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Introducing: Stina Velocette
Hello! For this post, I will be doing something different and introduce you to a new artist: Stina Velocette! 
I had never heard about Stina before being listed to perform at Liseberg. But after have seen her being listed at Liseberg's website to do a concert and after I did some research, I decided that I wanted to check out her music more. 
Stina Velocette is an artist, producer and a songwriter from Göteborg. She has been writing music together with artists such as Kapten Röd, Syster Sol and Roffe Ruff. Velocette has previous been in a duos as "Äkta Kärlek" and "Serengeti". Even if Serengeti isn't active artists anymore, I would recommend you check their music out. Serengeti's music is reggae and very catchy. 
Stina Velocette changed her name, language and music style to RnB and in 2016 she released her first solomaterial songs as "Hålla Det Öppet" and "Rutorna nere". The urban and RnB music scene in Sweden isn't something I'm very familiar with as I've been mostly focusing on the pop scene these past few years. But the small amount I've seen so far, have been promising. For example, there's actually content out there! Such as music videos which the Swedish pop scene lack and promotions for their upcoming shows and music. The visual parts of music is important to grow an audience, connect and show the music in a new way. 
I missed the first 20 minutes of Velocette's set due to family errands. I was looking forward to seeing a new artist and hear new music. I didn't knew what to expect of the show but I was happily surprised over how much I enjoy seeing it!
Shish Bizz, the dancer of the set!

 Guest appearce by Nayomi during the performance of "Visa från Barrikaderna". (Press the songtitle to listen to the song)  
One of the songs I remember from my research was "Stanna Tiden".
I really liked all of the performances stage presence, they had good chemestry which comes from being friends and it was nice seeing how much fun they were having. 
Sophia Tako was singing backing vocals. She's her own soloartist and have released numerous singles and a following EP. If you want to check her music out as well you can do it on her YouTube channel: Sophia Tako.
Dj Miss Jen, when I try to look up her content I can only find this song that she's featuring on: "Dancehall Cypher". 
I absolutely love the fact that everyone on set were women, it's rarely that you see that today. It was so much girlpower on stage and it was nice to see that they all come from different backgrounds. One of the songs that I would highlight more is "Ska det va såhär". This song was written right after the #MeToo movement started and she wants it to be a fight song for all the women to give them strenght but also give the men an eye-opener and make them start to reflect. 
If you want to try to catch Stina and her crew, here's some of the gigs they will be doing this summer!  
This was it for this post. I tried my best at organizing it with texts, photos and videos for you to see. Hope you enjoyed this blog post and hopefully you found a new artists or music to like. Leave a comment, like this post or reach out to me on my social medias to let me know what you think about this.
Until next time, ingat!
Molly Sandén | Större Tour
Molly Sandén has been around for quite a while now. Personally, I have never been a hardcore fan but I've enjoyed some of her releases and seen her live multiple times because one of my friends has been a very huge fan of Molly's music. 
In consideration that Molly has released her new album "Större". I decided that I would give Molly a new chance and attended one of her concerts at her summer tour. I also wanted to make this post and picture montage for the followers I have that likes Molly and her music. 
I don't need to do further introduction of Molly, if you follow the Swedish pop industry you know she has been participated in Melfest three times by now, she has been releasing music throughout these past few years and done a lot of charity work as well. Earlier this year, she released her most personal album "Större" which is in Swedish. 
As I wrote before, I've seen Molly multiply times over these past 8 years but this time around, was my first time seeing her in a full concert. I was very curious how her set would look like and which of her songs she would perform. I only breifly listened through her album "Större" before the concert, just to have some kind of sense of what songs she might have on her set list. In my disappointment as someone that is more known to Molly's previous songs, she didn't perform any of her older stuff. But take the consideration that the tour is more for a promotion to her new album, I think it was good that she perform most of the song from the albm to lift them up and give them a chance to be shown for the audience. 
Molly Sandén's recent releases have been playing a lot on the radio and even if her music isn't what you usually listen to, you still can know the words to it since you probably have heard it somewhere. 
