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DJ-HUNK brought someone on stage
For people that have been paying attention to my blog and other social medias, know that I've met and photographed De Vet Du a couple times by now. De Vet Du recently started their spring/summer tour and their first stop was at Trädgårn in Göteborg a week after the Melfest season ended. Since Jenevia was still in Sweden and she was coming down to Göteborg to meet some people, she decided to join me to the show as well. In this blog post, I will share photographs of De Vet Du's show and stories from being on set. 
First of all, I didn't even know about their gig at Trädgårn until Johan posted a photo about something that wasn't even related to their tour but he mentioned it in one of all his hashtags very briefly that they were going to perform in Göteborg. Mind that, this was probably a little over a week before the show. This happens way too often, not only when it comes to De Vet Du but also with other Swedpop artists. It's so hard to find information about their gigs that I happen to miss their gigs when they are nearby. 
After a lot of many ifs and buts, we managed to reach out to the guys and be given access to their show. It's always nervousing to photograph at a club scene because the lack of light in that enviroment. Specially at De Vet Du's set because they like to have an even darker setting than usual which makes my job a lot more challenging. Usually when I'm photographing gigs, I'm by myself or at sometimes I have Carol with me. This time was different because Jenevia was with me and it was nice getting to experience that as well. 
We arrived at the venue early enough for us to settle in, get prepared for the show and get some footage beforehand. I knew I had been giving the access to photograph the whole show, but I wanted to make sure I talked to the security by the stage so they know who I was and what's going on to let them know that Jenevia and myself would be running around during the show to get footage.
The show started with DJ-Hunk coming on stage to do his regular intro before the other guys entered the stage to welcome the audience. After my previous experiences at De Vet Du's shows, I knew what I could expect from the show which made it a lot more easier for me to plan my shots. I know from before that they like to have photos where you can see how big of an audience they had but also cool shots of them individual. 
Photographing a show where I have the full access to all areas to be able to play around with different angles is heaven! I do the most to make sure I have vary shots from the show and plays around with the angles and the lighting. 
At one point in the show, DJ-Hunk pick someone from the audience to join them stage and Tor gets a bit of moment for himselves. He gets too hot, take his clothes off and give this person a lapdance. So if you happen to be at one of their shows and wants to come up on stage, make sure to be in the front and make yourself stand out from the rest of the audience for Hunk to notice you. Haha. 
After a couple songs in, I gladly saw that Trädgårn had changed their backstage area to the stage so I could easily get an angle taking photosgraphs from the stage to capture the guys facing the audience. Despite the fact that I was struggling a bit with taking photos, it was a lot of fun being back on set of a concert and doing what I love. It was nice seeing De Vet Du's show and feel the vibe from the audince. If you are a fan of the guys's content, you will enjoy the show. I think each one of their personalities gets to be shown on stage and it's nice to see. But for some reason, I think the set was much shorter than usual. At least it felt like it was rushed but I did my best to get what I could.
Jenevia and I went backstage after the show to say hi to the guys. I had told them that I wanted to take a proper photo of them when things were not as crazy. We talked for a bit and took some photos. The guys were about to go out to meet their fans while Jenevia and I recorded some last footage and packed our stuff. 
Before we left the venue, we looked for the guys in the club to say bye and thank them for giving us the access. It was so funny when we were going to get their attention. They had a lot people around them, mostly girls trying to get their attention to talk with them. I only tapped the guys on their shoulders to get their attention while these girls were trying the most. And I'm going to tell you that, every time I was about to get Johan's, Tor's, Chris's or Hunk's attention, all the girls around them looked at me. When they saw that I got the guys's attention very easily, oh man, they were giving me looks. Believe me when I say this, but if looks could kill I wouldn't be here anymore. Haha
Anyway, this was it for now. I will mostly likely be attending De Vet Du's show at Liseberg the 12th of May and will try my best to do some kind of vlog during that show. Since that event will be happening outside and it's more my kind of setting it will be a lot easier for me to photograph. Easier to photograph = more likely to have time to get video footage. More other updates are coming, stay tuned and thanks for being patient. 
Until next time, ingat!
Taking photographs for Soul Productions!
My childhood friend Andreas recently started a new company named Soul Productions together with his colleague. The company offers their service as lights and sound engineers. When I still was in the Philippines, I recieved a message from Andreas asking me if they could book me as their photographer to one of their booked jobs to photograph them in action for their website. I gladely accepted the offer and it was nice getting to know that he trust me enough and appreciate my work to have me photograph them for their website. 
They were going to work at Sticky Fingers with the lights on the stage at the top floor for two conerts and the lightings at the night club after the show. Before the gig, I tried to prepare myself for what kind of photographs I wanted to take since I could do whatever I wanted. I did some research beforehand, for example I looked through pictures of the venue I was going to, I tried to see other kinds of photos from the nightclub/concert scenes of the ones working with the lights and sound to just get a feel of what kinds of photos they might want.
After being at Melfest, it was fun to photograph something different. I tried my best to get vary shots of Andreas and his colleague Kenny working on set. I'm still not used to photograph in the darker settings of locations, but I'm glad that I get more oppurtinites to practice my work to eventually find a way for me to work better in this enviroment. 
In this blog posts I have only included some of the shots that I took of the guys and if you would like to see the other photographs they picked from the selection of photos I had, you can check out their website: for more photos!
Until next time, ingat!
Care for style X Aldrigensam | Charlie Eriksson & Viktor Frisk
Aldrigensam is an organisation that shed light to the taboo topic mental illness amongs young adults. The project started by Charlie Eriksson to contribute to a more open discussion about mental illness. Everyone gets effected by it, but not everyone are confident enough to talk about it. Through the campaing Care for style X Aldrigensam, G-Star offered styling tips from fashion people during a day in the store. 10% of the profit that day goes beneficial to the organisation "Aldrigensam". Viktor Frisk is an ambassador for "Aldrigensam" and was there to support Charlie and give people fashion tips. 
I liked the vibe in the G-Star store, everyone was very friendly and welcoming. When Viktor saw me, he came over and greeted me with a hug. I don't know why, but one funny thing that happened was that he introduce me to one of his fans who was there to meet him. Such a random thing. Haha. Later on he introduced me to Charlie, he explained that it was Charlie's event and what they were doing there.
The story behind the photo above is actually funny. Charlie and the other guy had put an outfit together and were to dress the mannequin in it. They dressed the mannequin but when they were done they couldn't get it back on the stand. Bless them for trying so hard to make it work, they were really struggling but they had to ask for help from the staff in the store. First there was one lady helping them but she couldn't make it stand either and suddenly they were four people trying to make it work. It was funny to see and that they were having so much fun working together.
I mostly see Viktor when it's about music, but it's nice getting to see him work with his other passions and to see that he makes most of what he can with the platform he has. People make assumtion about Viktor and Samir, that they are messy and doesn't put that much work into things, which is completely not true. Samir & Viktor are putting a lot more work into what they do compared to many people. They do a lot of different things in their careers but people mostly pay attention to them only when it comes to music.
It's always a lot fun meeting Viktor, he's very kind and always making sure everyone is having a great time. Most of the previous times I've met Viktor have been very hectic and it can be hard getting the time to talk properly. But this time it was much more calmer and it was nice to get to know that he remembers me with a good impression. 
The event was open until 6pm but I only stayed for about an hour since I had to get back home. I had a fun time meeting everyone and it was nice seeing that they did it for a good cause. Thanks to everyone in charge, Charlie and Viktor for a nice event and for treating us well.
Until next time, ingat!