Tuesday! - "Alberts Barndom"

This tuesday I played the recorder at a play that is called "Alberts Barndom".
My friend and I were in that play last year as well so it was nice being back! ^_^

Concert day!

Have been doing rehearsals now these past weeks and now today it's time for my third concert!
Hopefully the weather will be nice so we will be able to play it! 

Mothers Day! - We surprised her with a happy meal box!

Yesterday it was Mothers day here in Sweden and we celebrated it at Jensén's Bøfhus! 
It was so funny how we surprised our mum with our gift - we handed a plastic bag from ÖoB with a Happy Meal box. 
She got all confused and a bit disappointed I think? 
Haha so we got to the resturant and as we waited for the food to come she open the happy meal box
and got to see the present inside.
She opens it and what does she see?
- A new camera! 
HAHA, she got so surprised and was like: "WHAT? FOR REAL? Is that mine?" 
Haha it was SO FUNNY! :P

This is what I have been up to!

Here is my summary of my last couple of weeks! 
 * I had A LOT of rehearsals (and still have)
* I celebrated my birthday with friends and family! 
* I played on a concert in one of Gothenburg's biggest concerthouse!
* A trip to Stockholm with Frida, while there I also met Jenevia! 
* Been hired on my first real jobs!
I have also been on two concert in Liseberg but I will put those pictures in their own entire later! ^_^

Soon I will get summer vacation and make sure to be prepared for lots of more updates and concert pictures...STAY TUNED!

It have been so busy these last couple of weeks!

As you have notice, I haven't been updating here for couple of weeks.
The reason?
- I have been way too busy to even sleep properly. 
These weeks have been involving:
* A LOT of rehearsals
* Two concerts that I have played at
* My first trip to Stockholm without my parents
* My first concert in Liseberg for this season
* Eurovision Song Contest week at home
* Confirmation
* and A LOT of studies for school.
I will do a summary of my last couple of weeks in pictures later this week when I have time to do it.
Until then I hope everything is fine with you! ^_^

The rehearsals starts today!

Yesterday I met Felicia for a while and it was so nice to finally meet her again!
It's nice to know that she is always there for me if I need her. <3
(I have quite much to do in school right now and the rehearsals for Sunday's concert is starting today
and will continue the whole weekend. So I wont have that much time to update here but I 
will try to update as soon as possible! 
Until then I hope everyone is just fine and will have a nice weekend! ^_^)