Meeting Carol & Viktor Frisk @ Frölunda Torg

Meeting two people that I haven't met in a long time was so much fun! 
The plan for the day was to purchase a new camera bag in the photostore in Mölndal. Since I was nearby Frölunda I thought I could pay Carol a visit since it had been a while since we last met. Only a day or two before I was heading into town, I got to know that Viktor Frisk was going to have a signing in Frölunda Torg for his new book that got released in April.
The timing for everything was great, three birds with one stone!
Carol and I talk a lot on messages and call one another on the phone once in a while, but it was nice catching up with Carol in person. It's always a lot of fun with Carol, we always come up with things to talk about, things to photograph and just hang out. And of course we had to go for a fika and get some Boba to drink.
I don't think there's a time that Carol and I have met where we haven't photographed something. xD
After have been hanging out with Carol for a while, we decided to pop-in to Viktor's signing. 
To be honest, I didn't knew what to expect of the the signing at all. People are more used to see Samir & Viktor, being energetic and performing their fun songs. This time around there was no Samir around, it was only a signing with Viktor. 
Viktor's book is named "Min superkraft: så har jag lärt mig älska min struliga ADHD" (which means "My superpower: this is how I've learn to love my bothersome ADHD"). Which is about his experiences with his ADHD and how he suceed to turn the diagnos to his personal super power. 
The first thing that happened after taking a couple of pictures of the signing was that the security told me not to photograph the event, which made me very confused and shocked. Most because that he told that someone had said to him that people were not allowed to take pictures?
I was not happy about what I heard so I decided to ask the person working with Viktor about the rule to not take photos. She said that it had been a misunderstanding, that the rule was that fans were not allowed to get a video message for a friend since the limited of time Viktor had. She said I was more than happy to take photos, it was only a good thing for promotion and to have actual photos of his signing. 
The woman working with Viktor, her name was Sara and it was lovely to see how proud she was over Viktor. You could see her smiling and laughing when he interacted with his fans. She genuinely was happy for him which I was glad to see. x
It made me so happy to see all the people that came to see Viktor. Everyone was very excited to getting their photos taken with him, and the smallest kids were adorable! A lot of the kids were very shy to be meeting Viktor but he handle the situation very good.
I've been at many signings by now, I have seen many different artists and how they are like during them. The signings usually are very quick, the fans get their autograph, merch and sometimes a picture. Usually it's basically all the same, but during this signing it was a bit different. Viktor made everyone's moment with him something special. He was so sweet to everyone and really made everyone's moments with him something of their own. He made conversations, gave people compliments and even if the kids were shy, he made them lose up a bit, talked to them and try to get them to smile. 
I waited to approach him since I wanted the fans to get to meet him first and to not feel that I'm rushed when there's people in line after me. Once I came up to Viktor, it was all good.
(Backstory: Most of the times I've met Viktor has been with Jenevia, so I've most of the times talked to him in English.) He made sure I was the one that knew Swedish since he was a bit worried that he had to talk in English, since he was not prepare for that. I made sure to tell him that he has nothing to worry about and that his english is good. 
It was very nice to get the chance to talk more with Viktor when things are more calm and not having loads of people around us wanting his attention. We had a very nice chat talking about various things such as Melfest, his book, Samir & Viktor's latest single "Kung".
Meeting artists during Melfest together with Jenevia is one thing, but meeting them afterwards is different since I need to be talking more and make me visible for people to see me. It was great meeting Viktor again, to get a better view on things and feel that I've made a good impact for him to remember. I think it's a great thing that Viktor does, writing his book about his experiences in life with ADHD and to show people it's okay to have ADHD. To give tips and just talk openly about it. 
- I haven't had the time to read the whole book yet, but the things I've read so far has been very good. I recommend you to read it!
Hope to be able to see one of Samir & Viktor's shows during the summer, it's always such fun seeing them on stage doing their things and it's a pleasure meeting them, they are such sweethearts
Thank you Carol & Viktor for everything that day, it was great of fun to be meeting you again! x
To everyone else, thank you for tuning in and for being patient while waiting for new posts. More updates to come!
/Until next time, ingat!

