Sleep tight!

I'm so tired so I'm going to bed now...
....hehehe start school at 11.55 tomorrow! So I get to sleep for a while! :P
I will update more hear ya then! :P
Goodnight! ^^


YAY! :D Got my macbook today! :D
It's soo COOL and haha....I LOVE IT! :D
Had a little fun with Photo Booth xP


haha 2 random pictures... x))

In school!

Hehe...I'm in school right now and I'm not starting next lession until 12.45 :P

So yeah I'm just sitting and chilling by the computer... x)

Early morning.....

Off to school soon! And...Hope everyone will get a nice day! ^^


Haha with this video I say goodnight and I talk to you tomorrow! ;P

John, do you have something to say? x)


Going to school soon so I just want to say: - Goodmorning and have a nice day, today! ^^


Going to get ready for bed now... tomorrow is the first real day in school! :))

So goodnight and sleep well! ^^

Beautiful sky ~~

You make me feel happy today! :D

Thank you guys! :D
Hope u will stick around! ^^

You and I

From one great female artist..... another !

Yay! :D

Hehe It seems that more people have found my blog! ^^
Hope that you will stick around! ^^

Hehe if you want you can always tip your friends about the blog...
....hehehe (A)

You can also comment a little more!
It would make me happier! ;D

But yeah THANK YOU for following my blog and hope you like it! ^^ <3

Tove Styrke! ^^

Okey yesterday my day ended quite good after a lond day with unluck! :P

Me and Felicia went to Liseberg to see Tove Styrke!
She is a great female artist that sings very good! ^^

We have been listen to her a long time now...Actually ever since she was in the Swedish Idol 2009! ^^

So it was nice to hear and meet her again! :D

...and here is some pictures from yesterday! ^^

Thank you Felicia for everything from yesterday! ^^

Sneak peek! ^^

Here is just 2 sneak peek from yesterday!

Can you guess who I have been with and what we have done?? ^^

I will upload the other pictures later cause now
I'm going to a Children's party...My cousin's son is turning 1 year! ^^

Talk to you later! ^^
Have a nice day! ^^

No luck for me today! x)

okey it haven't gone so well for me today, alot of stress, don't find the buscard,
runs to the bus, went home after school to get my camera,
photoshop didn't work and to send a picture to my teacher didn't go so well either
but yeah everything turn out to be still nice! ^^

And yeah I had a nice ending of the day... ^^

Tell you more about the end of the day tomorrow and you will also get some pictures! ^^

Cause Now I'm VERY tired so Goodnight! <3

Update: Btw...This is my 100th entired for this blog!! :D

Modelljakten! ^^

Yepp today after school I was with some friends and watch the recording of
"modelljakten" ^^

It was nice to meet everyone again! ^^

Andreas just get more, more and more fans! Haha sooo fun! xD


First school....then look at the recording of modelljakten..! ^^ Going to be nice! ^^ So hear ya later...have a nice day! ^^

Ulrik Munther....We meet again! x))

Hehehe now are Felicia quite happy...hahaha you should have seen her before! ^^
So Happy for her! :D


Going to Brännö with my school and then later today I'm going to meet Ulrik Munther with Felicia! ^^ Think it will be a nice day :)) Hope that u will also get a nice day today! ^^


Okey it took a long time for me to upload the pictures but....
..... here you go! :D

Enjoy! ^^

Got a lot of nice eye contact with Hassle and some of the other artist...hehe ^^

Thank you everyone that made my last day of
summervacation so AMAZING! <3
I had a great time and I'm so greatful everything !

And a BIG THANKS to EVERYONE that made my summer so great that it was! THANK YOU! <3


Just wanted to say goodmorning and have a nice day! ^^


Okey the pictures from yesterday comes tomorrow instead..!
Cause I don't have time to upload them now but they will come so hang out there..!

You can get a little sneak peek until then... :))

here you goo! ^^

Btw...Felicia is the photographer!

