"Nästa Nivå" is a project where people from the Swedish hiphop industry search for new talents, which they coach and help to get to the next level. Some of the artists that have got together to find and help new talents are, Adam Tensta, Timbuktu, Medina, Silvana Imam and Ison & Fille. 
The project had a big concert during the festivity at "Göteborgs kulturkalas" where the new talents got the opportunity to show the audience what they have been working on through out their time at "Nästa Nivå". 
The host of the show was the famous rapper Adam Tensta. I have to admit, I enjoy listen to hiphop once in a while but it's not really the kind of music I usually would go to see a live show of.
Adam Tensta
Patrik Jean
The main reason why we decided to stick around was because of the fact that Sabina Ddumba was one of the coaches and was there to perform some of her own songs. I love Sabina's voice and her songs so it's always a pleasure to see her perform. As I've probably have said before, I'm really looking forward to hear more of her music soon!
For a while now, I have heard the artist name "Elliphant" a lot but I've never looked it up to know who it is or what kind of music she does. At "Nästa Nivå" for the first time, I got to see who Elliphant is. Right before she hitted the stage, it was all quite and once she appeared, it was like an energy boost! 
Her stage presence was different from the others and it was such a fun time to photograph her on stage! The music Elliphant does might not be my cup of tea but I loved seeing her live. She was moving a lot side from side, making eye contact and just put her all into the performance which I loved! 
Linda Pira, one of the most famous rapper in Sweden at the moment where there to perform as well. The sun had started to set and it got a bit harder to shoot the pictures because of less light. 
The time flied passed fast and we actually forgot to go to one of the other events we had planned to go, but we actually didn't mind much. Hiphop music might not be the music I usually listen to but I enjoyed seeing the show and Carol and I had so much fun to photograph it!

Sommartorsdagarna | Albin & Mattias featuring Niello

Every year since 27 years back, Borås city has organized the event "Sommartorsdagarna" at the town's square which is held every summer during seven weeks every Thursday. It's an event that invites the citizens of Borås and visitors to one of Sweden's biggest free event. During the event there is different kinds of entertainment. They have set up three stages: one for kids, one for those who like "Dansband" and the main stage.
In simply words, the set up is that the event begins around 5pm. Kids can get face painting, play around and then the first performance starts at 7pm which is the opening act. Later on, the music competition "Svensktoppen nästa" is held where the finale takes place in Gothenburg in September. One of the awards in the finale is a spot in Melodifestivalen next year. The headline starts at 9pm and almost the whole city gets together to see the show. 
This time around, Carol and I went to Borås to see Albin & Mattias. I have seen the duo before when I did press for Melodifestivalen but also at RIXFM Festival where they only peformed three songs. So I was very excited to finally see Albin and Mattias do a full show with their own live band!
Since I was working during the day, we went to Borås later on in the evening. We arrived to the town's square around 6-7pm. We decided to walk around to photograph some of the things that were going on. 
We found this adorable dog that we just had to photograh!
We sure got some weird looks while photographing in different angles. But what to do? We had to get our shots. ;)
When it was about an hour left, we decided to take our spots infront of the stage. We saw some of the contestants of "Svensktoppen Nästa" perform. From what I saw, there was no act that got me interested to hear more of. 
At 9pm, it was time for Albin & Mattias to hit the stage!
- They started off with the song "En Sista Gång"! 
Their set list contained songs from Albin's album "Dyra Tårar" which Mattias has been working on as well but also from their latest EP "Insomnia" where Mattias has co-written and are featuring on. 
Between the uptempo songs, they slowed down the tempo and sang "Frank", which is one of my favorite song by them. 
Albin & Mattias had a guest performer named Niello. The three lads sang their song "Backa" and Albin & Mattias backed Niello up when he sang his song "Legenden".  
As the old E.M.D. fan I am, I love seeing how much Mattias has grown since the band decided to split up.
I love how much more confident Mattias looks in what he does now and he seems to have found his element in his music. Despite how much I loved E.M.D. back in the days, I enjoy seeing Mattias and the other guys going solo more since the music they do now, feels more true to who they are now. 
One of the best things with the show and Albin & Mattias as a duo is their chemistry! You can tell how much fun they are having and how good of friends they are by seeing them on stage! 
I loved the show and I knew a lot more songs than I thought I would, which was a pleasent suprise! Carol was amazed over Mattias's vocals and enjoyed the show a lot!
As a lot of the times, after the concert, Albin & Mattias had a signing where they get to meet the fans who came to see their show.
The signing was not as organized as you wish it would have been. There were too many people in line to get to meet the guys before we had to go to the bus. So, we decided to stand by the side to photograph from there.
It was a bit funny how some of the smaller children came up to Niello and asked him: "Who are you? Are you famous?". xD
Niello didn't really mind and he played it off by making jokes about it, which was fun to see!
Before we took the bus home, I made sure to say hi to the guys before we left. I'm happy that it seems like I made a good impact during Melfest for them to remember me on a positive note. Unfortunately, I didn't got to talk with Mattias as much but at least I got to talk to Albin and say how much I enjoyed their show. 
If you want to see more pictures from the show and things around it, make sure to check out Carol's blog as well. As some of you know, Carol is a photographer as well and these days, she comes along with me too various events and some times we walk around the city to capture photographs together.
We might be photographing the same objects and people sometimes, but we see things differently and we have our own style in editing, so the result turns out different. I higly recommend you to keep beeing posted for other updates on Carol's blog, she also does some amazing illustrations and designs. We will continue to work together in the future and it won't be the last you see of her here on my blog and elsewhere!
To see Carol's photographs of "Sommartorsdagarna" click on this link: HERE! <--
OR click on the picture above! 
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Until next time, take care!