Beautiful Christmas lights at Liseberg!

As I'm having a long weekend with no studies and work, I'm taking the free time to be as productive as I can. My studies takes a lot of my time and energy which I wish I could use into my creative content. So, during the time off I have from the studies, I'm editing as many photos as I can, creating content and planing for next year's projects
In this blog post I will share my photographs from the annual visit to "Jul på Liseberg" (or in english: Christmas at Liseberg). This year I went to the christmas market with my friend Lina. She's also a photographer, so other than just hanging out we were also there to take photos. 
Last year, I was too cold and tired to be able to take my time to photograph the things I wanted. This time, I was determined to get as much footage as I wanted and didn't mind the cold at all. 
I absolutely love the beautiful lights that are there. I tried to capture the cosy feeling in Liseberg but it was too many people around that walked in frame and my wideangle lens didn't managed to made the picture as sharp as I wanted it to be. I think I need to buy me a better wideangle lens since the ones I have doesn't fulfil the purpose that it needs to. 
One of my favorite spots is the Medieval market. Love seeing the different handcrafts and clothng that the people are wearing. While looking back on my pictures from last year,  I realized that I had almost no people in my photos. Since I've become more confident and took the opportonity to ask if I was allowed to take pictures of them. They were more than happy to pose for me, and I'm happy how the picture turned out!
Love this guy's enthusiasm!
We walked passed this booth and I loved the lights in it so I had to take photo of it. ^_^
Bulb, is a function in my DSLR camera that makes the shutterspeed slow. I haven't used that function much before so I decided to try it out. When using Bulb you should use a tripod, since I don't have one I had to make sure to get the camera stablized. 
It's not the best photo but I think it turned out cool anyway! I will definitley try Bulb more in the future and maybe buy a tripod to make it easier for me to capture the pictures they way I want.
That was it for this time. Hope you are having a great holiday and that you will have a great start of this upcoming year! - Until next time, take care!

Perfect weather at Fun Day Röselid!

A while ago, I attended the event Fun Day Röselid that took place at Röselid to photograph everything that was going on there. They had different games the kids could play such as throwing whip cream on some of the people in charge of the game, eat cutton candy and jump in the jump castle. 
The fire department was there to talk about what to do if a fire starts and they showed the equipment they use to put a fire out. 
The one organizing the event had also booked food trucks where they were selling different kinds of food. 
The weather and lightning were perfect that day! No harsh light or rain, just enough clouds to defuse the sunlight. Because of the perfect light, it made everything so much easier and much more fun to photograph!
One of the local farmer was there too, petting the lambs was very popular amongs the children. 
Lately, almost the only thing I've been photographing has been concerts so it was nice photographing something other than that for a change. Something that doesn't include pushy people and limited space. 
What about you? Do you like to photograph and what kind of pictures do you like to photograph the most? :)