A perfect ending of this WONDERFUL summer! :D

I had a GREAT time today...the concert....omg... SOOOO GOOOOD! :D
I have never screamed and jump so much under a concert ever!! :D

Now is it the first day in school that is waiting...
... so I think I will upload the pictures tomorrow from today ! ^^

Here is just a little sneak peek! :P

Goodnight! ^^

Ohhh...forgot ...

OH! Forgot to tell you that I'm starting school tomorrow!! :O

Kind of scary....
...New school, new people and new studies! :)
But yeah it's going to be fun! ^^

Hope it will be anyone that can stand out with me and be my friend! x)

So yeah hope that everything will be great...! :))

Day 29 – This I have a phobia for!


Early morning!

Early morning!
I'm already awake and the bus is going in like a hour or so...
...actually I was going to take a earlier bus but parents stop that... -.-

yeah yeah it's okey...i think :)

Going to get ready for go to the bus and yeah I "talk" to you later ^^

Another awesome day!! :D

Hehehe came home from a awesome day in Gothenburg before...! :D

Was there with Felicia and the family.... kind of :P

But yeah me and Felicia did meet some funny people there! ^^

And we saw an amazing female magicer from Canada in name " Billy kid!" 
She is there one day more so go and see her if you have the chance! ^^

(don't ask what I'm doing with my arm... x))) )

And we also ride the wheel of gothenburg for the first time! It was lots of fun! :D
hahha xD

Now is it a early morning that is waiting so.... goodnight and I will update some more tomorrow! ^^

Day 28 – This is what I miss

My relatives in Philippines!
I really miss them....

Day 27 – My favoriteplace.

Uhmmm.. I don't know really...I have 2 placec to choose...

...My grandmum's house in Philippines or my house I live in with my family.. :)

But you can also say that..... 
....My favorite place is wherever my family/relatives/friends in my heart! <3

So tired!

okey I'm to tired to blog for real...

...but all I can say I had a fun day with Felicia and my family! ^^

And that I'm going to bed now and sleep!

So goodnight everyone! :)

Day 26 – My fears.

Uhhmmm... I don't know really... I don't have any really fears that I can think about now...

... But yeah 2 fears that I have is being left alone all by myself in this world...and... insects! :)

But yeah I can't come up with anything else right now :)

Early morning!


Just woke up and Felicia just came here...!

uhmmm... I update some more later when I awake for real.... x))))

Awesome day! ^^

I had an awesome day with Felicia and Sarah! ^^

So much fun! ^^

haha we went and saw Johan Wellton on the street... and he was amazing!

...And hahaha omg....he wanted us to spank his butt! xD
He also hugged Sarah and Felicia...! xD

.....and we also met some nice people there! ^^

Fun video you must see! ^^

haha you must see this! ^^
So fun, so talanted and yeah its spread happiness! x))

Going to Gothenburg with Felicia and Sarah! ^^

I'm going to gothenburg with Felicia and Sarah today! ^^

It's going to be nice! ^^

The camera is going with me so preper for some pictures! ^^

....I will update more when I come hear ya then ^^

Day 25 – My favorite artist/other famous people.

uhhmmm.. favorite artist/famous people?

I have a lot artist/famous people that I look up to and inspires me...
....but here are just a few of them :))




...Justin Bieber...

...Bruno Mars...

...Lady Gaga...


...and more! ^^

(Pictures taken from google )


Here is just a video that I found on youtube from the concert in monday ^^

Day 24 – This makes me cry.

uhmm... what makes me cry??

I don't know really....i don't cry so often but yeah when really bad things happens i can cry...
...or when I laugh so much I can start to cry or whenever something really good happens I can also cry ^^

So yeah I can cry in diffrent occasions ^^

Oskar Linnros! ^^

Here comes few of the pictures that I and some of my friends took!

