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Sallyswag, a band with many influences
In today's post I will be sharing my photographs of Sallyswag's set from Europride in Gothenburg. I will also make a brief introduction of the band.  
Sallyswag started 2013 when Erika Risinger decided to start her dreamband, which resulted in 9 members only by women. They are based in Gothenburg where they write and create music. Not long after their start as a band, they had created a unique and fresh repertoire which was ready to get shown at the "Folk- och Världsmusikgalan/Umeå Folk" already in Februari 2014. The members of the band are:
  • Sanna Eriksson - Vocals
  • Aurelia Dey - Vocals
  • Erika Risinger - Violin
  • Ebba Wigren - Drums
  • Nadia Hamouchi - Trumpet
  • Anna Malmström - Clarinet, Bassclarinet
  • Paulina Moberg - Trombone
  • Sanna Sikborn Erixon - Electric guitar
  • Tove Brandt - Electric bass (bass)
  • Nadina Pundins - Electric bass (On parental leave)
All of the members of Sallyswag are freelance musicians and have their own solo projects, bands and careers. They have roots in all different kinds of music styles such as dancehall, RnB/hiphop, pop/jazz, balkan/indigenous music, afro and swedish folksy music. You can notice some of these music styles in the music of Sallyswag. I think it's an interesting mix and their kind of music isn't something you hear nowadays which makes them stand out a bit more. In 2016, Sallyswag released their first album named "Sallswag" which contains 7 songs:
  1. "Ligga"
  2. "Te deseo"
  3. "Du kommer dit du går"
  4. "Pálidomrak"
  5. "Vad jag har lovat"
  6. "You know my name"
  7. "Feminst"
Their music has imprints of politics and a desire to change. You can find their album at iTunes and on Spotify if you want to give a listen to it.  
Unfortunately there is not music videos or any other visuals with Sallyswag. But there are multiple videos on Youtube on their live performances if you would like to see how they are like live on stage. I did found one video on their own channel which is a "live session" of the songs "Akta Dig" and "UH". 
I hadn't heard about Sallyswag before looking at the lineup for Europride but their concept peeked my interested. When I saw that "Aurelia Dey" was in the band, I had to look it up more since I recognized her name. I've done research of her music before as I had try to plan to see her own solo concert at a previous occasion. I would recommend you to check out her music as well as I think the typ of music she makes solo could be something in the liking of the target group I have for my content. I will put one of her recent releases for you to see what you think. :)  
I know I've said it before but it's very rare to see a set with only women on stage performing. At those rare times that I actually see it, I appreciate the set a lot more. I think it's very important to give women more space in the music scene and push them to get the same exposure as male musicians. It's also important to show people, specially young girls that there are a space for them as well to become musicians. 
As a classical trained musician I really appreciate hearing all the different instruments live in Sallyswag's music. You rarely get to hear more classical instruments being played live in a concert except for when it comes to orchestras. It was very nice getting to hear all of the instruments but specially the violin, the clarinet and trombone as it's more rare to get the chance to hear someone play on those instruments. 
Unfortunately there is not more for me to share when it comes to their content as they don't have a lot of video footage/visuals uploaded. I did enjoy getting to see a new band and to photograph people I've not seen before.  
If you want to check out their social medias you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.
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That was it for this time. I hope you liked the post and seeing my photographs! More posts from Europride are on it's way so stay tuned for more content!
Until next time, ingat! 
Introducing: Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen
One of my ambitions for Kulturkalaset/Europride in Gothenburg was to make sure I did what I could to experience something new with the festival. It could be everything from tasting new food, walking to a new location of the festival or discovering new artists. In this post, I will be introducing you to Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen in a general sense and share my photographs that I took of them during EuroPride. 
Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen are a band from Malmö which formed 2015. Sanna Hansson as lead vocals, Phelix Jakobsson on the bass, Oskar Nyberg on the guitar, Kristian Lindberg on the drums and Hampus Hansson on the keys and backing vocals. They create music as they describe as quirky pop with cabaret influcences. The band have been doing numerous gigs around Sweden since their start. Sanna & The Swatchmen released their debut EP in 2017 named "Bye Bye Strawberry Pie" and it contains five songs:
1. Fun At All
2. Dream Girl
3. Theft
4. Can't Change A Man
5. Make It Worse
Whenever I discover new artists I like to do research, not only listen through the discography but I also look at their social medias to get a bit of a insight of who they are as artists. You can tell that they are still very small but you need to start somewhere right? They do have music videos for some of their songs, not as high production as some of the more streamed artists but it's nice seeing that they have some kind of video content out there. Even if it's not as high production yet, you can still get a feeling of who they are as artists and what kind if mindset they have for their music. 
I'm going to be honest, I had never heard about them before Europride and two of the main reasons why I decided to see their show was because I liked their style in fashion that they had an extra thought in their appearence that suits their music style. The other reason was because their music was midtempo and when I did my research they seemed energetic on stage which is always nice when taking photographs. 
I came one or two songs late to their show as I was taking photos somewhere else right before their set. It was the first day of Europride in Gothenburg which you could tell by the fact several of the tents around the area was not completely all setup for the event and the EuroPride/Kulturkalaset backdrop hadn't been put up on the stage yet. 
I liked that the band members were very interactive with each other but also made sure to take the audience in. Sanna Hansson, had good vocals and an expressive stage presence which I liked!
One particular song that I remember from Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen's set was "Drunk". I like the vibe of the song, a detail I liked in it was Sanna's vocals and Phelix backing vocals in the chorus. Phelix had such a bass sound in his vocal and I don't know if it was the speaker that enhanced it even more, but it really made an impact. 
It was raining a lot that day which made things harder for me to photograph but I ended up getting at least a couple of good shots. I do want to remind you that I'm writing this kind of post mostly based on my personal preferences, I'm mainly a photographer who loves music but don't have enough knowledge to review music in any way professionally.
I won't say that Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen's music is something I would listen to on a regular basis as their style has a more slower tempo than the music I tend to listen to nowadays, but their music is cathcy in a way. I could see myself listening to them once in a while when I'm in a mood where I don't need to be on my feet and being alert. 
When I get an opening to photograph the drummer of a set, I always take it! It's a bit of a shame how many photographers that doesn't take the time to capture photos of the drummers as well since they are too focused on the front figure.
This guy was basically everywhere on stage and it was so fun to see him doing the most with interacting with everyone! I liked the small details of their set with the feathers on the mic stand, matching outfits and Sanna's details in her outfit like her headpiece. 
Overall I enjoyed the set, it was fun getting to discover new artists. It's something about photographing new people which is a lot of fun since you never know what to expect from them. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, that you might found new music to listen to or liked seeing my photographs from the show. If you want to give a follow or get in touch with Sanna Hansson & The Swatchmen you can find their Instagram below or get to know them more through their website:
Until next time, ingat!
Eventful week at EuroPride/Kulturkalaset
Kulturkalaset is a festival which takes place every year for 6 days in Gothenburg in the middle of August. This year I took vacation from work to being able to get as much as I could from the event to photograph, create new contacts and not feeling like I have to stress my way through the week. Taking vacation was probably my best decision that I made because the week turned out to be very eventful and I had several late nights with working with my photography. 
This post will be a short summary of my week at Kulturkalaset and EuroPride to give you a bit of insight of what I got to experience and who I met during the festival. I will also give you a sneak peek of some of the photographs that I took. 
When planning for this festival, I wanted to make sure that I didn't ended up only seeing people that I already know from before. I wanted to discover new artists, hear new music and photograping people I haven't before. I can't get stuck at only seeing people I know. That I need to look at other directions as well, find new people and getting footage of artists that might not have the same exposure as the mainstream artists. 
There was one act in particular which I think people were a bit suprised over that I went and photograph. It was the band Avatar, they are a metalband from Sweden and I'm so glad that I decided to see their concert. Let me tell you this, they actually had a staging! Not just a backdrop but a whole stage with moving platforms, props and their name visual in letter which had lights. It was so much fun to see the effort they had made with making their staging as cool as it was. I don't think I have ever seen a Swedish act done a staging with that much effort in it. I really appreciated seeing that. 
