Gotland part 5 - Sunny day!

The weather in Gotland was realy good!
- Blue skies, really sunny and quite hot but not too hot cause it was windy enough to cool you down!

Gotland part 4 - Camping!

I don't really have much to say about the camping but it was quite cozy! :)

Gotland part 3 - Cave!

At Gotland, we were also in a cave called 'Lummelundgrottan'.
 I don't have so much to say about it but it was kinda cool to go around there and to see how it looked inside.

Gotland part 2 - Kites!

In Gotland, it was very windy so we decided to go and buy some kites! ^_^ 

Gotland part 1 - Visby!

Last week, my family and I went to Gotland for camping, not really my thing but it was fun.
It was really interesting to see the difference between Gotland and Gothenburg. For example the people, in Gotland, they didn't dressed as fashionable like almost everyone in Gothenburg.
They wore more cosier and chill outfits, more my style,
Sure, they had those rich people that wore fashionable clothes and were ready to go out and party, but mostly they were more chill.
The other thing was the people in Gotland are so athletic! We saw lots of people riding their bikes, running and jogging around the island.
Haha, that's not something you'd see often where I live. 
Visby, the main city in Gotland was really cosy and the small shops everywhere was so cute. It was a really nice and calm city with not so much traffic. 
But I have to admit, I prefer more bigger cities where things actually happens like event, concerts and movement.