Sabina Ddumba | Liseberg 17/6

The concert summer in Sweden has already begun. The season usually starts in May and ends around late August or the beginning of September. This summer, the swedish popsoul artist Sabin Ddumba is on tour together with her live band around Sweden. Sabina is most known for her singles "Effortless" and "Not Too Young". 2015 she won a "Grammis" in the category "New coming artist of the Year". 
A couple weeks ago, Carol and I attended Sabin Ddumba's concert at Liseberg. It was our first concert for this summer and we were very excited to see the show and to photograph it. We came to the stage around one hour before it begun since I was working during the day. Despite being there much later than I'm used to, we ended up front row. 
The show started but three songs in, we were not happy about our spots because we felt were too close to the stage to be able to capture the photographs we wanted. So, we ended up leaving our spots to walk around the first part of the audience since there were space for us to move around to get different angles. 
Sabina Ddumba haven't yet released an album, only a few singles. I feel that doing a tour with only two songs that people know about can be a bit risky. In this case, it worked out well. Sabina played some of her new songs and despite that the audience hadn't heard them before they took it in and could feel the vibe. 
In the set list, Sabina had a medley which included a N'Sync's song and another one I can't remember the name of but it was really good! 
One of the things I liked about how the show was organized was the fact that the live band got their minute of shine where they got to show what they got. For example, the drummer did a drum-solo, the one playing the guitarr did a solo riff and each one of the background singers got to sing solo. 
After the show, I waited around to say hi to Sabina and tell her how much I liked the show, her story of her protective brother and that I'm looking forward to hear more of her songs. It was fun to see how she was joking around with the fans and made funny faces in her photos with fans.
Have you heard about Sabina Ddumba before? If so, what do you think of her songs? But if not, make sure to check out the music video I included on the top of this post! 

Melodifestivalen Press: Rehearsals

As press, we got to see the contestants rehearse before the live show. Seeing the behind-the-scenes work was very interesting and informative. It was cool seeing how every single person had an important task to do, and made a difference on the show, from fixing the lights, removing the sawdust from the stage, getting water to the contestants and making sure people were on the right spots at the right time.   

Samir & Viktor are one of the acts that have a greater amount of support from before but they also receive a lot of hate. For those who don’t know who they are, Samir & Viktor are a duo that release fun, clubby music. They might not be musically trained, but their charisma and energy is a huge selling point, as it makes them very likeable. Also, they are known for their behaviour which is not very “Swedish”. Many people don’t take them seriously, and recently they have received a lot of hate after their participation in Melfest. But they've also had a lot of love from fans and new supporters

