Run Every Time

It's a shame that he is not more famous than he is... cause he is really good!
Really love his voice!

Fade into darkness

He is actually really good and he is worth to listen to! 
So take your time to listen to him..! ^^
You will not regret it! ^^

I won! ^^

hehe before I forget it again...I just want to say that I won "Dagens blogg" / Todays blogg on
Danielas blog! 

So yeah check it out here! ^^
Thanks! ^^

Danny time!! =D

I know some of you have waited so... is the pictures from saturday!
We had lots of fun and yeah we had a great day!
It was nice to meet everyone again ^^
We also get lots of eye-contact from Mr.Saucedo and he also sang some sentens to us (A)
So yeah it was nice and it was just what I needed :)
So thank you everyone that made my day so great! 

And Hope u will enjoy the pictures! ^^


Wiiieee! :D 
I love comments! And thanks for your nice words about the video! ^^
It really makes me happy! :D

and btw... I will upload some more videos when I will go to other concerts/gigs ^^
And.... When you already have started to comment again...why dont continue? ;)
It's so funny to see what you have to say and it makes me happy! ^^
so please continue to comment! (A)

hehe and just so you know the photos from saturday is coming!
So stay tuned! ;)

My first video blog!

This is what I've been up to all this day! xP

So hope you enjoy! :P

We get lots of nice eye-contact with Danny and some of them is in the video... (A)

Sneak Peak!

Uhmm... i will not have time to upload anything from today right now....
...But I PROMISE that I will do that tomorrow!
But until then...

Danny tomorrow!

Hehe Now are Felicia at my house and we are just chillin!
Tomorrow we are going to Kållered to watch Danny with Frida!
Hehe it's going to be nice! ^^
But yeah we are not so excited right now....we are more tired than excited :P
But yeah yeah i will update more tomorrow with picture and that so yeah talk
to you tomorrow! ^^
Goodnight! ^^

Changed plans!

Okey yesterday i didn't met Felicia but yeah going to meet her today instead ^^
And this weekend is going to be nice! :D
Hehe more about that later today, until then...
...Have a nice day! ^^

In school with Daniela!

Right now I'm in school and I've just finish my first lession and
going to have my last lession in like 30 minutes! ^^
And yeah...After school I'm going to meet Felicia a while! :))
It's going to be nice! :))
So Everyone..Have a nice day! ^^

Some sketches... :)

I have been sick today so I've been home all day... I took the chance to draw a little :)

Btw...I have a new category called " My drawings " I will upload some
random drawings when I feel to :)
I kind of feel it fun to draw i have just started to draw again... (A)

A gig is coming up! ^^

I'm in school right now and have a break :)
Uhmm.... I don't have so much fun to tell you or something like that..
The school is my priority so yeah the blog is left beside (A)
But fun things is happening in this weekend! Hehe I'm going to a gig!
It's going to be fun! :D
Can you guess who I'm going to see?? ^^
It's one of my idols and you probably know who he is if you have been talking to
me, looking at my blog and listening to the radio in summer! X)

So...Leave a comment and Guess! ^^

I don't feel like doing anything

My first photoshop edited picture!

I'm not on mood to blog so much about anything right now...
but here is my first edited photo that I made in photoshop so...
.... what do you think?? ^^

Håkan Hellström!

Okey in Friday me and Felicia was on the Håkan Hellström concert in liseberg!
Hahaha... we are not big fans of him and we kind of just know 2 SONGS of all
of the songs he played...haha :P
but yeah the concert was quite good...not like the concert we use to go on..
.. everyone sing along and jumped and just had some fun!
So yeah... it was fun but it was a veryyyy long concert so we miss the bus home.. haha x)
We also met MANY people there that we know and yeah that was very fun! ^^
Btw... I didn't bring my systemcamera so the pictures is not that good like the use to :)

Concert time! ^^

Now I have my last lession for today and later I'm going to Liseberg to see
Håkan Hellström with Felicia... ^^
...haha I'm not so excited to go like I use to be :P
... but yeah i think it would be nice ^^

-  " You never know who you would meet "


Calling A Friend

You must fight to get your dream come true

Who I Am

I wish you were here

Soon! ^^

... Fun things is going to happen soon! ^^
So stay tuned! ^^

Not old enough....

Sometimes I just hate that I'm not a little older...
Not just old enough to do what I want to do and try to
make my dream come true...
...Right now I just feel to get out in the world and explore it!

Not over you

School --> Later meet this wonderful friend! ^^


Going to bed now and just wanted to say...
....Goodnight! ^^

OMG this is so cool!

This is just so cool! He is on the top right now and he is still climbing! :DD
So happy for him! ^^

You have so big eyes...

Hehe hang out with Felicia before...
...It have been a while since we just hang out just 2 of us and not on a concert or something like that.. :)
So It was lots of fun! Just what we needed! ^^

Sometimes can a song mean a lot to you

Home --> Gotheburg

Came just home for about in a hour or so... but now I'm going to gothenburg
so i will update more later instead.... :))
Talk to you then.... :))

Calling! ~

Timed entire.... :)

Off to Bockaberg..!

Today I'm going to Bockaberg with my class/school!
We are going to sleep over there one night so no more updates today I think...
So yeah I think it would be fun :)
Just hope that It will stop rain :))
But yeah I hear ya tomorrow!
byeee! ~~

Vote for Andreas! ^^

Come on everyone! Vote for Andreas to win the category for "This year trend blog!" ^^

Look who was on the tv before! :DD

Hehehe Felicia and Louise was on tv before on the "Swedish Idol" ! :P


I ride a new fresh bus before!
hahaha i thought that look very nice! RED SEATS! It's not everyday you sit in a RED seat on the bus...!
...Haha soo cool! :P
What do you think? nicer than the blue seats? x))


Awww....why can't they come to Gothenburg instead of Stockholm????


Sometimes things don't go the way you have planed...
....but you just have to deal with it and do the best of the situation...!

the internet is working!!

Sitting in school and having a break! :)
Internet is working now and haha almost everyone is on the internet...
...haha looks kind of funny, macbooks everywhere xP


Ohh... Idol have started again...!
If I would be honest... Idol have lost their glory...
2009 was and will always be the best year of Idol! So good artists with lots of good humor and yeah
everything was great...last year was i don't know..boring???
And this year some of my friends search and I follow them their to support them ... :)
And all I have to say is... IT'S NOT LIKE ON TV....and its boring, lot of stress and everything is kind of false...
So yeah I hope everything would be much better this year!
And I don't even know if I would follow the program...we will se... I know some people that have search so yeah we would se who came forward to final audition :))
And you never know who have search :)

Happy Birthday Felicia!! :D

Okey today was it Felicias birthday and me, Sarah, Louise and Felicias family did a suprise for her! ^^
We went to Denmark for a day and just had some fun! xP
It was lot of fun!
Hahha you should have seen Felicias look in her face when
me, Sarah and Louise came to the dock there the boat was going to drive away from :P
She had no idéa that we was coming to xP
And here are some of the picture I took today! ^^
Enjoy! ^^


I will tell you everything about a suprise later when I come home ;))
Until then...
It's was long time since last time I heard him..

Have I said how much i like my new mac??? xP

HAHAHA!...Felicia, Me and Sarah! xD


Good morning everyone..!
Hope everyone will get a wonderful day...!
Going to school now so I will update more later...
....maybe in school if they have fixed the internet... :P


Hahahaha this picture made my day! x'D


Now I'm going to go to my old school and just check it out :P
Haha I have nothing else to do right now...the bus is going 10.55 so yeah
I have a lot of time :P