Enjoy! ^^

Thanks a lot to Felicia, Sarah, Cecilia and Emilia for making my day as great that it was! ^^

Sneak peek! ~~

I will upload the photos from yesterday little later today cause now I'm going to read a little
and just relax... cause I'm very tired after yesterday :)

So....Stay tuned! ^^

Back home from the concert! ^^

okey it didn't went like planned but yeah I had fun! ^^

Now I'm really tired and NEED to sleep!

So I update more tomorrow! :)

.....Goodnight! ^^

Day 23 – This makes me feel better.

* My friends
* My family/relatives
* Music

....and especially this 2 wonderful people!
They always manage to make me feel better and happier even just by a smile! ^^

Going to Liseberg! ^^

Okey it's not Lotta on liseberg today...
...but... Oskar Linnros is coming to perform on liseberg today! :D

It's going to be really nice!
Going with some friends and yeah I have a feeling everything is going to be awesome! ^^

Day 22 – This upsets me.

* War
* People that harm others in diffrent ways, both physical and mentally
* injustice
* when people harm animals
* death

Uhmm....I can't come up with antything more but yeah when people
and animals get harmed makes me upset :)


Just wanted to say.... Goodmorning! ^^

(I will update some more later so check it out then ^^  )

Goodnight! ^^

Woke up -> Eat lunch -> went to the shop to buy candy -> Met Sarah ->
Eat dinner -> DROVE Sarah to Felicia and hang out with them -> DROVE home -> and now MOVIE! ^^

This is how my day look like today x)

So now I'm going to continue to watch the movie with my family...

...So I update some more tomorrow instead :))

....then....Goodnight everyone! ^^

Day 21 – My Raise and Raze list.


* Best friends! <3
* Music ~~
* People who dare to show others that they are little diffrent :)
* Peace and Love <3
* Jedward! ^^


* War
* Tiredness
* That I'm to shy
* All bad that is happing right now
* People that don't respect other people, animals and our nature/the planet!

Universeum! ~~

Here is some pictures from tuesday when I was in Universeum with my
friends Felicia, Paulina and Linnéa ^^

(sorry for little blurred pictures but yeah I didn't have my other camera there... )

Day 20 – Something that I'm looking forward to.

Uhmm.... I have lots of things that I'm looking forward to... Oskar Linnros concert on monday, rix fm festival on sunday next week and other stuff
with some friends! ^^

But if I must say one thing...
... I would say to start school ^^

Going to start gymnasiet and yeah I actually looking forward to it ^^

It's going to be nice to meet some new friends and study/do what you really want to do ^^

So yeah it will be nice ^^

Day 19 – This is what I regret.

Uhmm... I regret lots of things, like I have been to quite in some moments and some times didn't
do what I wanted to do...

And others stuff that I could had done a little better...

but yeah I can't take it back now :)

Day 18 – What I want to be come when I get older!

I want to become a photographer! ^^

Last time for this year!

In monday was it the last time to go on " Lotta på Liseberg " little sad but yeah
it was fun this summer!

Every hour we spent there was worth it! ^^

So here is some pictures from monday! ^^

Thank you Felicia, Sarah and Frida for everything in monday! ^^

The pictures is coming!

The pictures are coming up soon so check out the blog later today ^^

Bye for now! ;)


Sorry to those that is waiting on the pictures..!
I'm not going to upload any pictures until tomorrow..!

Cause I'm TO tired to do that now...!

But just to be little kind...Here is just a sneak peek.. ~~

Update more tomorrow so....good night! :)

Fast update!

okey just going to say .... Good Morning and I'm going to Universeum today with some friends! ^^

Pictures from yesterday and today are going to come later so check out the blog then ;)

Talk to you later ;)


At home again....and yeah just wanted to say I'm happy and satisfied... :)

But now I'm going to sleep so I update more tomorrow after my
little aventure with some friends! ^^

But you never know...maybe I update earlier x)

haha yeah yeah....goodnight everyone! x)

Day 17 – Someone that means a lot to me.

I have lot of friends, family and relatives that mean a lot to me...!

