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How to comment on my blog!

Some of my friends and family have asked me how you can comment on my blog so I made this picture in Photoshop to tell you how! 
I hope the picture helped you and that you maybe will comment here more? Cause I love receiving feedback! ^_^

Tiny Transforming Apartment!

If you have left overs of money laying somewhere that you don't need...feel free to buy an apartment like this to me! 
 Haha...well I wish.

GIZMODO - The Tiny Transforming Apartment That Packs Eight Rooms into 350 Square Feet from Gizmodo on Vimeo.


The reason why I have a blog!

The thing about me and having this blog is to show people what I can do and show them who I am as a person.
Show people that I'm so much more than just the girl sitting back in the classroom and doesn't say more than I need to. 
I can't promise you to have the most interesting blog with wonderful pictures and the most inspiring texts.
I can't do that.
Because I still have A LOT to learn.
About myself, the world, photography and what I want to stand for.
But one thing I can promise you is that my blog will still be my own and be different from everyone else 
Because that's who I am. I'm different.
I'm doing my own thing and doesn't fall for the pressure to fit in and be someone that I don't want to be.
Here on my blog it's okey to be different I won't judge you if you have another enthic background than me, sexual orientation, being female or male, how old you are or what religion you believe in and ect. 

As long as you are a decent person that doesn't hurt people by your actions.
I hope by being myself and do things my own way can make you do the same. 
To do your own thing and willing to work for the things you want to do. 
Because who else are going to archive what you want?


Right now I'm studying for some tests that I'm having next week.
 I just wanted to update here quick and tell you that I'm still alive! 
I will be back later tonight and update you of what's going on, until then:
Hope you are having a good day! ^_^


The thing with vacation is that you go to bed early in the morning and waking up late in the middle of the day. 
I'm not a exception from that and because of that I really don't eat breakfast just brunch if I feel to. 
But here is at least my breakfast for today, nothing much but hey I'm going to eat lunch soon! 

"Håll Om Mig"

 "Jag måste bort här ifrån
Det är inte sunt
Samla gamla snack, samtalsämnen går runt
Ibland jag tänker tillbaks på hur min barndom
Tedde sig
Fick en moral
Som jag tror kan ha räddat mig

Solidaritet är det enda jag vet
Både tänker och ser på det sättet 
Allt mer
Miljön den blir hårdare
Terrängen blir svårare
Vi jagar efter droger
Exakt det vad stålar är
Förblindade, förtrollade
Kokade och skållade
Vi bygger upp ett samhälle
Där en stor del blir nollade
Klasskilldnader med barnfattigdom
För nästa generation
Det är ingen bra situation

Håll om mig
Någonting hotar kväva mig
Håll om mig
Bara du finns där för mig

Håll om mig
Någonting hotar kväva mig
Håll om mig
Bara du finns där för mig"


Last time Jenevia was here she gave me a pair of chopstick and I love them! I promised her that I would practice my chopstick tecnique but it's SO HARD.
Eating with chopsticks is one of the hardest thing I have ever done.
I guess, I'm learning and I have actually gone better at it. Cause haha it doesn't take as long time to eat up the food as it did in the beginning. :P


Happy Valentines Day Everyone! <3

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! 
Hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones! 
And remember that even if it's valentines day today, don't forget to show your friends and family
how much you appreciate them all of the other days aswell!
Because you could never know what could happend in life, cause suddenly you could be on
different paths and don't have each other to relay on.
So even if you didn't had a boyfriend/girlfriend or something like that today just be grateful and appreciate the people standing by your side at the moment cause that's just enough.Your time will come someday, just be patience. <3

What a CRAZY week!

Things has been crazy lately and I haven't had the time or effort to update here at all. 
The begining of last week was all about school, school and more school. We had a project in groups about sustainable development, it was crazy but we manage to have evertyhing done in time, I guess. :)
Then Jenevia came and visit for the second time this year. It was fun to meet her again even if it was just two weeks ago. :P
We did everything from recording film, hang out with a friend and waiting outside Scandinavium. 
There we met lots of people including Danny, Anton and Erik. ^^
Now I have vacation and I'm just trying to relax as much as I can even if I still have schoolwork to do. But life is just good at the moment and will try to update you about things that has happened and will happend. 
Stay tuned and hope everything is alright with you! ^_^

New editing tools!

Had a hard time finding things to shoot when I was outside the other day but I guess it turned out quite well anyway.
And I have learn me some new editing tools in photoshop so tell me what you think! ^_^

Another Saturday Night

HAHA, so I bascially got too excited about editing my pictures in Saturday that I forgot to update here again. x)
Well here it goes, here is little glimpse of how my Saturday looked like! 
The actually pictures will come later this day when I come home from school! ^_^


I'm ready to go outside and take some photographs in the beautiful weather! Will be back later for some more updates! ^_^