Charice.... is really AMAZING!

Just listen to this.... She is really amazing and this song.. AWESOME! ^^

Btw... Nick Jonas is the co writer/ co producer to this song ^^

Day 15 – My dreams!

I have a lot of dreams and I'm trying as good as I can to make them come true!

One dream is that I want to become a photographer that can live on the money I earn!

Another dream that have for a long time now is to see and meet Westlife live... !

And my biggest dream off them all is to be that confident girl that isn't that shy and can
talk to people whenever I like.!

I have tried to make that dream come true my hole life and I'm still trying!

I haven't give up yet and I have a long way left but I have complished lots of thing over these years, at least in the recent past !

I'm happy what I have complished so far and I'm not giving up yet!

So yeah everyday in my life is a struggle to get my dream come true!

So don't forget if you can dream it you can be it! <3


Going to kungsbacka now so I update more later! Hope everyone will get a nice day today ^^

Day 14 – One picture of me from last year and one from today.

I didn't find any good picture on just myself from last year so I took this :P

Here is it me and Måns Zelmerlöw! x)

And here is a picture that I took just for a hour ago...haha x)

Day 13 – Something that means a lot to me!

hmm... yeah I have a lot of things that mean very much to me...

But if I must choose one I choose my birthday this year..!

It was the BEST birthaday ever..! For REAL!

This year I spend my 16 years birthday in Philippines with my family, some friends and lots of relatives!

It had been years the last time we was there so it was really fun and amazing to celebrate
my birtday there!

Everyone had planed a suprise party for me and they had book a catering, waiters and yeah a hole party tent!

and almost every cousin + my brother had practice a dance that they showed on the party!

And the amazing thing was that they had just practice the dance for 5 days or something! D:

The dance was amazing and was so fun to see and my brother also sang!

And one of my cousin is dancing in a dance crew .. so the dance crew was also invited and they performe at the party and it was so fun!

I couldn't stop smiling under the hole party and ....hehe... I was so HAPPY! :D

So that party and what everybody did for me then means a lot me! 
And if someone that was on the party and is reading this... THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3

It was the best time of my life!

Here is 3 pictures from my birtday ^^


Hehe i did my test for my moped license berfore ...

.... and I made it! :D
I pass the test and can now drive my moped on the roads! :D


Haha so watch out! x)

( Godkänd = approved )

Day 12 – In my bag!

This is what you can find in my purse :))

But it can depend what it is in ... depending where I'm going ^^

Day 11 – My siblings.

I have one little brother and one little sister! Their name is Bryan and Sara!

My siblings is just the wonderfulest that you ever can have!

Even if we have our fights, I still love them!

I don't think that they want to be in the blog so i don't upload any photos on them :))

But yeah I will always be there for them if they need any help :)

And they are always there to make me smile :)

Day 10 – My outfit today.

Okey I know that I have missed some entires from the list...

.... So today it will come 3 entires from the list so check it out ^^

My outfit from monday ^^

Lotta on Liseberg was awesome! ^^

Wiee! :D
I had an aweseme day yesterday with Felicia and Sarah! :D
Hehe had so much fun and haha i laught a lot! :P

Here is just a few picture that I took yesterday so yeah... leave a comment and say what you think ^^

And thanks a lot to Felicia and Sarah for everything ! ^^
(and to your mum Sarah, that drove us home!)

P.S. I don't know what Martin is doing on the picture with us... so dont ask! xD

Sneak peek!

Here is just one sneak peek from yesterday and more pictures are coming !!

I'm going to update more later so you just need to wait a little more! ^^

Lotta on Liseberg! ^^

Today I'm going to " Lotta on Liseberg " ! ^^

It's going to be nice! ^^

Felicia and Sarah is already there and I'm going to be there at the
same time they open the hole amusement park :))

The live brodcast is 8.00 pm on tv4!

Hehe maybe you will see us on tv ;)

Pictures and other things will I upload tomorrow! ^^

So check the blog out tomorrow! ;)

( Ulrik Munther is coming and going to perfome at the show! ^^ )

Stockholm day 2 - A walk in Stockholm and Gröna Lund! ^^

Gröna Lund was not what I have espect and I was a little disipointed...
It was not that big that thought and the ride was not that dangerous that I thought...
And the line up was so strange the was outside the rides and so small and you don't even
know where the ends x)
So I prefer Liseberg... :P
But still I had an awesome day ^^

Day 9 – 10 things you maybe didn't know about me.