Some people don’t think they work hard and that they just happened to get famous. But I must tell you, I was very impressed with Samir & Viktor during their rehearsals. They were working very hard and made a lot of effort in getting the performance right. They were very sweet and giving tips to each other on what things they should think about during the performance such as, “Don’t forget to breathe”, “On this beat you should do that”, and also just giving some encouraging comments.
If you would have asked me three years ago what I thought about Samir & Viktor’s song, I probably would have said, “I don’t like it.” But as I’ve grown and become more open-minded, I actually really like “Bada Nakna”. The production of the song is current and very catchy. I'm not so sure about the lyrics but do I like the deeper message of them: togetherness. Also, Samir & Viktor deliver a very charming and energetic performance of the song. 
During the rehearsals Pernilla Andersson did her set, and I wasn’t paying as much attention because her music isn’t my cup of tea, if you know what I mean. I did like her staging with the lights and the cool portrait she had in the background. For her sake, it was not the best heat for her to compete in since her performance got lost and forgotten amongst all the up-tempo performances.
Mimi Werner was one of the surprising acts. I got to hear the studio versions of the songs before the actual live show, and was pleasantly surprised by her song, "Ain't No Good". I did not expect the song to be as good as it is. It’s a very up-tempo song with some attitude to it. During the earlier announcements of the contestants, people were saying it was a country song but it was more of a pop-song with country influences. I really liked it!
Her performance starts off a bit edgy and I loved her energy on stage! The song was catchy and her vocals were good! If she was in an another semi-final, she would have had a great chance to advance to the finals, but since she was a newcomer in a heat with a lot of acts that already had their name out there and had a big following behind them, the odds were not in her favour. But I’m so happy for her to have gotten 5th place in such a strong semi-final!
Albin & Mattias was an act I was excited to see from the beginning. When I first heard the song in the press room, I was a bit unsure about what to think. But after a while, it became one of my favourites! The fact that the two of them have made the song all by themselves is impressive since a lot of the acts get in the competition with songs that have been written for them by someone else. 
The performance is very energetic as well, and I absolutely love their chemistry with each other! It was cool seeing them work since we got to know a bit about their story from the interview we had.  
The fifth act in the line-up was supposed to be Anna Book, but since an English version of her song had previously competed in Moldova's 2014 national selection, her song got disqualified. It was sad to hear since she had worked a lot on her performance but I think because of it, everyone gave her so much more attention and love than if she had just been competing in the contest.
So during the rehearsals Robin Bengtsson did his rehearsal right after Albin & Mattias. I had only heard the studio version of the song, but once Robin came out on that platform and started to sing, I was amazed! There are not a lot of things going on during the performance, but as Robin said in our interview he wanted it to be simple and not have dancers because it wouldn’t suit the song. I understood what he meant when I was watching the performance the first time. 
The staging with the lights elevated the performance, and his vocals gave it greater impact that made the song even better! Also I love the harmonica in the melody! I think he has a great chance to place top 3 in the finals. 
Last out was Ace Wilder. To be honest, at first I didn’t like her song that much. I think it was a bit too much dance music for my taste but after hearing the song a couple of times and seeing the performance, I started to like it more! Ace is a brilliant artist, and she really thinks about the whole package, such as the song, staging, choreography and the outfit. I’m impressed by her work ethic and love that she takes it a step further. I think her song can be a bit too edgy, or I don’t know how to say it, but Swedes might have a hard time to take it in and like it? But I still think she has a really good chance of winning Melodifestivalen!
During Friday and Saturday, we got to see the dress rehearsals of the show, which was the first time members of the general public were able to see and hear the performances. Despite having been a fan of Melodifestivalen for as long as I can remember, I’d never seen a live show or dress rehearsal before. It was very cool doing so for the first time, and I love the energy, happiness, and excitement the audience filled the arena with! 

6th July | Lotta på Liseberg: JTR & Kristin Amparo

During the day of Lotta på Liseberg, I didn't felt well at all. I tried to keep the spirit up, since I didn't wanted to disappoint Frida and leave her by her own. We got to see both the dress rehearsal, and the show at set. Even if I was not feeling it that day, we had a lot of fun! It had been a while since we had hang out. 
After a while in to the show, I had to leave our seats since I wasn't feeling well at all. I just had to go out of there to breath and get water. I've never left a show before it ends, and it felt so weird doing so! 
We enjoyed the last of the show from a distance. Couldn't get that good pictures, but I really liked Madcon which was there performing their hit "Don't worry". 
After the show, we went to meet our boys in JTR just to say hi since we didn't really got to talk with them when we met them briefly during the day. It's always such fun meeting them! I also got to meet Ninath for the first time, which was a very happy surprise! 
Kristin Amparo, was one of the acts this year I really wanted to meet and say hi to. She was as happy as you think she would be, such a nice person! Loved talking to her, and actually bring up diversity in the conversation. Kristin is such a talented person, and I look forward to see more of her in the future!

