Christmas Evé!

Christmas evé was just like it use to be;
- Preparing food
- Get ready for the evening
- Donald Duck
- Dinner 
- Present opening
- Dessert
- Playing games together 
I didn't expect anything what I was going to get in present but I'm happy for the things I got! ^_^
The funniest thing was that my parents got so suprise over the fact that me and my siblings had really planned and got them something also! ^_^
- Did you also had a nice christmas eve with your beloved? ^_^

Merry Christmas everyone!


Flashback: - Amanda Jensén on stage in Liseberg!

 An august summer day with Sarah in Liseberg watching the cool Amanda Jensén! ^_^

Instagram month!



 I haven't felt like updating here at all this past month cause I have been busy with school, rehearsal for christmas concerts that I had playing at and other random stuff. But NOW it's winter break and I'm BACK! 
So be prepared for lots of more updates and just stay tuned! 

Meanwhile, here is some different pictures from this past month! ^_^