1. I have wanted to work as a police :)

2. Even if I seem very shy when you meet me at the first times but if you get to know me a
bit you will noticed that I'm not that! haha cause I'm the giggle person that always laughs and smile ^^

3. I have met one person that really have change my life and have said/done things that have made me really happy and have made me keep going on.

4. I already know what kind of job I want to work with later in life :)

5. I looove CANDY!

6. Maybe you won't belive me but i like to sing :)

7. I'm kind of lazy ... x)

8. I have a "job" ... As a photoprapher to a cosplay group :P

9. Since monday, everytime I hear the song " Save the world" it makes me smile!


He's soo amazing!

More pictures from Stockholm and Norrköping is on the way but you have to wait
a little more..! :)

Until then you can listen on this video from monday ^^

Stockholm day 1 - Sing a long in Skansen :)

First day in Stockholm I was in skansen and look at sing-a-long show ^^
It was really awesome to see Petter but i prefer Lotta on Liseberg :P


Day 8 – Me for long time ago!

This picture is taken from 2004 when I was in a scout camp ^^

Gothia Cup Opening Cermony! :DD

Okey here are pictures from the Opening cermony! :DD
The cermony was AAWESOME!
I mean it was REALLY AWESOME!

It was lots of fun, and me and Felicia got some great seat on the third row!
So awesome!
And it was lots of great artist and dancers!
Nicklas Hocker, Eric Saade, and Andreas and Marcus was also there! :D
Sooo fun to see Andreas and Marcus on a huge stage like that! :D

We also met Andreas after the show and it was nice to talk with him again! ^^
Hehe he was sooooo HAAAPPY to get the chance to perfome on ullevi...
haha :DD

- Should we take a picture????


Gothia Cup part 1!

Hehe okey... I took alot of photos in monday so I'm going to
upload 2 part from the day :P

haha the first part is going to be pictures from the day before the opening cermony,
me and Felicia went all around in the city to look around a little of the things that was there ^^
We met some of our friends like Khazeen, Mathilda, Susanna, Johanna och Anna ^^
It was fun to see them again! :D

We also try some onepiece ... and I WANT ONE!
Soo cozy! ;O

Back home! :D

Now I'm back from my vacation in Stockholm! ^^

Hehe I had fun there and i took a lots of pictures! ^^

I'm gonna tell you what i have done there and upload some pictures i took but
not until tomorrow!

So you must wait just a little more! ;)

But here are just one sneak peek! ^^

P.S. I'm MAYBE going to upload some photos from monday if I have time to do that before
the internet is off...!
If not... the pictures will come tomorrow! So check out the blog soon! ^^

Day 7 – My best friend!

Okey now i will tell you about my best friend!

Her name is Felicia and she is soon 16 years old!

We have a lot of memorys together!
Both bad and good! ^^

I can share everything with her and she is always there for me if I need her! ^^

She is the best friend you can ever have..!
She make me feel better and happier when I'm sad and yeah I'm grateful to
have a friend that is so wonderful like her!

So thanks Felicia to everything !

Day 6 – Something that I hate.

Uhhmm... Something i hate...

Hate is a very strong word and I don't use that a lot.

But something I hate is when some people hurt others in diffrent ways that
really makes them sad!
I couldn't stand out if i hurt anyone... I would have some guilt feelings all the time.

Something i also hate is war and yeah everything bad that is happening today in the world.

So bee nice to everyone you meet and be happy for what you already have ^^

Day 5 – Meaningful songs <3

Day 4 - What is love?

Uhmm... What is love?

Love is a great feeling you feel for someone else...!
It exist diffrent kind of love and you can love many people at the same time..
...Like your best friends, your family, your relatives and someone that you are cloeset to
that you want to live with until you die.

It exist also other kind of love....
The love of what you want to do, like music, photography and other things that you are
passion about :)

Love can also be a thing or a place... Just something or someone you really like!

You can have diffrent sight of what love is and here was mine ^^

Then we are off to Stockholm! ^^

Okey Gothia Cup was AMAZING yesterday!

And It couldn't be any better! :D

haha I meet a lots of wonderful people like my friends Khazeen,Mathilda, Susanna,
Johanna och Anna!
And i also meet Andreas again! :D

haha I had so much fun and now I'm ready to go to Stockholm with my famliy!

