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H.E.A.T. - Into The Great Unknown Tour
When it comes to music, people mostly know me as a person that mainly focus on the pop scene. As some might not know, I enjoy listen to other kinds of music as well and rock music is close to home. I want to expand my content and share more music for people to take part of.
H.E.A.T. is a Swedish rockband which started back in 2007 when the bands "Dream" and "Trading Fate" came together. Their debutalbum "Heat" released 2008. As they released their album they have been supporting band to TOTO, Sabaton and Alice Cooper. For the Melfest fans that knows their Melfest-history, H.E.A.T. participated in Melodifestivalen 2009 with their song "1000 miles" which is one of their most known songs for the mainstrem audience. H.E.A.T. is a band that I've been following for several years and I have seen them perform a couple of times. As I heard the news about their new album and their tour, I decided to take the opportunity to attend their show in Gothenburg to make a picture reportage of it. 
H.E.A.T. recently released their new album "Into the Great Unknown" which also is the name of their tour. As a person following the Swedish popscene, I rarely get to hear full albums anymore. Finding out that they had a new album for me to listen through made me very excited! By listen through the album it also helped me to prepare for their concert and have a better idea of what I would expect from them.
I don't feel I have enough knowledge about music to review the music in dept. What I can tell you is my favorite tracks from the album. First track is their single "Redefined" which you can find in the video down below. Two other songs on the album that I really liked are "Shit City" and "Best of the Broken". 
When I came to the venue, I were a bit surprised over the small amount of people that were there, but then I remembered it was Wednesday night. 
After two supporting bands later it was time for H.E.A.T. to enter the stage. More people had come and the atmosphere were filled with excitment. I went in front of the stage with the other photographers and were ready to photograph. It had been about 3 years since I last saw H.E.A.T. so I was very excited to see their show because I knew that they always put on a great show. 
Erik Grönwall, the lead singer truly knows how to handle the audience and he puts everything he got into the performance. Erik's vocals are as impressive as they were back in Swedish Idol. Hearing Erik sings gives you goosebumps! 
One particular thing I enjoyed a lot about their set up was that every band member got their own part at some point during the show for them to really show the audience what they got. It was their own moment to shine!
At one point at the show, Erik said something to the audience which I want to higlight. He was talking about that there is some people in the world that are bad and wants to ruin the fun and peace for everyone else. Erik was making a point that it wasn't okay and we shouldn't let them do that. In the end of the speech he said: "You can have whatever opinion, thoughts and believe in what you want. This song is dedicated to have opinions, thoughts and believe in whatever the f*ck you want as long as you don't hurt other people. How damn hard can it be?". 
We got the hear the songs from their new album together with some of their most popular songs from the past, such as "Tearing down the walls", "Breaking the silence" and "1000 miles". 
You could tell that the audience were a bit older which necessarily isn't a bad thing, the opposite actually. I personally really appreciated it. There was no high pitch screaming and pushing, only people that were singing along and head banging to the songs. Very different from what I'm used to when attending shows but that was definitely a plus. The audience wanted more of H.E.A.T. which made them ended up playing for about 2 hours and I was impressed that they kept going for such a long time. I can't recall how many extra performances they ended up doing. I didn't want to leave before the concert ended because I really enjoyed it but unfortunately I had to leave to catch my bus. 
I'm very glad that I decided to attend H.E.A.T.'s concert and getting to rediscover the rock music that I love. If you want to catch them on their tour in your country, you can find the tourstops in the picture below. If their music is your cup of tea, I highly recommend you to go and see their show. 

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post. More updates and topics are coming, stay tuned!
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Live performances by Boris René, Nanne Grönvall, Liamoo and more at PelleKan Festival!
Hello everyone!
It has been a while since I last posted a proper blog post here. There have been a lot of things going on lately and I've been having a tough time to find the time and energy to create blog posts. I hate that I'm always having excuses because the lack of updates. The simple explanation to it is that I need to priority other things for example my health. I'm currently trying to structure my content better for me to be able to publish more regularly. I need to find the best way for my content. Anyway, I won't make you wait anymore time to get this post started!

In the beginning of the summer, I found out that Boris René was going to perform at PelleKan Festival in Mölndal. It's a big familyfestival that takes place every year. They have a campaing to learn the children in the commune about wase sorting and how littering effects the climate, animals and humans. Every year the campaing ends with a festival with tivoli, food and live performances. Amongs the artists performing were Boris René, Liam Cacatian (aka Liamoo, Winner of Swedish Idol 2016), Elisa Lindström and Nanne Grönvall.
As I was looking for information about the event, I noticed there was no proper info about anything really and no info where press could apply for photo-passes. Since I know Boris from earlier I decided to reach out to him and ask if he could help me out instead, which he was gladly to do. I brought Carol with me because it's always much more fun when she's around. Also, I wanted her to meet Boris because I knew she would love his personality.
We arrived to the event in time for us to be able to check out all the things happening around it and photograph anything we found interesting. Liam Cacatian (Liamoo) were the first to perform and I had been looking forward to see him since I enjoyed his own singles. The crowd went crazy when Liam hitted the stage! He clearly was one of the favorites that day. I can't say I was as impressed, he felt a bit insecure on stage. Liam is newly to the whole thing that comes into performing and he only performed the first time when he auditioned for Idol. It's something he can practice on and if he keep up the hard work I think he could be good at it. 
Photograhping Liam on stage were very difficult, he would have the microphone a lot close to his face which covered his mouth. Almost all my pictures of him turned not proper enough for me to post and it was even more difficult because my space were limited. 
I decided to stick around to watch the comotion that appeared when Liam were to meet his fans.
