Lizel Strömberg

Carol's Birthday!
A month ago, it was Carol's birthday. Madde and I decided a day before that we should surprise her with a visit. You should have seen the look of her face when we came, so funny! It was really fun to finally meet up like this since the three of us haven't been all together since our graduation day last summer!
Yesterday, it was "Fettisdagen" here in Sweden which means we eat this bun called "Semla". It's a tradition every year and I have to admit, I'm not entirely sure why we celebrate it. Either way, I love eating Semla! I usually eat it together with warm milk which is so good!
Have YOU tasted it? What do you think about it? Do you prefer; "mandelmassa" or custard in it? :)
Happy Valentines Day!
Happy Valentines Day!
Hope you had a lovely day with your loved ones! When I say loved ones, I don't only mean boyfriends/girlfriends but also your friends and family. Just don't forget to show how much you appreciate each other the other days of the year as well!