So the update here is going to be bad but I have done some timed entires so
you have something to read ^^

Pictures from Gothia Cup and Stockholm is coming when I get back! ^^

So "talk" to you guys again when I get back! ^^

Until then here are 2 pictures from yesterday! ^^

And if you really can't wait til I get back ... You can look at Felicias blog for more pictures:  ^^

Going to gothenburg with Felicia! ^^

Okey now me and Felicia is going to gothenburg to look at
Gohia Cup and yeah have some fun ^^

Later we are going to see Gothia Cup opening cermony ! :D

It's going to be AWESOME! :D

So i update more later or tomorrow!

Have a nice day! ;P

Day 3 – My parents

My parents are the best and I'm grateful for everything they do for me! <3


I think that my parents dont want to be in the blog so i don't upload any pictures :)

Some random pictures from yesterday ^^

Day 2 – About the blogs I read! ^^

I don't read so many big blogs that is very famous but this is three exceptions: - - -

and I also like to read my friends blogs like

This is just some of the blogs I read..!

Maybe I read your blog ... you never know ;)

This video makes me smile! :D

Just so you know....

....I loove comments!
I will be happy for every comment that you send! :D

So don't be afraid to comment the blog! ;)

Day 1 – Introduce yourself!

Okey now I'm gonna start with that list i upload before! ^^

I'm a 16 years old girl called Lizel!
And I live in Sweden..!

I'm girl that LOOOVE MUSIC and to PHOTOGRAPH.

If you ask my friends what kind of girl that I'm they would say:

- " Lizel is a shy, quite, kind girl that is also crazy" :P

So yeah even if I seem to be the quite girl when you meet me at the first time...
..I'm not that quite! haha I'm kind of crazy and is always laughing! :P

So yeah... On my free time i love to be with my friends and do some random stuff with them.
I also like to photograph and go to concerts!

I don't really what to write... I'm just a girl that love to help others and make
others feel better when they are sad.
So yeah i think it was it ^^

Just a list to get to know me a little bit ^^

Day 1 – Introduce yourself
Day 2 – About the blogs I read
Day 3 – My parents
Day 4 - What is love?
Day 5 – Meaningful songs.
Day 6 – Something that I hate.
Day 7 – My best friend.
Day 8 – Me for long time ago.
Day 9 – 10 things you maybe didn't know about me.
Day 10 – My outifit today.
Day 11 – My siblings.
Day 12 – In my bag.
Day 13 – Something that means a lot to me.
Day 14 – One picture of me from last year and one from today.
Day 15 – My dreams.
Day 16 – Something that I love.
Day 17 – Someone that means a lot to me.
Day 18 – What I want to be come when I get older.
Day 19 – This is what I regret.
Day 20 – Something that I'm excited to do.
Day 21 – My Raise and Raze list.
Day 22 – This upsets me.
Day 23 – This makes me feel better.
Day 24 – This makes me cry.
Day 25 – My favorite artist/other famous people.
Day 26 – My fears.
Day 27 – My favoriteplace.
Day 28 – This is what I miss 
Day 29 – This I have a phobia for
Day 30 – Something you are proud of yourself for


( I have translate the list... and yeah haha I'm not the best in english so some word can be wrong :P )



Hey! :D

Okey... now I'm gonna start the blog with tell u little about me! ^^

I'm a 16 years old girl in the name of Lizel!
I also have lots of nicknames like Lizza and Matrix :P

In my blog you are going to see lots of diffrent kind of photos everything beetwen potraits, nature, cosplays, concerts photos and of course more!  ^^

You are also going to follow my journey to be come more self-confidence.
I have always been the shy girl but now I'm going to change that!
I'm going to take one step at the time :)

And you are also going to follow my journey to be a photographer! ^^

So hope that you will like my blog! ^^

Let's do this! :D

Hey! :D

Now my blog kind of finished just some little things to do but yeah the design and everything is ready!
So now I'm gonna blog for real! :D

So now I'm gonna write some introduction for the blog so check in here again
for about 10 min then a new blog entire is up!

This is gonna be fun! :D

Hi, everyone!

Hi everyone!
I'm a 16 years old girl that is going to blog here about music, photos and some other things ^^
This is my first blog entires! ^^

Right now I'm fixing my blog... the design and everything is coming!
And I won't begin to blog at real here before everything is finish :))

Until then you can check out my other blog ^^

So check in here at this blog maybe a week from now... then i think everything is finish!

So i talk to you in a week i think ^^

Maybe before that.. You never know ;)

But....Bye for now ^^

Välkommen till min nya blogg!