Boris was on his way on set and we were to meet him up, but I couldn't resist not taking some quick photographs of Queen Nanne before running to where I was suppose to be. She served attitude, vocals and everything she had into her performance! I loved it!
When Boris arrived there were a lot of people that stopped him to get their photos taken with him. This was the first time I met Boris outside of the Melfest-bubble and it was great to see him in another setting than I'm used to. 
Carol and I got let in backstage (aka behind the fences) while we waited for Boris to get through all the people that wanted to get photos. It was funny because Boris told the staff working at the event that we were his photographers and I think they got a bit confused since it was the two of us. I'm not sure who I told but I made a joke that Boris is such a diva that one photographer is not enough and he needs to have two. xD
While we were waiting, I took the time to walk around to see where Carol and I were allowed to photograph from and to ask if I were allowed to walk up onstage to take photos from there. Once Boris were done taking photos, he needed to get ready for his set. We found out that the show was getting a bit late, so while we waited we got to catch up a bit and Carol got to introduce herself to Boris. 
If you have been following my content for a while, you know how I always rave about how much I love photographing Boris. That day was not an exception. He's so charasmatic and you can tell how much he loves to be on stage! 
It was the first time for me to actual see how Boris interact with his audience while performing. Performing on the Melfest-stage and seeing that is a whole different compared to a set where you are much closer to the audience. I love the vibe with live performance and see how the artists and the audience interact with each other. 
Photograping at this event was a bit of a struggle and the colours were a bit weird. It was my first time photographing an event for several months so I wasn't really used to the set up yet. I guess that's how things can be some times, at least I did my best. 
After Boris set, he was going to have a signing for people to get the chance to meet him. When I first heard about the signing, I was super excited because it had been a very long time since I last photographed a signing. Those are one of the most fun events to photograph because there is so much happiness coming from it. 
Watching Boris getting to meet his fans were a lot of fun. It was heartwarming to see how kind and friendly he was towards everyone. When Boris were to take a photo with someone he made sure to stand up from the chair to take the photo. That's not something I've seen a lot of people do, most of the times the artists are behind the table and it kind of creates a "wall" between them and the fans. So I'm sure that people appreciated that Boris did that little extra for them. 
To close the festival, all the main artists were going to perform a couple of songs together. From my experiences, that's very unsual to do but it was a nice idea and I enjoyed it. 
To end this post I would like to say a big thank you to Carol for joining me to this event. It wouldn't have been as much fun as it was without you. I would also want to say thank you to Boris for helping us out to get access to the event and for being so supportive of my work. 
This was quite a brief summary of what happened at the PelleKan Festival. Hope you enjoyed reading the stories and seeing my photos. Until next time, ingat!
TB | AutoLounge event with Panetoz
I've gone back into my archive of photos and realized that I have so many photos that I yet have to share. One of the reasons the past couple of years, why I haven't published a lot of my photos has been technical issues and no equipment to work on. Now, I have better equipment for me to be able to work on my photography. Some people might think it's a bit late to post photographs from my archive but in my opinion the photos have their own charm and it would be a shame not to share. 
To begin my throwbacks from the past couple years, I will share my pictures from an event last year with Panetoz.
To make a long story short, I had met Panetoz during Melfest 2016 when I was doing press and two times after the contest. Earlier that week, I had seen them at Lotta på Liseberg and they told me that they were coming back later that same week. We kept in contact and I they invited me to see their set at a private event in Gothenburg. 
I didn't knew anything about the event except for where I was suppose to go. I was looking forward to meet the guys again and to see their show. 
Back then, I didn't really knew how to use my flash and was still struggling with my old camera which was having some technical issues. I did my best at photographing and made sure that I had enough pictures to be able to have at least some photos to use. 
Photographing Panetoz can be a bit tricky since they are very energetic, they are numerous people and are moving around all the time. But I love photographing them and the challenge that comes with it. The members of Panetoz are very charismatic and makes something different in your photos. 
The kid in the photo above and his siblings were so cute! They were loving the show and couldn't stay still or stop smiling during Panetoz's whole set. It was so much fun to see!
When doing some research to see what kinds of pictures there are of Panetoz, I realized that there are barely none of Conteh. Which I kept in mind when I was photographing because I wanted to try to get some photos of him as well. For those who are not familiar with Conteh, he is the DJ of Panetoz and are like the six member of the band. When Panetoz is out on tour, Conteh is most of the times with them being their DJ but also perfoming in their show.  
It's always a pleasure to see Panetoz perform, no matter how small or big the show is. They spread so much positivity, energy and happiness through their music and personalities that you can't get anything than happy by watching them. 
In their set, they were performing their song "Limbo". What would the perfomance be without an actual limbo dance? I don't think anyone was really prepared for this but it was so much fun seeing! The guys had been a bit unsure about doing it before since the crowd was a bit older but it turned out to be a hit! They made basically everyone dance limbo!
It was very tricky for me to photograph the festivities but Njol (I think) told me to go up on stage to get a better angle. It made me so happy seeing all the happy faces in the crowd and people clapping along. 
After the show, I hang out with the guys for a bit. It was nice getting to talk to them more since the previous times I had met them, we only had time to talk briefly. 
At one point they were being silly and wanted me to take some photos of them. Haha. I still don't understand this thing about Nebeyu doing some kind of deep pose/ watching into the lamp since it seems like a thing appears repeatly. xD
Njol was being all silly as he tend to be. He was making jokes at one point and did some "artistic poses". Haha
I know I've already said this to the guys before but I still want to end this post with saying thank you to Panetoz for having me, it's always a pleasure meeting you and seeing you perform. 
To you reading this, I hope you enjoyed this post despite being a very late upload and brief post.
Until next time, ingat!