had a signing where they get to meet the fans who came to see their show.
The signing was not as organized as you wish it would have been. There were too many people in line to get to meet the guys before we had to go to the bus. So, we decided to stand by the side to photograph from there.
It was a bit funny how some of the smaller children came up to Niello and asked him: "Who are you? Are you famous?". xD
Niello didn't really mind and he played it off by making jokes about it, which was fun to see!
Before we took the bus home, I made sure to say hi to the guys before we left. I'm happy that it seems like I made a good impact during Melfest for them to remember me on a positive note. Unfortunately, I didn't got to talk with Mattias as much but at least I got to talk to Albin and say how much I enjoyed their show. 
If you want to see more pictures from the show and things around it, make sure to check out Carol's blog as well. As some of you know, Carol is a photographer as well and these days, she comes along with me too various events and some times we walk around the city to capture photographs together.
We might be photographing the same objects and people sometimes, but we see things differently and we have our own style in editing, so the result turns out different. I higly recommend you to keep beeing posted for other updates on Carol's blog, she also does some amazing illustrations and designs. We will continue to work together in the future and it won't be the last you see of her here on my blog and elsewhere!
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Sabina Ddumba | Liseberg 17/6
The concert summer in Sweden has already begun. The season usually starts in May and ends around late August or the beginning of September. This summer, the swedish popsoul artist Sabin Ddumba is on tour together with her live band around Sweden. Sabina is most known for her singles "Effortless" and "Not Too Young". 2015 she won a "Grammis" in the category "New coming artist of the Year". 
A couple weeks ago, Carol and I attended Sabin Ddumba's concert at Liseberg. It was our first concert for this summer and we were very excited to see the show and to photograph it. We came to the stage around one hour before it begun since I was working during the day. Despite being there much later than I'm used to, we ended up front row. 
The show started but three songs in, we were not happy about our spots because we felt were too close to the stage to be able to capture the photographs we wanted. So, we ended up leaving our spots to walk around the first part of the audience since there were space for us to move around to get different angles. 
Sabina Ddumba haven't yet released an album, only a few singles. I feel that doing a tour with only two songs that people know about can be a bit risky. In this case, it worked out well. Sabina played some of her new songs and despite that the audience hadn't heard them before they took it in and could feel the vibe. 
In the set list, Sabina had a medley which included a N'Sync's song and another one I can't remember the name of but it was really good! 
One of the things I liked about how the show was organized was the fact that the live band got their minute of shine where they got to show what they got. For example, the drummer did a drum-solo, the one playing the guitarr did a solo riff and each one of the background singers got to sing solo. 
After the show, I waited around to say hi to Sabina and tell her how much I liked the show, her story of her protective brother and that I'm looking forward to hear more of her songs. It was fun to see how she was joking around with the fans and made funny faces in her photos with fans.
Have you heard about Sabina Ddumba before? If so, what do you think of her songs? But if not, make sure to check out the music video I included on the top of this post!