"Potatisfestivalen": Andreas Weise

Every year, Alingsås is holding this city festival called "Potatisfestival" which contains a market, activities for children and concerts during a weekend. 
One of the days of the festival I went there to see Andreas Weise. I've seen Andreas a couple of times during the years since he was in Swedish Idol. This time it was a bit different, and more people have gotten into him since his participation in "Melodifestivalen" this year with his song "Bring Out The Fire". 
There was some technical problems during the gig, but as goofy as Andreas is, of course he took the opportunity to make some funny jokes for the audience. 
I love the energy Weise shows on stage! During the gig Andreas had an exclusive premier of his song "More" which I personally really like. It had never been played for an audience before, so it was cool being one of the first people hearing his new song. You should definitely check it out on Spotify, which you can do on this link:
Andreas was in a hurry to catch his train, but as nice as he is, he came out to the people for a quick picture and to say hi. :)

Måns Zelmerlöw: HeroesTour at Liseberg

Eurovision was held a couple of months ago, and I think no one has missed that Måns Zelmerlöw from Sweden won the whole compitition. Soon after his victory in Eurovision, he went on tour not only in Sweden but around Europe.
I got the opportunity to see Måns at Liseberg earlier this summer during his tour.
I was very excited about seeing Måns since I had heard that his setlist didn't only contained his latest songs but also his older ones, such as "Cara Mia", "Brother oh Brother" and "Hope & Glory". Which I was very glad to hear!
But the song I was most excited to hear was "Hold On", which is my all time favorite song by Måns! 
I really enjoyed the concert, to singing along to the well known songs and just being able to see Måns performing a whole show since I've been waiting for a while to do so. 
It was interesting to see how some people acted like they were bigger fans of Måns than they were, since they clearly only knew the lyrics to "Heroes". 
Other than that, it's very nice to see that Måns is finally getting the recognition that he deservs!

Andreas Moe @ Pustervik!

Andreas Moe is a singer/songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. You might have heard him singing on Avicii's song "Fade Into Darkness" or John De Sohn's song "Long Time". Or maybe you have heard Andreas's own songs "Collecting Sunlight", "This Year" or his more recent single "Ocean".
I discovered Andreas Moe back in 2011 when he was a guitarist for Ulrik Munther during his summertour that year. After been listening to Andreas's own songs and covers on Youtube, I've been around supporting him since then. I had been waiting for almost 4 years for the chance to see him live, so when I heard that he was coming to Pustervik I got very excited to finally be able to see him!
As I have written before, I love the small acoustic sets at concerts. It has a more personal vibe and you kinda get closer to the artist than these big shows with background dancers, lights and special affects. Don't get me wrong, I love the big shows as well!  
Hearing all of Andreas's songs, both new and old ones that I've been listening to during the years, live for the first time was so much fun! The songs kind of gets a bit more real that way. 
After the show, I got to meet Andreas for a chat and he was such a nice guy. He actually recognize me from social medias, and was happy to see me there. I'm glad that I finally got to see him perform live and being able to meet him properly. 
So I guess I just want to end this blog post with saying thank you to Andreas for such a great show, and for being such a nice guy! 


