Highlight of the year: RixFm Festival!

Every year, one of the highlights has been Rix Fm Festival here in Gothenburg.
It has been a tradition for Felicia, Frida and I to go and see the festival right before the school starts.
This year was a bit special, cause it was the last time we went together before our graduation next year.
We have no idea how it will turn out in the future, but we will try to go following years as much as we can.
We also had more friends with us during the day than we usually have!
Felicia and I actually managed to meet Anton before the whole thing started. It was the most random thing ever, haha! 
He was very polite and took his time to take pictures with us even if he was in a bit hurry. 
The rest of the day involved a lot of waiting and A LOT of rain. It rained almost the whole day and it was so cold. 
It happened some misunderstanding and we ended up getting worse spots infront of the stage than we had hoping for.
Despite the bad spot, we had a great time there, the artists and festival was amazing.
We actually ended up getting a lot of attention from the artists from the stage.
State of Drama, it is always a pleasure to photograph them on stage. They have so much energy, such a shame that I barely could see them from where I stood. 
The stage was so high up that it was so hard taking good pictures of people that was in the back.
The speakers that was there didn't made it any easier.
Oscar Zia - Second time I saw him that week and I'm still surprise over how well he took over the stage.
Behrang Miri. Nothing much to say about him, can barely remember his performance, haha. 
Loulou Lamotte - It was great seeing Loulou on stage again after so many years. Haven't seen her since 2008!
I really like her voice and I hope to see more of her soon.
David Lindgren was as happy as always!
Erik Segerstedt. - It was lovely to see him on stage again. I had missed him. 
Tone Damli. - It was so hard taking pictures of her because she was closing her eyes all the time. 
Markoolio - Nostalgia to see him on stage again. Apparently I still remember the lyrics to his song, he's been my childhood idol for many years. 
Envy had a great energy on stage and you just couldn't stay still. 
Anton, Anton. - Such a great entertainer! I still wonder why he didn't win Melodifestivalen. 
Robin Stjernberg. - Can't stop getting amazed over what incredible singer he is!
Emelie De Forest. - I have to admit. I was a bit dissapointed after her performance, she was not as good live as  I thought she would be.
Her drummer in another hand, such a good looking guy! ;)
Beautiful Loreen. - Such an amazing artist! Couldn't help smiling through her whole performance!
She's incredible and I would love to see a whole concert with just her singing her own songs from her album!
 After the concert I manage to meet some of the artists and take pictures with them.
Believe it or not, I actually managed to have a small talk with Loreen and take a picture with her! 
That was the best thing happened during the day, she's the most inspiring artist ever and she's a lovely person.
I'm so grateful that I got to meet her, such an amazing experience!
Haha, I met Emil from State Of Dram as well. Poor guy was left alone in the resturant when he later decided to came out a bit to say hi. 
I met lovely Robin as well. He was so nice giving everyone hugs and pictures even if he was in a hurry. 
After been supporting Erik Segerstedt for almost 5 years I finally got my picture with him!
I've been so unlucky with getting a picture with him so it was nice to finally be able to!
 Even if the day didn't started well, everything went great in the end and we had a wonderful time over there!
I look forward to next year's festival and maybe this time I will go to some other cities as well? ^_^

I do not look forward to the cold winter.

The sun and the warmth are already gone for this year.
I do not look forward to the cold winter. 

Cecilia T

During my summer I took a lot of pictures of all kinds of different things and people.
Here's some pictures of my first time shooting an outfit.
This is Cecilia, a friend of mine. 

New handbag!

I bought a new handbag for a while ago, and I absolutely love it!
It's cute and different, not really what people usually have. 

Flashback: Amanda Fondell 30/5-2013

Just before the summer started, I went to Liseberg to see Amanda Fondell.
It was so weird because it was the first time that I didn't had anyone to go with, or someone on set that I knew.
I didn't knew any of her songs either and I felt so odd to be there. 
Anyway, she was great on stage and I manage to capture some nice shots of her and that was what I wanted.

Another Tuesday Morning.

Yellow & Pink.

This is my new card holder!
I bought it a few weeks ago because my cases for my buscards was starting to fall apart, what do you think?
Isn't it cute? ^_^ 

Too much to do. I wish I had more time.

I wish I had more time to update my blog more often.
I just have so many things to do with school, my jobs, music and planning for my trips next month.
Sometimes I wonder how I can handle all of this. 

Allum 28/9-2013: Anton Ewald!

Last saturday, Annelie and I met up and went to Allum to see Anton Ewald.
It was our first time going to a gig together and it was so much fun!
We bond together very well and we have already some inside jokes. ;) 
If you count out all of the parents that was there with their children, Annelie and I were two of the oldest people there.
Anton's fans were absolutely CRAZY. I don't think I ever seen so many fans cry on a gig like that before.
He sure has a great support behind him. 
Anton had this signing where he took the time to sign everyone's merchandise that they had bought.
There was this 'surprise' where Anton would have a line to get up on stage to get a hug from him.
It was something to do with a music video, I think?
Anyway they record it and everyone got their hug from him.
I must say, he's VERY tall. Or maybe it could be that I'm short, but I had to stand on my toes to reach him, haha!
You should have seen all of those little children hugging Anton, it was SO CUTE! 
Both Annelie and I died a bit inside when we saw them. :')
(I know the pictures are a bit dark, I used a new camera that I haven't used that much before so that's why.)

New adventures coming up!

Hi everyone! 
It's really fun to see that people are still checking in here once in a while! 

I have so many new pictures to share with you and I have also exciting adventures coming up! 
Stay tuned and you will be able to take part of everything when it's time! 

See you around!