Meet & Greet - Marcus and Martinus at Hard Rock Café

Last week, I got invited to the meet and greet of Marcus and Martinus that took place at Hard Rock Café in Gothenburg last Sunday. Marcus and Martinus are a twin duo from Norway that release pop music. They are known for their participation in the norwegian music competition: "Melodi Grand Prix Junior" 2012 with their song "To dråper vann". Recently Marcus's and Martinus's fan base in Sweden has grown a lot and their single "Elektrisk" has become very popular in Norway but also among the young kids here in Sweden. 
Sony Music organised two meet and greets last week, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. I got the opportunity to attend the event in Gothenburg and photograph everything that was going on during it. If I'm not mistaken, I think there were about 40 fans that won a contest to get tickets to attend the event. The audience were mostly kids from the age 5-15 years old with their parents or older siblings. I'm not used to attending a show with young fans like that, but it was fun being in a different enviroment for a change. 
After the preparations and the soundcheck it was time to let the winners of the meet and greet inside. You could feel the excitment in the air. While the fans were waiting for the event to start, they were singing along to the songs that were playing and some parents stood in line to buy some merchandise for their children. 
The event started off with Nina from Sony Music who welcomed everyone to the meet and greet. Marcus and Martinus hit the stage with their two backup dancers. They performed three or four songs (can't really remember how many), but the closing number was of course their single "Elektrisk".
Some times, I forget how tall Swedes actually are, despite that the fans were much younger than I am, a lot of them were taller than me. I had some problems taking pictures during the performance but I did the best of the situation and got some pretty decent pictures anyway.
After the performance it was time for a small Q&A with the boys before it was time for the fans to meet their idols. Everything was planned in a great way to make sure everyone got their time with Marcus and Martinus, to take a professional picture together, get their autograph and also a selfie if they wanted one.
I must say, Marcus and Martinus did a great job and they were very professional in their way to perform but also in the way they interacted with their fans. They were very sweet and made sure everyone got their photo taken and their merchandise signed. Also how they interacted were very genuine and they made jokes, hugged their fans tight and even carried some of the smallest children in their arms. It was very cute to see. 
The little girl in the photo below, was very cute. She had stood in line for a while to meet the boys. Once she got up on stage, one of the boys greeted her with such energy together with a hug, which I think took her by surprised. It made her start crying and wanted to be let go to walk over to her mum. She was a bit afraid and couldn't stop crying, so they had to walk off the stage without getting their photo taken. Poor girl. Hopefully they got their photo taken later on. 
These kind of events are one of the things I love to photograph and hopefully I will be able to do more of this kind of stuff in the future! To end this blog post I just want to say a big thank you to Nina from Sony Music for inviting me to the event, for having such positive energy and for believing in me as a photographer. I had so much fun attending the event and photographing during it! You all did a great job for organizing the event and as a fan of a lot of music, I know how much the fans appreciated being able to attend it! 
I'm sure we will hear a lot more from these boys, and I'm looking forward to see how far they will get since I can see there are some potential in them! 

~ Shopping with Samir Badran at Missäy ~

Hey everyone!
Last week, I attended the event "Shopping at Missäy with Samir", which Missäy had organized in their store in Gothenburg. The event was basically a promotion thing for Missäy and their clothiing, where the costumers who bought an item from the store, got their bag sign by Samir Badran. 
Since I was going to run some errands in town, I thought to just pop in to say hi to Samir and take some pictures. But the plan changed, and I ended up being at the event during the 3 hours that it took place. What can I say? I had pictures to take. xD
I arrived a bit late to the event, so I thought it would be tons of people there already and it would be hard to get into the store since it's smaller. But once I got there, I got very suprised that there were not more people attending the event. 
I've met Samir several times during the past year and I don't think I have ever seen him smile as much as he did during this event. He was geniuely happy to meet everyone that came around to say hi to him. 
It was a lot of kids there with their mums to meet Samir and get their photos taken together with Samir. I have a couple pictures of kids getting their pictures taken with Samir that are super cute, but I'm sad for not being able to post them. Since you always have to be extra caution when it comes to post pictures of children.
Here's one picture though, a bit blurry but just to show you a bit from it. Samir was so sweet towards the kids and he treat everyone kindly.
Even if the main point with the event was to get costumers buy clothes from the store, and then get Samir's autograph, he made sure everyone that wanted his autograph, got one!
There was one fan that got up to Samir with her bag to get it sign. He got all concern and asked if she really wanted to have his autograph on her bag, since he didn't wanted to ruin the bag. 
Once he signed it, he looked at it and got proud of it because he thought it looked cool. Also because his writing turned out pretty well! He was so proud of it that he even showed the bag to the staff working beside him. Haha it was so cute!
At on point, I was going to take a picture, only of Samir by himself. I was ready with my 50mm lens since it's the better one and made me got up closer to him. He was all ready posing, and I was about to take the picture but then suddenly he break off his pose and said: "No, no, no. Wait! Get some people in the picture, so I don't look all alone!". It's such a typical thing for Samir, doing something random as that. 
I was not prepared for that to happened, so the picture turned out like this. The fans are all blurry and they are way too bright, also I don't like how they are covering their faces. But at least Samir turned out well. xD
And for those who thinks Samir has only small/teenager girls as fans, he has not. There were several guys coming into the store to talk to him and get their picture with him.
Let me tell the story behind this picture. 
In the beginning of the signing, Samir had called me out (which totally caught me off guard) to come over to say hi despite that I didn't stood in line. So he basically made me cut in line, just to talk to me which made people starting to wonder who the heck I was. It seemed like some people thought I was Samir's personal photographer that took pictures for his blog. Which I wouldn't mind. 
These four girls came up to me after a while, and asked me who I was photographing for. I told them that I run a blog where the photos will be published at. They got all curious and wanted me to write the blog address to it, which I did. Since they were all nice and it feelt like they wanted a picture with Samir together, I offered to take a photo of them in change that I could post it here and they linked/tagged me if they use it on their social medias. They got all excited over it, and they were so sweet when they asked Samir if they could get a photo with him all together. 
This way I also got another kind of photo to post here which gets you another glimpse of the event.
After meeting Samir multiple times, having pictures together where we look all kinds of ways, we finally got one where we look decent! I can assure you, he was much happier than he looks like and this is just his "model face". The picture would have been perfect if he smiled, but I'm happy as it is, since this is such a big improvement compared to all the other photos we have together. Haha
To end this post, here's Samir with the lovely staff at Missäy! Credits to the girls working in the store for handling the event well and making sure everyone who wanted a picture, got one! 
P.S. If you are curious to see more pictures of Samir, there will be more blog posts from finale week of Melodifestivalen with exclusive photos that never have been posted before! 