But I have one friend...One friend that is closest to me... and that is Felicia!

She have always been there for me and is the one that I always can turn to if
I need to talk with someone or if it's something else!
We are like the same person....but just two versions of the almost same personality!
...I'm the quite and take it easy version and Felicia
is more the crazy and more energytic version! x))

But us 2 together...hahha ... especially when we are tired...hahha! x'D

But yeah she means a lot to me and we have our memories and things we share together..
....and other things that just we 2 understand..! ^^

I have a lot to thank her THANK YOU FELICIA FOR EVERYTHING! <3
U will always have a special place in my heart.. <3


This not the monday i planned to have..... ....but yeah yeah...we are going to solve it... :)

Off to liseberg! ^^

Going to liseberg to see " Lotta på Liseberg " today with Felicia,Sarah and Frida! ^^

But now I must get ready to go to the bus so I update more later ^^

so..bye for now and have a nice day ! ;)


Going to bed now....early morning is waiting!

Update more in tomorrow morning!

So....Good night! ^^

Day 16 – Something that I love.

Something that I love....uhmm... I love lots of things..!

But if must say something I would
say music, photography, my Ipod and my camera! ;P


30 days entires to know me have been bad update lately... not good!

We can say that I took a little break with that x)

hehe...but I will start exactly where I left it!  xP

So preper to read things that you will get to know me a little better ^^

So check out the blog soon! ;)

Skara sommarland! ^^

Here is some of the pictures from Skara sommarland! ^^

- Hehehe....Those guys ... really made my day! x))

Nordens Ark ! ~~

Here is some of the pictures I took in Nordens Ark in wednesday! ^^

Hehehe....if you want...Leave a comment and say what you think! ^^

I will be happy for every comment you leave! ^^

Off to my uncle! ^^

Going to my uncle now..! It's his birthday today so.....happy birthday to him! ^^

The pictures that I have promise to upload is coming so check the blog later ;)

Bye for now! ^^

Marshmallows! ~~

Lotta on Liseberg! :D

Here is pictures from monday!

hahaha is maybe a LITTLE to many pictures but yeah hope u like it! ^^

Thanks to everyone that was with me and made my day! ^^

Pictures from wednesday and yesterday is coming! ^^

Sneak peek! ~~

Here is just some sneak peek from these couple of days!

More pictures is coming so you just need to wait a little more!

Check out the blog again soon! ;)

At home! ^^

I'm back at home now! ^^

So preper to check out lots of pictures tomorrow! ;)

Cause now I'm going to bed so...Good night! ^^


He sings it actually really good ^^

Off to Skara Sommarland! :))

Hepp.... I didn't have time yesterday to upload some pictures ....
But yeah yeah I had a great time in Nordens ark and I took a lot of picures x)

haha so now I have a lot of pictures that I want to show you guys ^^

But the pictures will come tomorrow cause today I'm going to Skara Sommarland! :D

So yeah i will update more tomorrow...So have a nice day today so i see you around ;P

Changed plans!

It's have been changed plans..!

I'm still at my aunt's apartment and I'm not going home before thursday!

So I don't know when I can upload the photos from monday

But I can MAYBE, just maybe upload them later, tonight after we have come back from
the "aventur" today ^^

But yeah check out the blog you never know when I will update again ;)))

So until next time.... Have a nice day! ;D

Yesterday was awesome!!

okey I'm right now at my aunt's apartment and Felicia just left for like 15 min ...
.. She is going to Denmark.. x)

Haha yeah yeah... I just wanted to say that the show...yesterday... WAS AWESOME! 

It's was lots of fun and I have kind of new "idols" now xD
Tell you more when i get back home and then you will get some pictures to see ^^
Hear ya later ;))

Already at liseberg!

Hahaha me, Felicia and Frida is already at liseberg and are waiting to get in xD we are going to see Danny at "Lotta on Liseberg " It's going to be awesome! ;D