Of course, I attended concerts with artists that I know my followers want to see more of. A lot of these artists are people that I personally follow as well and know that I would appreciate photographing too. 
I actually had a conversation with another photographer about Darin. We both like him as an artist but after photographing him a couple of times, we know his signature moves that he ALWAYS does in his performances. That a lot of the photos that you take of him looks a lot the same, no matter if it has been months or even years in between them. I thought it was a bit funny hearing that from someone else. Haha
I ended up seeing LIAMOO twice that week but I didn't mind it at all. I have to say though, seeing him doing his own set was much more fun than the RIX FM Festival gig. 
It was very nice seeing Tove Styrke live. Last time I saw her was right after Swedish Idol so I don't even think I've seen her perform any of her own released music until last week. It was very nice seeing her and she was as bubbly as she always has been. 
Every time I photograph Loreen, the light conditions are horrible for a photographer. I get that she wants to create a mood on stage and I appreciate that. But as a photographer trying to get quality footage of her is very difficult. You will have to see my effort in my post about her gig that is coming. 
 I SAW ALCAZAR PERFORM A MEDLEY OF SOME OF THEIR BEST SONGS. I didn't even knew that I was going to see them perform, I just happened to be on the right location at the right time, which I'm very happy about. It was very dark that evening but I was living and was very happy about seeing them!
DJ Lundemo which I saw three times as Jasmine Kara was performing on her DJ set. I like her, something about her vibe was nice.
Some of the people that I saw performing through out the week which isn't in any of the photos in this post are: Janice, Wiktoria, SallySwag, Danny Saucedo, Alvaro Soler, Eleni Foureira and more! 
As always I payed a visit to the food markets in town, it's always a pleasure seeing the different food cultures. I bought the annual fudge, ate Thai food but I also tried new kinds of food such as an African dish. 
Walking the streets during the festival was very nice. It felt like I was in a completely different city and people were kind of a a different mood than usual. The streets were full of life and happy people that enjoyed the festivities. I also really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful colours of Pride through out the week.
Heading into the big week of the year, I had made more of a plan of what I wanted to photograph during the week to make things easier for me but also to not make me way too stressed out with not knowing where to go. It was also different this time because I was accredited as press which made things a lot more easier and I didn't had to wait around too long before the concerts to get a good spot to photograph from. 
The week turned out a lot more socially than I think I was prepared for. It wasn't bad thing but consider that I didn't felt that good the week before, I wasn't ready to being so outgoing that I was. I guess it was a good practice
I met a lot of different people through out the event. Numerous familiar faces from the past but also new ones that I bonded with. It's funny to see how people some times get so interested in what I do by seeing me photographing.  
One of the biggest highlights of EuroPride was definitely to meet Jasmine Kara! She was absolutely a sunshine trough all week! I adore Jasmine and her personality is one of the most wonderful I've ever come across. I can't thank her enough for all the love she showed me. The only times I've met Jasmine before has been very briefly at the afterparties of the Melfest finals. It was really nice getting time to actually talk to Jasmine and get to know her a bit more. I'm super happy that I've met her and can't wait to see her again!
Being at Kulturkalaset/EuroPride was a very learning experience. I came to realize that my photography really have had an impact of who I am today and it's something that I can't live without. My photography is one of the main factors that have helped me to being able to grow as a person and become more confident in who I am. If I didn't started or continued with my photography I wouldn't have had met the people I know, gained the experiences I have or becoming better at being social and maintaining conversations. 
Attending this event also made me realize that I need to do some changes in life. I need to work at getting more independent, get my driver license and cut out the toxic people I have in my life. I'm no where close at being where I want to be in life, there's so many variables in my life that affects me in a way that makes me hold back. I know it's a process and it takes a lot of work to get to a place where you want to be but as for now, I need to take babysteps.
I have lots of footage to show from the festivites of Kulturkalaset/EuroPride. Many stories and experiences to tell. I hope you will keep following my updates here and on Intagram as I will keep posting my photographs. Don't be a stranger, you are more than welcome to reach out to me, give me likes or comments on my content. I appreciate getting feedback!
Until next time, ingat!