"Löparfestivalen" was an event in Gothenburg during the marathon that took place at the same time. Carol and I decided to go to the city to see everything that was going on, and to take some photos.
"Löparfestival" was this smaller show with seven acts performing and entertaining the people who were at the set supporting the runners. First up was "Smith and Thell", which is a popduo containing Marie Jane Smith and Victor Thell. 
Next up, was Charlie Marshall. 
Then it was time for my boys in JTR to perform, which I was very happy to see again since it has been a while since last time I met them. They were as happy as always, making jokes and just being the nice people they are. 
- Also, it was fun to hear their new single "Centre of Everywhere" live for the first time. :)
After meeting JTR, I stood by and waited for Carol to arrive since she got a bit late because of problems with the traffic. As soon as Carol came, we got to see Alexie Divello ft Daniela perform. I've no idea who they were, but it was nice to see them and to take a couple of pictures. 
The main reason why we stayed by the stage was because I wanted to see Dinah Nah. She competed in Melodifestivalen earlier this year, and her song "Make Me (La La La)" was one of the songs I liked more compared to the others. Dinah Nah was absolutely fabulous with her pink hair. The audience was a bit boring, but I loved that Dinah just kept going, trying to make people pumped up and just giving her best.
Some of you might remember Mange Makers from their big hit "Fest hos Mange", which got released in 2011. I have not heard much about them lately, but apparently they released a new single called "Mange kommer hem till dig" recently. Personally, I'm not a very big fan of them. Their kind of music is not my cup of tea. 
The performances just kept going and since we already were around taking pictures, we decided to stay to see the popduo "Vita Bandet". I have never heard about them before, but I really liked their performance. Music with Swedish lyrics is not really my thing, but some times if they have a good vibe to it with a catchy melody it can be good. 
The day just turned out great, and I had fun. I really enjoy having Carol with me at shows like this. It's nice to have someone else photographing with me, who I can talk to and just have fun with. Also it had been a while since I last had someone going to a show with me, so I really appreciate this day. 
- Thank you Carol for going with me! x
P.S. If you want to see Carol's pictures from the day, you can go to her blog at: 

JTR at Vimpeln!

A while ago, I met up Felicia in Alingsås to hang out for a bit and catch up with everything that is going on. The guys in JTR were going to perform at Vimpeln the same day so I thought I could introduce Felicia to the guys, since she hadn't met them before.
JTR was about to release their debut album that week, so this was kinda a promotion thing for the album. They were also recording an episode for a tv-show at set, which was fun to see. 
Other than that, the gig was as good as always! Felicia got very impressed of their harmony and one of their songs which I thought was very funny cause she can be a bit picky when it comes to artists. :P
Oh and as you can see, I took quite many pictures in different angles but that was cause I was testing my other lens which I usually doesn't use at concerts, just to see how it worked out. 
(In my defense why I didn't made a better "funny face", I WAS NOT PREPARED. Haha)

Zara Larsson: "1"

A while ago, Zara Larsson came to town to promote her new album "1". My baby sister really likes her so my brother and I took her to see Zara perform. There's no doubt that Zara is a fantastic singer.
Her album "1" contains 14 songs including her singles: "Uncover", "Carry You Home" and "Rooftop". It was different to see the mixed audience that were there to see Zara perform.
One thing which was weird, the guys who were there to check her out cause they were taking selfies with Zara in the background when she was having her signing on stage. I mean, a lot of the guys didn't even take the time to go on stage and actually meet Zara, they were just there taking pictures of each other infront of the stage.
Since my siblings took pictures with Zara, I kinda felt that I had to take one too.
I often hear, that I look much younger than I am. If you would say, which one of us looks the oldest in this picture? Zara or me? Haha

JTR's first popup gig in GBG!

Earlier this year, JTR had their first popup gig here in Gothenburg. I was on my way home, but decided to make a quick stop to say hi. 
I was very suprised over how calm and respectful their fans were during the gig since there was no security and no manager or something like that, to keep everything settled. 
It was funny how John wasn't really sure what people would think about this type of gig. I enjoyed the simple acoustic gig. This way, their fans could get a bit closer to the guys and actually have the chance to talk to them. As far from what I saw, people were really appreciating that they took their time to do this popup gig. 
They also did a Q&A where the fans could ask whatever they wanted.
Since I didn't really saw anyone documenting this gig except for all the cellphones everyone had, I thought I could offer my help and take a group photo of all the fans with the guys, which seemed really appreciated. 
Other than that, it was just nice seeing the guys again. :)

Sthlm Day 3: Popup gig with Rixton!

The last day in Stockholm, we went to check out from the hotel and looking for the resturant Rixton were going to have their popup gig. We only heard about the gig the day before. It was our first time going to a popup gig, and it was interesting. We had to buy food to be able to sit infront of them in the resturant.
They did an acoustic gig with 3 songs and a quick Q&A. Unfortunately they didn't had time to stay and take pictures with everyone cause they had this hectical schedule of promotion all day.
After that, it was time to leave Stockholm for this time. All day we had been so stressed out since nothing went our way. First they had started to take away the breakfast at the hotel even if they were suppose to be open for another hour and a half. Then our card to our room, didn't work. We couldn't find the resturant first and if that wasn't enough, our train home was 4 hours late. We hadn't eaten anything for 9 hours so you can bet that we were VERY tired and annoyed when we arrived in Gothenburg in the middle of the night.
Despite all the complications and the stress we got to experince during the trip, it was worth it! We got some new experiences and learnt a lot during our time together. I just wanted to thank Daniela for coming with me, and dealing with all of my craziness! We have to do this again some time! 

