Lizel Strömberg

Charice.... is really AMAZING!

Just listen to this.... She is really amazing and this song.. AWESOME! ^^

Btw... Nick Jonas is the co writer/ co producer to this song ^^
Day 15 – My dreams!

I have a lot of dreams and I'm trying as good as I can to make them come true!

One dream is that I want to become a photographer that can live on the money I earn!

Another dream that have for a long time now is to see and meet Westlife live... !

And my biggest dream off them all is to be that confident girl that isn't that shy and can
talk to people whenever I like.!

I have tried to make that dream come true my hole life and I'm still trying!

I haven't give up yet and I have a long way left but I have complished lots of thing over these years, at least in the recent past !

I'm happy what I have complished so far and I'm not giving up yet!

So yeah everyday in my life is a struggle to get my dream come true!

So don't forget if you can dream it you can be it! <3

Going to kungsbacka now so I update more later! Hope everyone will get a nice day today ^^