Lizel Strömberg

Geek Pride Day: Parade
During the Geek Pride Day in Sweden, Carol and I went to Götaplatsen to see the Parade Sci-Fi book store held the city. This was actually the first time I saw the parade, and I really enjoyed seeing all the cosplayers. It's admiring to see all the work everyone had put into their outfits and props. 
I've kinda of always been a fan of Manga and Anime. It's so different from the comic books you usually read. One of my favorite manga serie is One Piece, which was the second serie I really got into. There's this character called Tony Tony Chopper, that I've always wanted to cosplay as. So maybe one day, when I have more money and effort to make a cosplay, I will participate in the parade as well? :)
League of Legends: Hextech Janna
For those who have been reading my blog for a while, do you remember my friend Lina? The girl I've been photographing a couple of times while she has been cosplaying? 
Well it has been a while since we did a photo shoot together. Not long ago, we went out in the woods to take some new photos of her new cosplay. The character was Hextech Janna which is from the computer game League of Legends. 
This might not be the best photos I've taken. In my defense, this photo shoot was not well prepared at all since we decided to do it after we realized both of us had the same day off from work. We tried to do the best of the situation and make it as good as we could. 
I admire Lina for putting so much work in her cosplay and being so creative in the challenges she comes across in the making of her cosplays. I'm looking forward to photograph the future cosplays she will make, and hopefully next time I will be more prepared and smart about the choices I will make to get the photos I want.
|| Cosplay meet up! ||
Last week I was on a cosplay meet up in Gothenburg with Lina and her friends! ^_^
Even tho I was a bit odd and didn't understand what they talked about (manga) it was quite nice!
Everyone was so kind and yeah I had a great time there! ^^
Anyway here is some pictures from then! ^_^