As I've seen Molly multiple times before, it was very nice to see how much she has improved on her stage performance. You can tell how much more confident she is in herself and what she brings on stage. It was very nice to see that she's more relaxed, that she moves a lot more on stage, dances and joining her band behind her to have fun with them too.  
I've included some of the songs that I hear the most of Molly's songs in this post to those who still haven't heard them yet.  
I really liked the fact that Molly and her whole band went infront of the audience to give them a thank you all together. It's always nice to see everyone that is on stage that are playing behind the main artists, to get a glimpse of who they are. 
If you want to try to catch Molly during her summer tour, here's a list of some of the announced dates. You can check them out and find some information on Livenation's website. 
That was it for this time, I hope you enjoyed my post about seeing Molly Sandén in concert and seeing my photographs of her.
Until next time, ingat!

With Carol at PelleKan festival!
Once again, Carol and I went to photograph PelleKan Festival in Mölndal. To be honest, I was not even thinking about attending the event but when I heard that Carol wanted to photograph the festivities I decided to join her as well. I hadn't met Carol for a while so I thought it would be nice to hang out with her again. I didn’t plan to take a lot of photos because I simply just wanted to hang out with Carol. Everything about that day was a mess and I was not in the mood to photograph at all but I ended up getting way more photos than expected, haha. 
The PellKan festival is a family event taking place every year which has a campain to get better at recycling and  to become the most litter free commune in Sweden. The campain ends every year with PelleKan, the best cleaner gets to present on stage during the day and this is a way to highlight the cause.
We arrived in Mölndal later on the evening after work. There was lots of people and the weather was lovely that day. 
Carol and I always ends up going different ways. We might be at the same event but we are two completely different photographers and how we see our surroundings are not alike. It's nice to not having to worry about the person you are with, that they are getting tired and annoying at me for waiting for me to take my photos. 
I love dogs and I can't keep myself from not photographing at least one whenever I'm somewhere taking photos. 
There were several artists performing as well and here are some of them. Chris Kläfford is the winner of Swedish Idol 2017. I didn't watch the program when it was airing but I heard a lot of people talk about Chris, his voice and his participation in the show. I’ve seen some videos of him singing and his singles are playing a lot on the radio. Chris has a very nice voice and this was the first time I got to see him live. He performed his latest single "Sober" for the first time and I have to say, I really liked that song. 
Christer Sjögren was there and by the look of the audience, you could tell that a lot of the older people were there to see him. I don't really know much of his music other than "I Love Europe" but I've seen him a lot over these past few years. He's a very know Swedish artist which target the older audience more. 
The one artist I was looking forward to seeing the most was Lagaylia Frazier. I absolutely love her energy on stage and I was excited to photograph her since I know from before that she has a lot of presence on stage. I love her facial impressions and how much feelings she shows when performing. Lagaylia performed most covers such as "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars, "The Best" by Tina Turner and lots of other well known songs through time. 
The end of the evening all three of the main artists performed a couple of songs together. I like that concept of artists singing together it's rarely that you see that live nowadays.
In between songs Chris and Lagaylia was meeting fans behind the stage and taking photos with them. I decided that I wanted to say hi and try to get some photos of them. Unfortunately the commotion around Lagaylia were too much so I wasn't able to get any good photos of her. But I had a nice time meeting Chris. I was going to take a portrait of him which he was a surprised over since I guess he's used to having people coming up to him asking for a selfie. After I took my photo, he asked me again if I was sure I didn't want a photo with him and since he asked I couldn't say no. First it was only a phone selfie but later on Carol came and took a photo of us after she got her portait.
(I'm trying to limit the amount of photos in my blog posts so I will post my portrait of Chris on IG when the times is right.)
BEHOLD here's a photo of Carol! She's the cutest and I absolutely adore her! I love having her with me whenever I'm out taking photos. She's such a great photographer and friend. Concert photos might not be her thing but she's getting really good at it and I'm so proud over her. You should definitely check out her work and follow her on Instagram!
This was it for this time. More posts to come but until next time, ingat!