Halloween | Liseberg

As everyone already know, a couple of weeks ago: Halloween took place. I don't have any pictures from that weekend since I don't really go out and party like the majority of the people I know. Also because I was working both Friday and Saturday. 
I do have pictures from my visit at Halloween at Liseberg with my friends, which I want to show you! Halloween at Liseberg was their new theme for the year. It was very interesting to see how Liseberg turned from an ordinary amusment park to, a more "scarier" one.  
There are surely a lot of things that they need to improve for next year's "Halloween at Liseberg", but it was fun seeing something different for once. It was funny how a lot of people got scared of the people working there to scare the guests, while my friend and I was not even bothered. We were even laughing because a couple of times, we didn't even realized someone was trying to scare us. xD

"Ärlige Mister Ernst" - Book the tickets now!

"Ärlige Mister Ernst" or "The Importance of being Earnest" is a comedy play that is about shallowness, the fear to not fit in, and not be accepted for who you are. 
I got asked by Felicia (which is one of the actresses in the play), to photograph pictures for some of their marketing. I really appreciate that she asked me for help, it made me very happy to know that she thought I would the one for the job. I gladly accepted the offer and was happy to be able to help them! Despite that I was working and focused to be prepared to get my shots, I really enjoyed watching the play. All the actresses and actors were very professional and talented. The play was very funny, and kind of mind twisting towards the end.
I highly recommend everyone to see one of the last shows which takes place this weekend at "Amandas Teater" in Gothenburg:
  • Friday 25th of September at 7pm
  • Saturday 26th of September at 3pm
It costs 150kr but it's definitley worth to spend! I will link their website and facebook event if you want to read more!
You can book the tickets here:
When it comes to the photos, I was very nervous to photograph in this small area with limited light. The theater inviroment isn't really what I'm used to take photos in. The fact that I had no idea what to expect from the play, and what they were going to do, made everything a lot more difficult than it already was. But I like challenges, and to learn more from them, so this was very interesting to see how I would manage to get the pictures as good as I wanted it to be. Despite some issues with the lighting and the flash I borrowed, personally I'm proud over the result I got.
What do you think about the pictures?
Some feedback or tips I should think about until next time I shoot this kind of photos? :)

Modelljakten! ^^

Yepp today after school I was with some friends and watch the recording of
"modelljakten" ^^

It was nice to meet everyone again! ^^

Andreas just get more, more and more fans! Haha sooo fun! xD