What doesn't kill you

Dance with 300 Hula Hoops!

This is just so cool! 

Up for a challenge?? ;O


Love comments! 
Every single comments i get makes
me smile! So don't be afraid to comment more! ;)

1 Advent

"När första ljuset brinner
står julens dörr på glänt
då gläds vi åter alla att fira få advent."

ComicFestival - Cosplay competition!

Been editing these photos all day and been trying to get those uploaded and
yeah finally it's working! 

So enjoy!
Btw...the light there was relly weird so yeah...hope you will like it anyway... (A)

Been a photographer today!

Okey I have been on a "Cosplay competition" today as a photographer for Lina..!

I met serval funny people, got to see a lot of dancers dance
and yeah the day was just nice! :)

And for those that want to see the pictures I took
just check in here tomorrow/today to find them... ;)

NOW...time for bed...Good night !

HAHAHA...What happend there!?

HAHA okey now you see that is NOT only
teenager girls that loves Justin Bieber.... x'D
But seriously....HAHA that made my day! x'D

A tear fell down from my cheek when I saw this

Seriously...Those guys are my biggest inspiration and their music have
help me a lot in these last several years so it's just sad that they
are going to split up next year.
So yeah my biggest wish right now is to see them
just one more time before they split up
and do their last concert.

Jullotta! ^^

Here is some of the few pictures I took in sunday! ^^
I had a really good time there with Felicia and yeah it was
just fun to be there! ^^

And yeah I also record a lot of videos there and I'm going
to put those in a videoblog here about a few days or
something so stay tuned! ;D
Not the best quality on the pictures put yeah didn't bring my systemkamera but
it's better than nothing ;))


I have been studying for a math test and been sick so I
haven't have the time to write about
sunday or upload the pictures yet...
... but they are coming soon! ;D
So stay tuned! ;))
Until then here is a sneak peek! ^^


I accedently klick in on this video before and I just got a little flashback
from the summer!

He is really amazing and just so kind! ~~

My day

This is what my day look like today...
..but tomorrow it's time to go to Liseberg with Felicia! 
Going to be nice! ;)

Fun things is going to happen soon! :)

Ohh...my update here is going bad....
...NOT good! 

But yeah I don't know what to write here anymore?
It doesn't happen so much in my life right now.
Just a lot in school.
And I just need to clear my thoughts.
BUT I think I have something fun planned now..just cause it's Christmas soon! 

And yeah also it's some concerts that is coming up so it will come
new fresh pictures and videos soon! 
So stay tuned! 

....but NOW time to sleep!

Good night everyone! Hear ya tomorrow! ;))

We found love

Have you ever


Yesterday was it the UN roleplay in school!

Had little panic and stress at the first in
the morning but yeah everything turn out to be
quite well! ^^

Me and my friends Daniela, Carol and Madde was the
"representative from Bangladesh"
And we had some clothes from Bangladesh that we borrow and
this is how we looked like! ^^
Me and Carol! ^^


Okey today is kind of a big day! 

Today in School we are going o have a UN day/roleplay!
And I'm nervous!
Don't even know what to do...so yeah...good for me!
So maybe wish me luck?
Going to need it! :)

Guess what!?

John and Edward are coming to Sweden again! :D
And this time to Gothenburg, Linköping and Örebro!

Going to be AWESOME!

Bowling night!

The waiting is now over! 
Here is the pictures from saturday! 

So enjoy! ^^
Thank you girls for an awesome night!
It was really fun to meet everyone again! ^^


Ops...! I haven't had time to upload any pictures from the bowling
night from yesterday...sorry!
But I've been quite busy today with homework and stuff...
...but the pictures will come tomorrow..promise!
And btw... Was watching EMA before and yeah it was SO COOL!

Everything was just awesome like it used to be!
With the lights, the artists and the music was just so amazing!
One day WILL I see it live and I will take lots of photos then!
It would be so cool! :D
....But now is it time to sleep...The semester break is over and school
starts tomorrow!
So goodnight people! Hear ya tomorrow! ;D

Bowling today!

Now off to the optician and then later I'm going to lerum to bowl
with some friends!
Pictures will come later or tomorrow!
So stay tuned! ;))
btw....Have a nice day! ;)

A day in Gothenburg! ^^

Today I was in Gothenburg with Felicia and Frida! ^^
We had lots of fun!
Walking around and record some videos!
And we also meet some nice people ^^
....Hehe Felicia and I also tried some One piece!
they are just soo COZY!
btw...what we recorded will you see soon...so don't miss it! ;)

Some more photos from the photo shoot! ^^

And the music video that Lina have made will I link here at the blog tomorrow! 
So yeah if you want to see it also then it's just to stay tuned! ;)
...Now time for sleep so good night everyone! Sweet Dreams ^^

P.S. please don't forget to comment! ;))

To the Cinema!

Now I'm going to the cinema with my brothers and sister, my cousins and my aunt!
Going to be fun! ^^

Hear ya later! ;)

Photo and video shoot with Lina! ^^

Here is some few pictures from yesterday! ^^
...And tomorrow it will come some more so stay tuned! ;))

sorry guys!

okey I know some of you want to see the pictures I
took before at the photo shoot but..
...yeah I didn't have time to upload them after the shoot...
But I promise they will come tomorrow!

Meanwhile you will get this photo as a sneak peek! ^^
Now time to sleep so...Good night everyone!

Dear haters

Seriously...I think EVERYONE should see the this video...