Sthlm Day 2: RIXFM Festival!

The main reason why we went to Stockholm was to attend RIXFM Festival. It was my first time going to an outdoor concert further away than my hometown. Things were a bit different.
Fans started queing much later than we thought, and they were still building the stage at lunch. The set was different and there were these different sections infront of the stage. First section was for VIPs and then second one was for those who sat in wheelchairs and for photographers. Which made the rest of the audience in the third section, which was very annoying since we couldn't really see anything because the press was in our way. 
During the day, there was these signing with the artists who were performing on the show. I don't have a picture but I met up with Kim Cesarion for a chat and just to thank him for the summer. You should have seen his surprised face when he saw that I was in Stockholm, haha so funny!
Rixton was the main reason why I went to see the festival, and we got this opportonity to meet them as well. We saw them before the signing, and I got to talk with Charley for a bit. 
I was being too polite which ruined my chance to take pictures with them, cause I thought they were too busy. (You don't even know how much I regret it now!)
After a long day of waiting, it was finally time for the show!
The show was very good, and many of our favorite artists were there to perform!
It was super exciting to see Rixton live for the first time, since I've been a fan for several years. Hearing "Me and my broken heart" live was such a incredible feeling after blasting it at home since it got released. It was also nice seeing Darin again, it's almost a tradition every year to see him at least once. Other than that, I just enjoyed the show and loved hearing all the well-known songs!

The chaos over JTR and The Fooo!

The Fooo, one of the most popular "boybands" in Sweden right now. The chaos around them is almost everyone aware of. This summer, they were performing at Liseberg and since JTR was their opening act, Frida and I decided to go and see the chaotic mess. 
People had been camping outside Liseberg for a day or two, so it was impossible to get a good spot at front of the stage since we didn't want to start queing early. 
I think, Frida and I were two of the oldest people in the crowd except for the parents which was there with their children. The fans were waiting patiently, singing songs and just seemed to make new friends before the show begun. 
Around 6pm, it was time for JTR to enter the stage. Despite the fans wasn't there for JTR, they were showing their excitment to see them as well. The guys did well, and it was so much fun to see they keep gaining fans each time they perform here!
I tried to take pictures despite how far away we were from the stage. I was so surprised over how tall the 13-14 years old girls were! Many of them were a head taller than me, or even more!
After JTR, it was time for The Fooo. You could feel the excitment in the air! People were shouting, singing and overexcited for what was coming! 
I don't think I ever have seen so many phones/cameras in the air at the same time, it was unreal! As soon as Felix, Oscar, Omar and Oscar entered the stage, the chaos just went loose! 
You may think the fans were just screaming their lungs out, but no they didn't. They were singing along to every song and dancing the choregraphy which was special for some of the songs. Sure, they were screaming the band members name, but I don't think I ever had that experience or the same "team-spirit" on a concert before. 
I must say, if I were about 5-6 years younger, I would probably be crazy over The Fooo. After this concert, I understand the hysteria over them more. On stage, they are very professional and know how to interact with the crowd in a good way. They may not have the best vocals, but their songs are so catchy and they know how to dance + their bond to their fans makes them get away with the okey vocals. 
The only bad things I have to say about the concert is, people were a bit disrespectful, even parents and that their version of "Såklart" by Petter was terrible. Rap isn't their thing, so making a cover of a classic song like "Såklart" may not be the best thing they've done.
Other than that, It was a fun day experiencing something different. :)

MixMegapol Summer Party!

