Lizel Strömberg

Lotta på Liseberg the 4th of Augusti with artists as Kim Cesarion, Andreas Weise, The Comment Linnets and Frida!
I don't have much to say about this day. I had a great day with Felicia and Frida on set of Lotta på Liseberg. It was nice meeting Kim again, and to see Weise live after a long time. Other than that, I will let the pictures speak for themselves!
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My beautiful friend Felicia!
A while back, Felicia asked me to shoot some photos of her which she was going to hand-in to a modeling agency. The sun was really bright that day and it was a bit hard to shoot, but I think we managed to get some pretty good shots anyway. Or what do you think?
P.S. Follow Felicia on Instagram for more beautiful pictures of her and to see what she's up to when she isn't with me. ;)
Lotta på Liseberg the 28th of July, with artists as Molly Sandén, Robin Stjernberg and more!
Once again it was time to go to Liseberg for a show of "Lotta på Liseberg". The guests for this show was: Molly Sandén, Robin Stjernberg, Juha Mulari, Caroline Af Uglas and Martin Stenmark.
This time, I spent the day with different people. The day started with Frida and since she wasn't going to see the show later that evening, we went a bit early to see if she could meet some of the artists. We were lucky to meet Molly and Martin for a quick chat. They were really lovely, Martin even compliment me about knowing how to take our photos in the best way we could.
(Yes, I know I look a bit small beside Martin. Haha.) 
Later that day, Annelie joined us for the dress rehearsals. During it, we got the opportunity to meet the lovely Danny Saucedo. He was just the coziest ever, and I can't thank him enough for always taking his time to talk to us. 
After the dress rehearsal, Frida went home and Annelie and I got ready for the tv broadcast. The show was great and I absolutely LOVED when Robin sang "Stay With Me" by Sam Smith. Here's a link to his performance during the dress rehearsal (since I didn't find any link from the broadcast) if you want to hear it:
(Beautiful Molly sang her new single "Freak" which is really good and has an important message in it that you should listen to.)
As always there's a signing after the show, Annelie went home and I was satisfied with the day but I decided to stick around since Felicia was there with a friend. Felicia's friend hadn't really been at a show like this before, so I helped them meet some of the artists during the signing. 
I ended up talking to Robin and took a quick picture with him as well. He's such a nice guy and he really takes his time to make sure everyone gets a picture or an autopgrah from him. Big credits to him!