(Yes, I'm still posting pictures from this summer here. It's almost like the summer never ends on my blog, haha.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
By the end of the summer, we went to see MixMegapol Summer party which had a very good line-up with great artists such as Timbaktu, Kim Cesarion, Zara Larsson and more. 
I spent the day with Annelie, Felicia and Frida! I think it was the first concert we spent together all four of us, which was really fun! 
I don't know why, but it was almost no people there. Like the picture below, it was taken just before the show started. It was so awkward and in the beginning we were kind of the only people singing along. x)
The show started, and things went well in the beginning. It was just that there were bunch of photographers in the photo pit which was in our way during THE WHOLE CONCERT. Apparently they were allowed to be in the photo pit for as long as they wanted, and of course everyone of them stayed there the whole time.
I'm very surprised that I managed to take decent pictures at all, since I barely saw any of the artists. I don't think I ever have been so upset during a concert before, since we had waited and saving for spots front row for hours, and we couldn't see anything. 
And for some weird reason, Kim was only allowed to perform two songs while everyone else sang 4-5 songs. 
Other than that, the show was great despite we didn't really saw it. They played all their wellknown songs which we just sang along to every one of them.
Afterwards we met some of the artists.
I've been a fan of Andreas Moe's music for several years now, and been writing to him a couple of times on the internet. When I heard he was coming to the show, I was super excited to see him perform for the first time despite that he only was going to sing with John De Sohn. (Usually he sings acoustic songs)
I met him for a chat and he seemed glad that I came to say hi. He said that he hope he can come back to Gothenburg soon to do a gig of his own, which I would be happy to attend if the opportunity comes!

RIXFM Festival Göteborg!

(Yes, I'm still posting pictures from this summer here, but that's because I'm so bad at updating. It's almost like the summer never ends on my blog, haha.) 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
RixFm Festival this year, didn't really went like planned. It was only Frida and I who was there since Felicia couldn't come because of delayed trains. My brother and Annelie joined us later on though.
This year's line up wasn't as exciting to see as the previous years because almost all of the artists had just one or two hits you knew about.
Before the show, I took the opportunity to meet Helena Paparizou since I've been a fan of her since 2004 when she won Eurovision. She was very kind and thought it was cool that I've been a fan for so long! 
When Albin (which is known for his song "Din soldat") performed, Mattias Andreasson did a guest appearance and sang with him in two songs. It was such a surprise to see him again! As the former E.M.D. fan I am, I just couldn't be more happy to see him! It's too bad, that Mattias isn't doing any solo career at the moment. I would love to see more of his own stuff! 
Other than that, I don't think I have much more to tell about that day. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

"Kulturkalaset JTR, the new boyband!"

If you have been reading my blog for the past months, you know that I've been seeing the new band JTR a couple of times. During the "Kulturkalaset", they performed an own set in "Trädgårds föreningen". Frida and I decided to go and check it out. 
The organizing was weird and we ended up at the side of the stage, where I didn't really saw anything. Heh. I tried to take some pictures anyway and I guess it went alright. 
It's nice seeing that they keep getting more fans each time they perform here in Gothenburg. 
Frida wanted a picture with the guys since she didn't really got into the picture last time. haha.
Their mom who was taking pictures for all the fans insisted to take one for me as well. So here's actually a decent photo of us together. :)

"Kulturkalaset": Kim Cesarion, the guy with the amazing falsetto!

Yeah, so we went to see Kim Cesarion once again. 
I mean, if the opportunity comes and he is playing nearby, why not take it? He has becomed my favorite this year, and it's always a pleasure to see him perform! 
This time, Carol attended the concert with me, Felicia and Frida. It was her first time going to a concert like this and to shoot this kind of concert pictures. It was lovely to have her with us, and it was also fun having another photograhper with me. 
One thing though, it's funny how I always seems to manage capture good pictures of Kim. 
Now, you are probably wondering if we met Kim since I'm not uploading any pictures with him.
And yes, we met Kim after the show, he was as kind as always!

Nickelodeon day with artists as Yohio, Alexander Vasiliou and more!

We went to see Nickelodeon day mostly to be ready to take place front row during Kim Cesarion's concert after the show. But I was looking forward to see Alexander Vasiliou as well!
It was some young singers there performing which I think have been competing in talents shows earlier and somehow got the opportunity to go on the tour.
Yohio was there and you could tell that the majority of the audience were there for him. It was my first time seeing him live and he was actually better than I thought he would be but yet nothing really for me. 
The lightning and the smoke was really good when Yohio was performing and I got some really good shots which I wanted to share so that's the reason why there's so many pictures of him. x) 
Oh, and I met Alexander after the show. Such a happy guy, and he seemed glad that I took the time to come by and say hi. :)